Index of Lots for Auction 88

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Lot #TitleSubjectCreatorPeriodConditionSold For
1Galliae Tabula Geographicae Per Gerardum MercatoreumTitle PageMercator1595A+300.00
2Gerardus Mercator…Iudocus Hondius…Title Page - PortraitBraun & Hogenberg1597B1400.00
3Abrahami Ortelii Theatri Orbis Terrarum Parergon sive Veteris Geographiae TabulaeTitle page1624A425.00
4Spectaniun dedit Ortelius mortalif. Orben, Orbi spectandium Galleus OrteliumPortrait1579A550.00
5Atlas MinorTitle PageCoronelli, Vincenzo Maria1693B170.00
6Das Erst General Inhaltend die Beschreibung und den Circkel des Gantzen Erdtrichs…WorldMunster, Sebastian1550-78A2000.00
7Typus Orbis Terrarum, Ad Imitationem Universalis Gerhardi Mercatoris…WorldQuad, Matthias von Kinckelbach1596A1600.00
8Atlas UniverselTitle PageMortier, Pierre1757Aunsold
9Iter S. Francisci Xaverii Ex Europa in India & JaponiamWorldScherer, Heinrich1700-10A+1300.00
10Mapemonde Planispheren ou Carte Generale du MondeWorldLa Feuille, Daniel de1710A275.00
11Mappe-Monde ou Carte UniverselleWorldFer, Nicolas de1714A425.00
12Orbis Terrarum Tabula Recens Emendata et in Lucem EditaWorldStoopendaal, Daniel1714A+1700.00
13Totius Orbis Terrarum Tabula, Ejusque Post Diluvium Divsio Inter Filios NoachiWorldMoxon, Joseph1720A+425.00
14Mappe-Monde Dresse sur les Observations de Mrs. De l'Academie Royale des Sciences…World1730A1900.00
15Werelt CaertWorldStoopendaal, Daniel1736A1100.00
16Planiglobii Terrestris Mappa UniversalisWorldHomann Heirs1746A+1400.00
17Globus TerrestrisWorldProbst, Johann Michael1782-88Bunsold
18Mappe-Mondes sur Diverse ProjectionsWorld1805A950.00
19A Map of the World on Mercators ProjectionWorldWalch, Johannes1755A+unsold
20The World on Mercator's Projection…WorldBlackie & Fullarton1860B25.00
21The WorldWorldCollins, William Sons & Co.1880A25.00
22Universele of Waereld-Kaart Bolgens de Laatste Ontedekkingen van Capt. CookWorld1892A200.00
23Ptolemeisch General Tafel die Halbe Kugel der Werlt begreissendeAncient WorldMunster/Petri1588A850.00
24Tabula Iteneraria ex Illustri Peutingerorum Bibliotheca …Ancient WorldOrtelius, Abraham1619A4000.00
25Geography Map of the World Comprehending the latest discoveriesWorldBrue, Adrien Hubert1821B175.00
26Regiones Sub Polo ArcticoNorth PoleBlaeu, Willem1645A+1400.00
27Planisphaerium ex Polo Arctico tanquam Centro Geometrice descriptu. AnnoNorth PoleScherer, Heinrich1700Aunsold
28Southern RegionsSouth PoleColton, Joseph Hutchins1855B40.00
29VolvelleCartographic Miscellany1657A+140.00
30VolvelleCartographic Miscellany1657A+85.00
31Table of the Comparative Heights of the Principal Mountains &c in the World [together with] Table of the Comparative Lengths of the Principal Rivers throughout the WorldWorld, Mountains and RiversFindlay, Alexander1827A55.00
32A Map of the Principal Rivers shewing their Courses, Countries, and Comparative LengthsWorld RiversSDUK Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge1834A30.00
33Diagram of the Principal High Buildings of the Old WorldBuildings of the WorldCram, George F. & Company1880B55.00
34VolvelleCartographic MiscellanySeutter, Matthias1657A+70.00
35The British EmpireWorldHughes, William1878B30.00
36Hemisphaerium Coeli AustraleCelestialDoppelmayr/Homann1720B900.00
37Le Bouvier, Les Levriers. La Chevelure de BereniceCelestialFortin, Jean1776A+210.00
38Lot of six mapsWorld, miscellaneousFrost, Isaac1860A+unsold
39Americae Sive Novi Orbis, Nova DescriptioWestern Hemisphere1587A4250.00
40Americae Descrip.Western HemisphereMercator/Hondius1609B400.00
41America noviter delineataWestern HemisphereMerian1638A750.00
42AstronomyCelestialBlaeu, Willem1642Bunsold
43America noviter delineataWestern HemisphereHondius/Jansson1660B1900.00
44Novissima et Accuratissima Septentrionalis ac Meridionalis Americae…Western HemisphereWit, Frederick de1680B1000.00
45Complete set of six chartsCelestial1850Aunsold
46Totius Americae Septentrionalis et Meridionalis Novissima RepraesentatioWestern HemisphereHomann Heirs1730Aunsold
47Tabula novarum Insularum, quas Diversis Respectibus Occidentales & Indianas uocant.Western HemisphereHomann Heirs1550A+unsold
48Tab. Geogr. Americae …Western HemisphereVon Reilly, Franz1753B475.00
49Nieuwe Kaart Van het Westelykste Deel der Weereld…Western HemisphereTirion, Isaac1754A+unsold
50Les Colonies des Europeens en AmerqueWestern HemisphereDezauche, J. A.1800A70.00
51Geographical, Historical, and Statistical Map of AmericaWestern HemisphereLavoisne, C. V.1813A130.00
52Americae Borealis Nova Delineatio per Parallel los CircularesNorth AmericaScherer, Heinrich1710A+unsold
53Nuova de esatta Carta Della America Ricavata dalle Mappe e Carte piu approvateWestern HemisphereChiquet, Jacques1719B80.00
54Carte Particuliere du Golphe de Mexique et des AntillesNorth AmericaSornique, J. B.1722A650.00
55L'America divisa Ne' suoi Principali Stati di Nuova ProjeztioneWestern HemisphereRollos, George1760Bunsold
56L'Amerique divisee en ses principaux Etats, Assujetie aux Observations AstronomiqWestern HemisphereCassini, Giovanni Maria1798Aunsold
57La Table des Isles Neufes, les quelles on appelle Isles d'Occident & d' Indie pour diuers regardzWestern HemisphereButler, James1826A+unsold
58Carte Generale de l'Amerique du Nord et des Iles qui en dependentNorth AmericaDufour, Guillaume Henri1836Cunsold
59North AmericaNorth AmericaGray1870C25.00
60A Map of North America by J. Palairet with considerable Alterations & Improvements from D'Anville, Mitchell & BellinNorth AmericaMitchell, Samuel Augustus1876B950.00
61A Particular Map, to Illustrate Gen. Amherst's Expedition, to Montreal; with a plan of the Town & Draught of ye IslandCanadaGibson, Edmund1760A160.00
62A Chart of the Gulf of St. Laurence, Composed from a Great Number of Actual Surveys and other Materials, Astronomical Observations.CanadaSayer & Bennett1775A200.00
63British America, Comprehending Canada, Labrador, New-Foundland, Nova Scotia &c:CanadaCruttwell, Clement1799A220.00
64A New Map of Nova Scotia, Newfoundland &c.CanadaCary, John1807A60.00
65The Arctic Regions of North AmericaCanadaWeller, E.1860A100.00
66A Plan of the Harbour of Chebucto and Town of HalifaxCanadaColton, G.W. & C.B.1750Cunsold
67Lot of three mapsCanadaCollins, William Sons & Co.1880A+15.00
68North America - Canada and the United StatesEastern United States and CanadaSDUK Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge1845A+150.00
69Map of the Northern Pacific Railway and the Tributary CountryUnited States and Canada1875A+350.00
70Canada ou Nouvelle FranceColonial Canada and United States1683A150.00
71Charte von dem Engellaendischen u. Franzoesischen Besitzungen in Nord AmericaColonial United States and CanadaSchreiber, Johann Christoph1760A450.00
72A New Map of the British Dominions in North America with the Limits of the Governments annexed thereto by the late Treaty of Peace, and settled by Proclamation, October 7th, 1763Colonial United States and Canada1763B275.00
73Virginiae partis australis, et Floridae partis orientalis, interjacentiumq regionmun Nova DescriptioColonial United StatesJansson1639A1300.00
74An Accurate Map of Canada, with the Adjacent Countries Exhibiting the late Seat of War between the English & French in those PartsColonial Canada and United States1729B275.00
75Carte de la Caroline et GeorgieColonial United States1750A+350.00
76Carte de la Nouvelle Angleterre Nouvelle Yorck et PensilvanieColonial United States1750A325.00
77Partie de l'Amerique Septentrionale, qui comprend le Cours de l'Ohio, la Nlle. Angleterre, la Nlle. York, le New Jersey le Maryland, la Virginie, la CarolineColonial United StatesRobert de Vaugondy, Gilles1755A+750.00
78Part of North America, comprehending The Course of the Ohio, New England, New York, New Jersey, Pensilvania, Maryland, Virginia, Carolina and Georgia. From the Sr. Robert, with ImprovementsColonial United States1760B325.00
79UntitledColonial United StatesGibson, Edmund1763A+425.00
80An Accurate Map of New York in North America from a late SurveyColonial United StatesAnon.1780Bunsold
81A New Map of the Province of Maryland in North AmericaColonial United StatesAnon.1780A+425.00
82A New and accurate Map of the Province of Pennsylvania in North America, from the Best AuthoritiesColonial United StatesAnon.1780Bunsold
83Gray's Historical Maps of the United StatesUnited StatesGray1870A70.00
84Lot of three mapsUnited StatesCollins, William Sons & Co.1880A+50.00
85Diagram of the Transcontinental line of road Showing the Original Central Pacific and Union Pacific & their competitorsUnited StatesU.S. Government1889A50.00
86Les Etats Unis de l'Amerique Septentrionale, Partie OrientaleColonial United StatesWooten, Joseph1802B150.00
87The United States of AmericaEastern United StatesCary, John1808A230.00
88United StatesEastern United StatesButler, James1826A80.00
89Carte Generale des Etats-Unis des Haut et Bas-Canada…Eastern United StatesBrue, Adrien Hubert1843A220.00
90Die Vereinigten Staaten von Nord America nebst CanadaUnited StatesJohnson, A. J.1880A+0.00
91Hydrographical Basin of the Upper Mississippi River…Central United StatesU.S. War Dept.1843B200.00
92Map Showing the Lands Assigned to Emigrant Indians West of Arkansas & MissouriCentral United States1860A+220.00
93Texas, New Mexico and Indian TerritorySouth-central United StatesBartholomew, John II1878A+120.00
94Section of Map of the States of Kansas and Texas and Indian Territory with Parts of Colorado and New MexicoSouth-central United States1895A50.00
95Map of Oregon TerritoryNorthwestern United StatesWilkes, Charles1841A220.00
96Milk R. to the Crossing of the Columbia R.Northwestern United StatesU.S. War Dept.1853-5A100.00
97Route from Ft. Ellis Montana to Fort Hope, British Columbia, traveled by General Sherman July and August 1883Northwestern United StatesU.S. War Dept.1883A+130.00
98Map of the Route Pursued by the Late Expedition under the command of Col. S.W. Kearney…Western United States1845B120.00
99Map of Oregon and Upper California from the surveys of J.C. Fremont and other AuthoritiesWestern United StatesFremont/Preuss1848A+400.00
100Map of a Reconnaissance for a Military Road from The Dalles of the Columbia River to Great Salt Lake under the command of Capt. H.D. Wallen, 4th Inf. By Lieut.. Joseph Dixon, T. Eng.Western United States1859A+110.00
101Progress Map of the U.S. geographical Surveys West of the 100th MeridianWestern United StatesWheeler, Geo.1877A130.00
102Precious Metal Regions of the Public Domain west of the 100th MeridianWestern United StatesU.S. Government1883A+47.50
103Outline Map Showing a new route from Texas to Ft Yuma, California, for Cattle Drovers and Trains en route to CaliforniaSouthwestern United StatesU.S. Geographical Survey1870A+180.00
104Territory of AlaskaAlaskaGeneral Land Office1898A+150.00
105Set of eight WWII Aviation ChartsAlaskaU.S. Geographical Survey1942A+90.00
106Sketch of Part of the March and Wagon Road of Lt. Colonel Cooke from Santa Fe to Pacific Ocean, 1846-7Arizona and New MexicoU.S. War Dept.1847Aunsold
107Carte de la Californie suivantCaliforniaRobert de Vaugondy, Gilles1772A500.00
108Lot of eight Coastal Survey chartsCaliforniaU.S. Coast Survey1849-56A130.00
109Reconnaissance of the Tulares Valley made by order of Brev. Brig. Gen. RileyCalifornia1850A+95.00
110Reconnaissance of the Western Coast of the United States from San Francisco to San DiegoCaliforniaU.S. Coast Survey1853A150.00
111Preliminary Chart of Entrance to San Francisco Bay CaliforniaCaliforniaU.S. Coast Survey1856A325.00
112Reconnaissance of the Southeast End of San Clemente IslandCaliforniaU.S. Coast Survey1856A25.00
113Carte de la Baye de Baston Situee dans la Nouvelle AngleterreMassachusettsU.S. Coast Survey1856A+80.00
114San Pablo Bay CaliforniaCaliforniaU.S. Coast Survey1863B110.00
115San Francisco PeninsulaCaliforniaU.S. Coast Survey1869A275.00
116Map of Yuba River showing the Flooded Lands adjacent thereto and the Impounding Reservoir of mining districtsCaliforniaU.S. Government1881A25.00
117FloridaFloridaJohnson, A. J.1863A+85.00
118Le Isole di Sandwich sulle Observazoni del Cap. CookHawaiiCassini, Giovanni Maria1798A+1700.00
119A New Map of the State of IllinoisIllinoisThomas, Cowperthwait & Co.1850A160.00
120Johnson's Kentucky and TennesseeKentucky and TennesseeJohnson and Ward1863B30.00
121Plan de la Nouvelle OrleansLouisiana1744A220.00
122County Map of the State of MaineMaineMitchell, S. A.1871B25.00
123County Map of Maryland and Delaware/County Map of New JerseyMaryland and New JerseyMitchell, S. A.1871A25.00
124Asher & Adams MissouriMissouriAsher & Adams1872Bunsold
125Amer. Sep. Partie des Etats-Unis No. 39Montana1825A+unsold
126County Map of Ohio and IndianaOhio and IndianaMitchell, Samuel Augustus1867A32.50
127OhioOhioCram, George F. & Company1883A+unsold
128Map of Indian TerritoryOklahomaBoudinot, E. C.1879A+220.00
129Mexico, Regia et Celeris Hispaniae Novae Civitas/Cusco, Rigni Peru in Novo Orbe CaputMexico and South AmericaGeneral Land Office1883Aunsold
130Map Showing the Line of March of the Centre Divisions, Army of Mexico, under the Command of Brigr. Genl. John E. Wool, from San Antonio de Bexar, Texas to Saltillo, MexicoTexas and MexicoU.S. Government1846B170.00
131Map Showing the Route of the Arkansas Regiment from Shreveport La, to San Antonio de Bexar, TexasTexas1846-50B325.00
132Chart of Cook's Strait in New ZealandNew ZealandHogg, Alexander1784A65.00
133Cape Flattery and Nee-ah Harbor WashingtonWashingtonU.S. Coast Survey1853B40.00
134Reconnaissance of Port Townshend Washington Ter.WashingtonU.S. Coast Survey1854B37.50
135Washington TerritoryWashingtonGeneral Land Office1884A+95.00
136WashingtonWashingtonRand McNally & Co.1895Aunsold
137Map of Wisconsin Showing Congressional and Judicial DistrictsWisconsinSnyder, Van Vechten & Co.1878Cunsold
138Geological Map of Western WyomingWyomingU.S. Geographical Survey1874A250.00
139Insulae Americanae in Oceano SeptentrionaleCaribbeanJansson1636-66A+1300.00
140Regni Mexicani Novae Hispaniae, Floridae, Novae Angliae, Carolinae, Virginiae, et Pensylvaniae, necnon Insularum Archipelagi Mexicani in America Septentrionali accurata TabulaUnited States, Mexico and West Indies1725A1400.00
141Kaart van het Westelyk Gedeelte van Nieuw Mexico en van California…Southwestern United States and MexicoTirion, Isaac1765A+500.00
142Carte du Golphe du Mexique et des Isles de l'AmeriqueSouthern United States and the Caribbean1754A+250.00
143A. Knivets Zeldzame Reystogt door de Straat Magellaan na de Zuyd Zee tot aan zyn Vlugt in Angola agtervolgtAtlanticRizzi-Zannoni, Giovanni Antonio1780A120.00
144Carte Reduite de l'Ocean OccidentalAtlantic1720B300.00
145La Paz (Lower California) and its EnvironsMexicoU.S. Government1847Aunsold
146Plan of Santa-Cruz de Rosales…MexicoU.S. Government1848A+unsold
148Cuba Insul/HispaniolaWest IndiesMercator/Hondius1620A850.00
149Mappa Aestivarum Insularum, alias Bermudas…BermudaOgilby, John1671A850.00
150Pas kaart Van de Zuyd kust van Cuba en van Geheel Yamaica…Cuba & JamaicaKeulen, Johannes van1680Aunsold
151CubaCubaLasor a Varea, Alphonsus1713B275.00
152Germany General MapCentral and Eastern EuropeSornique, J. B.1715A30.00
153Carte des Grandes Routes d'Angleterre, d'Ecosse, et d'IrlandeBritainAnon.1762A250.00
154The West Indies, and Gulf of MexicoCaribbeanCary, George1781B110.00
155America MeridionalisSouth AmericaBertius, Petrus1616A+170.00
156Map of New Granada, Venezuela, and Guiana/Map of Peru, and Equador/Map of the Argentine ConfederationSouth AmericaMitchell, S. A.1871A20.00
157Johnson's Venezuela, New Granada, Ecuador, Peru & Bolivia, Chile & GuianaSouth AmericaJohnson & Browning1863A20.00
158Cantabrigiensis Comitatus Descriptio.EnglandMerian1650A+100.00
159Le Bresil Suivant les Nouvelles ObservationsBrazil1705A300.00
160Johnson's Brazil, Argentine Republic, Paraguay & Uryguay (sp)Central South AmericaJohnson & Browning1860A22.00
161Map of Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and UruguayCentral South AmericaMitchell, S. A.1871A+25.00
162Tabula Magellanica, qua Tierrae del Fuego…Southern South AmericaOgilby, John1670A850.00
163Le Chili et Les Provinces qui Comosent celle de Peo de la Plata avec les Terres MagellaniqueSouthern South AmericaFer, Nicolas de1705A+210.00
164Terra Nova ac Maris Tractus circa Novan Franciam, Angliam, Belgium Venezuelam Novam, et BrasiliamAtlanticWit, Frederick de1680A+1600.00
165Carte Reduite de l'Ocean Occidental, Contenant les Cotes Occidentales de l'Europe et de l'Afrique et les Cotes Orientales de l'Amerique…AtlanticDesnos, Louis Charles1761A425.00
166Old Map of the Continent according to the greatest diametrical Length from the Point of East Tartary to the Cape…Eastern HemisphereGibson, Edmund1758B30.00
167Oestliche HalbkugelEastern HemisphereStieler, Adolph1845A+55.00
168EuropaEuropeQuad, Matthias von Kinckelbach1600Aunsold
169Imperii Caroli Magni et vicinarum regionum Descriptio… Petro BertioEuropeBlaeu, Willem1662B375.00
170A New Map of Europe according to its Ancient General Divisions and Names of its Countries together with their Chief Cities, Rivers, Mountains &c.EuropeWells, Edward1700B130.00
171Tavola Nuova di Prussia et di LivoniaBalticDanckerts, Cornelius1718B50.00
172Carte Generale de l'Europe D'apres les Derniers Traites de PaixEuropeBrue, Adrien Hubert1828A+40.00
173EuropeEuropeColton, Joseph Hutchins1855A32.50
174Map of Europe, showing its Government Political DivisionsEuropeMitchell, S. A.1871A25.00
175Lot of Three mapsEuropeButler, James1826A37.50
176Lot of four mapsEuropeCollins, William Sons & Co.1880A45.00
177Hodiernae Gelgicae, sive Germaniae Enferioris TabulaNorthern EuropeCluver, Philipp1660B30.00
178The Seat of WAR in the Circle of WestphaliaNorthern EuropeAnon.1757B42.50
179Russia in Europe, Sweden and NorwayNorthern EuropeMitchell, S. A.1870A27.50
180Les Provinces des Pays-Bas Catholiques ou A Most Exact Map of Flanders or Austrian Netherlands &c.Belgium and LuxembourgAnon.1764A170.00
181Parisius (Folio XXXIX)FranceMitchell, S. A.1871A450.00
182Prussia and the German StatesCentral EuorpeMitchell, S. A.1871A37.50
183Veteris et Novae Regni Poloniae Magnig Ducatus Lithuania…Eastern EuropeCluver, Philipp1660B65.00
184Carte de la Russie Occidentale et du Royme. De PologneEastern EuropeBrue, Adrien Hubert1827A50.00
185Map of the Austrian Empire, Italian States, Turkey in Europe & GreeceSouthern EuropeMitchell, S. A.1871A25.00
186Britannicae Insulae in quibus Albion seu Britannia Major et Ivernia seu Britannia Minor…BritainRobert de Vaugondy, Gilles1750A+unsold
187Le Comte d'Artois suivant qui est presentement divise en Grancois et EspagnolFranceRobert de Vaugondy, Gilles1674Aunsold
188Gallia Postarum geographice designata…FranceGibson, Edmund1760B75.00
190DenbighshireEnglandSpeed, John1611B200.00
191Mounmouth ShireEnglandSpeed/Kaerius1630A+140.00
193Comitatis Cantabrigiensis vernacule Cambridge ShireEnglandJansson1646A600.00
194The Continuation of the Road from London to Barwick…EnglandOgilby, John1675A375.00
195The Road from London to Pool…EnglandOgilby, John1675A400.00
196A Map of OxfordshireEnglandOwen & Bowen1720A55.00
197The Road from Oxford to BristolEnglandOwen & Bowen1720A70.00
198An Accurate Map of the Country Sixteen Miles round London Drawn and Engrav's from an Actual SurveyEnglandAnon.1764A55.00
199Pair of plans of the River ThamesEnglandAnon.1770-71A42.50
200Set of five plans of canalsEnglandLodge, J.1771A40.00
201Cornub. Devonia, Somerset etc.England and WalesBertius, Petrus1610A110.00
202L'AngleterreEngland and WalesMercator1630A180.00
203England and WalesEngland and WalesColton, Joseph Hutchins1855A+35.00
204England and WalesEngland and Wales1860B30.00
205County Map of England and WalesEngland and WalesMitchell, S. A.1871A25.00
206The Continuation of ye Road From London to St. Davids…WalesOgilby, John1675A350.00
207ScotlandScotlandPlayfair, James1819A30.00
208Irlandia RegnumIrelandMercator1595A750.00
209Carte de l''Isle et Royaume de SicileItalyBlaeu, Willem1654Aunsold
210A New and Correct Map of Ireland, from the Latest Surveys of that KingdomIrelandAnon.1790A+70.00
211Ireland in Provinces and Counties/County Map of ScotlandIreland and ScotlandMitchell, S. A.1871A30.00
212Carte Generale des Royaumes de Suede, de Norvege, et de DanemarkScandinaviaBrue, Adrien Hubert1825A55.00
213Prussiae Nova TabulaBalticCluver, Philipp1660C30.00
214Iutia SeptentrionalisDenmarkMercator1623A90.00
216Toletum/VallesoletumSpainBlaeu, Willem1649A200.00
217HoeckelumThe NetherlandsBlaeu, Willem1649A80.00
218Byzondere Kaart van de Landen daar de Apostelen het Evangelium Gepredikt…MediterraneanBowen, Emanuel1744A+170.00
219Holland (Koningrijk der Nederlanden)The NetherlandsJohnston, Thomas1840B37.50
220YseghemBelgiumBlaeu, Willem1649A65.00
221Ninive Flandorum Vulgo NienoveBelgiumBlaeu, Willem1649A65.00
222A New & Accurate Map of Asia, Drawn from the most approved Modern Maps & ChartsAsiaBlaeu, Willem1650A150.00
224A Correct Map of the Low Countries Exhibiting the late and present Seat of War in the Austrian & French Netherlands &c.Belgium, The Netherlands, and LuxembourgAnon.1747Bunsold
225Heylige Land verdeeld in de Twaals Stammen Israels…Holy LandBrue, Adrien Hubert1821A+175.00
226Terra Promissa in suas Tribus partesque divisaHoly LandSchedel, Hartmann1493A+75.00
227Die Statt Paris…FranceMunster, Sebastian1550Bunsold
228Die Statt Montpellier…FranceMunster, Sebastian1550A75.00
230CambrayFranceBraun & Hogenberg1596B180.00
231ConstantinoplisTurkeyBraun & Hogenberg1596B600.00
232Natolia, quae olim Asia MinorTurkeyBraun & Hogenberg1640A+300.00
233Caletensium et Bononiensium Ditionis Accurata Delineatio/Veromanuorum Eorum que Confinium Exactissima Descript.France1601--09A+200.00
234Gallae Veteris TypusFrance1601-12A+950.00
235L'Isle de France Parisiensis Ager.FranceMercator1623A80.00
236Carte des parties Nord et est de L'Asie qui comprend les Cotes de la Russie Asiatique le Kamschatka, le Jesso, et les Islans du Japon…Northern Asia and North AmericaCluver, Philipp1660A+180.00
237Imperii Russici et Tartariae Universae…RussiaJefferys/Laurie & Whittle1758A210.00
238A Genuine Plan of Cherburg with the Fortifications as intended to be finished according to the Design of M.De Caux.FranceAnon.1758A+25.00
239Dept. de La SeineFranceLevasseur, Victor1850A+75.00
240Carte Generale Physique de Routiere des 22 Cantons de la Confederation SuisseSwitzerlandBrue, Adrien Hubert1822A+55.00
241MadeburgaGermanySchedel, Hartmann1493Cunsold
242Die Statt Weissenburg …GermanyMunster, Sebastian1550Aunsold
243Der Statt Cobolentz am Rhein …GermanyMunster, Sebastian1570Cunsold
244L'antichissima citta de Vangioni, hora Vuormatia situata al Rheno…GermanyMunster, Sebastian1575A200.00
245Eislebia Comitatus Mansfeldiae Opp.GermanyBraun & Hogenberg1585B275.00
246Populorum Germaniae, inter Rhenum et Albim descript ut inter Calaris et Tratani imperia incolueruntGermanyCluver, Philipp1660A45.00
247Map of that Part of Hannover where the late Battle between the Duke of Cumberland and Marshal d'Etrees was fought July 25, 26, 27GermanyAnon.1757Bunsold
248A Map of the Country Round Dresden, with the Towns and, Fortresses which the Several Armies have occupied during..GermanyAnon.1758A+16.00
249Set of four mapsGermanyGibson, Edmund1760A90.00
250Germany (Deutschland) I: Holstein, Hanover, Mecklenburg, The Prussian States, Saxony &c.GermanySDUK Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge1833A20.00
251Suevia quae cis Codanum suit sinum Antiqua descriptioGermany and PolandCluver, Philipp1660A40.00
252Tabula Russiae…RussiaBlaeu, Willem1614A+750.00
253Cataractae Danubii vulgo Strudl et Werbl…AustriaBraun & Hogenberg1617A300.00
254Ens Austriae Civitas Superiorem ab inferiore dividensAustriaBraun & Hogenberg1617A+325.00
255Carte Generale de la Turquie d'EuropeBalkansBrue, Adrien Hubert1826A25.00
256Castanowiz Croatiae PropugnaculumCroatiaBraun & Hogenberg1617A550.00
257Set of seven mapsNorthern AfricaCluver, Philipp1834-40Aunsold
258Negroponte en Oleggende Eylanden/Archipelago en NegroponteGreeceDoncker, Henrick1670A150.00
259RomaItalySchedel, Hartmann1493A+1200.00
260Abissinia, doue sono le Fonti del Nilo descritta…Eastern AfricaSchedel, Hartmann1493A350.00
261Marcha Anconitana cum Spoletano DucatuItalyMercator1623A110.00
262Italiae Gallicae sive Galliae CisalpinaeItalyCluver, Philipp1660A75.00
263Oost Zude van CalabriaItalyDoncker, Henrick1670A+150.00
264An Accurate Map of His R.H. the Duke of York's Journey thro Italy in 1763 & 1764ItalyGibson, Edmund1764A+unsold
265Vtriusque Castiliae nova descriptioSpainBlaeu, Willem1642A+325.00
266Portrayal of the Islands LadronesPhilippinesBlaeu, Willem1619A+180.00
268Illustris civitatis Conimbriae in Lusitania ad flumen Illunda effigiesPortugalBraun & Hogenberg1580A250.00
269CalarisSardiniaBraun & Hogenberg1590A160.00
270de Zee Custen van Hispanien van Gibralter tot Caep S. Martin als mede van Barbarien van Seute tot C. TenesMediterraneanDoncker, Henrick1669A+300.00
272Pas-Caert van de Levant oste de Zee kusten van Aebypten, Soria, Caramania en't Eylandt CyprusMediterranean - CyprusDoncker, Henrick1670A1200.00
273Pas Kaert van 'tOostelycke deel der Middelandsche ZeeMediterraneanDoncker, Henrick1670A550.00
274Candia met de Omleffende EylandenMediterraneanDoncker, Henrick1670Aunsold
275The Travels of St. Paul and the other Apostles or a Geographical Description of those Lands and Countries where in the*MediterraneanMoxon, Joseph1720A+550.00
276Charte von Asien…AsiaHomann Heirs1793Bunsold
277AsiaAsiaButler, James1826A20.00
278Syria, Cypern, Palestina, Mesopotamia, Babylonia, zwey Arabia mit Bergen, Wasseren und StettenNear and Middle EastMunster/Petri1580A350.00
279De Gelegentheyt Van't Paradys en't Landt CanaanNear and Middle EastDanckerts, Cornelius1718A200.00
280Carte dela Situation du Paradis Terrestre…Near and Middle East1700A140.00
281De Gelegentheyt van't Paradys ende't Landt Canaan, Mitsgaders de Eerst Dewoonde Landen…Near and Middle EastVisscher1660A+425.00
282Carte Du Paradis Terrestre Suivant le Systeme de l'Auteur et Execute par P. Starck-manNear and Middle EastCalmet, Augustin1722A110.00
283Carte Generale de la Turquie d'Asie, de la Perse, de l'Arabie, du Caboul et du Turkestan IndependentNear and Middle EastBrue, Adrien Hubert1822A+55.00
284Map of Persia, Turkey in Asia, Afganistan, BeloochistanNear and Middle EastMitchell, S. A.1871A+5.00
285Damascus, vrbs nobilissima ad Libanum montem, Totius Syria MetropolisSyriaBraun & Hogenberg1580Bunsold
286Constantinopel…TurkeyMunster, Sebastian1550A375.00
287Chersonesi quae hodie Natolia DescriptioTurkeyCluver, Philipp1660B25.00
288Paskaarte van't Eylant Metelino…/Golf van Constantinopolen/Tenedos/LemnosTurkeyDoncker, Henrick1670A150.00
289Het Geloofde Landt Canaan door wandelt van onsen Salichmaecker Iesu Christo, nessens syne ApostelenHoly LandVisscher1660A+200.00
290De Stadt IerusalemHoly LandDanckerts, Cornelius1718A475.00
291Afbeeldenge van de Veertich-Laarige Reyse der Kinderen IsraelsHoly LandDanckerts, Cornelius1718Bunsold
292PalestineHoly LandLucas, Fielding1823A+21.00
293PalestineHoly LandJohnson & Ward1863A+30.00
294TartariaNorthern AsiaHondius1606A450.00
295A Newe Mape of TartaryNorthern Asia1626A1500.00
296Pl. VBirdsBlaeu, Willem1640A+40.00
297Western Siberia, Independent Tartary, Khiva, Kokhara &c [together with] Eastern SiberiaRussiaSDUK Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge1838A95.00
298China Neteribus Sinarum Regio nunc Incolis Tame dictaChinaBlaeu, Willem1635A1700.00
299Les Isles du IaponJapanSanson, Adrian1652A+unsold
300Pair of WWII Airforce cloth chartsJapan and East China SeaU.S. Government1944-45A+130.00
301Taprobana Ins.Sri LankaServetus, Michael1535A+unsold
302CeylonSri Lanka1850A100.00
303Coromandel Pare le S' d'AnvilleIndiaJanvier, Jean1753A160.00
304A Plan of the Town and Fortress of Garlah belonging to Angria the Admiral to the Johou Rajah on the Coast of MallabarIndiaAnon.1756C25.00
305India - Bombay &c.IndiaWeller, E.1858A25.00
306IndiaIndiaCollins, William Sons & Co.1880A3.00
307Magni Mogolis ImperiumSouth-central AsiaBlaeu, Willem1650A+600.00
308Carte Generale des Indes En-Deca et au dela du GangeSouthern AsiaBrue, Adrien Hubert1821A+55.00
309Asia (Southern Sheet)Southern AsiaColton, Joseph Hutchins1858B16.00
310Map of Hindoostan, Farther India, China and TibetSouthern AsiaMitchell, S. A.1870A+20.00
311Insularum Moluccarum Nova descriptioBotanical1640B800.00
312Les Isles Philippines [on a sheet with] Islas de los Ladrones ou Isles des LarronsPhilippinesSanson, Adrian1652A220.00
313Untitled (fuchsia)Botanical1944A+80.00
315Africa mit Seinen Befundern Landern/Theiren/ und Wunderbarlich en DingenAfricaMunster, Sebastian1550B160.00
316AphricaAfricaQuad, Matthias von Kinckelbach1600A700.00
317Africae nova TabulaAfricaHondius1631A1500.00
318Africa Antiqua et NovaAfricaCluver, Philipp1660Aunsold
319**Africa - Mauro Percussa Oceano, Niloque admota tepenti**AfricaValck, Gerard and Leonard1710B650.00
320l'Afrique Suivant les Nouvelles Observations…Africa1720A275.00
321DiegenosNative Americans1783A+55.00
322Co-Co-PasNative AmericansThomson, John1815A25.00
323Arenenos (Subtribe of the Papagos)Native AmericansMorse, Jedidiah (Rev.)1820A+25.00
324Map of AfricaAfricaMitchell, S. A.1839A+65.00
326Barbariae et Beledulgerid, Nova DescriptioNorthern Africa1587A300.00
327Barbarien tusschen C. de Tenes en C. de RosaNorthern AfricaDoncker, Henrick1670Bunsold
328Tuneties Urbis, ac Novae…TunisiaBraun & Hogenberg1590A300.00
329Lot of three printsNative Americans1892A+unsold
330Lot of five printsNative AmericansBrue, Adrien Hubert1892A+unsold
331Lot of 5 printsNative AmericansHomann Heirs1892A+unsold
332Royaumes de Congo et d'AngolaWestern Africa1710A160.00
333Partie Occidentale d' Afrique ou se trouve les Isles Canaries, et du Cap Verd dans la Mer Atlantique…Western AfricaFer, Nicolas de1715A+220.00
334Presbiteri Iohannis, sive Abissinorum Imperii DescriptioCentral Africa1579A+1600.00
335Aethiopia Superior vel Interior vulgo Abissinorum sive Presbiteri Ioannis ImperiumCentral AfricaBlaeu, Willem1627-45A600.00
336Abissinorum sive Pretiosi Joannis ImperiumCentral AfricaKaerius, Petrus1628A+unsold
337Aethiopia Superior vel Interior vulgo Abissinorum sive Presbiteriioannis ImperiumCentral AfricaMerian1650Aunsold
338Insula S. Laurentii, vulgo MadagascarMadagascarBlaeu, Willem1662A+300.00
339UntitledSouthern AfricaKeulen, Johannes van1680A250.00
340Partie Meridionale d'Afrique ou se trouvent la Basse Guiness, la Cafrerie, Monomotapa, les Monoenugi, le Zanguebar et l'Isle de MadagascarSouthern AfricaFer, Nicolas de1715A230.00
341Untitled (Fol. I.D. Fig.I)PacificScherer, Heinrich1702A+650.00
342Chapeaux de Mme Talon [together with] Chapeaux de Mme AubertFashionSeale, Richard William1750A+15.00
343Map of Oceanica, Exhibiting its Various Divisions, Island Groups &c.PacificMitchell, S. A.1860A+25.00
345Western Australia, Swan RiverAustralia1850A190.00
346Part of South AustraliaAustralia1850A110.00
347Un den guntigen GeferNoah and the ArkBry, Theodore de1592Aunsold
348Herr Thomas Dale…Early Virginia Indian printBry, Theodore de1592A+unsold
349Military School, West Point, N.Y.New York1850B30.00
350Divertissemens des Moscovites [together with] Reconnaissance des Russes envers leurs parens mortsRussia1750A+20.00
351Chapel of the Annuciation, NazarethHoly LandRoberts, David1860A+25.00
352Jenin, Ancient JezreelHoly LandRoberts, David1860A+25.00
353BethlehemHoly LandRoberts, David1860A+40.00
354The Sea of Tiberias Looking Toward BashanHoly LandRoberts, David1860A+20.00
355Heremitorium Supra Montem de Chale in Insula Vetis, Winchester Register, A.D. 1312Architecture1757A25.00
356Lot of six printsArchitectureShaw, R. N.1858A60.00
357Pl. IBirds1880A+80.00
358Music SheetMusic Sheet1880A+unsold
359Music SheetMusic Sheet1880A+unsold
360Pl. IIIBirds1880A+55.00
361Pl. XXIIBirds1880A+15.00
362Pl. LXXXBirds1880A42.50
363Pl. LXVIIIBirds1880A+50.00
364Pl. LIBirds1880A+unsold
365Pl. XVBirds1880A20.00
366Pl. XVIBirds1880A+unsold
367Dead BeatFox HuntingAckerman Lithographer, GeorgeBunsold
368G. Calmar (Loligo) Pl. 12SquidPrevost, Augustine1840A+70.00
370Tens-Kwau-Ta-Waw, The ProphetNative AmericansMcKenney and Hall1842-58Aunsold
371Timpoochee Barnard, A Uchee WarriorNative AmericansMcKenney and Hall1842-58Aunsold
372Lot of four printsNative AmericansEastman, Seth (Capt.)1853A30.00
373Pair of printsNative AmericansRemington, Frederic1897A+35.00
374Notes of a Military Reconnaissance, from Fort Leavenworth, in Missouri, to San Diego, in California including parts of the Arkansas, Del Norte, and Gila RiversExploration1848Bunsold
375Lieut. Gen. Winfield ScottCivil War1866Aunsold
376London GuideGuide Book1884Aunsold
377Union GeneralsCivil War1866Aunsold
378Malvern HillCivil War1866Aunsold
379Virginia CartographyCartographic Reference1866B10.00
380Battle of Pittsburgh LandingCivil War1866Bunsold
381Naval Combat Between the Monitor & MerrimacCivil War1866Cunsold
382Lot of four engravings for TennesseeCivil War1863Aunsold
383Lot of three portraits of Union GeneralsCivil War1863A25.00
384Lot of twelve printsCivil War1895B35.00
385Lot of five printsCivil War1895B20.00
386Lot of twelve printsCivil War1895B27.50
387Lot of three printsCivil War - Black Americas1895A15.00
388Share in the VictoryWWI PosterU.S. Gov't Printing Office1918A+unsold
389Your War Saving PledgeWWI PosterU.S. Gov't Printing Office1918A+55.00
390Lot of eight printsEurope - WWIBone, David Muirhad (Sir)1920A+75.00
391Clipper Ship "Shannon", 1450 TonsShipsDutton, Thomas G.1860Cunsold
392Set of three engravingsBallooningAnon.1785A10.00
393Manuscript Music sheetMusic1350A+200.00
394Manuscript Music SheetMusic1350A+210.00
395The Map Collector - Issues 41-47 and 49-50Cartographic Reference1350A+110.00
396The Map Collector - Issues 61-70Cartographic ReferenceDurand, Guillaume1481A+120.00
397Printed leafIncunabulaPerrotus, Nicolaus1490A20.00
398Illuminated leafMusic1526A+210.00
399Illuminated leafEarly printing1526A+160.00
400Illuminated leafEarly printing1526A+190.00
401Printed leafEarly printingMunster, Sebastian1552A32.50
402Lot of three printed leavesEarly printing1562-92A25.00
403Printed leafEarly printing1572A20.00
404Anno Regni Georgii II Regis…Act of Parliament1729A+70.00
407Confederate States BondStocks and Bonds1861A90.00
408Confederate States BondStocks and Bonds1863A150.00
409Pair of Railroad bondsStocks and bonds1897-98A+95.00
410Lot of 50 stocksStock Certificates1927-79A180.00
411The Edinburgh Cabinet AtlasAtlasJohnston, Thomas1839A1700.00
412Atlas de Geographie Physique & PolitiqueAtlasGregoire, L.1880A90.00
413Home Knowledge AtlasAtlasCram, George F. & Company1891A425.00
414Alaskan Boundary Tribunal AtlasAtlas1903B375.00
415A Compendious Geographical and Historical Grammar: Exhibiting a Brief Survey of the Terraqueous Globe…GeographyPeacock, W.1795A275.00
416An Introduction to Ancient and Modern GeographyGeographyCummings & Hilliard1821C32.50
417A Pictorial Geography of the WorldGeographyGoodrich, Samuel Griswold1848B45.00
418Olney's Atlas: Comprising Modern and Ancient Geography Designed to Accompany The Practical System of Geography for Schools and FamiliesGeographyOlney, A. N.1856B425.00
419The Earth and Man: Lectures on Comparative Physical Geography, in its Relation to the History of MankindGeographyGuyot, Arnold1856B25.00
420White's Class-Book of GeographyGeography1863C22.00
421Report of the Superintenden of the United States Coast SurveyCoast SurveysU.S. Coast Survey1878A210.00
422Report of the Superintendent of the U.S. Coast and Geodetic SurveyCoast SurveyU.S. Geographical Survey1885B90.00
423A History of the Civil WarHistory, Civil WarWalling, Henry F.1912D27.50
424The Discovery of North AmericaAmerican HistoryCummings, Skelton & Quinn1971Aunsold
425The Exploration of North America 1630-1776Exploration, North AmericaCumming, Hilleir, Quinn & Williams1974A32.50
426Appletons' Hand-Book of American TravelGuide BookHall1867C130.00
427King's Hand-Book of Boston HarborGuide BookSweetser, M. F.1883A110.00
428Views of Denver 1890Guide book1890B70.00
429Souvenir of Seattle, Wash.Guide book1890B30.00
430The Washington MonumentGuide book1909A+unsold
431The Overland Trail From the Golden Gate to the Great Salt Lake Along the Southern Pacific - The Road of a Thousand WondersGuide Book1920A55.00
432Twenty-Eight Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology 1906-1907American EthnologyU.S. Gov't Printing Office1912A75.00
433Twenty-ninth Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology 1907-1908American EthnologyU.S. Gov't Printing Office1916A110.00
434Landmarks of Mapmaking: An Illustrated Survey of Maps and MapmakersCartographic ReferenceBricker, Charles1968A+130.00
435Antique MapsCartographic ReferenceGohm, Douglas1972A+95.00
436The Cartography of North America 1500-1800Cartographic ReferencePortinaro & Knirsch1987A85.00
437Country Life Book of Antique MapsCartographic Reference1988A65.00
438The United States in Old Maps and PrintsReference, cartographyErmen, Eduard, van1990A+75.00
439The United States in Old Maps and PrintsReference, cartographyErmen, Eduard, van1990A+80.00
440Battle Maps of the Civil WarCartographic ReferenceO'Shea, Richard1992A+47.50