Client Testimonials


"I just wanted to let you know that the packages arrived safely. Plus, I'd like to commend you on the quality of your packing. Of all the auction houses and dealers I've done business with over the decade I've been map collecting, I believe Old World Auctions takes top honors for impeccable packaging. It is appreciated!"
EB - US (3/2023)
"OWA is a great source for the map collector. The offerings are extensive, varied from auction to auction, and are accompanied by a thoroughly researched description of the item. A trustworthy assessment of condition is provided. The bidding platform is real-time and works informatively and intuitively. OWA is a go-to for the map collector and I highly recommend."
BG - US (3/2023)
"I received the map. Absolutely gorgeous. Sterling service truly. Formidable in every sense."
CA - Malta (3/2023)
"Excellent materials, accurate and honest descriptions of the items, clean transaction, and fast shipping, following the specific instructions I indicated. Great customer service."
JM - Philippines (3/2023)
"Have been purchasing from Old World for years. Never had a bad experience. Eliane and Jon are an honest, hardworking team running an incredible family map business; exceedingly knowledgeable about their products with fair prices, accurate and informative descriptions about their items with consistent, superior customer service. Purchases arrive quickly and safely. I love the newsletters, after-auction sales and confidence I have in knowing I never have to worry about the legitimacy of any item I purchase from them. They know their customers by name and make you feel like you're family. When I have had questions, they contact me directly and provide guidance to help me make an informed decision. It doesn't get much better than this."
MM - US (3/2023)
"Very easy to bid, and very transparent. I have bought a couple of times via Old World Auctions, and have found the service and help fantastic. Definitely recommend them long as you are not bidding against me!"
AC - Chile (3/2023)
"I literally depend on Old World Auctions for the bulk of my purchases for my collection, and have never had a second thought about the trust I place in both of you regarding my purchases. In fact, I have been using Old World Auctions, before you even acquired the company. You two have improved it even more from those beginnings. I would recommend Old World Auctions to any interested party."
DR - US (3/2023)
"Great experience in all ways and each time with Old World Auctions. Nice maps, good shipping, good communication! I got help and assistance as many times as I need it. Thank you very much!"
TC - Romania (3/2023)
"The last map I bought at the last auction is great. I always was satisfied with the maps I bought from you. Keep the good work. Thank you"
GB - US (3/2023)
"The purchase was run smooth, easy, and buyer friendly. The shipping and packing fast, and the item arrived safely to Hungary."
TS - Hungary (3/2023)
"Like always, this latest auction was very well presented. I have been dealing in their sales for many years. The items selections are great at both the higher valued ones and those of more moderate cost. The item descriptions are outstanding. Working with Eliane and Jon is a pleasure in their interest and professionalism in dealing with my needs and questions."
AB - US (3/2023)
"My parcel arrived today. Thank you for everything. I shop at many auction sites. Your company is by far the best in the business. Last week, I bid on the [redacted] auction. They say they have been doing this for over 100 years, but I have never seen such a ridiculous system. And I recommended you to them. With your fair, user-friendly application, I think they should take an example. If it weren't for your company, maybe I wouldn't still be collecting today. Thank you once again to your entire team."
KK - Turkey (7/2022)
"Just wanted to thank you and your team for arranging quick processing of two shipments from the last auction. I am very pleased with the products you curate and offer."
MJ - US (5/2022)
"I continue to be impressed with your website and how easily it works and apparently how integrated it is in your operation."
TH - US (6/2021)
"Just wanted to say how great this auction was for my collection. I filled in several holes in the collection that I had on my list, some for several years. You have done a wonderful job in continuing and building on what the Griggs started."
DR - US (6/2021)
"I always enjoy the auction and the maps I purchase are always great. Plus the after auction is quick and painless. Your maps arrive quickly."
GB - US (3/2021)
"Old World Auctions is a premier source for fine maps. Over many years of use of the website, I have found the quality of their offerings to be high, the lot descriptions to be reliable and the service to be very responsive."
JL - US (3/2021)
"Always offering a wide selection of authentic antique maps accompanied by thorough scholarship, they are very reliable and trustworthy, and shipping charges are very reasonable!"
JS - US (3/2021)
"The description of the atlas was exactly as it is and the delivery was well handled. I am very happy with it. I appreciate very much the nice job you did."
DV - US (3/2021)
"I've dealt with a large number of online retailers/dealers over the years. But NONE have the quality of website Old World Auctions has. Simple to use, everything works, the auction bidding process is flawless. The invoicing, payment, and delivery systems are excellent. And your communications and follow-up with me, when needed, has been very responsive."
BB - US (6/2020)
"Honest conditional assessments. Accessibility for questions. Willing to approach sellers with after auction offers. Reasonable buyer's premium."
PB - US (1/2020)
"I was very happy with the materials I acquired form Old World Auctions through your auction process. I thought your product descriptions were detailed,fair,and accurate, and I especially appreciated the care you used in packing and shipping my materials. I look forward to bidding in future auctions."
SD - US (1/2020)
"All of the transactions I have ever had over 20+ years with Old World Auctions have been agreeable with me. I have no complaints with your company."
RW - US (1/2020)
"You do a great job a genuine customer service - a term that has suffered from widespread diminishment of real meaning in recent years. Not so for you folks at OWA. Thank you so much for your efforts: very much appreciated."
SA - Canada (12/2019)
"Just a quick email to let you know that I received the atlas today. It arrived in good shape, and I thank you for the thorough packing and prompt shipment."
SL - US (11/2019)
"My experience thus far with Old World Auctions has been very positive. I've received my first order and am very pleased. The only problem I see is having to wait until the next auction."
GC - US (9/2019)
"Being a relative newcomer to map collecting and research, I have found the OWA site to be superior to navigate before and during the bidding period as well as very informative ... and enjoyable. Having once made a 'rookie' mistake, they understood and quickly took care of it for me. They have always accommodated my shipping and the items purchased have been as described. OWA is an excellent company all around. I am definitely looking forward to their next auction."
JH - US (2/2019)
"I so appreciate your high level of customer service and rapid order processing."
PC - US (2/2019)
"Since about 10 years, I have been a client of yours and have always had a good experience in buying from Old World Auctions. What I like the most, compared to other auction houses, is that you keep the maximum bid confidential. In this way, I am often able to buy for a lower price than I have offered, being the true highest bidder, even if I offer more as a maximum. This is a very honest way of selling maps. With many other auction houses, if I offer US $1,000, I usually end up buying the map for the exact amount bid. Furthermore, the maps I have received from you were always in the same condition as described on your website. I have never been disappointed and cannot remember ever having to return a map to you. In addition, as we are also in the business of antique maps, I find that the map descriptions are very good and correct. Your research work is excellent. Thank you very much for your cooperation. Looking forward to placing more bids on your site."
FV - Canada (1/2019)
"From my perspective, what makes Old World Auctions and the Dotsons stand out from the rest, is very simple to convey:
1. Impeccable, clear, concise, and speedy communication - at all times.
2. Full transparency - every detail for every map, past and present.
3. Functional, well-structured Website, with cool, value-adding tools - clutter free, easy to navigate, and efficient.
4. Perfect inhouse packing and shipping - highly professional, yet cost effective.
All in all, a very pleasurable buying experience! Thank you!
CN - Australia (1/2019)
"Your maps arrived in perfect shape and I am having them framed. Colors were sharp as described and condition as described. The site is easy to navigate and well organized. You have become my primary online source for quality antique maps."
MG - US (1/2019)
"You always seem to have an interesting selection on your auctions, your bidding process is easy, and I enjoy your newsletters!"
MJ - US (11/2018)
"Thanks for a quick and safe delivery. I have received map today. The map is beautiful and just as you described it."
TL - Denmark (9/2018)
"I want to say that the experience with you has been everything perfect as possible, thanks and will continue buying maps."
PM - Spain (8/2018)
"Great experience in all aspects of bidding and purchasing at Old World Auctions, as always."
JS - US (8/2018)
"A short note to let you know that my two purchases arrived today. Thank you for the good service. I have been buying from Old World for about 40 years - how can I be so old?"
GD - Australia (6/2018)
"Your auctions are exceptionally good and a lot of fun!"
DR - US (6/2018)
"Thanks for the quick shipment! I have never purchased maps before, but this one will look great in my house! On another note, everything worked well on the site during the auction. You guys did a great job."
BE - US (6/2018)
"Your condition reports (describing map condition) are first class. I've never seen better at any auction."
VO - Canada (4/2018)
"Thanks so much. I appreciate your personal attention on this small transaction. You are terrific."
DB - US (4/2018)
"Thanks so very much for the extra bit of information. This bit of extra effort is why I personally feel that OWA is by far my favorite and best place to bid on maps."
BH - US (4/2018)
"All is good and fair. Seems transparent."
RL - US (3/2018)
"I have learned to value your descriptions of auction lots as very accurate and they can be relied on without hesitation. The bidding process is easy and the bid notifications are very timely. Acquisition of successful bids is easy and I think you have the “system” down pat! A+"
JB - US (3/2018)
"I am very satisfied in all my dealings with your auction. You have combined professional with person interactions very, very well. I always provide your auction information to anyone interested."
WC - US (3/2018)
"I always look forward to browsing your next on-line auction catalogue and the new discovering and goodies that await me, and I am rarely disappointed! In all the years that I have been following and purchasing maps and books from Old World Auctions, I have always felt that I can trust and count on your professional service and, dare I say, I feel that I know you personally. Keep up the excellent work!"
MN - Cyprus (3/2018)
"I have been a client of OldWorldAuctions since 2004. I have always received prompt service and excellent communication. I am very appreciative of their optional service to provide high quality scans of the maps I purchase."
SP - US (3/2018)
"I have purchased maps from Old World Auctions for years and with complete satisfaction. When one purchases from an online auction, sight unseen, very accurate descriptions and excellent pictures of the offered items are of paramount importance. Old World Auctions has always satisfied these criterion; that is why I continue to bid in their auctions."
RP - US (3/2018)
"I have long held OWA above other dealerships in the type and amount of information you share with your customer base and with the general public. I don't know if it was an intended outcome, but because of it, I buy from OWA with much greater confidence than I do most other dealers."
BJ - US (3/2018)
"I bought the Blaeu world and it is beautiful and I love it. You were going to ship it rolled in a tube and I talked to Jon and I asked him to send it flat and he was very good about it. He sent it flat and it arrived in perfect condition. I framed it beautifully and it is now the centerpiece of my home."
PS - US (3/2018)
"I cannot laud Old World Auctions enough. The networks that you have established over the years are truly impressive, and the variety and quality of your offerings cease to amaze me. The willingness to bring items to the Miami Map Fair for examination was above and beyond customer service. I am very grateful for your hard work and eagerly await your next auction."
JF - US (2/2018)
"Great map, fast service, thank you."
RK - US (2/2018)
"As always, I greatly appreciate your first rate customer service."
SS - US (2/2018)
"Always a pleasure doing business with OWA. I've looked forward to these auctions for the last 20 years."
VO - Canada (2/2018)
"I received my maps this week. Thank you for all your dedication to preserving history and maps."
JF - US (12/2017)
"Thank you. You always show such good service."
RG - Iceland (11/2017)
"Thank you very much for all your hard work and also Jon's. Thank you to all your, presumably, hundreds of helpers and thousands of Elves tirelessly sorting, cataloguing and posting. I can not think of a more high stress job, that you all do so well… what you do makes a lot of people deeply happy."
MR - England (11/2017)
"Wanted to let you know the map arrived today and looks exquisite. Thanks for the prompt and careful service."
WG - US (9/2017)
"Thank you for all your after-auction efforts, by the way. I appreciate it and you do a nice job."
PM - US (9/2017)
"Thank you for all the assistance...I really appreciate it. You are excellent at your job!"
DB - US (6/2017)
"Been a customer for a few years now and love your service, newsletters, etc. You do a wonderful job. Thanks for all that you do!"
MO - US (6/2017)
"Thanks Eliane. Good luck with the auction tonight. I know it's a busy time! Thanks for taking time with our conversation today. Look forward to future newsletters!"
RF - US (6/2017)
"Thank you so much. Y'all do a great job with the auctions."
BA - US (6/2017)
"I love everything you do for the map community. The auctions, your newsletters and your yearly statistics. That a unique combination of contribution which you should receive plenty of praise for."
CF - Sweden (5/2017)
"I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how great your web site is. It beats any other out there and makes it easy to want to come back. I have always appreciated working with you."
AB - US (4/2017)
"It appears from your website that everything I requested was done. Congratulations for hosting such an exciting auction."
AH - US (2/2017)
"The Le Rouge map arrived in good order. Thanks for the fine service you provide at Oldworldauctions. I follow your auctions closely, and have done so for about 15 years."
VO - Canada (12/2016)
"My family and I can't wait to see the map and booklet in person! Thanks, again, for everything! A friend and colleague from Dallas referred me to Old World Auctions, and I couldn't be more pleased with the experience!"
PS - US (11/2016)
"Thanks for your fast reaction and helpful intervention. Very good service. Compliments."
HN - Netherlands (11/2016)
"I consider the Dotsons to be friends and some of the most likable people in the antique map world."
MH - US (10/2016)
"Your [newsletter] is always great. I especially like the way you do the Upcoming Events section, with the image, the brief description and the link. You make it easy to participate. Great work and thanks for your perseverance."
WB - US (9/2016)
"Received [the map] yesterday in great shape. Thanks as always for the good service."
BJ - US (6/2016)
"This was my first auction that I have done before and I absolutely love your website and auction. You make it so easy to navigate and I really trust your details you give for the maps. Thanks!"
SM - US (5/2016)
"Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. Really appreciate the thorough clarifications."
AK - US (5/2016)
"I have received the package with the map safe and sound. Well done on running such a professional auction, with superb after-sales service. I also find your occasional newsletters fascinating."
PT - Ireland (12/2015)
"Map arrived safely and quickly. Very pleased with it. Top marks by the way for your organization and speed of dispatch."
RW - UK (12/2015)
"I did want to let you know that I had the most wonderful and I think rewarding experience even when I arrived at one of your ever most interesting auctions several days after its close. And I still haven't looked at any category other than world and celestial maps. With thanks for the good job you are doing and the pleasure you have brought to me."
AH - US (5/2015)
"Thanks once again for such excellent service. I try not to take it for granted, but that gets hard, since you guys deliver it time after time."
HJ - US (5/2015)
"Keep up the great work. I collect and keep on file all your newsletters as they enhance my knowledge and enthusiasm for antique maps."
BD - US (10/2014)
"Many thanks for your very prompt and comprehensive answer. I applaud your and Jon's being so attuned to the needs of collectors and dealers."
AK - US (9/2014)
"Your newsletters continually provide interesting information and observations. They are quite well written and focused, and provide your clientele (and others) with valuable insights into the world of antique map collecting. I say others, as I have shared your previous newsletter (featuring the informative essay on map coloration) with the map librarian at the Geography Department at California State University, Northridge (my alma mater), home of what I believe to be, among other interesting holdings, the largest assemblage of Sanborn Maps in the U.S. Thank you for taking the time and effort to produce this useful information. Keep up the good work!"
JW - US (7/2014)
"Many thanks, you have been most helpful. I think the intention behind the 10 minute rule is very noble of you, especially extending [the auction] in order to make it difficult [to snipe]."
DV - UK (6/2014)
"Thanks as always for all of the excellent service."
JD - US (3/2014)
"You have constructed a very fine online auction, and I'm always impressed with the ease with which the website can be navigated. As you know, I have been a customer for quite some years, and continue to remain with you as the primary source of maps for my growing collection. Also, I must say that I can't imagine how you might improve on the current construct of your online auction. I'm quite happy with all aspects, including the variety of maps and other collectables you manage to assemble for each auction. Keep up the good work!"
JW - US (11/2013)
"I am impressed with their knowledge and expertise. Their customer service has far exceeded my expectations. I also take great comfort in their quality rating and price estimates. This ensures a fair deal for everyone."
SZ - US (10/2013)
"I am a relatively new customer to your online auctions and have purchased a number of maps from your auctions over the past year. I have enjoyed viewing your listings and have found that your firm has brought many unusual maps to the market."
RM - US (9/2013)
"It's been a pleasure dealing with you. I appreciate the information you sent me in your last e-mail... I look forward to participating in your next auction!"
WF - Panama (6/2013)
"Thank you for your efforts. I have a passion for maps and sometimes I buy maps for resale and sometimes for my collection. Comparing your service with others, I have to say that you do an excellent job and I have confidence in what you are doing and it all appears to be ethical."
FV - Canada (2/2013)
"Just a note to say that the maps arrived tonight, which is pretty fast, considering I didn't buy one until after the close of auction during the reserve price sale. Thanks for such good service. I'm also very pleased with the maps themselves. There are two in that batch I've wanted a long time."
BA - US (2/2013)
"Thank you for yet again for a wonderful auction! I love the Van Linschoten print and wish I had served in Mozambique to give my wife a reason to buy the print. I look forward to the next auction!"
RL - US (2/2013)
"Thank you for [your] extra effort. Y'all do a great job!"
JS - US (11/2012)
"I like working with you and your firm and we will do much business over the years to come, I am certain."
MR - US (9/2012)
"Thank you so much. Let me say it has been a pleasure working with you and Old World Auctions over the past five years. Every piece I have ever bought, I have always been pleased."
CC - US (8/2012)
"Thank you for sending the Iceland map so promptly and so well packed, it arrived safely this morning. We are thrilled and very pleased with it and have already taken it to our framers to have it framed. We shall certainly be looking carefully at you next auction."
JD - UK (6/2012)
"Thank you very much for your help. It is always great dealing w/ OWA."
KW - US (3/2012)
"Just a note to tell you folks that you are just the best. Made my first purchase from you and my lithograph was received yesterday. All just as expected with excellent service. Thank you so much."
JZ - US (2/2012)
"The map arrived safely this afternoon. It truly is an A example. I appreciate very much your expediting its shipment. Since our friend's birthday party is a week from tonight, we have plenty of time to prepare the map as a gift. I'm confident that he'll be both surprised and very pleased. Thank you for you support."
AK - US (2/2012)
"Very many thanks for your excellent and speedy help!"
SA - Canada (10/2011)
"My maps from the recent auction all arrived safely this afternoon. Thank you for getting them to me so promptly. The first one I looked at was the one on top, which was Blaeu's Asia, and all I could think was I cannot imagine how this could be any better. I guess when you give something an A+, you mean it."
AH - US (9/2011)
"Received two fantastic packages in the week before X-mas. Thank you very much for all your hard work. I look with much pleasure at the maps that now make a proud part of my collection. Hope to find more interesting items in the next auctions."
JK - Netherlands (12/2010)
"The map arrived yesterday packed perfectly! Once I figured out how to get it out of the tube :) I was so excited, it's beautiful! You were a delight to deal with and I'm sure that I will frequent your future auctions...I know my husband is going to love this."
CE - US (12/2010)
"This is my first purchase on Old World Auctions and I am very impressed by your care and thorough explanations. Thank you for your help."
AK - France (6/2010)
"The maps for which I had the successful bids in February have arrived, all in good condition. I am participating in your auctions, as you may have noticed, since a few years. Every time I receive the maps I am positively surprised by the honesty and respect of your description and the quality of the maps. They always arrive in good condition and are exactly as described at the auction. In many cases I have offered more than what I ended up paying. As it should be at an auction, you have never misused my confidence and billed the maps for the price mentioned at the closing of the auction. I feel extremely comfortable doing business with you and appreciate your co-operation. What I said above, is not self understood. There are many other auction houses where the system does not work as well, where my higher prices are misused and the descriptions are not reliable. My compliment to your organization. I look forward to doing more business."
FV - Canada (3/2010)
"I am just confirming that I received the map of Bohemia. It is really a lovely map! And thank you very much for you auction and service, it is just a professional level impossible to beat! Looking forward to more great deals!"
JR - Czech Republic (3/2010)


"We started consigning at Old World Auctions many years ago, starting with Marti and Curt and now continuing with the team of Eliane and Jon. They are great in describing the maps and the system for the consigner is very easy and convenient. 4 weeks after the auction the payment is always on time."
HB - Netherlands (3/2023)
"I have been collecting and more recently selling old maps and related material for over 40 years. I began consigning old maps with Old World Auctions in 2007 when Curt and Marti Griggs owned it. I found them to be very knowledgeable and professional in their business. They sold their business to Eliane and Jon Dotson in 2011. I was somewhat apprehensive about how the new owners would do. These fears were soon gone as I found Eliane and Jon to be as knowledgeable and professional and maybe more so than the previous owners. Over the years they have upgraded the OWA site and made it much more user friendly to both the consignor, potential buyers and to anyone just researching old maps. They are very approachable and easy to contact and will always respond to an email in a timely manner. Payment to consignors is always on time which is a month after the final sales of the auction. Returns if any are sent in easy to open heavy duty mailing tubes. If you have old maps and like material and would like to sell them, you will find no better auction house then OWA."
KC - US (3/2023)
"As a regular consignor of maps since auction 109, and having used many other auction platforms, I can attest to Old World as the most efficient and effective auction house in my experience. They offer a flawless operation from intake to payment, excellent descriptions of the items, a strong buyer base, a user-friendly auction platform for buyers and consignors, and payments paid promptly without exception since I first consigned in 2004. Quite a record."
JK - US (3/2023)
"Surprising and fantastic results on the 2 maps. I think I told you the 2 maps sat for a while on Abebooks costing quite a bit less than last night's results. I can see you're the place to go if I have some good material!"
DR - US (11/2021)
"My experiences with OWA have been outstanding. Eliane and Jon run a top notch business. They are always very responsive to my emails; Jon sends out the consignor payments without delay; and Joe always keeps me informed as to the status of my consignments. I look forward to continuing to do business with OWA and will never hesitate to recommend OWA to others who are seeking to consign antique maps and related materials for auction."
DL - US (9/2021)
"I was pleased with the outcome of the auction, in particular that the Mazza map got quite a good price, I thought. It's been good working with OWA, and we will be back."
JR - US (6/2021)
"I just want you to know how easy working with you is. Your digital consignments page with up to the minute organized information is wonderful. It really made being a seller easy. All 11 items sold for almost exactly what I would have guessed. Overall, a very fine experience."
WB - US (5/2021)
"Old World Auctions make consigning a pleasurable experience by: 1) clearly communicating their expectations with respect to consignable material - in terms of geographies, age, condition, and price range; 2) providing accurate and detailed reports - after inventory receipt, before online publication, and after sales finalization; 3) offering great tools to follow sales progress; and 4) working with the consignor to realize sales - be it through the provision of advice or by communicating buyers' offers. Overall, the Dotsons and their team go beyond what is standard in the industry, making them stand out deservedly!"
CN - Australia (4/2021)
"I have been a client of Old World Auctions for several decades & have purchased hundreds of maps thru the company. Now that I am getting almost as old as some of their maps, I have chosen the team to de-acquisition my collection. This process will take better part of a year; we're about halfway. I have found the staff to be quite knowledgeable & the process has gone quite smoothly so far. In short, I have found the company & its staff competent, trustworthy & pleasurable to deal with."
RH - US (3/2021)
"I would like to thank you and the others on OWA for this year which has certainly been different in many ways. One of the positive things has been my selling on your site. I've sold all maps that I've sent!!! That wouldn't be possible without your great job so I'm very grateful!"
SB - Sweden (12/2020)
"It's been a pleasure working with you. Thank you for your service. Will definitely keep you in mind for future needs and for referrals."
KC - US (6/2020)
"Old World Auctions is an excellent company. Jon and Eliane Dotson and their staff are knowledgeable, competent, and easy to work with. As both a consignor and a map purchaser, I can say that their lot descriptions are thoroughly researched and attractively presented. The bidding process is fair and simple to use. Payments to consigners are reliable and prompt."
BD - US (3/2020)
"I wanted to tell you that my experience with you both, and with Old World Auctions, has been an ongoing pleasure. I have very much appreciated your excelling cartographic knowledge, and, as always, your consummate professionalism. Thank you for producing and directing Old World Auctions."
KB - US (2/2020)
"I have been totally pleased with the whole selling process that I had with Old World Maps. From initial contact with them to the receipt of payment, I received messages telling me what was happening with my maps. I recommend them for their professional handling of my maps."
RW - US (2/2020)
"When we called Old World Auctions to ask about consigning a map, Eliane took the time & patience to explain the entire process. When we arrived to drop off the map, she examined the map in detail; explained to us its important features and what to expect because of condition, subject matter and age. We were never rushed, never pressured, and when the auction was finally over, her prediction was right on target!"
MS - US (2/2020)
"I see OWA as one of the best, if not the best, map auction businesses in operation."
BO - US (8/2019)
"You put on a very high class professional auction that is user friendly too!"
LO - US (8/2019)
"Thank you Eliane! Once again you have gone above and beyond what could be reasonably expected from you. I really appreciate your help."
MI - Australia (6/2019)
"This auction is owned by a young couple who got MBA's and decided they wanted to sell maps instead of pursuing corporate careers. I have been using them for years. They have been very professional, easy to work with and very reliable. Their descriptions of the items are very accurate. As a consigner I value that they pay on time, every time."
JK - US (6/2019)
"Perfect - it looks like the other map has sold also. We are satisfied. Thank you for all your efforts. We do appreciate it."
CK - US (2/2019)
"Wow, you and your staff certainly brought some serious bidders to our consignment. Great job, so glad we decided to consign with Old World Auctions. Thanks so much for your professional help."
RT - US (6/2018)
"Will certainly continue doing business with Old World Auctions. Professional, courteous, friendly; highly recommended."
WM - US (4/2018)
"As frequent consignors, we've had nothing but good experiences with Old World Auctions. Eliane, Jon, and their team are super professional, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. We've had great sales success with OWA and couldn't recommend the company more highly."
JGM - US (4/2018)
"I've been consigning almost every auction. All the time the response has been professional and friendly and I have always trusted the way you have been acting. I could come with the most strange questions and the answer has always been nice and understanding. So what more could I ask? I just hope that our work together continues in the same great way!"
SB - Sweden (4/2018)
"Thank you, Eliane, for all your help this past year. It has been such a rough year for us, and it was nice not to have to worry about the maps - they were in such capable hands. The best to you and all you do in the future."
EK - US (3/2018)
"Very good work as always in the latest auction, many thanks!"
LW - US (2/2018)
"Thanks, Eliane. Very good working with you on this. You guys are real pros."
RA - US (12/2017)
"Thank you SO MUCH!!! I am especially appreciative of your extra effort to contact them and get it sold. What a blessing you have been! You have been most professional and kind."
JD - US (2/2017)
"I reviewed the [consignor] report & all looks in order! I have say I am impressed with the thoroughness of this report & the overall way you conduct business....very happy I decided to offer these through Old World Auctions!!"
KM - US (10/2016)
"Thank you very much for your email and for the excellent results that we obtained from the sale of our maps. I really hadn't expected that 4 out of 5 maps would have sold so we are very pleased with the results."
RB - Canada (3/2016)
"Thank you for the super speedy reply! Can you please teach other auction houses how to do that? Of late I have been writing to [omitted] and [omitted] about paintings and drawings, only to NEVER receive a reply.........and I am a dealer, not someone writing about some piece of junk that was supposed to be an heirloom!"
JB - US (2/2016)
"I want to thank you for your professional and courteous sale of my map. I will definitely keep you in mind and will refer Old World Auctions to my antique buddies."
RW - US (3/2015)
"Thank you! I am so appreciative of what you do! Very professional and well done! The fact that we sold our atlas as well is just icing on the cake!!"
CM - US (11/2014)
"Thanks for all the help you've given me throughout the [consignment] process... You've been a joy to work with, easily the most accessible and user-friendly of the auctioneers with whom I've done business."
SJ - US (9/2013)
"Eliane and Jon Dotson of Old World Auctions went above and beyond what I expected of an auction house. They clearly took a genuine interest in what was a cherished family inheritance, and followed up with excellent, wide-ranging, and in-depth research on these maps regarding their historical context, authorship, purpose, and actual content. In the end, I received more than five times what I had hoped for, and because of OWA's active reaching out to contact and cultivate appropriate potential buyers, these maps have found a worthy home!"
EA - US (3/2013)
"Working with [you] has been fun and educational-a happy combination."
JA - US (3/2013)
"That sure was exciting watching the action on my maps during the final hour and minutes of the auction. A good result! And well beyond our initial expectations. Thanks so much again for all of your efforts and research, etc. with regard to the maps."
EA - US (2/2013)
"In your last auction, you sold a map that was dug out of a collapsing barn. I wanted to take the time to thank you for the professionalism and obvious effort to collect additional research and promote this valuable piece of history. Irregardless of what price the map brought, it was most important that this piece of history was preserved. You should also know that the decision to consign with you was based on an excellent web site, emails and personal conversations with you. If I ever come across anything like this again, I will be contacting you. Again, thank you."
JK - US (9/2012)
"[We] are very pleased with the result of the auction and are very thankful the map found a home where it will be treasured. Your company has handled this entire venture so professionally and with constant updates."
CA - US (9/2012)
"I just wanted to compliment you both on how well you handled the sale of my maps. Excellent presentation, communication, prices and speedy payment. Who could ask for anything more? I hope I can engage you again sometime."
JN - US (3/2012)