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Lot #TitleSubjectCreatorPeriodConditionSold For
1Typus Orbis TerrarumWorldOrtelius, Abraham1573B+4250.00
2Typus Orbis TerrarumWorldBelleforest, Francois1575A3250.00
3Typus Orbis TerrarumWorldMercator/Hondius1621B+650.00
4Orbis Terrarum Tabula Recens Emendata et in Lucem EditaWorldVisscher, Nicolas1663B+1500.00
5[Untitled - World]WorldPeeters, Jacques1692A425.00
6Nova Delineatio Totius Orbis Terrarum [in] Le Grand Theatre Historique, ou Nouvelle Histoire Universelle, tant Sacree que Profane...WorldAa, Pieter van der1703B1100.00
7Werelt CaertWorldStoopendaal, Daniel1710A1100.00
8Mappe-Monde ou Carte Generale de la Terre, Dressee sur les Observations de Mrs. de l'Academie Royale des SciencesWorldFer, Nicolas de1717B+425.00
9De Aard-Kloot, Volgens de Hedendaagse GedaanteWorldGoeree, Willelm & Jan1730A400.00
10Basis Geographiae Recentioris Astronomica in qua Situs Locorum Insigniorum Geographici ea Exactitudine qua Celeberrimi Astronomi...WorldDoppelmayr/Homann1742B+550.00
11A Chart, Shewing the Track of the Centurion Round the WorldWorldAnson, George1748B+180.00
12Essay d'une Carte Reduite Contenant les Parties Connues du Globe Terrestre...WorldBellin, Jacques Nicolas1748A650.00
13[2 Maps in Books] Dizionario Geografico Portatile, Ouvero Descrizione di Tutti i Regni, Provincie, Citta, Patriarcati…WorldBrouckner/Remondini1761A300.00
14Mappa Generalis Totius Terrarum Orbis in Bina Hemisphaeria Plana Divisi seu PlaniglobiumWorld1775A250.00
15L'Ancien Monde et le Nouveau en Deux HemispheresWorldBonne, Rigobert1785B+120.00
16Geography - A Map of the World in Three Sections, Describing the Polar Regions to the Tropics in Which Are Traced the Tracts of Lord Mulgrave and Captain Cook Towards the North & South Poles...WorldBell, Andrew1786A120.00
17The World on Mercator's ProjectionWorldTallis, John1850A140.00
18The Geological Structure of the Globe According to Ami Boue, with Corrections and Additions to 1855World, GeologyJohnston, Alexander K.1855B+110.00
19[Lot of 2] The World in Hemispheres. With Other Projections &c. &c. [and] Map of the World on the Mercator Projections, Exhibiting the American Continent as Its CentreWorldMitchell, Samuel Augustus1860B+130.00
20A Chart of the Globe Showing the Several Places Where Coffee Is or May Be Produced and Where It Is Also Used Together with the Telegraph Lines in Operation or Contemplated for Completing the Circuit of the GlobeWorld, Coffee1872B300.00
21Carriers of the New Black PlagueWorld, World War II1938B+130.00
22Routes of the Flying Clipper Ships [As of December 7, 1941 - Subsequent Wartime Changes Censored]World, Aviation1942A1100.00
23This Is Ann..... She Drinks Blood! [on verso] Newsmap Monday November 8, 1943...World, World War IIU.S. Gov't Printing Office1943B+600.00
24Nav War Map No. 6 - We Fight a Global WarWorld, World War IIU.S. Navy Dept.1944B+900.00
25Wings Over the World... Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Aviation Cavalcade by Albert Richard SportswearWorld, World War II1944B+unsold
26World Map of the Major Tropical DiseasesWorld1944A160.00
27Macrobii Ambrosii, Aurelii Theodosii, Viri Consularis & illustris, In Somnium Scipionis, Lib. II. Saturnaliorum, Lib. VII…Ancient WorldMacrobius, Ambrosius Aurelius Theodo1548B+850.00
28[Daniel's Dream Map]Ancient World1568B+400.00
29Aevi Veteris Usque ad Annum Salutis Nonagesimum Supra Milles Quadringentos Cogniti Tantum, Typus Geographic...Ancient WorldCoronelli, Vincenzo Maria1690B+500.00
30Universalis Tabula Iuxta PtolemaeumAncient WorldPtolemy/Mercator1695B+1150.00
31De Bekende Weereld der Ouden; Volgens Strabo, in Zeven Klimaten AfgebakendAncient WorldGoeree, Willelm & Jan1730A100.00
32De Tweede Weereld door Noachs Dry Zonen BevolktAncient WorldGoeree, Willelm & Jan1730B+90.00
33[Lot of 2] Theatrum Historicum ad Annum Christi Quadringentesimu in quo tum Imperii Romani tu Barbarorum Circumincolentiu Status ob Oculos Ponitur Pars Occidentalis [and] ...Pars OrientalisAncient WorldDelisle/Covens & Mortier1730A350.00
34Meridiano a MobibleEastern HemispherePeeters, Jacques1692A100.00
35Nieuwe Kaart van het Oostelykste Deel der Weereld, Dienende tot Aanwyzing van de Scheepstogten der Nederlanderen naar Oostindie...Eastern HemisphereTirion, Isaac1753A350.00
36Orbis Terrarum Veteribus Cogniti TypusEastern Hemisphere1775A80.00
37The Great German Plot. "Mittel-Europa" and "Mittel-Afrika" as the Germans Planned ThemEastern Hemisphere, World War I1925A550.00
38A Correct Draught of the North Pole and of All the Countries Hitherto Discovered, Intercepted Between the Pole and the Parallel of 50 Degrees...North PoleBowen, Emanuel1748A450.00
39Tabula Geographica Hemisphaerii Borealis ad Emendatiora quae Adhuc Prodierunt Exempla...North PoleRhode, Johann Cristoph1753A275.00
40A Map of the Icy Sea in Which the Several Communications with the Land Waters and Other New Discoveries Are ExhibitedNorth PoleGibson, John1760B+100.00
41Hemisphere Septentrional pour voir Plus Distinctement les Terres ArctiquesNorth PoleDelisle/Dezauche1790B+200.00
42Carte de l'Hemisphere Austral Montrant les Routes des Navigateurs les Plus Celebres par le Capitaine Jacques CookSouth PoleCook/Benard1774B+300.00
43[Lot of 5] Planisferio Celeste Settentrionale... [and] Planisferio Celeste Meridionale... [and] Posizione Diversa Degli Abitanti della Terra [and] Mappa dell' Universo... [and] Tavola SfericaCelestial & Solar SystemZatta, Antonio1777-79B+unsold
44Plani-Spherium CoelesteCelestialPeeters, Jacques1692A200.00
45Planisphere pour les Alignements des Principales EtoilesCelestialFlamsteed/Fortin1776B75.00
46Le Capricorne, et le VerseauCelestialFlamsteed/Fortin1776A100.00
47Lamina XXXISolar System1678Aunsold
48Lamina XXXVIISolar & Lunar Eclipse1678A70.00
49Schema Corporis Solaris, Prout ab Auctore et P. Scheinero. Romae Anno 1635 Observatum SuitSunKircher, Athanasius1682A1100.00
50Photographic Lunar Atlas - Based on Photographs Taken at the Mount Wilson, Lick, Pic du Midi, McDonald and Yerkes ObservatoriesMoon1960B+1200.00
51[Brass Pocket Magnetic Compass with Sundial and Hardwood Case]Compass & Sundial1850B+2200.00
52Lamina XXICartographic Miscellany, Scientific Diagrams1678A90.00
53Lamina XXXVIIICartographic Miscellany, Scientific Diagrams1678Aunsold
54Systema Ideale Pyrophylaciorum Subterraneorum, Quorum Montes Vulcanii, Veluti Spiracula Quaedam ExistantCartographic Miscellany, EarthKircher, Athanasius1682A1100.00
55Systema Ideale quo Exprimitur, Aquarum per Canales Hydragogos Subterraneos ex Mari et in Montium Hydrophylacia Protrusio...Cartographic Miscellany, EarthKircher, Athanasius1682A1200.00
56Ideal Section of a Portion of the Earth's Crust, Intended to Shew the Order of Deposition of the Stratified Rocks... [in] Geology and Mineralogy Considered with Reference to Natural Theology (Vol II only)Cartographic Miscellany, Earth1837B+400.00
57La Sphere Artificielle...Cartographic Miscellany, GlobesFer, Nicolas de1717B+120.00
58[Untitled - Wind Roses]Cartographic Miscellany, Wind RoseCluver, Philipp1694A95.00
59Brietius's Draught of the Winds and Their Names According to the Ancients and ModernsCartographic Miscellany, Wind RoseCluver, Philipp1711A80.00
60Schema Octo Ventorum... [on sheet with] Schema Duodecim Ventorum [and] Ichnographia Turris Atticae Octangulae... [and] Fragmentum Columnae Duodecim Angulorum...Cartographic Miscellany, Wind RoseCellarius, Christophorus1731B+42.00
61McCleary & Pierce's Geographical Analysis of the State of New YorkCartographic Miscellany, Puzzle, New YorkMcCleary & Pierce, Samuel & John1850B400.00
62[Lot of 3 - Anti-Jacobin Prints] An Irish Howl [and] The Night Mare [and] A Peep Into the Retreat at TinnehinchCartographic Miscellany, Satire1799B+60.00
63Map of the Marvelous Land of OzCartographic Miscellany, Fictional Map1920A100.00
64Classical World as Found in Latin First Year...Cartographic Miscellany, Literature1930A325.00
65Geographical Guide to a Man's Heart with Obstacles and Entrances Clearly Marked [on sheet with] Geographical Guide to a Woman's Heart Emphasizing Points of Interest to the Romantic TravelerCartographic Miscellany1960A450.00
66Americae Descrip.Western Hemisphere - AmericaMercator/Hondius1621B+425.00
67America Noviter DelineataWestern Hemisphere - AmericaMerian, Matthaus1638B+500.00
68Nouvelle Description de Lamerique Western Hemisphere - AmericaPicart, Nicolas1667A225.00
69AmericaeWestern Hemisphere - AmericaPeeters, Jacques1692A230.00
70Planisfero del Mondo Nuovo...Western Hemisphere - AmericaCoronelli, Vincenzo Maria1697A1700.00
71L'Amerique, Meridionale et Septentrionale Dressee Selon les Dernieres Relations et Suivant les Nouvelles Decouvertes dont les Points Principaux...Western Hemisphere - AmericaFer, Nicolas de1705B+400.00
72Totius Americae Septentrionalis et Meridionalis Novissima Repraesentatio quam ex Singulis Recentium Geographorum Tabulis Collecta Luci Publicae AccomodavitWestern Hemisphere - AmericaHomann, Johann Baptist1710B800.00
73Novus Orbis sive America Meridionalis et Septentrionalis, per sua Regna Provincias et Insulas Iuxta Observationes et Descriptiones Recentiss. Divisa et Adornata...Western Hemisphere - AmericaSeutter, Matthias1740B+900.00
74Carte d'Amerique, Dressee pour l'Usage du RoyWestern Hemisphere - AmericaDelisle/Buache1745B+375.00
75L'Amerique Divisee par Grands EtatsWestern Hemisphere - AmericaJanvier/Lattre1762A180.00
76Nuova ed Esatta Carta della America Ricavata dalle Mappe, e Carte Piu ApprovateWestern Hemisphere - AmericaPazzi, Giuseppe1763A140.00
77L'Amerique Suivant le R.P. Charlevoix Jte. Mr. de la Condamine, et Plusieurs Autres Nouvle. ObservationsWestern Hemisphere - AmericaLe Rouge, George Louis1774B+275.00
78L'Amerique Septentrionale et Meridionale Divisee Selon les Differentes Possessions le Tout Assujettie aux Observations Astronomique...Western Hemisphere - AmericaBailleul, Nicolas1775B+600.00
79L'America Divisa ne' suoi Principali Stati di Nuova ProjezioneWestern Hemisphere - AmericaZatta, Antonio1776B+150.00
80Carte d'Amerique Divisee en ses Principaux Etats avec les Nouvelles Decouvertes Faites au Nord et dans la Mer du Sud par les Plus Celebres Navigateurs...Western Hemisphere - AmericaNolin, Jean Batiste1787B+unsold
81L'Amerique Dressee pour l'Etude de la GeographieWestern Hemisphere - AmericaBrion de la Tour/Desnos1798A120.00
82Bowles's New One-Sheet Map of America, Divided Into Its Kingdoms, States, Governmts. and Other Subdivisions; Laid Down from Observations of the Most Celebrated GeographersWestern Hemisphere - AmericaBowles & Carver1803A400.00
83AmericaWestern Hemisphere - AmericaWilkinson, Robert1803B+325.00
84AmericaWestern Hemisphere - AmericaThomson, John1815A130.00
85Amerique Western Hemisphere - AmericaCortambert, Eugene1864B+50.00
86[Lot of 58 - Plates from Montanus's America]Western Hemisphere - America, NativesMontanus, Arnoldus1673850.00
87Amerique SeptentrionaleColonial North AmericaMallet, Alain Manesson1685B+100.00
88L'Amerique Septentrionale et les Terres Polaires ArctiqueColonial North AmericaFer, Nicolas de1705B+500.00
89Carte Contenant le Royaume du Mexique et la Floride, Dressez sur les Meilleures Observations & sur les Memoires les Plus NouveauxColonial North AmericaChatelain, Henry Abraham1720Aunsold
90L'Amerique Septentrionale Dressee sur les Observations de Mrs. de l'Academie Royale des Sciences, & Quelques Autres, & sur les Memoires les Plus RecensColonial North AmericaDelisle/Covens & Mortier1730B+600.00
91[On 2 Sheets] Amerique Septentrionale Publiee sous les Auspices de Monseigneur le Duc d'Orleans Premier Prince du SangColonial North AmericaAnville, Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d'1746B700.00
92Carta Geografica dell' America SettentrionaleColonial North AmericaAlbrizzi, Girolamo1750A+unsold
93Amerique Septentrionale, Dressee, sur les Relations les Plus Modernes des Voyageurs et Navigateurs, et Divisee Suivant les Differentes Possessions des EuropeensColonial North AmericaRobert de Vaugondy, Didier1750B+400.00
94America Septentrionalis, Concinnata Juxta Observationes Dnn Academiae Regalis Scientiarum et Nonnullorum Aliorum, et Juxta Annotationes Recentissimas per G. de l'Isle...Colonial North AmericaLotter, Tobias Conrad1772B+450.00
95A New & Accurate Map of North America; with the New Discovered Islands on the North East Coast of AsiaNorth AmericaBowen, Thomas1787A200.00
96Charte von Nordamerica nach den Neuesten Bestimmungen und EntdeckungenNorth America, FrankliniaReichard, Christian Gottlieb Theoph1802B+900.00
97A New Map of North America, from the Latest AuthoritiesNorth AmericaCary, John1806B+400.00
98North AmericaNorth AmericaWilkinson, Robert1808A200.00
99Geographical, Statistical, and Historical Map of North AmericaNorth AmericaCarey & Lea1827B+400.00
100[Lot of 2] Amerique Septentrionale [and] North AmericaNorth America1830-48150.00
101Amerique SeptentrionaleNorth AmericaTardieu, Ambroise1836B+150.00
102Carte de l'Amerique du NordNorth America, TexasAndriveau-Goujon, J.1841A140.00
103North AmericaNorth America, TexasHall, Sidney1844A230.00
104A Map of North America, Denoting the Boundaries of the Yearly Meetings of Friends and the Locations of the Various Indian TribesNorth America, TexasReligious Society of Friends1844B+400.00
105Amerique SeptentrionaleNorth America, TexasLevasseur, Victor1845A110.00
106Nord AmericaNorth AmericaFlemming, Carl1850B+90.00
107Amerique Septentrionale Suivant la Carte de Pople Faite a Londres en 20 FeuillesColonial North America & West IndiesPopple/Le Rouge1742A1600.00
108Regni Mexicani seu Novae Hispaniae Ludovicianae, N. Angliae, Carolinae, Virginiae et Pensylvaniae nec non Insularum Archipelagi Mexicani in America Septentrionali Accurata TabulaColonial Eastern North America & West IndiesHomann, Johann Baptist1720B+1200.00
109Mappa Geographica Regionem Mexicanam et Floridam Terrasque Adjacentes, ut et Anteriores Americae Insulas, Cursus Itidem et Reditus Navigantium Versus Flumen Missisipi et Alias Colonias…Colonial Eastern North America & West IndiesLotter, Tobias Conrad1760B675.00
110Nouvelle Espagne, Nouveau Mexique, Isles AntillesEastern North America & West IndiesRobert de Vaugondy/Delamarche1794A+200.00
111Carte de la Californie et des Pays Nord-Ouest Separes de l'Asie par le Detroit d'Anian, Extraite de Deux Cartes Publiees au Commencement du 17e Siecle...Western North AmericaRobert de Vaugondy/Diderot1772B+75.00
112East Canada, and New BrunswickEastern CanadaTallis, John1850B+80.00
113Karte von dem Laufe des Flusses St. Laurenz von Seiner Mundung an bis Uber Quebec zu der Allgemeinen Historie der ReisenSt. Lawrence River, CanadaBellin, Jacques Nicolas1757B+95.00
114The River St. Lawrence, Accurately Drawn from D'Anville's Map Publish'd Under the Patronage of the Duke of OrleansSt. Lawrence River, CanadaHarrison, John1784B+140.00
115A Plan of the City & Fortifications of Louisburg… [on sheet with] A Plan of the City and Harbour of Louisburg…Louisburg, CanadaGridley, Richard (Lt. Col.)1758B+150.00
116Map of the City of QuebecQuebec, CanadaWalker & Miles1875B+75.00
117Prospect des Haupt Plazes der Untern Stadt zu Quebec / Vue de la Place Capitale dans la Ville Basse a QuebecQuebec, CanadaHaberman, F. X.1760B+150.00
118Prospect von der Untern Stadt in Quebec Gegen St. Laurenz Fluss / Vue de la Basse Ville a Quebec vers le Fleuve St. LaurentQuebec, CanadaHaberman, F. X.1760B130.00
119Geological Map of the United States and British North America, Constructed from the Most Recent Documents & Unpublished Materials...United States & CanadaRogers, Henry Darwin1855B+220.00
120Tierra NuevaEastern United States & CanadaRuscelli, Girolamo1574A950.00
121Carte Generale du Canada, de la Louisiane, de la Floride, de la Caroline, de la Virginie, de la Nouvelle Angleterre Etc.Colonial Eastern United States & CanadaD'Anville/Santini1776B+350.00
122Carte de l'Amerique Septle. pour Servir a l'Intelligence de la Guerre Entre les Anglois et les InsurgentsColonial Eastern United States & CanadaBeaurain, Jean Chev. De1777B+5500.00
123A Correct Map of the United States of North America. Including the British and Spanish Territories, Carefully Laid Down Agreeable to the Treaty of 1784Eastern United States & CanadaBowen, Thomas1787A300.00
124United States & CanadaEastern United States & CanadaLizars, William Home1853A160.00
125[A Map of the British Empire in America (Sheet 6) - Great Lakes and Mid-Atlantic Regions]Colonial Northeastern United States & Canada, Great LakesPopple, Henry1734B2300.00
126Carta Geografica del Canada nell' America SettentrionaleColonial Northeastern United States & Canada, Great LakesAlbrizzi, Girolamo1750A850.00
127[Lot of 3] Suite du Cours du Fleuve de St. Laurent Depuis Quebec Jusqu'au Lac Ontario... [and] Plan of the Forts Ontario and Oswego... [and] Charte der Neuen Niederlassungen in Ober Canada nach der Smythschen CharteColonial Northeastern United States & Canada, Great Lakes1757-1814unsold
128L'Isle de Terre-Neuve, l'Acadie, ou la Nouvelle Ecosse, l'Isle St. Jean, et la Partie Orientale du CanadaColonial Northeastern United States & CanadaBonne, Rigobert1782A90.00
129[On 3 Sheets] To His Most Excellent Majesty King William IVth This Map of the Provinces of Lower & Upper Canada, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Prince Edwards Island, with a Large Section of the United States...Northeastern United States & CanadaBouchette, Joseph1831B+7000.00
130A New Map of the Province of Lower Canada, Describing All the Seigneuries, Townships, Grants of Land, &c. Compiled from Plans Deposited in the Patent Office Quebec; by Samuel Holland, Esq. Surveyor General…Maine & Eastern CanadaWyld, James1838B300.00
131Extract from a Map of the British and French Dominions in North AmericaMaine & Eastern CanadaU.S. Government1838B80.00
132Route from Fort Ellis Montana to Fort Hope, British Columbia, Travelled by General Sherman July and August 1884, as Shown by Heavy Black LineNorthwestern United States & British ColumbiaU.S. Government1883A180.00
133Carte Particuliere de la Cote du Nord-Ouest de l'Amerique Reconnue par les Fregates Francaises la Boussole et l'Astrolabe en 1786. 1e. FeuilleWestern Canada & AlaskaLa Perouse, Comte Jean F. Galoup, de1797A130.00
134[Lot of 3] United States [and] United States [and] Vereinigte Staaten von Nord-America und MexicoUnited States1805-52150.00
135Carte Speciale, Historique et Geographique de la Republique des Etats-Unis de l'Amerique du NordUnited States, TexasRenouard, Paul1842A250.00
136[Untitled - Map of Proposed Routes of Western Railroads]United States, RailroadsThroop, O. H.1846A130.00
137Vereinigte Staaten von Nord-AmericaUnited StatesFlemming, Carl1850A120.00
138A New Map of the United States of America by J.H. YoungUnited StatesCowperthwait, Desilver & Butler1850B350.00
139Map of the Free and Slave States, and of the Unsettled Territory of AmericaUnited States1856A70.00
140[Map and Book] Plate III. Map of the United States... [and] Physical Survey of Virginia. Geographical Position of; Its Commercial Advantages, and National Importance. (Preliminary Report)United StatesMaury, M. F.1868B+300.00
141Report on the Lands of the Arid Region of the United States, with a More Detailed Account of the Lands of Utah. With MapsUnited StatesPowell, John Wesley1879B220.00
142Map of the United States Exhibiting the Present Status of Knowledge Relating to the Areal Distribution of Geologic Groups... [and] Map of the United States Exhibiting the Progress Made in the Geographic Survey [in] Fifth Annual Report...United States, GeologyU.S. Geological Survey (USGS)1885B+150.00
143United States At-a-GlanceUnited States1931A110.00
144Dixon's Mickey Mouse Map of the United States [with pencil box] Mickey Mouse ParadeUnited States1935B+600.00
145A Good-Natured Map of the United States Setting Forth the Services of the Greyhound Lines and a Few Principal Connecting Bus LinesUnited States1935Aunsold
146Indians of the U.S.A.United States, Indians1944A+400.00
147Aaron Bohrod's America Its HistoryUnited States1946A+850.00
148[Lot of 2] Wild Bill Hickok Treasure Map [and] Wild Bill Hickok Guide to Lost TreasuresUnited StatesRand McNally & Co.1952B+120.00
149[Untitled - Map of Birthplaces of Country Music Stars]United States1954A+275.00
150[Lot of 2] The 50 United States of America [and] Presidential Election Map Compliments of Disabled American VeteransUnited States1960-64A150.00
151Folklore and Legends of Our CountryUnited States1962A+120.00
152Carte de la Louisiane et du Cours du Mississipi Dressee sur un Grand Nombre de Memoires Entr'autres sur ceux de Mr. le MaireColonial Eastern United States, Louisiana TerritoryDelisle/Covens & Mortier1730A1600.00
153Carte de la Louisiane Cours du Mississipi et Pais Voisins...Colonial Eastern United StatesBellin, Jacques Nicolas1744B+550.00
154Carte des Etats-Unis d'Amerique et du Cours du MississipiEastern United States, FranklinBrion de la Tour, Louis1788B+650.00
155Etats-Unis de l'Amerique SeptentrionaleEastern United StatesLapie, Alexander Emile & Pierre1816A80.00
156Southern Provinces of the United StatesEastern United StatesThomson, John1817B+400.00
157Atlas to Marshall's Life of WashingtonEastern United StatesMarshall, John1832B300.00
158United States and TexasEastern United States, TexasJohnston, Alexander K.1842A900.00
159[Lot of 2 - Northeast, Mid-Atlantic] Carte pour Servir au Journal de Mr. le Mquis. de Chastellux...Northeastern United States, American RevolutionChastellux, Francois Jean, Marquis de1786B+230.00
160New England, New York, New Jersey, and Pensilvania &c.Colonial New England & Mid-Atlantic United StatesMoll, Herman1708B+200.00
161Carte de la Nouvelle Angleterre, Nouvelle Yorck, et Pensilvanie. Pour Servir a l'Histoire Generale des VoyagesColonial New England & Mid-Atlantic United StatesBellin, Jacques Nicolas1757B+170.00
162A New and Accurate Map of the Province of New York and Part of the Jerseys, New England and Canada, Shewing the Scenes of Our Military Operations During the Present War. Also the New Erected State of VermontColonial New England & Mid-Atlantic United StatesLodge, John1780Bunsold
163Carte de la Partie Nord, des Etats Unis, de l'Amerique SeptentrionaleNew England & Mid-Atlantic United StatesBonne/Raynal1783B+unsold
164United States of America Northern PartNew England & Mid-Atlantic United StatesPinkerton, John1810A180.00
165[On 4 Sheets] A Map of the Most Inhabited Part of New England, Containing the Provinces of Massachusets Bay and New Hampshire, with the Colonies of Conecticut and Rhode Island...Colonial New England United StatesJefferys, Thomas1755Aunsold
166Mapa Geografico que Comprehende la Nueva Inglaterra, Nueva York, Nueva Jersey, Pensilvania, Maryland y Parte de VirginiaColonial New England United StatesLopez, D. Tomas1778B+unsold
167Massachusetts and Rhode IslandMassachusetts & Rhode IslandMorse, Sidney Edwards1842B+95.00
168A New Map of Virginia Mary-land and the Improved Parts of Pennsylvania & New Jersey...Colonial Mid-Atlantic United StatesBrowne/Senex1719B+4500.00
169Carte de la Virginie et du Maryland, ou de la Baie de Chespeack et Pays Voisins pour Servir a l'Histoire Generale des Voyages...Colonial Mid-Atlantic United StatesBellin, Jacques Nicolas1757A300.00
170Carte de la Virginie et du Maryland Dressee sur la Grande Carte Angloise de Mrs. Josue Fry et Pierre JeffersonMid-Atlantic United StatesRobert de Vaugondy, Didier1793A900.00
171Carte de la Virginie et du MarilandMid-Atlantic United StatesBertholon, C.1798A190.00
172Virginia Maryland and DelawareMid-Atlantic United StatesMorse, Sidney Edwards1823B+110.00
173Map & Profiles of the James River & Kanawha Canal and its ConnectionsMid-Atlantic United States, James River1857Bunsold
174Map of Maj. Gen. Ross's Route, with the British Column, from Benedict, on the Patuxent River, to the City of Washington, August 1814Maryland & Washington D.C.1818B650.00
175[A Map of the British Empire in America (Sheet 10) - Southeast Region]Colonial Southeast United StatesPopple, Henry1734B1500.00
176Carte de la Caroline et Georgie. Pour Servir a l'Histoire Generale des VoyagesColonial Southeast United StatesBellin, Jacques Nicolas1757A130.00
177An Accurate Map of North and South Carolina with Their Indian Frontiers, Shewing in a Distinct Manner All the Mountains, Rivers, Swamps, Marshes, Bays, Creeks, Harbours, Sandbanks and Soundings on the Coasts...Colonial Southeast United StatesMouzon, Henry, Jr.1775B5000.00
178Carte de la Partie Sud des Etats Unis de l'Amerique SeptentrionaleColonial Southeast United StatesBonne, Rigobert1782B+110.00
179A Map of Georgia, Also the Two Floridas, from the Best AuthoritiesSoutheast United States, GeorgiaMorse, Jedidiah (Rev.)1796B240.00
180Theatre des Operations les Plus Importantes de l'Armee du Sud, dans la Virginie, dans les Deux Carolines, et dans la GeorgieSoutheast United StatesMarshall, John1807A90.00
181The Carolina's, with Part of GeorgiaNorth Carolina & South CarolinaConder, Thomas1788A650.00
182Map of North and South CarolinaNorth Carolina & South CarolinaMorse, Jedidiah (Rev.)1796B+130.00
183La Riviere de Missisipi, et ses Environs, dans l'Amerique Septentrionale...Colonial Southern United StatesFer, Nicolas de1715B+30500.00
184Partie de la Coste de la Louisiane et de la Floride depuis le Missisippi jusqua St. Marc d'ApalacheColonial Southern United StatesBellin, Jacques Nicolas1744B+500.00
185Carta Geografica della Florida nell' America SettentrionaleColonial Southern United StatesAlbrizzi, Girolamo1750A850.00
186Partie Meridionale de la Louisiane, avec la Floride, la Caroline et la Virginie, par le Sr. d AnvilleColonial Southern United StatesD'Anville/Santini1784Aunsold
187Seno Mejicano Hoja II. Parte Setentrional Segun los Trabajos Mas Modernos Nacionales y EstrangerosSouthern United States, Gulf CoastDireccion de Hidrografia1867B+700.00
188Carte de la Louisiane par Le Sr. D'Anville Dressee en Mai 1732. Publiee en 1752.Colonial Gulf CoastAnville, Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d'1752B+1100.00
189Carte de la Floride, de la Louisiane, et Pays Voisins. Pour Servir a l'Histoire Generale des VoyagesColonial Southern & Central United StatesBellin, Jacques Nicolas1757A275.00
190[Lot of 4] Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana & Arkansas Ter. [with] Map of the South Western and part of the Western States [and] Die Staaten von Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana & Alabama [and] Johnson’s Arkansas Mississippi and LouisianaSouth Central United States, Arkansas1828-62200.00
191[Lot of 4] Louisiana and Part of Arkansas [with] Map of the South Western and Part of the Western States... [and] County Map of the States of Arkansas Mississippi and Louisiana [and] County Map of Missouri and ArkansasSouth Central United States1843-81100.00
192United States North America ... The South Central Section Comprising Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Western Territory, and Part of MissouriSouth Central United StatesSwanston/Fullarton1862B+65.00
193[Lot of 4] Map of Texas and Part of New Mexico... [and] General Topographical Map. Sheet XXII [and] General Topographical Map. Sheet XXIII [and] General Topographical Map. Sheet XXIVSouth Central United States, TexasU.S. War Department1891-95B+180.00
194Course of the River Mississipi, from the Balise to Fort Chartres; Taken on an Expedition to the Illinois, in the Latter End of the Year 1765Colonial Central United States, Mississippi RiverRoss, John (Lt.)1775A3250.00
195Guide Through Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin & Iowa. Showing the Township Lines of the United States Surveys... [bound in] The Western Tourist and Emigrant's Guide...Central United StatesColton, Joseph Hutchins1853A350.00
196Map of Nebraska from Explorations of Lt. G.K. Warren, Topl. Engrs. in 1855, 56, & 57, and Other AuthoritiesGreat PlainsU.S. War Department1858B120.00
197[Lot of 2] Dakota [and] Colton's DakotaDakota TerritoryColton, G.W. & C.B.1873-84150.00
198Map of Upper California by the U.S. Ex. Ex. and Best AuthoritiesWestern United StatesWilkes, Charles1841A190.00
199Map of Lewis and Clark's, Track Across the Western Portion of North America, from the Mississippi to the Pacific Ocean...Western United StatesLewis & Clark1842B120.00
200Map to Illustrate an Exploration of the Country, Lying Between the Missouri River and the Rocky Mountains... [with report] Report from the Secretary of War, Communicating ... Lieut. Fremont's Report of His Exploring Expedition to the Rocky MountainsWestern United StatesFremont/Preuss1843B+700.00
201[Lot of 2] Map of an Exploring Expedition to the Rocky Mountains in the Year 1842... [with report] [and] Message of the President of the United States, Communicating the Proceedings of the Court Martial in the Trial of Lieutenant Colonel FremontWestern United StatesFremont, John Charles1845-48B+650.00
202Map of Oregon and Upper California from the Surveys of John Charles Fremont and Other AuthoritiesWestern United StatesFremont/Preuss1848B950.00
203A New Map of the State of California, the Territories of Oregon, Washington, Utah & New MexicoWestern United StatesThomas, Cowperthwait & Co.1853A500.00
204Map No. 1. From Fort Smith to the Rio Grande from Explorations and Surveys Made Under the Direction of the Hon. Jefferson Davis, Secretary of War...Western United StatesWhipple, Amiel Weekes1853-54B+150.00
205[Lot of 5 - Pacific Wagon Roads Maps] [with] Letter from the Secretary of the Interior, Transmitting a Report Upon the Several Wagon Roads…Western United StatesU.S. Government1859B325.00
206[Lot of 4] Washington Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona Western United StatesMcNally, Francis1864-80B+50.00
207Map Showing Indian Reservations in the United States West of the 84th Meridian and Number of Indians Belonging Thereto 1882Western United StatesU.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs1882B+100.00
208[Lot of 2] Mormon Trail [and] Pony Express Route April 3, 1860 - October 24, 1861Western United States1947-61A+170.00
209Old Oregon TrailWestern United States1948B+110.00
210Oregon TerritoryNorthwestern United States, CanadaGreenleaf, Jeremiah1840B425.00
211Johnson's Nebraska, Dakota, Idaho and MontanaNorthwestern United StatesJohnson and Ward1865B+120.00
212[Lot of 5] State of Oregon [and] State of Washington [and] State of Wyoming [and] Map of the State of North Dakota [and] Map of the State of South DakotaNorthwestern United StatesGeneral Land Office1906A230.00
213Preliminary Report of the United States Geological Survey of Montana and Portions of Adjacent Territories; Being a Fifth Annual Report of ProgressMontana, Wyoming & YellowstoneHayden, Ferdinand Vandeveer1872A350.00
214Sketch of Part of the March & Wagon Road of Lt. Colonel Cooke, from Santa Fe, New Mexico, to the Pacific Ocean, 1846-7 [with] Report of Liet. Col. P. St. George Cooke of His March from Santa Fe, New Mexico, to San Diego, Upper CaliforniaSouthwestern United StatesU.S. War Department1847Bunsold
215Military Reconnaissance of the Arkansas, Rio del Norte and Rio Gila... [with report] Notes of a Military Reconnoissance, from Fort Leavenworth, in Missouri, to San Diego, in California...Southwestern United StatesEmory, William Hemsley1848B+290.00
216[Lot of 3] Sketch of Public Surveys in New Mexico... 1855, 1857, and 1860Southwestern United StatesGeneral Land Office1855-60190.00
217Johnson's California, with Utah, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, and ArizonaSouthwestern United StatesJohnson and Ward1864B+170.00
218Panoramic Perspective Map of Boulder Dam and Adjacent Area Including Lake Mead, Valley of Fire, Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks, and the Grand Canyon of the ColoradoSouthwestern United StatesEddy, Gerald1938A+150.00
219Navajoland U.S.A.Southwestern United States1960B+180.00
220Dept. of the Interior Pacific Wagon Roads. Map No. 1 of the El Paso & Fort Yuma Wagon Road...Arizona TerritoryU.S. Department of Interior1857-58Bunsold
221[Lot of 3] New Mexico and Arizona [and] County and Township Map of Arizona and New Mexico [and] County and Township Map of Arizona and New MexicoArizona & New Mexico1874-87unsold
222[2 Maps with Report] Map of Alaska and Adjoining Regions [and] Map of Alaska and Adjoining Regions ... Showing the Distribution of Native Tribes [with] Alaska: Its Population, Industries, and Resources [and other reports]AlaskaU.S. Department of Interior1884B+140.00
223A Good-Natured Map of Alaska Showing the Services Offered by "The Alaska Line" and Suggesting Some of the Most Interesting Features of the TerritoryAlaska1934A300.00
224Territory of AlaskaAlaska1936A80.00
225Map No. 2 From the Pimas Villages to Fort Fillmore from Explorations and Surveys Made Under the Direction of the Hon. Jefferson Davis, Secretary of War...ArizonaParke, John G. (Lt.)1854-55Bunsold
226Map of Arizona Prepared Specially for R.J. Hinton's Hand Book of Arizona Compiled from Official Maps of Military Division of the Pacific… [with] The Hand-book to Arizona: Its Resources, History, Towns, Mines, Ruins and Scenery...ArizonaHinton, Richard J.1877Bunsold
227[Lot of 3] Rand McNally & Co.'s Arizona [and] The Rand-McNally New Commercial Atlas Map of Arizona [and] Rand McNally Standard Map of ArizonaArizonaRand McNally & Co.1901-51A100.00
228[Lot of 6] Territory of Arizona [in] Report of the Governor of Arizona to the Secretary of the InteriorArizonaGeneral Land Office1905-10A+375.00
229Reg Manning's Cartoon Map of Arizona [with] Reg Manning's Cartoon Guide of ArizonaArizona1938B+110.00
230[Lot of 4] Valley of the Sun [and] Rancho Grande - Hub of a Vast Recreational Empire of Scenic Charm [and] Valley of the Sun - A Pictorial Guide of Phoenix and Central Arizona [and] The “Old Pueblo” Tucson - Pictorial Guide of Southern ArizonaArizona1940-74A250.00
231[Lot of 3] Arkansas [and] Map of the State of Arkansas Showing the Topography of the Country and United Surveys as by the Official Plats of Those Surveys [and] ArkansasArkansasGeneral Land Office1843-5650.00
232[Lot of 5 - Railroad Maps of Arkansas]Arkansas1867-1916unsold
233[Lot of 2] Oil and Gas Yielding Formations in California [and] The Genesis of Petroleum and Asphaltum in CaliforniaCalifornia1899-1900A120.00
234California Official Tourist Picture MapCalifornia1936B+600.00
235CaliforniaCaliforniaMora, Joseph Jacinto1945A+1300.00
236A Pictorial Map of Southern California and Adjacent AreasCalifornia, Southwestern United StatesAutomobile Club of Southern California1969B+100.00
237Mt. Tamalpais California - Mt. Tamalpais & Muir Woods RailwaySan Francisco Bay Area, CaliforniaPoole Bros.1917B+550.00
238Die Bai von San FranciskoSan Francisco, California1880A150.00
239A Cartograph of Monterey Bay Region - California's Greatest and Most Accessible Scenic Playground! Monterey Bay, CaliforniaWhite, Ruth Taylor1933A+150.00
240Map of Carmel-by-the-Sea Monterey County, CaliforniaCarmel, California1930A140.00
241A Hysterical Map of Yosemite National Park Shown Thru the Courtesy of Mother Nature ProductionsYosemite, California1948A+300.00
242[Lot of 4] Sketch of the Battle de Los Angeles Upper California... [and] Sketch of the Passage of the Rio San Gabriel, Upper California... [and] Sketch of the Actions Fought at San Pascal... [and] [Untitled - Map of the California Coast]Southern CaliforniaU.S. Government1847130.00
243[Lot of 3] Map Representing Locality of the Ojai Ranch in Santa Barbara County, California... [and] [Manuscript Map of Ventura County Spanish Land Grants] [and] Decree of Ex Mission of San BuenaventuraSouthern California1865-70400.00
244[Lot of 3] Southern California Tourist Travel Guide - Nov., 1932 [and] March, 1930 [and] February, 1930Southern California1930-32B+120.00
245Historic Roads to Romance California's Southern EmpireSouthern California1946B+200.00
246[Lot of 3] Map of Los Angeles County Highways... [and] Map Showing Territory Annexed to the City of Los Angeles California [and] Map of the City of Los Angeles Showing Streets Grated, Oiled and PavedLos Angeles, California1912-16550.00
247[Lot of 2] Midget Map of Long Beach California [on verso] Motor and Relief Map of Southern California [and] Security Trust & Savings Bank Automobile Road Map of Los Angeles Region [and] Map of the City of Long Beach CaliforniaLos Angeles, California1925170.00
248[Lot of 3] Souvenir Map and Guide to Starland Estates and Mansions... A Fascinating Trip Through MovielandLos Angeles, California1942-52A100.00
249[Reprint] Historical and Recreational Map of Los AngelesLos Angeles, CaliforniaMora, Joseph Jacinto2012A+55.00
250A Slightly Cockeyed Map of That Slightly Cockeyed Community Hollywood Executed by That Slightly Cockeyed Topographer...Hollywood, California1935A210.00
251Santa CatalinaSanta Catalina Island, CaliforniaMora, Joseph Jacinto2007A+200.00
252San Diego and Vicinity San Diego, CaliforniaU.S. Geological Survey (USGS)1953A90.00
253Plan of the City of Washington in the Territory of Columbia Ceded by the States of Virginia and Maryland to the United States of America and By Them Established as the Seat of Their Government After the Year MDCCCWashington, D.C.Ellicott, Andrew1796B+1500.00
254[Lot of 2] [View of Washington D.C. and Surroundings with] Topographical Map of Virginia Between Washington and Manassas Junction [and] District of ColumbiaWashington, D.C.1835-63unsold
255Map of the State of FloridaFloridaHinton, John Howard1832A190.00
256Map of FloridaFloridaThomas, Cowperthwait & Co.1854B+80.00
257The Sportsman's Map of FloridaFlorida1929B+140.00
258A Plat Exhibiting the State of the Surveys in the Territory of FloridaNorthern FloridaU.S. Government1838B+unsold
259[The French Discover Six Other Rivers] Wie die Franzosen Sechtz Andere Wasser Angetroffen HabenColonial Florida, Eastern GeorgiaLe Moyne/De Bry1591B+170.00
260[A Site for the Fort Is Chosen] Wie die Franzosen ein Gelegen Ort / eine Festung zu Bauwen / ErwehletFort Caroline, FloridaBry, Theodore de1591A220.00
261[Untitled - Map of Miami and Miami Beach]Miami, Florida1929A180.00
262[Lot of 2] “In and Out” Map of Miami Miami Beach Coral Gables & Vicinity [and] Mills’ Pictorial Map of Greater Miami [in] Highlights of Greater MiamiMiami, Florida1939-62150.00
263Cayo Hueso Key West FloridaKey West, Florida1938A+200.00
264[The French Help Outina Fight the Potanou] Wie der Konig Otina / durch Hulffe der Franzosen / Patanou Seinem Feinde / ObsigetFlorida, NativesBry, Theodore de1591B+120.00
265Chart of the Sandwich Islands [on sheet with] Sketch of Karakakooa BayHawaiiLodge, John1785B100.00
266Island of HawaiiBig Island, HawaiiWhite, Ruth Taylor1931A100.00
267Oahu Hawaii Mem-O-MapOahu, Hawaii1946A110.00
268Gezigt van de Karakakooa Baai aan het Eiland OwhijheeKealakekua Bay, HawaiiCook, James (Capt.)1790A200.00
269Binnengezigt van het Eiland AtooiHawaii NativesCook, James (Capt.)1790A180.00
270Map G. No. 52. Chicago Harbor & Bar, Illinois. From Survey Made in April 1857...Chicago, IllinoisGraham, James D.1858B375.00
271Historic KansasKansas1941A90.00
272Carte Geographique, Statistique et Historique du KentuckyKentuckyBuchon, Jean Alexandre1825B+90.00
273KentuckyKentuckyFinley, Anthony1829B+75.00
274Suite du Cours du Fleuve St. Louis, Depuis la Riviere d'Iberville Jusqua Celle des Yasous, et les Parties Connues de la Riviere Rouge et la Riviere NoireLouisiana, Mississippi & Red RiversBellin, Jacques Nicolas1764B350.00
275Colton's LouisianaLouisianaColton, Joseph Hutchins1864B+240.00
276Sketch of Part of the State of Louisiana Accompanying a Report of the Commissioner of the Genl. Land Office of the 12th of January 1829Southern LouisianaGeneral Land Office1860B+90.00
277Plan de la Nouvelle Orleans. Dressee sur les Manuscrits du Depot des Cartes de la MarineNew Orleans, LouisianaBellin, Jacques Nicolas1757A+350.00
278Sketch of the Country Between the Waters of Potomack and Those of Youghagany and Monongahela as Sketched by Genl. WashingtonMaryland, Potomac River1826B120.00
279Plan de la Ville de Boston et ses EnvironsBoston, MassachusettsBellin, Jacques Nicolas1757A190.00
280A Scott-Map of Boston MassachusettsBoston, Massachusetts1955A+250.00
281A Scott-Map of Harvard University and of Radcliffe College Cambridge, MassachusettsBoston, Massachusetts1959A+150.00
282Marthas Vineyard IslandMartha's Vineyard, Massachusetts1935A150.00
283The Scrimshaw Historical Map of Cape CodCape Cod, Massachusetts1966A110.00
284MichiganMichiganGreenleaf, Jeremiah1842A350.00
285A New Map of Michigan with Its Canals, Roads & DistancesMichiganMitchell, Samuel Augustus1848B+75.00
286Geological Map of Isle Royale Lake Superior, MichiganLake Superior, MichiganFoster/Whitney1847B60.00
287[Lot of 2] Map of Minnesota Territory [in] The Minnesota Year Book for 1853 [and] The Fifth Annual Minnesota Year Book for 1855Minnesota1853-55B+130.00
288Map of the State of MontanaMontanaGeneral Land Office1906A120.00
289[Lot of 2] Map of the Washoe District Showing Mining Claims [and] Geological Map of the Washoe DistrictWestern NevadaU.S. Geological Survey (USGS)1882A110.00
290The State of New Hampshire Compiled Chiefly from Actual SurveysNew HampshireReid, John1796B+unsold
291[Untitled - Geologic Map of the White Mountains, New Hampshire] [in] Report of the Geological Survey of the State of New HampshireNew HampshireHitchcock, Charles Henry1872A150.00
292Map of the Territory of New Mexico, Made by Order of Brig. Gen. S.W. Kearny...New MexicoAbert & Peck1846-47B+300.00
293Morley's Map of New Mexico Compiled from the Latest Government Surveys and Other Reliable SourcesNew Mexico1873Bunsold
294Territory of New MexicoNew MexicoGeneral Land Office1906A90.00
295[Lot of 3] Plat of the Town of Albuquerque Grant in Bernalillo County New Mexico... [and] Plat of the Town of Albuquerque Tract... [and] Map Showing Four Leagues as Claimed by Original PetitionersAlbuquerque, New Mexico1884A80.00
296Map of the Hudson RiverNew YorkMiller, James1866Aunsold
297A New Yorker's Idea of the United States of AmericaNew York, United StatesWallingford, Daniel1937A+140.00
298A Map of a Tract of Land in the State of New York Called Macomb's Purchase...Northern New YorkGavit, John1853B+75.00
299Atlas of New York and Vicinity from Actual SurveysNew York City, New YorkBeers, Ellis & Soule1867B750.00
300New York and EnvironsNew York City, New YorkShannon, Joseph1869B+210.00
301[Lot of 2] Citizens & Travelers Guide Map in. to and from the City of New York and Adjacent Places [and] New Map of New York City. From the Latest Surveys Showing All the Ferries and Steamship Docks, Elevated, Electric and Cross Town Car LinesNew York City, New York1877-90B+700.00
302An Aerial View of New York City Showing How Easily the Weary Traveler May Reach the Herald Square Hotel Wherein He Will Find the Rest - Comfort - & - Hospitality...New York City, New YorkHarrison, Richard Edes1932A+140.00
303Hotel Edison Superairvue Map of New York CityNew York City, New York1934A120.00
304The Stage's Map of Winter BroadwayNew York City, New York1935A350.00
305A Map of New York / A Chart Neither Too Literal Nor Too Emotional, Shewing the City New York Replete with the Wondrous Spectacles, Mysteries, and Pastimes of the Natives...New York City, New York1939B+800.00
306Geographical, Statistical, and Historical Map of North CarolinaNorth CarolinaCarey & Lea1822B+220.00
307Carte Geographique, Statistique et Historique de l'OhioOhioBuchon, Jean Alexandre1825Aunsold
308[Lot of 2] Indian Territory [and] Indian TerritoryOklahoma1880-87B+120.00
309An Illustrated Map of the Oklahoma Country or the Indian Territory West of Arkansas...Oklahoma1939A75.00
310[Lot of 4] Map of Oregon Territory West of the Cascade Mountains [and] Map of Oregon Territory West of the Cascade Mountains [and] A Diagram of Oregon [and] State of OregonOregonGeneral Land Office1855-76200.00
311A Map of Pensylvania, with Part of the Adjacent States, from the Latest SurveysPennsylvania & New JerseyMorse, Jedidiah (Rev.)1793A150.00
312Alms House PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania1838B+31.00
313Birds Eye View of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaBachmann, John1850A2400.00
314South CarolinaSouth CarolinaArrowsmith & Lewis1812A160.00
315A New Map of South Carolina with Its Canals, Roads & Distances from Place to Place Along the Stage & Steam Boat RoutesSouth CarolinaTanner, Henry Schenck1841A130.00
316A Plan of Port Royal Harbour in Carolina with the Proposed Forts, Depth of Water &c...Port Royal, South CarolinaMoll, Herman1732A200.00
317[Lot of 4] A Geological Map of the Black Hills by Professor N.H. Winchell... [and] Map of a Reconnaissance of the Black Hills, July and August, 1874... [and] Map of the Black Hills... [and] The Gold Regions of the Black Hills...Black Hills, South Dakota1874140.00
318Geographical, Statistical, and Historical Map of TennesseeTennesseeCarey & Lea1822B+unsold
319[Lot of 2] A New Map of Tennessee with Its Roads and Distances from Place to Place Along the Stage & Steam Boat Routes [and] A New Map of Tennessee with Its Roads and Distances from Place to Place Along the Stage & Steam Boat RoutesTennessee1847-56B+unsold
320Map and Profile No. 1. From the Red River to the Rio Grande; from Explorations and Surveys Made Under the Direction of the Hon. Jefferson Davis, Secretary of WarTexas & New MexicoPope, John1854-56B50.00
321Map of Texas and Indian TerritoryTexas & OklahomaHardesty, Hiram H.1883B+150.00
322Colton's New Map of the State of Texas Compiled from De Cordova's Large MapTexasJohnson & Browning1855B200.00
323Johnson's TexasTexasJohnson, A. J.1866B100.00
324[Lot of 4] New Rail Road and County Map of Indian Territory, and Northern Part Of Texas [and] New Rail Road and County Map of Southern Part of Texs [and] County Map of the State of Texas... [and] TexasTexas1882-88170.00
325Geological Map of TexasTexas1916A1500.00
326Official Centennial Map of Texas - Daughters of the Republic of TexasTexas1934B+375.00
327[Lot of 3] Here Lies Texas [and] Follow the Koronado Trail! - Koronado Hotel Kourts - Joplin San Antonio Corpus Christi [and] Highland Lakes of Central TexasTexas1950-51A190.00
328Amer. Sep. Partie du Mexique. No. 60Texas, Gulf CoastVandermaelen, Philippe Marie Guillaume1825-27B+100.00
329[Lot of 2] Preliminary Chart of the Sea Coast of Texas in the Vicinity of Galveston [and] Sketch I Showing the Progress of the Survey in Section No. IXTexas, Gulf CoastU.S. Coast Survey1856-59B50.00
330[Lot of 6] Chocolate Bayou, Texas... [and] Oyster Creek... [and] San Bernard River... [and] Sketch Showing the Progress of the Survey in Sections 8 & 9... [and] Reconnaissance for Triangulation Along the Rio Grande... [and] Gulf Coast Ship Shoal...Texas, Gulf Coast1886-99A75.00
331Report of the Secretary of War Communicating ... a Map Showing the Operations of the Army of the United States in Texas and the Adjacent Mexican States on the Rio Grande...San Antonio, TexasU.S. War Department1850B1300.00
332[Untitled - Map of San Antonio Schools] [in] Clarke's Street Guide and General Information for Tourists... [and] Index Street Map of San Antonio [on verso] Route Map of San Antonio Showing Places of Amusement and Points of Historical Interest Etc.San Antonio, Texas1925-35120.00
333Tarrant's Key & Guide to DallasDallas, Texas1922B+475.00
334Preliminary Map of Routes Reconnoitred and Opened in the Territory of UtahUtahSimpson, James H. (Lt. Col.)1858B200.00
335Carte Geographique, Statistique et Historique de la VirginieVirginia & West VirginiaBuchon, Jean Alexandre1825B+130.00
336[Lot of 2] The Proposed State of New Virginia [and] The Opening Campaign. Theatre of Grant's Operations in the Vicinity of Gravelly Run... [in] The New-York HeraldVirginia & West Virginia, Civil War1861-65B+220.00
337[Lot of 2] The Seat of War in Virginia... [in] The Philadelphia Inquirer [and] The Seat of War in Eastern Virginia [and] Norfolk and Vicinity [in] New-York TribuneVirginia, Civil War1862100.00
338Map of the State of Virginia Containing the Counties, Principal Towns, Railroads, Rivers, Canals & all Other Internal ImprovementsVirginia, Civil WarWest & Johnston1862A5000.00
339Homes of the Presidents - A Historical Tour with TexacoEastern Virginia1930B+850.00
340Map of a Part of the City of Richmond Showing the Burnt DistrictsRichmond, Virginia1865B+1800.00
341[An Old Man in His Winter Clothing] Eines Alten Manns von Pomeiooc WinterkleydungColonial Virginia, Eastern North Carolina, NativesBry, Theodore de1590B+140.00
342Map of a Part of Washington Territory Lying East of the Cascade Mountains to Accompany Report of Surveyor GeneralWashingtonTilton, James1857B140.00
343[Lot of 2] Mount Rainier National Park... [and] Life Zones of Mount Rainier National ParkMount Rainier, Washington1908-23A+220.00
344Yellowstone National ParkYellowstone National Park, WyomingHayden, Ferdinand Vandeveer1883B+160.00
345Yellowstone National Park and Part of Abutting Forest Reserve from Maps by the U.S. Geological SurveyYellowstone National Park, WyomingU.S. Geological Survey (USGS)1904A+275.00
346Mexico & GuatimalaUnited States, Mexico & Central AmericaDower, John1835Aunsold
347Etats-Unis & MexiqueUnited States & Mexico, TexasDuvotenay, Thunot1842B+180.00
348Map of the United States and Mexico Including Oregon, Texas and the CaliforniasUnited States & MexicoHaven, John1846C+275.00
349[On 2 Sheets] Carte Generale des Etats-Unis et du Mexique Comprenant l'Amerique Centrale et les AntillesUnited States & MexicoAndriveau-Goujon, E.1870B+150.00
350Carte du Mexique ou de la Nlle. Espagne Contenant Aussi le Nouveau Mexique, la Californie, avec une Partie des Pays Adjacents...Southern United States, Mexico & Central AmericaBonne/Lattre1771A75.00
351Mexico & Guatimala, with the Republic of TexasSouthern United States, Mexico & Central America, TexasLizars, William Home1838B+950.00
352Le Nouveau Mexique avec la Partie Septentrionale de l’Ancien ou de la Nouvelle EspagneSouthern United States & MexicoBonne, Rigobert1780A100.00
353Map of the United States and Their Territories Between the Mississippi and the Pacific Ocean and Part of Mexico Compiled from Surveys Made Under the Order of W.H. Emory...Western United States & MexicoEmory, William Hemsley1857-58B+150.00
354MexicoSouthwestern United States & Mexico, TexasArrowsmith, John1832B+900.00
355Carte Generale des Etats-Unis Mexicains de la Republique du Texas et des Etats de l'Amerique CentraleSouthwestern United States & Mexico, TexasBrue, Adrien Hubert1840A550.00
356MexicoSouthwestern United States & Mexico, TexasHall, Sidney1840A180.00
357Central America II. Including Texas, California and the Northern States of MexicoSouthwestern United States & Mexico, TexasSDUK Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge1846A500.00
358Mexico, California, Texas, &c.Southwestern United States & MexicoTallis, John1857A225.00
359Kaart van het Westelyk Gedeelte van Nieuw Mexico en van California Volgens de Laatste Ontdekkingen der Jesuiten en AnderenSouthwestern United States & MexicoTirion, Isaac1765A200.00
360Carte d'une Partie de l'Amerique Septentrionale, qui Contient Partie de la Nle. Espagne, et de la Louisiane. Pour Servir aux Voyages au Tour du Monde...Southwestern United States & MexicoPages, Pierre M. F. Vicomte de1782B+1000.00
361A Map of New Spain from 16° to 38° North Latitude Reduced from the Large Map Drawn from Astronomical Observations at Mexico in the Year 1804Southwestern United States & MexicoHumboldt, Friedrich Heinrich Alexander von1810B650.00
362Spanish North AmericaSouthwestern United States & MexicoThomson, John1814B275.00
363Map of Gilliam's Travels in Mexico Including Texas and Part of the United StatesSouthwestern United States & Mexico, Texas1846B75.00
364[Lot of 2] Mexican Boundary B. Extract from the Treaty Map of Disturnell of 1847…[and] United States and Mexican Boundary SurveySouthwestern United States & Mexico1851-57unsold
365[Southwest Sheet] Die Vereinigten Staaten von Nord-Amerika in 6 BlatternSouthwestern United States & MexicoPetermann, Augustus Herman1880A26.00
366A Map of Exploration in the Spanish Southwest 1528-1793Southwestern United States & MexicoAutomobile Club of Southern California1932B+350.00
367Carta Geografica del Messico o Sia della Nuovo SpagnaMexico & Central AmericaAlbrizzi, Girolamo1750A230.00
368[Lot of 3] Plan of the Battle of Buena-Vista... [and] Survey of the Mexican Lines of Defence at Cerro Gordo... [and] La Paz (Lower California) and Its Environs, Showing the Positions Occupied by the U.S. Troops and the Mexicans...Mexico, Mexican-American WarU.S. Government1847B+85.00
369Pictorial Map of MexicoMexico1939A325.00
370Nova Hispania, et Nova GaliciaWestern MexicoJansson/Valck & Schenk1700B+unsold
371Carte du Mexique pour l'Histoire Generale des VoyagesCentral MexicoBellin/Van Schley1754A+40.00
372Amer. Sep. Partie du Mexique. No. 70Southwest Mexico; Chimborazo, EcuadorVandermaelen, Philippe Marie Guillaume1825-27B26.00
373[Lot of 2] A Map of the Bay of Campechy [and] De Reede en Haven van Vera CruzSoutheast Mexico1699-1769B+140.00
374[Spilbergen Lands at Acapulco] Aquapolque [on verso] [Spilbergen's Fleet Lands Near Manzanilla] St. Iago [on sheet with] Nativitdaet [and] Contra la SpaignolAcapulco, MexicoBry, Theodore de1655B+unsold
375[Lot of 4] [Alvarado Dies at Guadalajara] [and] [How the Aztec Priests Do Penance] [and] [How the Mexicans Were Provoked into Fighting with Their Neighbours] [and] [Montezuma's Brother Prefers Death to Disloyalty]Mexico, NativesBry, Theodore de1655180.00
376Spanish Dominions in North America Southern PartCentral America & Southern MexicoPinkerton, John1811A100.00
377Map of Central America, Shewing the Different Lines of Atlantic & Pacific CommunicationCentral AmericaWyld, James1850B+140.00
378[Lot of 3] Plano del Fondeadero de Carolina y del Puerto Escoces... [and] A Draught of the Bahias del Almirante Named by the Buccaniers Bocatoro [and] Port Chagres [on sheet with] Port Colon (Aspinwall) [and] Colon or Navy BayPanama1788-1883A190.00
379The Panama Canal as Seen by Charles H. Owens of the Los Angeles Times Art Staff from a Special Military AirplanePanama Canal1925B+300.00
380Peruviae Auriferae Regionis Typus. Didaco Mendezio Auctore [on sheet with] La Florida. Auctore Hieron. Chiaves [and] Guastecan Reg.Gulf of Mexico, Southern United States & PeruOrtelius, Abraham1598A800.00
381La Parte Orientale dell' Antico, e Nuovo Messico con la Florida e la Bassa Luigiana Dellineata Sulle Ultime OsservazioniGulf of Mexico, Caribbean & Southern United StatesCassini, Giovanni Maria1798B300.00
382[Lot of 2] Iukatan en Vaste Kusten van Nieuw Spanje [with text and plates] De Rampspoedige Scheeps-Togt van Franciscus Hernandez de Cordua... [and] Voyagie na West-Indien, gedaan door David Middelton...Gulf of Mexico & CaribbeanAa, Pieter van der1706B+200.00
383Carte Reduite du Golphe du Mexique et des Isles de l'AmeriqueGulf of Mexico & CaribbeanBellin, Jacques Nicolas1764Bunsold
384A Map of the West-Indies and of the Mexican-Gulph. / Carte des Indes Occidentales et du Golfe du MexiqueGulf of Mexico & CaribbeanLapie/Tardieu1806B+400.00
385Pas Kaart van de Golff van MexicoGulf of MexicoKeulen, Gerard van1734A900.00
386[Lot of 2] Preliminary Sketch of Galveston Bay Texas [and] Sketch G Showing the Progress of the Survey in Section VII from 1849 to 1852Texas & Florida CoastlineU.S. Coast Survey1852B100.00
387West Indies Drawn from the Best AuthoritiesCaribbeanRussell, John C.1801B+130.00
388Isles de Cuba et de la JamaiqueCuba & JamaicaBonne, Rigobert1787A95.00
389Amer. Sep. Ile de Cuba No. 67Cuba & JamaicaVandermaelen, Philippe Marie Guillaume1825A150.00
390Carte des Isles Situees au Nord de St. Domingue avec les Passages pour le Retour Appelles DebouquemensBahamasBellin, Jacques Nicolas1763Bunsold
391The Islands of the BahamasBahamas1951B+425.00
392[Columbus Lands on San Salvador] [on recto] [Columbus Departs on His First Voyage]Bahamas, Atlantic Ocean, Spain Bry, Theodore de1655B+120.00
393Das Eylandt Cuba mit Deroselben GelegenheitCubaMerian, Matthaus1660B+300.00
394Carte Geographique, Statistique et Historique de CubaCubaBuchon, Jean Alexandre1825A100.00
395Mapa de los Paisajes de Cuba [with] Atlas de CubaCuba1949B+950.00
396Nova Designatio Insulae Jamaicae ex Antillanis Americae Septentrion. non Postremae Secundum Gubernationes suas Accuratas Aeri Incisa et Publici Juris FactaJamaicaSeutter, Matthias1730B+unsold
397A Map of the Island of St. DomingoHispaniolaEdwards, Bryan1806B+80.00
398Carte des AntillesPuerto Rico & Lesser AntillesTardieu, Antonie Francois1795B130.00
399Isle St. Christophle une des Antilles aux Anglois [on sheet with] La Barbade une des Antilles aux Anglois Divisee par Paroises St. Kitts & BarbadosLe Rouge, George Louis1748A65.00
400Guadaloupe, Done from Actual Surveys and Observations of the English, Whilst the Island Was in Their Possession, with Subsequent ImprovementsGuadeloupeLaurie, Richard Holmes1830A150.00
401[Lot of 2] Colonies Francaises Martinique Amerique du Sud [and] Plan du Cul de Sac Royal de la MartiniqueMartinique1764-184380.00
402Plan of St. Lucia, in the West Indies: Shewing the Positions of the English & French Forces with the Attacks Made at Its Reduction in Decr. 1778St. LuciaBowen, Thomas1779B+55.00
403Plan du Port et du Carenage de Cariacoua Situe dans la Partie du Sud de l'Isle de St. VincentSt. VincentBellin, Jacques Nicolas1764B18.00
404[Lot of 2] A New Map of the Island of Barbadoes, Containing All ye Parishes, and Principal Plantations... [and] Carta dell' Isola della BarbadaBarbados1717-81unsold
405A New Map of South America; Shewing It's General Divisions, Chief Cities & Towns; Rivers, Mountains &c.South AmericaWells, Edward1700B+275.00
406South America with Its Political Divisions Compiled from State Papers and Observations Astronomical, Nautical, and Historical South AmericaWilkinson, Robert1806B+160.00
407Amerique MeridionaleSouth AmericaLevasseur, Victor1850A80.00
408[Lot of 3] South America [and] Venezuela, New Granada, Equador, and the Guayanas [and] Falkland Islands and PatagoniaSouth AmericaTallis, John1850B+130.00
409South America Under the Axis or the Heil with the Monroe DoctrineSouth America1938Aunsold
410Corso del Fiume dell Amazoni Descritto...Northern South AmericaCoronelli, Vincenzo Maria1691A295.00
411Carte de la Terre Ferme du Perou, du Bresil et du Pays des Amazones Dressee sur les Descriptions de Herrera de Laet, et des PP. d'Acuna, et M. Rodriguez...Northern South AmericaDelisle, Guillaume1703B+220.00
412Carte du Cours du Maragnon ou de la Grande Riviere des Amazones dans sa Partie Navigable Depuis Jaen de Bracamoros...Amazon RiverBellin, Jacques Nicolas1780B+60.00
413Carta Esferica que Comprehende la Costa Ocidental de America desde Siete Grados de Latitud Sur Hasta Nueve Grados de Latitud Norte...Northwestern South America, PanamaDireccion de Hidrografia1800B350.00
414Plan de la Ville de Carthagene des Indes...Cartagena, ColombiaBellin, Jacques Nicolas1752B+120.00
415Cours de l'Orenoque Depuis ses Sources Jusqu'a la Mer, avec les Rivieres qui s'y DechargentOrinoco River, VenezuelaBellin, Jacques Nicolas1773A+70.00
416Partie de Terre Ferme ou sont Guiane et Caribane. Augmentee et Corrigee Suivant les Dernieres RelationsGuyana, Suriname, French GuianaSanson/Mariette1656B+150.00
417Carte de la Guyane, pour Servir a l'Histoire Generale des VoyagesGuyana, Suriname, French GuianaBellin, Jacques Nicolas1757Aunsold
418T Landt van Brasil met de Aengelegene ProvincienBrazilGerritsz/De Laet1625B+unsold
419Le Bresil, dont la Coste est Possedee par les Portugais, et Divisee en Quatorze Capitaineries...BrazilSanson, Nicolas1657B+180.00
420Capitaniae de Cirii, et ParnambucoBrazilJansson, Jan1680A360.00
421Brasiliaanze Scheepvaard, door Johan Lerius Gedaan uit Vrankryk, in't Iaar 1556BrazilAa, Pieter van der1707B+150.00
422Le Bresil, dont les Cotes sont Divisees en Capitaineries Dresse sur les Dernieres Relations des Flibustiers et Fameux VoyageursBrazilFer, Nicolas de1719B+335.00
423[Lot of 3] Carte du Bresil Prem. Partie Depuis la Riviere des Amazones… [with] Suite du Bresil... [and] Suite du Bresil, Depuis la Baie de Tous les Saints Jusqu'a St. Paul…BrazilBellin, Jacques Nicolas1780Aunsold
424[Lot of 2] Carte Reduite de la Cote du Bresil Comprise Entre l'Ile Santa Catharina et le Cap Frio... [and] Carte Particuliere de la Cote du Bresil Partie Comprise Entre le Cap Guaratiba et l'Ile Sao Sebastiao...BrazilDepot de la Marine1822-84B+unsold
425Arx Principis GuiljelmiOlinda, BrazilMontanus, Arnoldus1671Bunsold
426BoavistaBoa Vista, BrazilMontanus/Ogilby1671Aunsold
427Le Perou et le Cours de la Riviere Amazone, Depuis ses Sources Jusques a la Mer. Tires de Divers Autheurs et de Diverses RelationsCentral South AmericaSanson/Mariette1656B+180.00
428Le Paraguay Subdivise en ses Principales Parties Suivant les Dernieres RelaonsCentral South America, ParaguaySanson, Nicolas1683B+unsold
429Ober-Paraguarien, Nebst Denen Landern Baures, Tschikiten, Schareyes, Payaguas, Toromonas, Moschos, Ytonamas Etc...Central South America, ParaguayDietell, Christoph1728Bunsold
430[Lot of 2] Carte du Paraguay et des Pays Voisins pour Servir a l'Histoire Generale des Voyages [and] Carte de la Riviere de la Plata pour Servir a l'Histoire Generale des VoyagesCentral South AmericaBellin, Jacques Nicolas175680.00
431PeruPeruMontanus, Arnoldus1671B+120.00
432[Lot of 2] Suite du Perou Audience de Charcas... [and] The Port of Callao, in the South Sea; with the Adjacent Islands, Rocks & Coasts, to Windward and Leeward, and the Soundings in FathomsPeru & Lima1753-71unsold
433A Plan of Lima [on sheet with] PotosiLima, Peru & Potosi, BoliviaHarris, John1764A55.00
434Carte Particuliere du Perou, Plan de la Ville de Lima, Description de Quelques Plantes, Animaux, & Machines du Pays. Avec l'Habillement des Hommes & des Femmes Espagnoles qui y DemeurentWestern South America, PeruChatelain, Henry Abraham1720A75.00
435[Lot of 3] Kaart van Peru, met een Gedeelte van de Landen ten Oosten Gelegen [and] Mission des Moxes Etablie par les PP. de la Compe. de Jesus dans le Perou [and] Peru & BoliviaWestern South America1780-1850A180.00
436Provincien van de Straet van Magallanes, ende vande Straet le MaireSouthern South AmericaGerritsz/De Laet1625A400.00
437Destroit de Magellan, Terre et Isles Magellanicques, &c.Southern South AmericaSanson, Nicolas1683B100.00
438Typus Geographicus Chili Paraguay Freti Magellanici &c...Southern South AmericaHomann Heirs1733B+180.00
439[Lot of 2] Fretum Magellani [and] Freti Magellanici ac Novi Freti Vulgo Le Maire Exactissima DelineatioStrait of Magellan, Tierra del FuegoMercator1607-48160.00
440Freti Magellanici ac Novi Freti Vulgo Le Maire Exactissima DelineatioStrait of Magellan, Tierra del FuegoHondius/Jansson1639B+375.00
441Carte du Detroit de Magellan dans Laquelle on a Insere les Observations et les Decouvertes du Capne. Byron, du Capne. Wallis, et du Capne. CarteretStrait of MagellanBenard, Jacques Francois1780B+200.00
442[Lot of 2] A Plan of Success Bay in Strait Le Maire [on sheet with] A Chart of the S.E. Part of Terra del Fuego Including Strait Le Maire... [and] A Plan of Success Bay... [on sheet with] A Chart of the S.E. Part of Terra del Fuego...Tierra del FuegoCook, James (Capt.)1773-84B+unsold
443Islands in the AtlanticAtlantic IslandsTallis, John1850B+160.00
444Vera Effigies et Delineatio Insulae Ascenstio... / Warhastige Conterfactur und Furbildung, der Insel Ascension...Ascension IslandBry, Theodore de1601B+700.00
445A Map of the Bermudas or Somers Islands Discovered by Juan de Bermudez In or About the Year 1503...BermudaSmith, J.L.1934B+325.00
446Mare del Nord...North AtlanticCoronelli, Vincenzo Maria1697B+unsold
447[John Smith Is Caught by the French]Bay of BiscayBry, Theodore de1655B+80.00
449Die Insel Island Nro. 76IcelandReilly, Franz Johann Joseph von1791A+150.00
450Carte Reduite des Parties Septentrionales du Globe, Situees Entre l'Asie et l'Amerique pour Servir a l'Histoire Generale des VoyagesArctic OceanBellin, Jacques Nicolas1777A150.00
451EuropaeEuropePeeters, Jacques1692A110.00
452[Lot of 2] Parte Occidentale dell' Europa... [and] Parte Orientale dell' Europa...EuropeCoronelli, Vincenzo Maria1697A1700.00
453EuropeEuropeHeylin, Peter1703B+125.00
454L'Europe Suivant les Nouvelles Observations de Mrs. de l'Academie Royale des SciencesEuropeFer, Nicolas de1717B+100.00
455Carte pour Servir a l'Intelligence de l'Histoire Eclessiastique & a Faire Connoitre les Persecutions de l'Eglise, les Schismes dont elle a ete Troublee, les Ordres Religieux, les Patriachats...Europe, Egypt & Holy LandChatelain, Henry Abraham1720B+140.00
456Europa Secundum Legitimas Projectionis Stereographicae Regulas et Juxta Recentissimas Observationes Aeque ac Relationes...EuropeHaas/Homann Heirs1743B150.00
457Imperium Caroli Magni Occidentis Imperatoris ad Finem...EuropeKitchin, Thomas1768B+150.00
458[Lot of 2 - Satirical Map of Europe with Article] "Maps with a Moral"Europe, War1952A300.00
459Magna Britannia Complectens Angliae, Scotiae et Hiberniae Regna in suas Provincias et Comitatus DivisaBritainHomann, Johann Baptist1744B+220.00
460Les Isles Britanniques Comprenant les Royaumes d'Angleterre d'Ecosse et d'Irlande Divises en Grandes Provinces...BritainJanvier/Lattre1771B49.00
461[3 Volumes] A Topographical Dictionary of Great Britian and Ireland, Compiled from Local Information, and the Most Recent and Official AuthoritiesBritainHall, Sidney1833B+275.00
462[Lot of 3] [The Road from London to Barwick...] [and] The Road from London to St. Neots &c Comencing at Barnet... [and] Biggleswade 15, Bugden 16, (Huntingdon 3 1/2) [on verso] Stilton 14 (Peterboro 6 1/2) Stamford 14, Coltsworth 13England1720-85A70.00
463Tractus Regni Angliae Septentrion. in quo Ducatus Eboracensis, Episcopatus Dunelmensis, Comitatus Northumbriae, Cumbriae, Westmoriae, et Lancastriae cum Mona InsulaNorthern EnglandWit, Frederick de1680B+200.00
464Bedford Comitatus olim Pars CathifuclanorumEastern EnglandSaxton/Kip1637A75.00
465The Road from London to Aberistwith on the Sea Coast com Cardigan Wherin Are Included the Roads to Oxford and Worcester Actually Surveyd and DelineatedSoutheastern EnglandOgilby, John1675B+220.00
466Afbeelding van de Stad en Revier van Rochester, Chattam waar in Vertoont wert de Victorieuse uyt Werckinge van s' Landts...Rochester, EnglandStoopendaal, Daniel1701A100.00
467Indicator Map of London Divided Into Quarter Mile Squares. For Measuring DistancesLondon, EnglandPhilip, George1910B+100.00
468L'AngleterreEngland & WalesMercator/Cloppenburgh1734B+60.00
469Magnae Britanniae Pars Meridionalis, in qua Regnum Angliae tam in Septem Antiqua Anglo-Saxonum Regna quam in Omnes Hodiernas Regiones Accurate Divisum hic Ostenditur...England & WalesHomann, Johann Baptist1744B275.00
470DenbighshireNorthern WalesSpeed, John1676B+220.00
471Merionethshire DescribedNorthern WalesSpeed, John1713A250.00
472Cardigan Shyre Described with the Due Forme of the Shire-town As It Was Surveyed by I.S. Anno 1610Central WalesSpeed, John1676B+250.00
473Scotia Regnum cum Insulis Adjacentibus. Robertus Gordonius a Straloch Descripsit [on sheet with] Orcades et Shetlandicae Insulae...ScotlandBlaeu, (Family)1657B+475.00
474[Lot of 2] Scotia Parte Settentrionale... [and] Scotia, Parte Meridionale...ScotlandCoronelli, Vincenzo Maria1697A425.00
475Carte du Royaume d'Ecosse Projettee et Assujettie aux Observations AstronomiquesScotlandBonne/Lattre1787B31.00
476Scotiae Tabula. IIINorthern ScotlandMercator/Hondius1621B+85.00
477Scotiae Tabula. IISouthern ScotlandMercator/Hondius1621B+75.00
478Lothian and LinlitquoSouthern ScotlandBlaeu, (Family)1657A240.00
479Lidalia vel Lidisdalia Regio, Lidisdail. Auct. Timotheo PontSouthern ScotlandBlaeu, Johannes1657Aunsold
480Vue de la Chapelle St. Paul a Edimbourg Prise de la Place d'YorckEdinburgh, ScotlandBasset, Paul-Andre le jeune1790B+unsold
481Hibernia Regnum Vulgo IrelandIrelandBlaeu, Willem1657B+900.00
482Ultonia; Hibernis Cui-Guilly; Anglis UlsterNorthern IrelandBlaeu, Johannes1657B+500.00
483Connachtia Vulgo ConnaughtyNorthwestern IrelandBlaeu, Johannes1657B+500.00
484[On 2 Sheets] Seconde Partie de la Carte d'Europe Contenant le Danemark et la Norwege, la Suede et la Russie (a l'Exception de l'Ukraine)Northern EuropeAnville, Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d'1758B+140.00
485[Lot of 2] A New Map of Sweden, and Norway [and] Sweden and NorwayScandinavia1835-40B+100.00
486Regnum Borussiae Gloriosis Auspiciis Serenissimi e Potentissimi Princ. Friderici III...BalticHomann, Johann Baptist1716Aunsold
487Daniae Regni TypusDenmarkOrtelius/Galle1579A150.00
488De Stadt Nyborg Veroverdt door de Hr. Michiel de Ruiter, en 't Slaan der Zweeden...Nyborg, DenmarkStoopendaal, Daniel1698B+unsold
489Bowles's New One-Sheet Map of the Seven United Provinces, with Their Dependencies...NetherlandsBowles & Carver1792B+75.00
490Nederland de Bakermat van Roemruchte Gebeurlijkheden in Verleden en HedenNetherlands1930A180.00
491Descript. FrisiaeNorthern NetherlandsOrtelius/Galle1579A80.00
492GeldriaSoutheastern NetherlandsHondius/Bertius1616B+unsold
493Belgium Catholicum seu Decem Provinciae Germaniae Inferioris cum Confiniis Germaniae Sup. et Franciae...Belgium & LuxembourgMayer/Homann Heirs1747A75.00
494Le Comte de Flandre ou se Trouvent les Environs de Donquerque, Nieuport, Ostende, Bruges Gand, Oudenarde, Tournay Lille, Yppes, et Courtray...BelgiumFer, Nicolas de1709B+unsold
495FlandriaWestern BelgiumOrtelius/Galle1579A85.00
496Nitidissimae Civitatis Mechlineensis, in Meditullio Brabantiae Sitae, Exactis DelineatioMechelen, BelgiumBraun & Hogenberg1582Bunsold
497Western Front and the Low CountriesWestern Europe, World War II1940B65.00
498A Map of the Northern Part of France, with the Adjacent Netherlands, and the Course of the Rhine from Upper Alsace to Dusseldorf...Northern France, Belgium, & LuxembourgFaden, William1795A22.00
499Galliae Veteris TypusFranceOrtelius, Abraham1618B+200.00
500Les Postes qui Traversent la France. Corrigees et Augmentees Suivant les Derniers. EstablissementsFranceSanson, Nicolas1676A120.00
501Landgraviatus Alsatiae tam Superioris quam Inferi cum Utroque Marchionatu Badense ut et Tractu Herciniae Silvae ac Ditione Quatuor Urbium SilvestrNortheastern France & Southwestern Germany, Rhine RiverHomann, Johann Baptist1720A275.00
502PicardiaNorthern FranceJansson, Jan1645B+unsold
503Tabula Geographica Campaniae Specialis in suas sic Dictas Electiones Accurate DistinctaNorthern FranceHomann, Johann Baptist1750A140.00
504L'Isle de Frace Parisiensis AgerNorthern France, ParisMercator/Hondius1609A60.00
505Regionis Biturigum Exactis: DescriptioCentral FranceOrtelius/Galle1579Aunsold
506Gastinois et SenonoisCentral FranceBlaeu, (Family)1643A100.00
507Lionnois, Forest, Beaviolois et MasconnoisEastern FranceBlaeu, (Family)1643B+unsold
508SabaudiaSoutheastern FranceHondius/Bertius1618Aunsold
509Delphinatus Vulgo Dauphine avec ses Confins des Pais et Provinces Voisines par Iean de Beins Geographe et Ingenieur du RoySoutheastern FranceBlaeu, (Family)1643A180.00
510Galliae Narbonensis ora Marittima Recen DescSouthern FranceOrtelius/Galle1579B+unsold
51184e Vue d'Optique Representant Pons Argentariorum Parisiis - Le Pont au Change a ParisParis, France1760B+55.00
512Antiquorum Hispaniae Episcopatuum Geographica Descriptio NovaSpain & PortugalHalma, Francois1705A200.00
513Carte Historique et Geographique des Royaumes d Espagne et de Portugal Divises Selon Leurs Royaumes et ProvincesSpain & PortugalChatelain, Henry Abraham1720A120.00
514Carte Genealogique des Rois de Navarre, de Castille, d'Arragon, de Portugal et de Grenade Rangee en Parallele avec la Carte d'Espagne qui Distingue les Diverses Situations de Leurs Etats...Spain & Portugal, HeraldryChatelain, Henry Abraham1720A210.00
515Regni Navarrae Accurata Tabula Nuper Correcta et in Lucem EditaNorthern SpainWit, Frederick de1680B+unsold
516Navarra Regnum Praefecturas (Merindades) Districtus (Partidos) Valles &cc Ostendens...Northern SpainGussefeld/Homann Heirs1785B+unsold
517Arragonia Regnum. Auctore Joanne Baptista LabannaNortheastern SpainBlaeu/Valck & Schenk1700A140.00
518ValentiaEastern SpainLangenes, Barent1600A80.00
519Granata, et Murcia RegnaSoutheastern SpainBlaeu, (Family)1647B+275.00
520Regnum Portugalliae Divisum in Quinque Provincias Majores & Subdivisum in sua Quaeque Territoria una cum Regno Algarbiae Speciali Mappa ExhibitumPortugalHomann, Johann Baptist1736B110.00
521Nova Germaniae DescriptioCentral Europe, GermanyHondius/Jansson1632B1100.00
522A Correct Map of the South East Part of Germany; Including the Electorate of Bavaria, Arch Bishopk. of Saltzburg & Kingdom of Bohemia...Central Europe, GermanyBowen, Emanuel1751A75.00
523A Map of Herr Hitler's Heaven, Drawn with Undiplomatic but Fervent Hopes That It Won't Happen HereCentral Europe, Germany1938A49.00
524Thietmarsiae, Holsaticae Regionis Partis Typus. Auctore Petro Boeckel [on sheet with] Rugiae, Usedomiae, et Iulinae, Wandalicarum Insularum Vera DescriptioNorthern GermanyOrtelius, Abraham1584A120.00
525Ducatus Holsatiae Nova TabulaNorthern GermanyHondius, Henricus1633A95.00
526Sylva Danica Vulgo Daenischen WaldeNorthern GermanyBlaeu, (Family)1664A65.00
527Tabula Generalis Holsatiae Complectens Holsatiae Dithmarsiae Stormariae et Vagriae DucatusNorthern GermanyHomann, Johann Baptist1720B+110.00
528Description du Comte d'EmdenNorthwestern GermanyHondius/Bertius1618B+60.00
529Waldeck ComitatusCentral GermanyBlaeu, Willem1635B+80.00
530Landgraviatus Hassiae Inferioris Nova Tabula, in qua Praecipue Ditiones Hasso-Casselenses et Comitatus Waldeck...Central GermanyHomann, Johann Baptist1716B+100.00
531Bavaria DucatusSoutheastern GermanyMercator/Hondius1619B+100.00
532Accurata Delineatio Episcopat. Frisingensis, una cum Dynastia Burkrainensi et Comitatu Werdenfelsensi Episcopatui Subjectis...Southern GermanySeutter, Matthias1731B+170.00
533Wirtenbergensis Ducatus Vera Descriptio TubingaeSouthwestern GermanyOrtelius/Galle1579Aunsold
534Monasteriensis et Osnaburgensis Episcopatus DescriptioWestern GermanyOrtelius/Galle1579Aunsold
535Civitas Francofordiana ad Moe:Frankfurt am Main, GermanyBraun & Hogenberg1572Bunsold
536Crempa [on sheet with] ReinholdsburgaKrempe & Rendsburg, GermanyBraun & Hogenberg1620Aunsold
537Lippe [on sheet with] DortmundLippstadt & Dortmund, GermanyBraun & Hogenberg1620B+unsold
538Die Stat NordlingenNordlingen, GermanyMunster, Sebastian1567B+120.00
539Schlesvig og GottorffSchleswig, Germany1780B+120.00
540Die Statt Siemern mit Aller Ihrer Gelegenheit/ wie sie zu Unsern Zeiten im Wesen Steht...Simmern, GermanyMunster, Sebastian1588A120.00
541La Prusse Divisee en Prusse Royale, e Prusse Ducale Laquelle a ete Erigee en Royaume par l'Empereur Leopold...Poland & LithuaniaRobert de Vaugondy, Gilles1751Aunsold
542Silesiae Typus Descriptus et Editus a Martino Heilvig Neisense et Nobiliviro Nicolao Rhedinger Dedicat.PolandOrtelius/Galle1579Aunsold
543Pomerania XIIII Nova TabulaNorthwestern Poland & Northeastern GermanyMunster, Sebastian1552A140.00
544BrandenburgNorthwestern Poland & Northeastern GermanyHondius/Bertius1618A60.00
545Prussiae Descrip.Northern Poland & KaliningradOrtelius/Galle1579A80.00
546Ducatus Oswiczensis et Zatoriensis DescriptioSouthern PolandOrtelius/Galle1579Aunsold
547SilesiaSouthwestern PolandHondius/Bertius1618Aunsold
548Wratislavia. BresslawWroclaw, PolandMerian, Matthaus1650Aunsold
549Regni Bohemiae DescriptioCzech RepublicOrtelius/Galle1579A70.00
550Potentissimae Helvetiorum Reipublicae Cantones Tredecim cum Foederatis et Subjectis Provinciis SwitzerlandHomann, Johann Baptist1710A180.00
551General Karte der Schweiz Eingetheilt in 22 CantoneSwitzerlandBrue, Adrien Hubert1845A33.00
552ZurichgowNorthern SwitzerlandHondius/Bertius1618A60.00
553Decem et Tria Loca Confoederatorum HelvetiaeCities in SwitzerlandBraun & Hogenberg1572B+375.00
554Austriae DescriptioAustriaOrtelius/Galle1579Aunsold
555Ertz-Hertzogthumb Oesterreich. Archiduche d'Austriche Haute, et Basse; Subdivisees en Leurs Principaux Quartiers &c.AustriaSanson, Nicolas1657A75.00
556Salisburgensis IurisdictioWestern AustriaOrtelius/Galle1579Aunsold
557Plan de la Ville et des Fauxbourgs de VienneVienna, Austria1788B+200.00
558Hungariae Descriptio Wolfgango Lasio DescrHungaryOrtelius/Galle1579A70.00
559Poloniae et Ungariae Nova DecsriptioEastern Europe, PolandMunster, Sebastian1552A250.00
560Poloniae, Lituaniaeq. Descriptio. Auctore Wenceslao Godreccio; et Correctore Andrea Pograbio PilsnensiEastern Europe, PolandOrtelius, Abraham1609B+unsold
561[Postal Map of the Russian Empire, Composed and Engraved in the Year 1806]Eastern Europe, Russia1806B+unsold
562Partie Septentrionale de la Russie EuropeenneBaltic States & RussiaRobert de Vaugondy/Delamarche1794B+unsold
563[Lot of 2] Moscovia Parte Occidentale... [and] Moscovia Parte Orientale...Russia in EuropeCoronelli, Vincenzo Maria1697A1000.00
564Moscovia or Russia. Divided Into Its General Parts &c.Russia in EuropeMoll, Herman1722A80.00
565[Lot of 2] Partie Occidentale de l'Empire de Russie, Extrait de l'Atlas Russien et d'Autres Cartes... [and] Partie Orientale de l'Empire de Russie...Russia in EuropeBonne/Lattre1771B+48.00
566[Lot of 2] Carte des Pais Habites par les Samojedes et Ostiacs pour l'Histoire Generale des Voyages [and] Carte du Detroit de Waeigats, ou de Nassau. Suivant les Navigateurs Hollandois pour l'Histoire Generale des VoyagesNovaya Zemlya, RussiaBellin, Jacques Nicolas1758Aunsold
567Charte des Neva-Stroms von der Ladogischen biss in die Ost See Alwo St. Peters-burg...Saint Petersburg, RussiaMerian, Matthaus1738A140.00
568Tabula Geographica qua pars Russiae Magnae, Pontus Euxinus seu Mare Nigrum et Tartaria Minor...Ukraine, Russia & Black SeaHomann, Johann Baptist1716A325.00
569Sevastopol, Shewing the Russian Defence Works and the Approaches of the Allied Armies [with report] Report of the Secretary of War, Communicating the Report of Captain George B. McClellan...Black Sea, CrimeaU.S. War Department1857A200.00
570Turquie d'Europe et Partie de Celle d'Asie Divisee par Grandes Provinces et Gouvernemts Dressee sur les Observations Astronomiq.Balkans & TurkeyJanvier/Lattre1771B50.00
571Graecia, SophianiGreece & Western TurkeyOrtelius, Abraham1595B+220.00
572Tabula Europae XGreeceGastaldi, Giacomo1548B+120.00
573[Lot of 2] La Grece ou Partie Meridionale de la Turquie d'Europe Dressee sur les Dernieres Observations [and] Liuadie. MoreeGreece1649-1719B+90.00
574Hellas seu Graecia UniversaGreeceCluver, Philipp1697A80.00
575Graecia Nova et Mare Aegeum S. Archipelagus, in qua Mappa Macedonia, Albania, Epirus Thessalia et Morea, cum Circumjacentibus Insulis...GreeceLotter, Tobias Conrad1760B+unsold
576Macedoniae et Thessaliae RegionesNorthern Greece & MacedoniaCluver, Philipp1697A70.00
577Attica Megarica Corinthiaca Boeotia Phocis Locri...Central GreeceHondius, Henricus1638B+120.00
578De la Beotie, Megaride et AttiqueCentral GreeceBuy de Mornas, Claude1762A20.00
579MoreaSouthern GreeceMercator/Hondius1613A70.00
580Foliu XXVI - RhodisRhodes, GreeceSchedel, Hartmann1493B+150.00
581RhodusRhodes, GreeceBruyn, Cornelius de1700Aunsold
583Italia AntiquaItalyCluver, Philipp1697A120.00
584L'Italie Dressee sur les Observations de Mrs. de l'Academie Royale des Sciences sur Celles de R.P. Riccioli de la Compagnie de Jesus...ItalyDelisle, Guillaume1720Aunsold
585Carte de l'Ancienne ItalieItaly1770B+unsold
586Kriegschauplaz der AlpenarmeenFrench & Italian Riviera1800B+11.00
587Pedemontana Reg.Northwestern ItalyOrtelius/Vrients1601A70.00
588Etats de Savoie et de PiemontNorthwestern ItalyBossuet, Jacques Benigne1755A+unsold
589Ducatus Mediolanensis, Finitimarumq Regionu Descriptio, Auctore Ioanne Georgio Septala MediolanenseNorthern ItalyOrtelius, Abraham1574A250.00
590Veronensis AgerNorthern ItalyOrtelius/Vrients1601B+unsold
591Brescia Episcopatus Mediolanu DucatusNorthern ItalyMercator/Hondius1613A100.00
592Brescia Episcopatus Mediolanu DucatusNorthern ItalyMercator/Hondius1619Aunsold
593Ducato di Modena Regio et Carpi Col Dominio della CarfagnanaNorthern ItalyJansson/Valck & Schenk1690A300.00
594Neue und Accurate Charte derer Lander in Italien: Alwo das Theatrum des Krieges...Northern ItalyMerian, Matthaus1710A+120.00
595Larii Lacus Vulgo Comensis Descriptio Auct Paulo JovioLake Como, ItalyOrtelius/Galle1579Aunsold
596Fori Iulij Vulgo Friuli TypusNortheastern ItalyOrtelius/Galle1579Aunsold
597Abruzzo et Terra di LovoroCentral ItalyMercator/Hondius1613A90.00
598Calabre CitraCentral ItalyBlaeu/Covens & Mortier1704B+150.00
599Italien Eigendlich Also GenandtCentral ItalyBodenehr, Gabriel1704A75.00
600Status Ecclesiastici Magnique Ducatus Florentini Nova ExhibitioCentral ItalyHomann, Johann Baptist1716A+300.00
601Thusciae Descriptio Auctore Hieronimo BellarmatoWestern ItalyOrtelius/Galle1579Aunsold
602Marcha Anconitana cum Spoletano DucatuEastern ItalyMercator/Hondius1613Aunsold
603Novissima & Exactissima Totius Regni Neapolis Tabula Praesentis Belli Statui Accommodata et ExhibitaSouthern ItalyHomann, Johann Baptist1720A220.00
604Siciliae DescriptioSicily, ItalyOrtelius/Galle1579Aunsold
605Insula sive Regnum Siciliae Urbibus Praecipuis ExornatumSicily, ItalyWit, Frederick de1680Bunsold
606[Lot of 3] [Syracuse] [and] Sena [on sheet with] Mantua [and] Von dem Teutschen Land - CCCCXXXVCities in ItalyMunster, Sebastian1550B+90.00
607Mantova Mitt Dero Gegend nach P. Coronelli VorstellungMantua, ItalyBodenehr, Gabriel1704Aunsold
608Veduta, Nella Via del Corso, del Palazzo dell' Accademia Istituita da Luigi XIV, Re di Francia...Rome, ItalyPiranesi, Giovanni Battista1757B+500.00
609Venise Ville Capitale de la Plus Celebre et Illustre Republique de l'EuropeVenice, ItalyFer, Nicolas de1705B+180.00
610[Lot of 2] [Title on Verso] Descriptio Regionum et Locorum, de Quibus in Act... [and] Mer Mediterranee Selon les Modernes [on sheet with] Partie Orientale de la Mer Mediterranee [and] Partie Occidentale de la Mer MediterraneeMediterranean1567-1683unsold
611[Disbound - 33 Maps] Receuil des Principaux Plans, des Ports, et Rades de la Mer Mediterranee, Estraits, de ma. Carte en Douze Feuilles...MediterraneanRoux, Joseph1764220.00
612Insularum Aliquot Maris Mediterranei DescriptioMediterranean IslandsOrtelius, Abraham1572A400.00
613Malta olim Melita InsulaMaltaOrtelius/Galle1579Aunsold
614Candia olim CretaCreteOrtelius/Galle1579A120.00
615Candia cum Insulis Aliquot Circa GraeciamCreteMercator/Hondius1619Bunsold
616Isle et Royaume de CandieCreteChiquet, Jacques1719B+50.00
617Insula Creta Hodie Candia in sua IV. Territoria Divisa cum Adjacentibus Aegei Maris Insulis...CreteHomann, Johann Baptist1720B+160.00
618De l'Ile de Crete ou CandieGramvousa, CreteDapper, Olivier1703A50.00
619Corsicae Antiquae DescriptioCorsica, SardiniaCluver, Philipp1697A90.00
620Natoliae, quae Olim Asia Minor, Nova Descriptio [on sheet with] Aegypti Recentior Descriptio [and] Carthaginis Celeberrrimi Sinus TypusEastern Mediterranean, Turkey & EgyptOrtelius, Abraham1588B+unsold
621Aeneae Troiani Navigatio ad Virgisij Sex Priores AeneidosEastern MediterraneanOrtelius, Abraham1594A550.00
622Paskaerte vande Archipel en de Eylanden daer Omtrent Gelegen, als Candia Serigo en Rodus, Tusschen Golfo de Lepanto Constantinopolen en C. Serdeni in NatoliaEastern MediterraneanKeulen, Johannes van1680A950.00
623Turcici Imperii DescriptioEastern Mediterranean & Middle EastOrtelius, Abraham1572A900.00
624Estats de l'Empire du Grand Seigneur des Turcs, en Europe, en Asie, et en Afrique, Divise en Tous ses Beglerbeglicz, ou Gouvernements...Eastern Mediterranean & Middle EastJaillot/Ottens1740B+300.00
625Romani Imperii qua Oriens est Desriptio GeographicaEastern Mediterranean & Middle EastSanson/Mariette1637A140.00
626Geographische Beschryvinghe van de Wandeling der Apostelen ende de Reysen Pauli...Eastern Mediterranean & Middle EastVisscher, Nicolas1664B+170.00
627De Beschryvingh van de Reysen Pauli, en van de Andere Apostelen...Eastern Mediterranean & Middle EastStoopendaal, Daniel1710B+41.00
628[Lot of 2] Carte Geographique de l'Asie Mineure avec un Etat des Premiers Rois... [and] Carte de l'Asie Inferieure Selon les Auteurs Anciens...Eastern Mediterranean & Middle EastChatelain, Henry Abraham1720A100.00
629De Reyzen van Paulus, uyt de Handeling der Apostelen OpgemaaktEastern Mediterranean & Middle EastGoeree, Willelm & Jan1730A100.00
630Carte des Regions et des Lieux dont il est Parle dans le Nouveau TestamentEastern Mediterranean & Middle EastBonne/Lattre1780Aunsold
631Carte de la Turquie d'Asie Presque Entiere Contenant l'Anatolie, la Georgie, l'Armenie, le Curdistan, l'Alge-zira, l'Irak-Arabi, la Syrie &c...Near & Middle EastBonne/Lattre1771B+75.00
632Paradise, or the Garden of Eden. With the Countries Circumjacent Inhabited by the PatriarchsMiddle East & CyprusMoxon, Joseph1671Bunsold
633Descriptio Paradisi, et Terrae Canaan, Regionumque a Patriarchis Primum HabitatarumMiddle East & CyprusHalma, Francois1709A130.00
634A New Map Shewing the Travels of the Patriarchs. As Also of the Children of Israel, from Egypt Through the Wilderness; to the Land of CanaanMiddle EastWells, Edward1726Aunsold
635Natoliae quae oli Asia Minor Nova DescriptioTurkey & CyprusOrtelius/Galle1579A80.00
636Chersonesi quae Hodie Natolia DescriptioTurkey & CyprusCluver, Philipp1697A60.00
637Asia MinorTurkey & Cyprus1775Aunsold
638Asiae, quae Vulgo Minor Dicitur, et Syriae Tabula Geographica, Quantum per Subsidia Licuit Elaborata...Turkey & SyriaAnville, Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d'1764B+100.00
639[Lot of 4] Dardanel d'Natolia [on sheet with] Dardanel Verso, Grecia [and] Gezigt van de Hellespont en van de Zee van Marmora [and] Diverse Viste delli Dardaneli del' Strecio... [and] Sestos [on sheet with] Abidos [and] Detroit de GallipoliDardanelles, Turkey1665-1734120.00
640Canale di Costantinopoli, Gia Detto Bosforo Tracio...Bosphorus, TurkeyCoronelli, Vincenzo Maria1695B+450.00
641[Lot of 2] Habillemens des Femmes de Smyrne, des Grecques et des Iuifves de Cette Ville [and] Antiquitez Curieuses qui se Trouvent aux Environs de Smyrne, et sur le Chemin d'EpheseIzmir, TurkeyChatelain, Henry Abraham1720Aunsold
642Palestinae sive Totius Terrae Promissionis Nova Descriptio Auctore Tilemano Stelia SigenensHoly LandOrtelius/Galle1579A170.00
643Tabula Geographica, in qua Iisraelitarum, ab Aegypto ad Kenahanaeam Usque Profectiones Omnes... / Geographische Beschryvinge der Heirtochten ende Rustplaetsen der Kinderen Israels, Treckende uyt Egypten in Land van Belosten...Holy LandPlancius/Cloppenburg1643B+unsold
644Het Beloofde Landt Canaan door Wandelt van Onsen Salichmaecker Iesu Christo, Neffens syne ApostelenHoly LandVisscher, Nicolas1664B+140.00
645Iudaeae seu Terrae Israelis Tabula Geographica; in qua Locorum in Veteri et Novo Testamento Celebratissimorum Situs Accurate Descripti...Holy LandJansson, Jan1680B+150.00
646Afbeeldinge van de Veertich-Iaarige Reyse der Kinderen Israels. Uyt Egypten door de Roode Zee en de Woestyne tot in't Beloofde Landt CanaanHoly LandSchut, Albert1710Aunsold
647Perigrinatie oste Veertich-Iarige Reyse der Kinderen Israels. Uyt Egypten door de Roode Zee, ende de Woestyne, tot in't Beloofde Landt Canaan...Holy LandStoopendaal, Daniel1716B+unsold
648[Lot of 3] Suite de la Genealogie ou Chronologie des Rois Patriarches et Prophetes... [and] Carte pour Conduire a l'Inteligence de l'Histoire Sacree... [and] Carte pour Conduire a l'Inteligence de l'Histoire Sacree...Holy LandChatelain, Henry Abraham1720Aunsold
649Palaestina seu Terra SanctaHoly Land1775A80.00
650Ierusalem I., et Suburbia eius, Sicut Tempore Christi Floruit, cum Locis, in Quibus Christus Passus est…Jerusalem, Holy LandAdrichom, Christian van1584B+1500.00
651De Stadt IerusalemJerusalem, Holy LandDanckerts/Wetstein1757A+unsold
652L'Arabie Petree, Deserte et HevrevseArabiaSanson, Nicolas1683A120.00
653Carte des Principales Ports de Mer Bancs de Sable, &c: qui sont dans la Mer Rouge...Red SeaMortier, Pierre1720B+unsold
654De Stad BabilonBabylon, Iraq1740B+100.00
655[Lot of 2] Persia Nova Tabula [and] Tabula Asiae VPersia - Iran1548-74B+180.00
656Persici vel Sophorum Regni TypusPersia - IranMercator/Hondius1619A375.00
657[Lot of 3] Perse Moderne [and] Persia [and] PersiaPersia - Iran1678-1700100.00
658Regno di Persia con le Notitie delle Provincie Antiche, che piu Probabilmente Corrispondono alle Divisioni Moderne d'Esso Regno, Descritto con Ogni Possibile Sforzo...Persia - IranCantelli da Vignola/de Rossi1679B+250.00
659Opulentissimi Regni Persiae Juxta suas Provincias Recentissima et Accuratissima Designatio, Studio et SumtibusPersia - IranSeutter, Matthias1730A250.00
660[Lot of 2] Carte de Perse pour Servir a l'Histoire Universelle, d'une Societe de Gens de Lettres [and] A Map of MediaPersia - Iran1750-70B+170.00
661Puinhoopen van PersepolisPersepolis, Iran1740A+60.00
662Asiae II Tab:CaucasusPtolemy/Mercator1618Aunsold
663Carte des Pays Voisins de la Mer Caspiene Dressee pour l'Usage du Roy sur la Carte de Cette Mer Faite par l'Ordre du Czar...CaucasusDelisle/Covens & Mortier1720B+unsold
664The Caspian Sea Drawn by the Czar's Special Command by Carl van Verden in the Year 1719. 1720 and 1721Caspian SeaMoll, Herman1732A80.00
665Nova et Accuratissima Maris Caspii Hactenus Maximam Partem Nobis non Fatis Cogniti ac Regionum Adjacentium...Caspian SeaSeutter, Matthias1740B+unsold
666Karte von dem Caspischen Meer...Caspian SeaSchraembl, Franz Anton1787Aunsold
667Asiae Nova DescriptioAsiaMazza, Giovanni Battista1590B+6000.00
668Asiae Nova DescriptioAsiaOrtelius, Abraham1595A1600.00
669AsiaeAsiaPeeters, Jacques1692A190.00
670L'Asie Suivant les Nouvelles Decouvertes dont les Point Principaux sont Placez sur les Observations de Mrs. de l'Academie Royale des SciencesAsiaFer, Nicolas de1717B+150.00
671Carte de l'Asie Selon les Auteurs Anciens Enrichie de Remarques Historiques sur les Changemens qui y sont ArrivezAsiaChatelain, Henry Abraham1720A+160.00
672Asiae Recentissima Delineatio, qua Status et Imperia Totius Orientis una cum Orientalibus Indiis ExhibenturAsiaHomann, Johann Baptist1730B+350.00
673Asia cum Omnibus Imperiis Provinciis, Statibus et Insulis Correcta et AdornataAsiaSeutter/Lotter1744B+55.00
674L'Asie Divisee en ses Principaux EtatsAsiaJanvier/Lattre1771B42.00
675L'Asie Divisee en ses Principales Regions, et ou se Peuvent voir l'Estendue des Empires Monarchies, Royaumes, et Estats...AsiaBrion de la Tour/Desnos1783A350.00
676Carte des Parties Nord et Est de l'Asie qui Comprend les Cotes de la Russie Asiatique le Kamschatka, le Jesso, et les Isles du Japon...Northern Asia & Western North AmericaRobert de Vaugondy/Diderot1772A90.00
677Nouvelle Representation des Cotes Nord et Est de l'Asie, pour Servir d'Eclaircissement aux Articles du Supplement de Encyclopedie...Northern Asia, AlaskaRobert de Vaugondy/Diderot1772Aunsold
678Tabula Tartariae et Majoris Partis Regni ChinaeNorthern AsiaWit, Frederick de1685Aunsold
679IXe Feuille Particuliere de la Tartarie Chinoise, ou ses Limites avec la Tartariae RussienneNorthern China & RussiaAnville, Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d'1737Aunsold
680A Map of Formosa [bound in] An Historical and Geographical Description of Formosa, an Island Subject to the Emperor of Japan...Taiwan1704B+650.00
681Kaart van het Eyland Formosa en de Eylanden van PiscadoresTaiwanValentyn, Francois1726B+2750.00
682Map of Shanghai Published by the North-China Daily News & Herald, Limited...Shanghai, China1918B+unsold
683[Title on Front Cover] An Illustration of the Prominent Sights in PekingBeijing, China1957A600.00
684La ChineChina & KoreaPeeters, Jacques1692Aunsold
685Iaponiae Insulae Descriptio. Ludoico Teisera AuctoreJapan & KoreaOrtelius, Abraham1595B+1500.00
686L'Empire du Japon, Divise en Sept Principaux Parties, et Subdivise en Foixante et Six RoyaumesJapan & KoreaRobert de Vaugondy, Gilles1786Aunsold
687Mem-O-Map of Japan and KoreaJapan & Korea1946A+75.00
688[Lot of 2] Iapan I. [and] Iaponia InsulaJapan1607-09240.00
689Carte de l'Empire du Japon pour Servir a l'Histoire Generale des VoyagesJapanBellin, Jacques Nicolas1752B+80.00
690Plan de JedoTokyo, JapanBellin, Jacques Nicolas1754A120.00
691De Groote Siamse Rievier Me-Nam ofte Moeder der Wateren in Haren Loop met de in Vallende Spruyten VerbeeldChao Phraya River, ThailandValentyn, Francois1726B+2750.00
692Mapa Etnografico del Archipielago FilipinoPhilippines1899A120.00
693Insulae Indiae Orientalis Praecipuae, in Quibus Moluccae Celeberrimae SuntEast Indies - IndonesiaMercator/Hondius1613B+unsold
694Les Iles de Banda, Suivant les Meilleures Cartes Levees sur les LieuxBanda Islands, IndonesiaAa, Pieter van der1729A120.00
695Kaart van het Eyland BaliBali, IndonesiaValentyn, Francois1726B+800.00
696Hind, Hindoostan, or India By L.S. de la RochetteIndiaWyld, James1824B400.00
697Vorder IndienIndiaWeiland, Carl Ferdinand1838B+85.00
698India I and CeylonSri LankaSDUK Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge1831A42.00
699JaffenaptamJaffa, Sri LankaHeydt, Johann Wolfgang1744A80.00
700Indiae Orientalis Insularrumque Adiacientium TypusSouthern & Southeast AsiaOrtelius/Galle1579A160.00
701Indiae Orientalis, Insularumque Adiacientium TypusSouthern & Southeast AsiaOrtelius, Abraham1592A2000.00
702Presqu Isle de l'Inde deca le Golfe du Gange [on sheet with] Prequ Isle del Inde dela le Golfe de GangeSouthern & Southeast AsiaPeeters, Jacques1692A100.00
703Chine, et Indes avec les Isles; d'Apres les Descriptions, les Plus ExactesSouthern & Southeast AsiaBrion de la Tour/Desnos1766B+100.00
704Les Indes Orientales et Leur Archipel Assujeties aux Observations Astronomiqes Combinees avec les Itineraires Anciens et Modernes...Southern & Southeast AsiaBonne/Lattre1771B+95.00
705Partie de la Nouvelle Grande Carte des Indes Orientales, Contenant les Terres du Mogol, Surate, Malabar, Cormandel, Bengale, Aracan, Pegu, Siam, Camboje, Tonquin, & une Partie de la Chine...Southern & Eastern AsiaElwe, Jan Barend1792B+unsold
706Carte des Costes de Perse, Guzarat et Malabar. Tiree de la Carte Francoise de l Ocean Oriental...Southern AsiaBellin/Van Schley1750A42.00
707Tabula Asiae IXPakistan, Afghanistan & IranMunster, Sebastian1571Aunsold
708Tab: IX. Asiae, Continens Ariam, Paropanisum, Drangianam, Arachosiam, et Gedrosiam...Pakistan, Afghanistan & IranPtolemy/Mercator1698Aunsold
709[Title on Verso] Tabula Nona Asiae Continentur, Aria, Paropanisadae, Drangiana, Arachosia, & GedrosiaPakistan & AfghanistanPtolemy/Fries1541B+200.00
710S. LorenzoMadagascarPorcacchi, Tomaso1590A100.00
711Africae Nova TabulaAfricaMariette, Pierre (the younger)1650B475.00
712AfricaeAfricaPeeters, Jacques1692A325.00
713L'Afrique Dressee Selon les Dernieres Relat. et Suivant les Nouvelles Decouvertes dont les Points Principaux sont Placez sur les Observations de Mrs. de l'Academie Royale des SciencesAfricaFer, Nicolas de1717B+275.00
714AfriqueAfricaLevasseur, Victor1845A85.00
715Carthaginis Celeberrimi Sinus TypusNorthern AfricaOrtelius/Galle1579B+unsold
716[Lot of 2] Tabula Africae III [and] CyrenaicaNorthern Africa1595-98B+unsold
717Tabula Aphricae IINorthern AfricaPtolemy/Ruscelli1598Aunsold
718Barbaria, et BiledulgeridNorthern AfricaOrtelius/Vrients1601B+35.00
719Barbaria [on sheet with] Cartaginis sive Potius Tunetani Celeberrimi Sinus... [and] AegyptusNorthern AfricaMercator/Hondius1639A120.00
720Tripoli Citta di BarbariaTripoli, LibyaLafreri, Antonio1602A500.00
721De Stadt Tripolis. The City of TripolieTripoli, LibyaDapper, Olivier1670Aunsold
722De Stadt Algiers. La Ville d'AlgerAlgiers, AlgeriaStoopendaal, Daniel1701Aunsold
723Vue de Tunis d'Alger & de Gigeri avec Quelques Particularitez Curieuses Touchant les Moeurs de Leurs Habitans & de Quelques Autres Peuples de BarbarieTunis, TunisiaChatelain, Henry Abraham1720B+90.00
724[Untitled - Globe Gore of Northwestern Africa, Iberian Peninsula, France]Northwestern Africa, Spain, Portugal & FranceCoronelli, Vincenzo Maria1695B+unsold
725MauritaniaNorthwestern AfricaMela, Pomponius1595B+unsold
726Royaume de Fez, Divise en Sept Provinces...Northwestern AfricaSanson, Nicolas1683A60.00
727Carte de la Barbarie le la Nigritie et de la GuineeNorthwestern AfricaDelisle, Guillaume1700A150.00
728Aegiipti Recentior DescriptioEgyptOrtelius/Galle1579A90.00
729[Lot of 2] Egypten, Verdeelt in zyne Twaalf Cassilifen, of Landvoogdyen... [and] Carte de l'Egypte Ancienne et Moderne. Assujettie aux Observns. AstronomiquesEgypt1699-1781100.00
730Description de la Ville d'Alexandrie et des Antiquites Remarquables qu' on y VoitAlexandria, EgyptChatelain, Henry Abraham1720Aunsold
731Tabula Geogra: Regni CongoWestern AfricaBry, Theodore de1597B+500.00
732Nieuwe Paskaert, van de Kust van Genehoa als Mede een Gedeelte van Gambia, Beginnende an C. Blanco tot C. Verde...Western AfricaKeulen, Johannes van1681B+unsold
733A Pholey Town & Plantations About It, from MooreVillage in Western AfricaBasire, Isaac1745B+unsold
734Presbiteri Iohannis, sive, Abissinorum Imperii DescriptioCentral AfricaOrtelius, Abraham1602B+700.00
735[Lot of 4] Vera Descriptio Regni Africani, quod tam Abincolis quam Lusitanis Congus Appellatur... [and] [The Inhabitants of Loango and the Anziques] [and] [Women's Fashion in the Congo] [and] [How the Congolese Men Dress]Congo, Natives1598120.00
736Karte von Sud-Afrika zur Ubersicht der Neuesten Entdeckungen von Livingstone, Moffat, Galton, Anderson...Southern Africa, ExplorationsPetermann, Augustus Herman1858B+80.00
737A Pictorial Map South Africa Shewing the Diverse Places and Extraordinary Manner of Strange Things to Be Seen by Those Who Voyage to This Land Beloved of the Sun...Southern Africa1950A300.00
738Mare del Sud, Detto Altrimenti Mare Pacifico...Pacific OceanCoronelli, Vincenzo Maria1697Aunsold
739Tartariae sive Magni Chami Regni TypusNorth Pacific OceanOrtelius, Abraham1595A800.00
740Carte des Nouvelles Decouvertes Dressee par Phil Buache... [on sheet with] Extrait d'une Carte Japonoise de l'Univers...North Pacific OceanRobert de Vaugondy/Diderot1772A75.00
741Chart of the NW Coast of America and NE Coast of Asia Explored in the Years 1778 & 1779...North Pacific OceanCook, James (Capt.)1784B+110.00
742Nav War Map No. 4 - The North Pacific AreaNorth Pacific Ocean, World War IIU.S. Navy Dept.1944B+300.00
743Kaart der Reyse van Abel Tasman Volgens syn Eygen OpstelSouth Pacific Ocean, Australia, & New ZealandValentyn, Francois1726A5000.00
744OceanieSouth Pacific OceanTardieu, Ambroise1836A70.00
745Mond van de Endeavour Rivier in Nieuw Zuid Wales [on sheet with] Botanie Baai in Nieuw Zuid WalesSydney & Endeavour River, AustraliaCook, James (Capt.)1797B+180.00
746Carte de la Nle. Zelande Visitee en 1769 et 1770. par le Lieutenant J. Cook Commandant de l'Endeavour Vaisseau de sa MajesteNew ZealandCook/Benard1774B900.00
747Carte de la Nouvelle ZeelandeNew ZealandBonne, Rigobert1787B+400.00
748Riviere Tamise et Baye Mercure a la Nle. Zelande [on sheet with] Baye des Isles dans la Nle. Zelande [and] Baye de Tolaga dans la Nle. ZelandeNorth Island, New ZealandCook, James (Capt.)1775B+130.00
749Livre Quatriesme des Principales Villes du MondeTitle PagesBraun & Hogenberg1590B+140.00
750Theatre des Principales Villes de Tout l'UniversTitle PagesBraun & Hogenberg1618A150.00
751Nouvel Atlas ou Theatre du Monde. Representant l'Allemagne avec Toutes ses Parties, Comprennant Tout le Corps de l'Empire Romain. Sconde Partie du Premier TomeTitle PagesJansson, Jan1649B+unsold
752AtlasTitle PagesWit, Frederick de1682B+unsold
753Tooneel der Vereenighde Nederlanden, en Onderhorige Landschappen... Title PagesHalma, Francois1725A100.00
754Atlas Novus Terrarum Orbis Imperia, Regna et Status Exactis Tabulis Geographice DemonstransTitle PagesHomann, Johann Baptist1744Bunsold
755Description, Figure, et Qualite de l'Arbre du Cafe; avec la Maniere de le Cultiver et d'en Cueillir le FruitPrints - BotanicalChatelain, Henry Abraham1720B+65.00
756Zee-Slagh, vanden Hr. Admiraal Michiel de Ruiter en den Hr. de la Zarda...Prints - ShipsStoopendaal, Daniel1698B+120.00
757[Lot of 2] Gezicht en Uiterlyke Gedaante der Arke van Noach [on sheet with] Doorsnede en Zyd-Opening der Arke van Noach [and] Schetsen van de Drie Verdiepingen in de Arke van NoachPrints - ReligionCalmet, Augustin1722A100.00
758[Lot of 5 - Bible Engravings]Prints - Religion1730A80.00
759Carte pour Conduire a l'Intelligence de la Fable et Servir de Secours a la Connoissance de l'Histoire avec des Explications et des Instructions pour en Comprendre le Sens MoralPrints - MiscellaneousChatelain, Henry Abraham1720B+unsold
760The Shield of Achilles, as Described by Homer, Iliad 18th in 12 Compartments; with ye Heavens and Earth in the Middle, and the Waves of the Ocean Round the Whole CircumferencePrints - MiscellaneousAnon.1749B+80.00
761Carte Genealogique de la Maison Imperiale d'Autriche & les Differentes Branches qu'elle a Formees Accompagnee des Trophees des Armes Imperiales & d'Espagne...Heraldry - Austria, SpainChatelain, Henry Abraham1720A325.00
762Irish Emigrants Leaving Queenstown HarbourPrints - Irish Emigration1874A170.00
763Travelling West in AmericaPrints - Western United States1887A26.00
764De Actie Wereld op Haar EindeSatire - Stock TradingAnon.1720A50.00
765Vonnis van Apol over de BubbelsSatire - Stock TradingAnon.1720B+50.00
766De Inbeelding; Heersseres van't Rookverkopers-Gild, Maald Missisippi hier, 't Geen Vrankryks Schat VerspildSatire - Stock TradingAnon.1720B+50.00
767[Illuminated Leaf]Medieval ManuscriptsAnon.1250A170.00
768[Illuminated Leaf]Medieval ManuscriptsAnon.1300B140.00
769[Illuminated Leaf]Medieval ManuscriptsAnon.1430B+unsold
770[Illuminated Leaf]Medieval ManuscriptsAnon.1430B+110.00
771[Illuminated Leaf]Medieval ManuscriptsAnon.1450A75.00
772[Illuminated Leaf]Medieval ManuscriptsAnon.1450Aunsold
773[Illuminated Leaf]Medieval ManuscriptsAnon.1450B+unsold
774[Illuminated Leaf]Medieval ManuscriptsAnon.1450B+130.00
775[Illuminated Leaf]Medieval ManuscriptsAnon.1500B+38.00
776[Book of Hours Leaf]Early PrintingKerver, Thielman1500B+80.00
777[Missal Leaf]Early PrintingAnon.1514B+100.00
778[Book of Hours Leaf]Early PrintingAnon.1530B+40.00
779[Missal Leaf]Early PrintingAnon.1550B+unsold
781[Thomas Jefferson Appointment Signed]Document - Thomas JeffersonJefferson, Thomas1779B+unsold
782[Louisiana Purchase] New-York Evening Post. No. 504 - Thursday, June 30, 1803Document - Louisiana Purchase1803B210.00
783[Lewis & Clark] The Medical Repository and Review of American Publications…Second Hexade. Vol. IDocument - Lewis & Clark1804B450.00
784[California] Journal of a Voyage Between China and the North-Western Coast Of America, Made In 1804 [in] The American Register: or General Repository of History, Politics, and Science Part I For 1808. Vol. IIIDocument - California1808B1400.00
785[Oregon Trail] "American Enterprize" [in] The Weekly Register. No. 17 of Vol. IV Document - Oregon Trail1813B325.00
786[Texas Independence] Niles' Weekly Register. Fourth Series. No. 6 - Vol. XIVDocument - Texas Independence1836A900.00
787Engagement Between United States Troops and Sioux Indians. Letter from the Secretary of War, Transmitting Information Relating to an Engagement Between the United States Troops and the Sioux Indians Near Fort LaramieDocument - Sioux Indian AffairsU.S. War Department1855B+75.00
788Message of the President of the United States, to the Two Houses of Congress at the Commencement of the First Session of the Thirty-fifth Congress ...Vol. IIDocument - Mormon War & Western ExplorationU.S. War Department1858B+425.00
789[Lot of 2 - African Slave Trade] Message of the President …Transmitting a Copy of the Treaty Between the United States and Her Britannic Majesty for the Suppression of the African Slave Trade [and] … In Relation to the African Slave TradeDocuments - African Slave TradeU.S. Government1858-62A200.00
790[Lot of 2 - Andrew Johnson] Message of the President of the United States, Communicating, … A Copy of Proclamation Granting Pardon and Amnesty to All Persons Engaged in the Late Rebellion [and] ... An Additional Article to the Constitution...Documents - ReconstructionU.S. Government1866-69120.00
791[Texas] Letter of the President of Constitutional Convention of Texas Communicating the Report of Special Committee on Lawlessness and Violence in That StateDocument - Texas1868A80.00
792[Letter from Union General Fitz John Porter to General William B. Franklin]Document - General Fitz John Porter1871B+unsold
793[Women's Suffrage] Susan B. Anthony. Mr. Tremain, from the Committee on the Judiciary, Submitted the Following Report:…Document - Women's SuffrageU.S. Government1874A120.00
794Atlas Geographique Contenant la Mappemonde et les Quatre Parties, avec les Differents Etats d'EuropeAtlasesRizzi-Zannoni, Giovanni Antonio1762B+800.00
795Atlas de Toutes les Parties Connues du Globe Terrestre, Dresse pour l'Histoire Philosophique & Politique des Etablissemens & du Commerce des Europeens dans les Deux IndesAtlasesBonne/Raynal1780B+1000.00
796[Untitled - School Atlas]AtlasesCummings & Hilliard1821B550.00
797Atlas Complet du Precis de la Geographie Universelle de Malte-Brun...AtlasesMalte-Brun, Conrad1837B+850.00
798A New Universal Atlas Containing Maps of the Various Empires, Kingdoms, States and Republics of the World...AtlasesCowperthwait, Desilver & Butler18542750.00
799Colton's Atlas of the World, Illustrating Physical and Political Geography ... Volume I. - North and South America, Etc.AtlasesColton, Joseph Hutchins18561600.00
800Johnson's New Illustrated Family Atlas of the World, with Physical Geography, and with Descriptions Geographical, Statistical, and Historical...AtlasesJohnson, A. J.1867B+400.00
801The General Gazetteer; or, Compendious Geographical Dictionary, in Miniature...Geography BooksBrookes, Richard1812B+unsold
802View of the United States, Historical, Geographical, and Statistical; Exhibiting, in a Convenient Form, the Natural and Artificial Features of the Several States...Geography BooksDarby, William1828Bunsold
803The First Book of History, Combined with Geography; Containing the History and Geography of the Western Hemisphere. For the Use of Schools...Geography Books, TexasGoodrich, Samuel Griswold1852B+100.00
804A Voyage Round the World, in the Years MDCCXL, I, II, III, IV....Exploration & SurveysAnson, George1748Bunsold
805Mesure des Trois Premiers Degres du Meridien dans l'Hemisphere Austral, Tiree des Observations de Mrs. de l'Academie Royale des Sciences, Envoyes par le Roi sous l'EquateurExploration & Surveys, PeruLa Condamine1751B150.00
806[Maps and Views] Message from the President of the United States … First Session of the Thirty-third Congress. Part IV. Maps and Other Illustrations Belonging to Reports Accompanying the MessageExploration & SurveysU.S. Government1853B+100.00
807[Pacific Railroad Surveys - Volume II] Reports of Explorations and Surveys, to Ascertain the most Practicable and Economical Route for a Railroad from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean, Volume IIRailroad SurveysU.S. Railroad Surveys1855B+220.00
808[Pacific Railroad Surveys - Volume III] Reports of Explorations and Surveys, to Ascertain the Most Practicable and Economical Route for a Railroad from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean ... Volume IIIRailroad SurveysU.S. Railroad Surveys1856B+220.00
809[2 Volumes] The Naval Gazetteer; or, Seaman's Complete Guide. Containing a Full and Accurate Account...Miscellaneous BooksMalham, John (Rev.)1795B+900.00
810[2 Maps in Book] Map of the Wilkesbarre &c Anthracite Coal Formation [and] Barton on the Catskills [bound in] The American Journal of Science, and Arts ... Vol. IV...Miscellaneous Books, Lithography1821-22B220.00
811[Facsimile] Atlas sive Cosmographicae Meditationes de Fabrica Mundi et Fabricati FiguraReferences, Facsimile AtlasMercator, Gerard1988A275.00
812[Facsimile] Harmonia Macrocosmica seu Atlas Universalis et Novus, Totius Universi Creati Cosmographiam Generalem, et Novam Exhibens...References, Facsimile AtlasCellarius, Andreas2008A220.00
813[Facsimile] The Theatre of the Empire of Great Britain with the Prospect of the Most Famous Parts of the WorldReferences, Facsimile AtlasSpeed, John1991A900.00
814[Facsimile] The American Atlas: or, a Geographical Description of the Whole Continent of America: Wherein Are Delineated at Large, Its Several Regions, Countries, States, and Islands...References, Facsimile AtlasJefferys/Sayer & Bennett1976B+500.00
815[Lot of 2] Collecting Old Maps [and] How to Identify Old Maps and GlobesReferences1965-98A220.00
816[Lot of 2] The Map Book [and] Maps and Map-MakersReferences1978-2005A75.00
817The Mapping of the World - Early Printed World Maps 1472-1700References, WorldShirley, Rodney W.1987A450.00
818The Mapping of AmericaReferences, North AmericaSchwartz & Ehrenberg1980B+26.00
819The Mapping of North America - A List of Printed Maps 1511-1670References, North AmericaBurden, Philip D.1996B+150.00
820[Lot of 2] Boundaries of the United States and the Several States [and] The American CountiesReferences, United States1962-76A110.00
821[Lot of 2 - Facsimiles] Texas, Oregon and California [and] Report Upon the Pacific Wagon RoadsReferences, Western United States1948-6913.00
822Cartografia Historica de Venezuela 1635-1946References, Venezuela1946B11.00
823Early Printed Maps of the British Isles 1477-1650References, British IslesShirley, Rodney W.1991A85.00
824The Making of the Nuremberg ChronicleReferences, IncunabulaWilson, Adrian1978A+100.00