Index of Lots for Auction 89

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Lot #TitleSubjectCreatorPeriodConditionSold For
1Annales Sacri et ProfaniTitle Page1616A170.00
2Gerardus Mercator…Iudocus Hondius…Title Page - Portrait1620B1600.00
3Le Theatre du Monde ou Nouvel Atlas Contenant Les Chartes et Descriptions…Title Page1638A+275.00
4Atlas Novus sive Theatrum Orbis Terrarum: in quo Galliae, Helvetiae Universae & siugularum Cantonum…Title Page1638-66Aunsold
5Atlas MinorTitle Page1651B170.00
6Atlas Historique Tome ITitle Page1739A+200.00
7Somannischer Atlas von Sundert LandfartenTitle Page1747A+600.00
8Atlas UniverselTitle Page1757A275.00
9Nova Totius Terrarum Orbis Geographica ac Hydrographica TabulaWorld1646A+1300.00
10Orbis Terrarum Tabula Recens Emendata et in Lucem Edita Per. N. VisscherWorld1663A2100.00
11Orbis Terranrum Tabula Recens Emendata et in Lucem EditaWorld1682A+2750.00
12Algemeene Wereldtkaart van den AardklootWorld1692B700.00
13Typus Totius Orbis Terraquei Geographice Delineatus, et ad usum Globo Materiali SuperinducendusWorld1700A+unsold
14Orbis Terrae Compendiosa DescriptioWorld1713A+unsold
15Mappe-Monde out Carte Generale de la Terre Dressee sur les Observations de Mrs. De l'Academie Royale des SciencesWorld1717A+500.00
16Nova Delineatio Totius Orbis Terrarum Per Petrum Vander Aa… Niewe Werelt CaartWorld1720A+1800.00
17De Werelt CaartWorld1728A+unsold
18Diversi Globi Terr-Aquei Statione Variante et Visu Intercedente, per Coluros Tropicoru,…World1730A2300.00
19A Map of the World on Mercators ProjectionWorld1755A+unsold
20Mappe-Monde Divisee en ses quatre PartiesWorld1778A240.00
21Planisphere suivant la Profection de MercatorWorld1780A+325.00
22Universele of Waereld-Kaart Bolgens de Laatste Ontedekkingen van Capt. CookWorld1785A200.00
23A New and Complete Chart of the World; Displaying the Tracks of Capt. Cook, and other Modern NavigatorsWorld1790A450.00
24Terrestial Globe - Celestial GlobeWorld and Celestial1800A275.00
25Geography Map of the World Comprehending the latest discoveriesWorld1800B175.00
26Descriptio Orbis PtolomaicaAncient World1616-18A210.00
27UntitledAncient World1736A800.00
28Minature terrestial globeGlobe1900B650.00
29Poli ArcticiNorth Pole1639-49A2750.00
30Septentrionalium Terrarum descript.North Pole1651A+170.00
31Hemisphere Septentrional pour voir plus distinetement Les Terres ArctiquesNorth Pole1730Aunsold
32A Map of the Icy Sea in which the several Communications with the Land Waters and other new Discoveries are exhibitedNorth Pole1760A+110.00
33Chart of the Antarctic Polar Circle, with the Countries Adjoining, According to the New Hypothesis of M Buache, From the Memoirs of the Royal Academy at ParisSouth Pole1763A120.00
34VolvelleCartographic Miscellany1657A+70.00
35VolvelleCartographic Miscellany1657A+75.00
36Vergilius vi Aeneidos…Cartographic Miscellany1575A800.00
37Des VentsCartographic miscellany1770A+220.00
38Lot of six mapsWorld, miscellaneous1838-48A+170.00
39Premiere Carte pour l'Introduction a l'Historie du Monde ou lon Remarque la Sphere le Globe Celeste, et les Differens Sistems du MondeCelestial1710A500.00
40Tabula Selenographica in qua Lunarium…Celestial1740A1300.00
41La BaleineCelestial1776A+150.00
43Stereographischer Entwurf des Gestirnten HimmelsCelestial1820A400.00
44Der Strenenhimmel noch BodeCelestial1830A650.00
45Complete set of six chartsCelestial1850A425.00
46Pair of prints of the Newtonian SystemCelestial1860A+150.00
47Tabula novarum Insularum, quas Diversis Respectibus Occidentales & Indianas uocant.Western Hemisphere1550A+4750.00
48Nova Totius Americae DescriptioWestern Hemisphere1666A4000.00
49Amerika of de Nieuwe Weerld Aller eerst Door C. KolumbusWestern Hemisphere1706-28A+650.00
50Les Colonies des Europeens en AmerqueWestern Hemisphere1743A70.00
51Le Nouveau Continent ou l'Amerique, Divisee en Septentrionale et Meridionale, ou l'on trouble les Climats, les Meridiens, les differentes Possessions, les Peuples Naturels Libres, les differentes Religions et les differentex Langues…Western Hemisphere1749A+700.00
52Nieuwe Kaart Van het Westelykste Deel der Weereld…Western Hemisphere1754A300.00
53Nuova de esatta Carta Della America Ricavata dalle Mappe e Carte piu approvateWestern Hemisphere1763B80.00
54Carte d'Amerique dressee pour l'usage du RoyWestern Hemisphere1763A600.00
55L'America divisa Ne' suoi Principali Stati di Nuova ProjeztioneWestern Hemisphere1776B275.00
56L'Amerique divisee en ses principaux Etats, Assujetie aux Observations AstronomiqWestern Hemisphere1784A425.00
57La Table des Isles Neufes, les quelles on appelle Isles d'Occident & d' Indie pour diuers regardzWestern Hemisphere1680A+unsold
58America Borealis multis in locis Dei Matrem colit & homorat et Haec suis Cultoribus multos Favores & BeneficiaNorth America1699A1600.00
59L'Amerique Septentrionale devisee en ses principaux EtatsNorth America1762A325.00
60A Map of North America by J. Palairet with considerable Alterations & Improvements from D'Anville, Mitchell & BellinNorth America1765B950.00
61Nouveau Mexique, Louisiane, Canada, et Nelle AngleterreNorth America1766B140.00
62Carte de la Californie et des Pays Nord-Ouest separes de l'Asie par le Detroit d'AnianWestern North America1772A200.00
63Amerique SeptentrionaleNorth America1840B160.00
64Amerique SeptentrionaleNorth America1850A200.00
65Amerique de NordNorth America1850A110.00
66A Plan of the Harbour of Chebucto and Town of HalifaxCanada1750C120.00
67A Plan of the City & Harbour of Louisburg; shewing that part of Gabarus Bay in which the English landed, also their Encampment during the siege in 1745Canada1758A+90.00
68A Particular Map, to Illustrate Gen. Amherst's Expedition, to Montreal; with a plan of the Town & Draught of ye IslandCanada1760A130.00
69West CanadaCanada1850A85.00
70East Canada and New BrunswickCanada1850A+42.50
71Il Paese de Selvaggi Outauacesi e Kilistinesi Intorno al Lago SuperioreCanada and United States (Lake Superior)1778A190.00
72America Settentrionale disegnata dopo I viaggiCanada and United States1832A150.00
73Canada et LouisianeColonial United States and Canada1755Aunsold
74An Accurate Map of Canada, with the Adjacent Countries Exhibiting the late Seat of War between the English & French in those PartsColonial Canada and United States1640-55B275.00
75Virginiae partis australis, et Floridae partis orientalis…Colonial United States1671A1200.00
76New England, New York, New Jersey, and Pensilvania &c.Colonial United States1708A275.00
77Florida Called by ye French Louisiana &c.Colonial United States1728A+750.00
78Partie de l'Amerique Septentrionale qui comprend le Cours de l'Ohio, la Nlle Angleterre, la Nlle York, le New Jersey, la Pensylvanie, le Maryland, la Virginie, la CarolineColonial United States1755A850.00
79Carte de la Nouvelle Angleterre Nouvelle Yorck et PensilvanieColonial United States1757A240.00
80Carte du Theatre de la Guerre sur le Continent de l'Amerique SeptentrionaleColonial United States1760B375.00
81Carte de la Nouvelle GeorgieColonial United States1764A230.00
82Carte de la Coste de la Floride depuis la Baye de la Mobile jusqu'aux Cayes de St. MartinColonial United States1764A+375.00
83A Map of Part of West Florida, from Pensacola to the Mouth of the Iberville River, with a View to shew the proper Spot for a Settlement on the MississipiColonial United States1772A160.00
84Carte de la Partie Nord, des Etats Unis, de l'Amerique SeptentrionaleColonial United States1780A130.00
85Carte de la Partie Nord des Etats Unis de l'Amerique SeptentrionaleColonial United States1780A+150.00
86Les Etats Unis de l'Amerique Septentrionale, Partie OrientaleColonial United States1785B150.00
87Map of the District of Maine with New Brunswick & Nova ScotiaColonial United States1796A170.00
88Map of the United States Exhibiting the Military Depts & PostsUnited States1860A110.00
89New Official Railroad Map of the United States and CanadaUnited States1885A+600.00
90Die Vereinigten Staaten von Nord America nebst CanadaUnited States1880A+0.00
91Sketch C Showing the Progress of the Survey in Section III from 1843 to 1854United States, Chesapeake Bay1854B25.00
92Colton's United States Shewing the Military Stations, Forts &c.Eastern United States1861A350.00
93Carte du Territoire de'Arkansa et des autres Territoires des Etats-UnisCentral United States1825A+700.00
94Map of the Route Pursued by the Late Expedition under the Comman of Col. S.W. KearnyWestern United States1845A+120.00
95Milk River to the Crossing of the Columbia RiversWestern United States1855B130.00
96Map No. 1. Rio Colorado of the West [together with] Map No. 2. Rio Colorado of the WestSouthwestern United States1858A180.00
97Map of the Yellowstone and Missouri Rivers and Their TributariesWestern United States1867A210.00
98Set of three Black Hills mapsWestern United States1874A425.00
99Territory and Military Department of UtahWestern United States1895A+47.50
100Map of the Bituminous Coal Fields of AlabamaAlabama1855A+20.00
101Territory of ArizonaArizona1899A+170.00
102Topographical Sketch of the Gold & Quicksilver District of CaliforniaCalifornia1848A+350.00
103Sketch of Gen. Riley's Route through the Mining Districts, July and August 1849California1850A+550.00
104Map of the Public Survey of CaliforniaCalifornia1854B55.00
105Map of the Public Surveys in California to Accompany the Report of the Surveyor GeneralCalifornia1857Aunsold
106County Map of CaliforniaCalifornia1860A+110.00
107County Map of CaliforniaCalifornia1866A+85.00
108Map Showing the lines of Communication between Southern Colorado and Northern New MexicoColorado and New Mexico1876A160.00
109A New Map of the State of IowaIowa1850A300.00
110Coal Field of Iowa and Missouri from the Map of Dr. D.D. OwenIowa and Missouri1855A42.50
111Delta of the Mississippi River Surveyed…Louisiana1839B300.00
113Carte de la Baye de Baston Situee dans la Nouvelle AngleterreMassachusetts1764A+160.00
115Boston with Chalestown and RoxburyMassachusetts1842A+250.00
116Map of the Military Department of New MexicoNew Mexico and Arizona1895A+85.00
117Jefferson, Oswego and Lewis CountiesNew York1870A+unsold
118State of OregonOregon1879B70.00
119Philadelphia and CamdenPennsylvania1872A+55.00
120Map of the Battlefield of Gettysburg by authority…Secretary of War under the direction of the Gettysburg National Park CommissionPennsylvania1903A90.00
121Plan of the Navy Yard in the Harbour of Memphis, Tenn.Tennessee1844B80.00
122Railroad and County Map of UtahUtah1888A+55.00
123Map of the Vicinity of Richmond and Peninsular Campaign in VirginiaVirginia1862A80.00
124Map of that portion of the Boundary between the United States and Mexico from the Pacific Coast to the junction of the Gila and Colorado Rivers …Southwestern United States and Mexico1855A250.00
125Amer. Sep. Partie des Etats-Unis No. 39Montana1636-44A+unsold
126De Voor Eylanden van America Tegens de Vaste Kusten van Florida, Mexico, Nieuw Spanje, Cartegena, Iucatan en Darien Met de Grenzen aande Zude Zee GelegenSouthern United States, Central America and Caribbean1710A+375.00
127Insulae Americanae in Oceano Septentrionali ac Regiones Adiacentes…United States, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean1650-80A1300.00
128Nouvelle Espagne, Nouveau Mexique, Isles AntillesUnited States, Mexico, Central America and Caribbean1805A+130.00
129Mexico, Regia et Celeris Hispaniae Novae Civitas/Cusco, Rigni Peru in Novo Orbe CaputMexico and South America1572A850.00
130Hispania NovaMexico1630A200.00
131Mexique ou Nouvelle EspagneMexico and Central America1683A+180.00
132Cuba Insula et IamaicaCaribbean1597Bunsold
133Cuba Insl/HispaniolaCaribbean1609A350.00
134Insularum Hispaniolae et Cubae Cum Insulis circum jacentibus accurata delineatioCaribbean1650A2500.00
135Carte de de l'Isle St. ChristopheCaribbean1752A190.00
136A Map of Martinico from the latest and best AuthoritiesCaribbean1759A80.00
137L'Isle de CubaCuba1780A+300.00
138West India Islands - Martinico [on sheet with] DominicaLesser AntillesThomson, John1815Bunsold
139A New Map of South America, Drawn from the latest DiscoveriesSouth America1817C15.00
141Freti Magellanici ac novi Freti vulgo Le Maire exactissima delineatioTierra del Fuego1600B150.00
142La Terre Magellanique avec son Detroit et la Terre de Feu, avec ses petites Iles, Bayes et Rivieres, recemment mises au jourTierra del Fuego1729A+unsold
143A. Knivets Zeldzame Reystogt door de Straat Magellaan na de Zuyd Zee tot aan zyn Vlugt in Angola agtervolgtAtlantic1710A120.00
144Carte Reduite de l'Ocean OccidentalAtlantic1742B300.00
145Les Isles CanariesAtlantic1749A160.00
146Nieuwe Kaart Van het Oostelykste Deel der Weereld…Eastern Hemisphere1753A+210.00
148Europam sive Celticam VeteremEurope1670A1000.00
149Map of Europe Divided into its Empires, Kingdoms &c.Europe1783D75.00
150A New Map of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Moscovy, Shewing their Present General Divisions, Chief Cities or Towns, Rivers, Mountains, &c.Northern Europe1704A+170.00
151Regnum Bohemiae et que Annexae Provinciae ut Ducatus Silesiae Marchionatus Moraviae et Lusatiae Vulgo Die Erb-LanderenCentral Europe1680B200.00
152Germany General MapCentral and Eastern Europe1840A30.00
153Carte des Grandes Routes d'Angleterre, d'Ecosse, et d'IrlandeBritain1757A250.00
154A Correct Chart of the Irish Sea, &c exhibiting a View of the several Islands & Bays, lately touch'd at by M. Thurot, in his Attempt upon IrelandBritain1760B20.00
155An Accurate Map of England and Wales Drawn from all the Particular Surveys hitherto Published, Illustrated with many additional Improvements, and Regulated by Numerous Astronomical Observations Made by Members of the Royal SocietyEngland and WalesKitchin, Thomas1756Bunsold
158Cantabrigiensis Comitatus Descriptio.England1651A+100.00
159Essexiae Descriptio.England1651A+110.00
160The County of Hereford resurveyed & enlargedEngland1665B450.00
161The Continuation of ye Road from Barstable to TrutoEngland1675A+300.00
162The Road from London to RyeEngland1675A+unsold
163The Road from London to St. Neotts in Com. Hunt. Continued to Oakeham in Com Rutland.England1675A+400.00
164The Road from London to Hith in Com. Kent, Including the Road by MaidstoneEngland1719A+unsold
165The Continuation of the Road from London to the Lands end - Plate the 4th…England1719A+200.00
166The Road from London to Harwich in Essex Actually Surveyed …England1719A+unsold
167London Drawn and Engrav'd from an Actual SurveyEngland1764A+6.00
171Tavola Nuova di Prussia et di LivoniaBaltic1561B50.00
172Regni Sueciae in Omnes suas Subjacentes Provincias Accurate Divisi Tabula Generalis…BalticHomann1720Cunsold
173A Chart of the Baltic Sea, Gulfs of Finland and Bothnia, with the Sound, Drawn from the best Maps & ChartsBaltic1748C40.00
174HollandThe Netherlands1850B75.00
175The Netherlands (de Nederlanden) and Belgium (la Belgique)The Netherlands and Belgium1843Aunsold
176Holland and BelgiumThe Netherlands and Belgium1866A15.00
177Namurcum ComitatusBelgium1579A+250.00
178Tabula Bergarum ad Zoman Stenbergae. Ad Amussin Fecit Franciscus van SchotenBelgium1640B100.00
179The Marguisate and Plan of Bergen Op Zoom with the French Camp and Attacks by an EngineerBelgium1747A60.00
180Les Provinces des Pays-Bas Catholiques ou A Most Exact Map of Flanders or Austrian Netherlands &c.Belgium and Luxembourg1720A170.00
181Parisius (Folio XXXIX)France1493A450.00
182Picardiae Belgicae regionis descriptioFrance1579A+250.00
183Gallia VetusFrance1590A+475.00
185Govvernement de La Guienne & GascogneFrance1640A110.00
186Champaigne et Brie etc.France1650A130.00
187Le Comte d'Artois suivant qui est presentement divise en Grancois et EspagnolFrance1674A180.00
188Gallia Postarum geographice designata…France1745B75.00
190Valesiae Charta Prior et Vi Nova TabulaSwitzerland1545A210.00
191Das WiflispurgergouSwitzerland1623A95.00
193A Map of Pomerania and Brandenburg with the Frontiers of PolandPoland1760A32.50
194A Map of Poland, with its Appendages: shewing the late Partition of that KingdomPoland1772A+10.00
195Palatinat BavariaeGermany1623B140.00
196A Map of Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia, Lussatia, with great part of Saxony & Brandenburg Shewing the Present Seat of War, in GermanyGermany1756C21.00
197A Map of the Country Round Dresden, with the Towns and Fortresses which the several Armies have occupied during the CampaignGermany1758B15.00
198Set of six mapsGermany1832-33B140.00
199Plan von MunchenGermany1844B90.00
202Moscoviae Pars Australis Auctore Isaaco MassaRussia and Ukraine1646A400.00
203Plan of St. Petersburg, with its Fortifications, built by Peter the Great in 1703Russia1749A85.00
205Graeciae Antiquae Tabula NovaGreece and Crete1725Aunsold
206Rauenna (Folio CXLII)Italy1493A700.00
207Il Vero Ritratto di Nettuno al presente occupato da gl'imperialiItaly1557Bunsold
208A New Map of Latium, Etruria and as much of Antient Italy as lay Between Gallia, Cisalpina and Graecia Magna, Shewing their Principal Divisions, Cities, Towns, Rivers Mountains &c.Italy1704Bunsold
209Carte de l''Isle et Royaume de SicileItaly1717A250.00
210Italy by Mr. D'AnvilleItaly1747C37.50
211Turin (Torino)Italy1833A85.00
212Neapel (Napoli)Italy1845A60.00
213A new Map of Present Spain & Portugal, Shewing their Principal Divisions, Chief Cities, Townes, Ports, Rivers, Mountains, &c.Spain and Portugal1704Bunsold
214Spain and PortugalSpain and Portugal1756B37.50
217Cyprus Ins.Cyprus1607A800.00
218Byzondere Kaart van de Landen daar de Apostelen het Evangelium Gepredikt…Mediterranean1700A+170.00
219A Map of the Island of CorsicaMediterranean1757A+32.50
220Plan of GibraltarMediterranean1762Cunsold
221Asia Secundum Legitimas Projectionis Stereographicae…Asia1744Aunsold
222A New & Accurate Map of Asia, Drawn from the most approved Modern Maps & ChartsAsia1779A150.00
223Terre Sainte Suivant les Nouvelles Observation/La Chine, suivant les Nouvelles ObservationsHoly Land and China1713A300.00
224Perigrinatie oste Veertich-Iarige Reyse der Kinderen IsraelsHoly Land1650A375.00
225Heylige Land verdeeld in de Twaals Stammen Israels…Holy Land1700A+175.00
226Terra Promissa in suas Tribus partesque divisaHoly Land1720A+75.00
227Jerusalem en syn TempelHoly Land1736A1600.00
228De Gelegentheyt van t'Paradys ende t'Landt Canaan, Mitsgaders de eerst Bewoodne Landen…Near and Middle East1650A220.00
229Descriptio Paradisi et Terrae Canaan Regionumque a Patriarchis primum habitatarumMiddle East1720A+160.00
230Imperium Turcicum in Europa, Asia et Africa Regiones Proprias, Tributarias, Clientelares…Near and Middle East1737C350.00
232Natolia, quae olim Asia MinorTurkey1640A+325.00
233A New Map of the Western Parts of Asia Minor Largely taken Shewing their Ancient Divisions, Countries or People, Chiefe Cities, Towns, Rivers Mountains &c.Turkey1704B50.00
235TartariaNorthern Asia1630-36Aunsold
236Carte des parties Nord et est de L'Asie qui comprend les Cotes de la Russie Asiatique le Kamschatka, le Jesso, et les Islans du Japon…Northern Asia and North America1772A+180.00
237Imperii Russici et Tartariae Universae…Russia1739A210.00
238A Map of Chinese-TartaryChina1741A400.00
239Lan-Tcheou ou Lan-Chew dans la Province Chensi…/Can Tcheou ou Kan-Chew dans la Province de Chensi…/Tchin-Ywen-Fou ou Chin-Ywen-Fu dans la Province de Koei-Tcheou ou Quey-ChewChina1752A170.00
240Tabula Asiae XIndia1561A70.00
241A Map of the Mouth of the Ganges in the Bay of Bengal shewing the English Settlements lately Destroyed by the Nabob of the ProvinceIndia1757A+16.00
242A Map of Hindoostan, or the Mogul Empire, form the latest SurveysIndia1792C20.00
243TaprobanaSri Lanka1713A+210.00
244Imperii PersiciSouthwest Asia1714B160.00
245Java MinoreIndonesia1534A150.00
246Tabula Asiae XISouth East Asia1561A200.00
247Insulae Indiae OrientalisSouth East Asia1608A+275.00
248Bassora en de Land schappen Tussen den Eurfat en Tigerstroom, een Gedeelte van Persien de Indiaan ze ZeeSouth Asia and Africa1710A+170.00
249Africae Nova DescriptioAfrica1631-67A3200.00
251Africa Secundum legitimas Projectionis Sterographicae regulas…Africa1737Bunsold
252Africa justa navigationes et observat:…Africa1744A+425.00
254Carta Particolare della Barberia Occidentale che comincia con il capo Gruer e Finisce con il capo MatasNorthwestern Africa1661A650.00
255Carte de l'Egypte de la Nubie de l'AbissinieNortheastern Africa and Arabia1749A375.00
256Partie Orientale d'Afrique ou se trouvent l'Egipte, la Nubie, l'Abissine, et l'Ajan et partie de la Nigritie, du Grand Desert et du Bildulgerid &c. ou se trouvent encore l'Arabie qui fait partie de l'AsieNortheastern Africa and Arabia1705A240.00
257Set of seven mapsNorthern Africa1834-40A150.00
258Abissinorum RegnuCentral Africa1623A110.00
259Abissinorum Sive Pretiosi Ioannis ImperiuCentral Africa1606Bunsold
260Abissinia, doue sono le Fonti del Nilo descritta…Eastern Africa1696A350.00
261Mauritania Nuova TavolaWestern Africa1599A110.00
262Guineae Nova DescriptioWestern Africa1630-36A300.00
263Africa Nuova TavolaSouthern Africa1561B120.00
266Portrayal of the Islands LadronesPhilippines1619A+180.00
267Mode of Drying Fish, Game & Other ProvisionsFlorida1591A375.00
268Beschreibung der Horns InsulSouth America1601-34A325.00
269Hallwell (Bay of QuinteCanada1838A+17.00
270Navy Island (from the Canada side)Canada1842A+unsold
271Lot of four etchingsAmerica1880A+75.00
272Village of Little Falls (Mohawk River)New York1838A+unsold
273New York Bay From the Telegraph StationNew York1839A37.50
274New YorkNew York1839A+40.00
275Barhydt's Lake (Near Saratoga)New York1842A+unsold
276The Exchange and Girard Bank (PhiladelphiaPennsylvania1838A+23.00
277Schuylkill Water WorksPennsylvania1838A27.50
278Upper Ferry Bridge, and Fair Mount Water Works, PhiladelphiaPennsylvania1839A+25.00
279State House, NewportRhode Island1839A+25.00
280Washington's House, Mount VernonVirginia1838A+20.00
281Episcopal Church at Richmond, VirginiaVirginia1839Bunsold
282Vue Generale de la Ville de LondreaLondon England1790A210.00
283Vue de l'Hotel Royal des Gardes du Corps a pied vis a vis la Salle Blanche a manger a LondreaLondon England1790B35.00
284Lincluden College Dumfreies-shireScotland1836A+10.00
286Shrine of the NativityHoly Land1842A210.00
287The Convent of St. Catherine, Mount SinaiHoly Land1844B100.00
288Convent of Saint Catherine, Mount SinaiHoly Land1844Aunsold
289Convent of St. Catherine, with Mount HorebHoly Land1844A+220.00
290Fountain of the Virgin, NazarethHoly Land1844B100.00
291Ascent to the Summit of SinaiHoly Land1844Aunsold
292Bazaar of the Coppersmiths, CairoEgypt1848B170.00
293Side View of the Great SphinxEgypt1846A475.00
294Minaret of the Mosque El RhamreeEgypt1848A160.00
295Tombs of the Memlooks, Cairo, with an Arab FuneralEgypt1849A275.00
296Pl. VBirds1881A+40.00
297Pl XXXIVBirds1881A+30.00
298Pl. XXIBirds1881A+35.00
299Pl. LXXXVIIIBirds1881A+30.00
300Pl. CXIBirds1881A+35.00
301Pl. XXXBirds1881A+55.00
302G. Calmar (Loligo) Plt 1Fish1840A+unsold
303G. Sepioteuthe (Sepioteuthis) Pl. 4Fish1840A+unsold
304Plate 1732Botanical1835A+unsold
305Dendrobium MacrophyllumBotanical1842A+30.00
306Cineraria WebberianaBotanical1842A+unsold
307Fuchsia RadicansBotanical1842A+unsold
308Salvia BicolorBotanical1842A+unsold
309Untitled (peony)Botanical1850A+unsold
310Untitled (lily)Botanical1850A+unsold
311Untitled (orchids)BotanicalJansson1850B40.00
312Untitled (orchid)Botanical1850A+55.00
313Untitled (fuchsia)BotanicalU.S. Government1850A+40.00
315The Magnificent Medinill (Mediniila Magnitica)Botanical1880A+30.00
316The Thyrse-Like Billbergia (Billbergia Thrysoidea)Botanical1880A+30.00
317Vue de la Sorbonne Prise de la CourArchitecture1790A+75.00
318Portrait of a Man of Prince William's Sound/Portrait of a Woman of Prince Williams SoundNative Americans1784-85Aunsold
319Portrait of a Man of Oonalashka/ Portrait of a Woman of OonalashkaNative Americans1784-85Aunsold
320Lipan-WarriorNative Americans1857A+30.00
321DiegenosNative Americans1857A+55.00
322Co-Co-PasNative Americans1857A25.00
323Arenenos (Subtribe of the Papagos)Native Americans1857A+25.00
324Pimo WomenNative Americans1857A+90.00
325Toro-Mucho, Chief of a band of KiowaysNative Americans1857A+30.00
326YumasNative Americans1857A+30.00
327PapagosNative Americans1857A+60.00
328Plate 287 and 288Native American1892A+32.50
329Lot of three printsNative Americans1892A+45.00
330Lot of five printsNative Americans1892A+110.00
331Lot of 5 printsNative Americans1892A+90.00
332Plate VIIINative Americans1903A+150.00
333Plate IINative Americans1903A+180.00
334Plate XXXIVNative Americans1904A+65.00
335Plate LXIXNative Americans1904A+85.00
336Plate XXNative Americans1904A+85.00
337Plate XLIINative Americans1904A+85.00
338Plate LXXVNative Americans1904A+32.50
339Plate XLVINative Americans1904A+32.50
340Plate LXXIVNative Americans1904A+25.00
341Toilettes de Bal costume de Mme. Vignon-ChauvinFashion1862A+15.00
342Chapeaux de Mme Talon [together with] Chapeaux de Mme AubertFashion1863-76A+15.00
343Toilettes de Mme FladryFashion1871A+15.00
344Toilettes de Mme FladryFashion1874A+15.00
345Toilettes de chez Mmes Coussinet et L. PiretFashion1897A+15.00
346Infantry & Musicians 1796-1799Military1890A+unsold
347Lieut.-Gen'l, Major-Gen'l, Brig-Gen'l, Staff, Field & Line Officers 1861-1866Military1890A+25.00
348Brig. General, Line Officers, Enlisted Men (Campaign Dress) 1888Military1890A+42.50
349Campaign Uniform, Filed , Line & Non-Commissioned Officers & Privates 1861-1866Military1890A25.00
350Voltigeur, Infantry, Dragoon, Artillery (Campaign Uniform) 1841-1851Military1890A+unsold
351Miscellaneous Organizations, Continental Army 1776-1779Military1890Aunsold
352Regimental Officers, Engineer, Cadet (1816-1821Military1890A+unsold
353Artillery, Infantry, Dragoon (Full Dress) 1835-1850Military1890A+unsold
354Zee -Slagh Tusschen de Hr. Admiraal Micheil de Ruiter en de Hr. Prins Robbert en Graaf de Estree…1673Ships1700A+700.00
355Music SheetMusic Sheet1350A+325.00
356Music SheetMusic Sheet1350A+180.00
357Music SheetMusic Sheet1350A+140.00
358Music SheetMusic Sheet1550A+95.00
359Music SheetMusic Sheet1550A+90.00
360ReconciliationePrinted leaf1520A+80.00
361De benedictionePrinted leaf1520A+unsold
362De confedratione electi inepmPrinted Leaf1520Aunsold
363Illuminated leafIlluminated leaf1526A190.00
364Illuminated leafIlluminated leaf1526A+unsold
365Illiminated leafIlluminated leaf1526A+150.00
366Illuminated leafIlluminated leaf1526A+90.00
370A Letter of CreditCalligraphy1738A+55.00
371The Lord's Prayer and Ten CommandmentsReligion1883B95.00
372Atlas of Bergen County New JerseyAtlas1876B400.00
373Encyclopeaedia Metropolitana or Universal Dictionary of KnowledgeEncyclopedia - maps and plates1845Bunsold
374Notes of a Military Reconnaissance, from Fort Leavenworth, in Missouri, to San Diego, in California including parts of the Arkansas, Del Norte, and Gila RiversExploration1848B110.00
375United States Coast and Geodetic Survey - Report 1878Coast Survey1881A230.00
376London GuideGuide Book1884Aunsold
377Old Maps of the Land of Israel, Exhibition Haifa Municipality [together with] Choice of Illustrations from Yaakov Aviel's Collection of Holy Land, auctioned on 19th July 1984Cartographic ReferenceB42.50
378Maps and the Columbian Encounter [together with] La Salle Tricentennial 1687-1987Cartographic ReferenceA14.00
379Virginia CartographyCartographic Reference1896B10.00
380The Mapmakers Art - An Essay on the History of MapsCartographic Reference1953A+42.50
381Tudor Geography 1485-1583 [together with] Late Tudor and Early Stuart Geography 1583-1650Cartographic Reference1968A55.00
382Antique Maps & Their CartographersCartographic Reference1970A55.00
383Joan Blaeu and his Grand Atlas - Introduction to the Facsimile Edition of Le Grand Atlas, 1663Cartographic Reference1970A55.00
384MappingCartographic Reference1971A20.00
385Guide to the History of Cartography - An Annotated List of Reference on the History of Maps and MapmakingCartographic Reference1973B32.50
386Willem Jansz. Blaeu - A Biography and History of his Work as a Cartographer and PublisherCartographic Reference1973A60.00
387Maps and Charts Published in America Before 1800 - A BibliographyCartographic Reference1978A+100.00
388Cartographic CuriositiesCartographic Reference1978A25.00
389The Northpart of AmericaCartographic Reference1979A+300.00
390Understanding Maps - A Systematic History of the Use and DevelopmentCartographic Reference1981A+60.00
391The Maps of CanadaCartographic Reference1981A+42.50
392Lost Islands - The Story of Island that have Vanished from Nautical ChartsCartographic Reference1984A+42.50
393The Map Collector - Issued 21-30Cartographic Reference1982-85A150.00
394The Map Collector - Issues 31-40Cartographic Reference1985-87B130.00
395The Map Collector - Issues 41-47 and 49-50Cartographic Reference1988-90A+110.00
396The Map Collector - Issues 61-70Cartographic Reference1992-95A+120.00
397Glimpses of History from Old MapsCartographic Reference1989A+30.00
398From Circle to Sphere: Historic Maps Since ColumbusCartographic Reference1992A17.00
399Phillips' Maps and Atlases of WWICartographic Reference1995A+37.50