Index of Lots for Auction 90

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Lot #TitleSubjectCreatorPeriodConditionSold For
1Americae RetectioTitle Page1598Bunsold
2Nieuwe Archontologia CosmicaTitle Page1638A160.00
3Atlas Minor Gerardi MercatorisTitle Page1650A150.00
4Atlas Historique Tome IVTitle Page1705A240.00
5Atlas HistoriqueTitle Page1716-22A180.00
6Neuer Atlas von XXIX Haupkarten…Title Page1720A325.00
7Gedrukt tot Amlterdam by Ioannes van KeulenFrontispiece1732A240.00
8Atlas MinorTitle Page1760B100.00
9Typus Orbis TerrarumWorld1587A5500.00
10Die erst General Tafel die Beschreibung…World1588B1100.00
11Orbus Terrarum Typus de Integro Multis in Locis EmendatusWorld1620A+4750.00
12Orbis Terrarum Typus de Integro in Plurimis Emendatus Auctus et Icunculis IllustratusWorld1657A2400.00
13A Map of all the Earth And how after the Flood it was Divided among the Sons of NoahWorld1685A+2300.00
14Globi Terrestris Hemisphaerium Superius/Globi Terrrestris Heimsphaerium InferiusWorld1692Bunsold
15Typus Totius Orbis Terraquei Geographice Delineatus, et ad usum Globo Materiali SuperinducendusWorld1700A+unsold
16Mappe-Monde ou Carte Generale du Globe Terrestre Representee en deux Plan HemispheresWorld1700A+unsold
17Repraesentatio Geographica Iteneris Maritimi Navis Victoriae…World1700A850.00
18Repraesentatio Totius Orbis Terraquei Cuius Partes, Quae Umbra Carent, Fide Catholica Imbutae sunt, Reliquae Omnes Inumbratae Religionis Catholicae Expertes suntWorld1700A+1300.00
19Plan de l'Histoire universelle oulon voit les quatre Monarchies du Monde, et tous les Ancient Etats aussi bien que ceux qui subsistent aujourdhuyWorld1705A+325.00
20Werelt CaertWorld1716A+1700.00
21Carta Hydrographica oder Algemeine Welt und Commercien CarteWorld1720A+550.00
22Set of four maps - Europa Poly-Glotta…/Asia Poly Glotta…/Africa Poly Glotta…/America cum Suplementis Poly-GlottisContinents1720B200.00
23Der Gantze West Krets in Seinen Zwey Grossen BegrissenWorld1720A+275.00
24Planiglobii Terrestris Cum Utroq Hemisphaerio Caelesti Generalis RepraesentatioWorld1730A2000.00
25A New Map of the World according to the New ObservationsWorld1740A+650.00
26Mappe Monde suivant la projection des cartes reduitesWorld1778A+250.00
27Mappe-Monde ou Description du Globe Terrestre, Assujettie aux Observations AstronomiquesWorld1782A600.00
28Le Globe Terrestre vu en convexe par les deux Poles, L'Equateur servant d'horizonWorld1787A325.00
29Mappemonde a l'usage de l'inst. Par Guillaume Delisle et Philippe BuacheWorld1792A850.00
30Mappe-Monde en deux HemisphereaWorld1800A210.00
31Mappe-Mondes sur Diverses ProjectionsWorld1805A+650.00
32Karte der Vrde nach ibrer oestlich, westlich, noerdlich und sudlichen Halbrugel…World1816Aunsold
33Mercator's ChartWorld1823A+190.00
34Mappe-Monde ou Carte Generale du Globe TerrestreWorld1828A250.00
35Ancien Hemisphere / Nouvel HemisphereWorld1830B37.50
36Set of six maps making up the WorldWorld1848Aunsold
37A New Map of the World on the Globular ProjectionWorld1850A75.00
39The WorldWorld1897B16.00
40Die Eigentliche und Warhafftige Gestalt der Erden und des Meers. Cosmographia UniversalisAncient World1581B900.00
41Orbis Terrarum Veteribus Cogniti Typus GeographicusAncient World1650A+1200.00
42Tabula Iteneraria ex illustri Peutingerorum BibliothecaAncient WorldJansson1660A+1700.00
43Orbis Veteris Descriptio, seu Ptolemaei TypusAncient World1713A+350.00
44Nieuwe Kaart van de Noord PoolNorth Pole1735A275.00
45A Physical Planisphere wherein are represented all the known Lands and Seas in the Great Chains of Mountains w'ch traverse the Globe, from the North Pole adapted to Mons. Buache's MemoireNorth Pole1757C40.00
46Region Around the North PoleNorth Pole1897A10.00
47Mirabissian Sulphureorum Motium Apud Puteofus…Cartographic curiosity1575A550.00
48Tableau Analytique des differentes positions de la Sphere, des differens systemes, des revolutions et des distances des Planetes, &c.Cartographic Miscellany1794A+500.00
49Tabula Anemographica seu Pyxis NavticaWind Compass1650A2300.00
50Lot of nine engravingsAstronomy1776-7A300.00
51Circumjacent the North Pole [together with] Circumjacent the South PoleCelestial1831A+180.00
52Tableua du Ciel Astrologique des Anciens…Celestial1840A300.00
53Set of three chartsCelestial1860A170.00
54Das Sonnensystem neu bearbeitet vonSolar System1871A+170.00
55Globe Terrestris ad Sphaeram obliquam delineatus/Globe Coelestis cum Astrodietico artificiali iunetusGlobe engravings1774Aunsold
56UntitledWestern Hemisphere1545Aunsold
57La Table des Isles Neufes, les quelles on appelle Isles d'Occident & d' Indie pour diuers regardzWestern Hemisphere1552-55A+3750.00
58Universale Della Parte del Mondo Nuovamente RitrovataWestern Hemisphere1565B1700.00
59America Noviter DelineataWestern Hemisphere1638B750.00
60Mappa Fluxus et reflxurationes in Isthmus America no in freto Magellanico, caeteris que Americae littoribus exhibensWestern Hemisphere1670A750.00
61Der Neuen West Begriff Bestehende in 2 Haubt Theilen als Nord America und Sud AmericaWestern Hemisphere1700A+275.00
62Totius Americae Septentrionales et Meridionalis Novissima RepresentatioWestern Hemisphere1730B850.00
63Carte d'Amerique Dressee pour l'usage de RoyWestern Hemisphere1780A550.00
64America nach der zweyten AusgabeWestern Hemisphere1796Bunsold
65Amerique SeptentrionaleWestern Hemisphere1840A+425.00
66Nouveau Mexique, Louisiane, Canada, et Nlle AngleterreNorth America1766A500.00
67Partie de la Carte du Capitaine Cluny...a Londres en 1769North America1769A+140.00
68Field & Company Officers - Infantry. [Full Dress]Ogden, H. A.1890230.00
69Carte de la Californie et des Pays Nord-Ouest separes de l'Asie per le detroit d'AnianNorth America, western1772A+300.00
70A General Chart of the Island of Newfoundland with the Rocks and Soundings Drawn from Surveys taken by Order of the Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty by James Cook and Michael Lane Surveyors and OthersCanada1775-78B475.00
71British North AmericaCanada1834A110.00
72L'Acadia Provincie de Sagadahook e Main, la Nuova Hamshired, la Rhode Island, e Parte di Massachusset e ConnecticutEastern Canada and United States1778-9A200.00
73Polar Regions Showing the Recent Discoveries.Canada and United States1836A37.50
74An Accurate Map of Canada, with the Adjacent Countries Exhibiting the late Seat of War between the English & French in those PartsColonial Canada and United States1761B425.00
75Charte von dem Engellaendischen u Franzoesischen Bestizungen in Nord AmericaColonial Canada and United States1760A550.00
76Canada ou Nouvelle France suivant les Nouvelles ObservationsColonial Canada and United States1714A350.00
77Zee en Land-Togten der Franszen Gedaan na, en in't Americaans Gewest van Florida, aller-eerst door Ioh. Pontius ontdektColonial United States1714A+700.00
78Land en Volk-Ontdekking int Noorder gedeelte van America, door P. Marquette en JolietColonial United States1729A+1200.00
79New England, New York, New Jersey and PensilvaniaColonial United States1745A425.00
80Karte von den Kusten des Franzosischen FloridaColonial United States1755B180.00
81Carte De La Caroline et GeorgieColonial United States1757A+400.00
82Baye et Port d'York, Capitale de la Nouvelle YorkColonial United States1757A325.00
83A Map of Part of West Florida, from Pensacola to the Mouth of the Iberville River, with a View to shew the proper Spot for a Settlement on the MississipiColonial United States1772A+130.00
84Carte de la Partie Nord, des Etats Unis, de l'Amerique SeptentrionaleColonial United States1780A+150.00
85Various Plans and Draughts of Cities, Towns, Harbours &c. drawn from the latest AuthoritiesColonial United States1782A230.00
86Kaart van het Land van Rariton Rivier in Oost Jerseij tot Elk Head in Marijland…Colonial United States1807A150.00
87Carte des Provinces Septles. Des Etats-UnisColonial United States1807A190.00
88Mitchell's National Map of the American Republic or United States of North America Together with maps of the vicinity of thirty-two of the principal cities & towns in the UnionUnited States1850B750.00
89Artillery: Infantry: Rifle: Dragoon: Cadet: [1813-1816]Ogden, H. A.1890325.00
90Die Vereinigten Staaten von Nord America nebst CanadaUnited States1880A+15.00
91A Map of the United States of North America Drawn from a number of Critical ReserchesEastern United States1802-08A6000.00
92United States of AmericaUnited States, eastern1795A250.00
93Die Verenigten Staaten von Nordamerika (Ostlicher Theil)Eastern United States1870A220.00
94Map of the Southwestern and part of the Western StatesUnited States, south-central1844B50.00
95County Map of North Carolina/…South Carolina/…FloridaUnited States, southern1860A25.00
96Khaki Field Uniform for Enlisted MenOgden, H. A.1890250.00
97UntitledCentral United States1790A+800.00
98North America Sheet X Parts of Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, and ArkansasUnited States, central1833A75.00
99Non Commissioned Officers, Etc. - Staff Corps & Engineers. [Full Dress]Ogden, H. A.1890130.00
100Map of Oregon and Upper California From the Surveys of John Charles FremontWestern United States1848C475.00
101Major General, Officer of the Staff Corps and Departments, General Staff and Line. [Full Dress, Dismounted - Mounted]Ogden, H. A.1890425.00
102Non-Commissioned Officers, Line and Signal Corps. [Olive Drab Service Uniform]Ogden, H. A.1890325.00
103Outline Map of the Field of Operations Against Hostile Chircahua IndiansSouthwestern United States1886A+400.00
104Winter Uniforms - Officers and Enlisted MenOgden, H. A.1890230.00
105Preliminary Chart of the Entrance to San Francisco BayCalifornia1856A275.00
106Petaluma and Napa Creeks, CaliforniaCalifornia1861A130.00
107[Lot of 7 Prints]MilitaryOgden, H. A.1885-1908A600.00
110Plan de la Baye de Pensacola dans la FlorideFlorida1757A150.00
111Gray's New Map of GeorgiaGeorgia1877A+47.50
112Kaart van de Sandwich EilandenHawaii1820A190.00
113Coast Artillery - Enlisted Men - [Full Dress]Ogden, H. A.1890100.00
114State of IdahoIdaho1863A+180.00
115County Map of Kentucky and TennesseeKentucky and Tennessee1867A+40.00
116Grondvlakte van Nieuw Orleans, de Hoosdstad van Louisiana/De Uitloop van de Rivier Missisippi/De oostelyke Ingang van de Missisippi, met een Plan van het Fort, 't Welkheit Kanaal BeheerschtLouisiana1763A550.00
117County Map of the State of MaineMaine1860A+42.50
119Massachusetts Yarmouth SheetMassachusetts1887A+47.50
120Massachusetts Falmouth SheetMassachusetts1887A37.50
121Massachusetts Barstable SheetMassachusetts1887A37.50
122Massachusetts Duxbury SheetMassachusetts1887A55.00
123County Map of MinnesotaMinnesota1867A75.00
124Infantry: ArtilleryOgden, H. A.1890160.00
125Amer. Sep. Partie des Etats-Unis No. 39Montana1825A+500.00
126New JerseyNew Jersey1804B75.00
127New YorkNew York1804A100.00
128A New Map of the City of New York Comprising all the late Improvements, Compiled and Corrected from Authentic DocumentsNew York1827B450.00
129A Geological Map of Long Island and Staten Islands with the Environs of New YorkNew York1842A375.00
130Map of Tompkins County New York From Actual Surveys by L. FaganNew York1853C120.00
131Map of Wyoming County New York From Actual Surveys by P.T. Borwn SurveyorNew York1853Cunsold
132Map Showing the Territory Originally Assigned to the Cherokee "Nation of Indians" West of the Mississippi, also the Boundaries of the Territory now Occupied or Owned by ThemOklahoma1884A100.00
133Koos Bay, OregonOregon1853A+30.00
134Officers & Enlisted Men - Field Artillery. [Full Dress, Mounted - Dismounted]MilitaryOgden, H. A.189095.00
136Johnson's Pennsylvania and New JerseyPennsylvania and New Jersey1864B42.50
137Preliminary Chart of Galveston Bay TexasTexas1855A90.00
138Engineer, Foot-Rifles, Dragoon. [Musician], Light Artillery, InfantryOgden, H. A.1890150.00
141Enlisted Men, Infantry. [Full Dress]Ogden, H. A.1890110.00
142[Lot of 9 Prints]MilitaryOgden, H. A.1902A120.00
143Major General, Chief Signal Officer, Staff & Line Officers. [Full Dress, Dismounted - Mounted]Ogden, H. A.1890180.00
144Infantry: ArtilleryOgden, H. A.1890140.00
145Hispaniae Novae sivae Magnae, Recens et Vera DescriptoMexicoOrtelius, Abraham1579A+950.00
146De Stad Vera Cruz in Nieuw SpanjeMexico1760A+70.00
147Plan of the Battle of Buena VistaMexico1847A+160.00
148Mappa Aestivarum Insularum Allias Barmudas DictarumBermuda1630-36A850.00
149Pas kaart Van de Zuyd kust van Cuba en van Geheel Yamaica…Cuba & Jamaica1680A700.00
150The Island of Jamaica Divided into its Principal Parishes with the Roads &c.Jamaica1730A160.00
151Nova Designatio Insulae Jamaicae ex Antillanis Americae Septentrion…Jamaica1740A+550.00
152An Accurate Map of the West Indies Exhibiting not only all the Islands posses'd by the English, French, Spaniards & Dutch, but also all the Towns and Settlements on the Continent of America Adjacent theretoCaribbean1740A+220.00
153Carte de l'Isle de la BarbadeCaribbean1758A85.00
154Carte de de l'Isle St. ChristopheCaribbean1758A65.00
155Carte de l'Isle de la GrenadeCaribbean1758A80.00
156Carte de l'Isle de Sainte LucieCaribbean1758A+110.00
157Karte von der Insel MartiniqueCaribbean1758Aunsold
158Di Spanisch u. Franzosische Insel San Domingo in AmericaHaiti1760B120.00
159A Map of the Island of Dominica taken from an actual Survey, also part of Martinico & Guadalupe shewing their true bearing & distance from each otherCaribbean1778B90.00
160A Map of the Island of Tobago, Drawn from an Actual SurveyCaribbean1779B80.00
161Carte de l'Isle de la JamaiqueCaribbean1780A160.00
162Isle de la Martinique/Isles de la GuadeloupeCaribbean1787-88B65.00
163Map of the Island of St. VincentCaribbean1794A65.00
164Porto RicoCaribbean1823A+100.00
165Carte Particulare Des Iles Antilles Ou Des Indies OccidentalesCaribbean1828B110.00
166Map of the West Indies Guatemala, and part of Mexico / Map of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia / Map of NewfoundlandCaribbean1844B9.00
167Map of South AmericaSouth America1844B19.00
168Johnson's South AmericaSouth America1863Cunsold
169Guiana sive Amazonum RegioSouth America, northern1630A+650.00
171Sinus Omnium SanctoruBrazil1649A190.00
172Chili et Patagonum RegioSouth America, southern1598A100.00
173Paskaarte yan't zuydelyckste Deel van America, van Cabo St. Anonio, tot Caep de Hoorn en de inde Auyd-zee, tot B. de TongoySouth America, southernDoncker, Henrick1660B900.00
174Plan de la Baye du Bon Succes dan le Detroit de le Maire/Carte de la partie S.E. de la Terre de Feu comprenant le Detroit de le Maire et une partie de la Terre des Etats, par le Leint. J. Cook 1769South America, southern1770A+130.00
175Insulae Promontorii Viridis, Hispanis Issas de Cabo Verde, Belgis de Soute EylandenAtlantic1673A210.00
176Paskaart van de Cust van Portugal, Barbaria, en Genehoa…Atlantic1685A500.00
177Scheepstogt na d'Africaanze Kusten van Congo eu Angola tot agter om beoosten Caap de Bonne EsperanceSouth Atlantic1713A+200.00
178A General Chart of the Western OceanAtlantic1715B425.00
179Islands in the AtlanticAtlantic1836A+55.00
180UntitledEastern Hemisphere1545Aunsold
181Der Alte West Begriff Bestehende in 3 Haubt Theilen als Africa, Europe, AsiaEastern Hemisphere1700A+170.00
182Moderna Europae DescriptioEurope1575A550.00
184A New & Correct Chart of EuropeEurope1756A30.00
185Map of EuropeEurope1844C25.00
186A Map of EuropeEurope1852A200.00
187Tabula Nova in qua accurate demonstratur tota Navigation ab Amsterlodami statione per Vada vulgo de Watter HamburgumNorthern Europe1680A230.00
188Britannicae Insulae in quibus Albion seu Britannia Major et Ivernia seu Britannia Minor…Britain1750A+200.00
189A Correct Chart of the Irish Sea, &c. exhibiting a View of the several Islands & Bays lately touch'd at by M. Thurot, in his Attempt upon IrelandBritain1760A42.50
190Map of the British IslesBritain1844B8.00
191Angliae Regni Florentissimi Nova Descriptio Auctore Humfredo Lhuyd Denbygiense 1573England1598A1800.00
194Devoniae DescriptioEngland1651A+130.00
195A Plan of the Navigable Canal, now making from the City of Coventry, to Communicate with the Grand Canal upon Fradley Heath in the County of Stafford, Survey'd in 1767England1771A+15.00
196Set of maps - England I, II, III, IV, and VEngland1830-31B75.00
197The Environs of LondonEngland1855A+55.00
198Reynold's Cyclists' Map of the Environs of LondonEngland1875B40.00
199Reynolds' Map of London with the Recent Improvements 1878. Divided into Quarter Mile Sections for Measuring DistancesEngland1878B140.00
200New Plan of LondonEngland1895A42.50
201Northumbr. Cumberladia Dunelm. EpilcopEngland and Scotland1623A+140.00
202Scotland from the best AuthoritiesScotland1806B15.00
205Ultonia OrientalIreland1623A110.00
207A Map of IrelandIreland1852A+120.00
208Denmark and Part of NorwayScandinavia1826A0.00
209Sweden, Norway and DenmarkScandinavia1841A+unsold
210The Southern Provinces of SwedenSweden1833A0.00
211Map of the Several Countries thro which the Russians are to pass in their March to PrussiaBaltic1757B15.00
213Transisalania Provincia; Vulgo Over-ysselThe Netherlands1660B170.00
214Le Duche de ClevesThe Netherlands and Germany1675A+180.00
215Brabantiae pars Orientalis ContinensNetherlands1675A170.00
216Ducatus Lutzenburgi Novissima et accuratissima DelineatioBelgium and Luxembourg1680A350.00
217Comitatus Hannoniae et Archeipiscopatus Cameracensis TablulaBelgium and France1696A+140.00
218Burgundiae Inferioris quae Ducatus Nomine Censetur Des. 1584FranceOrtelius, Abraham1584A+475.00
219L'Isle de France - Parisiensis Agri Descrip.FranceOrtelius, Abraham1598A700.00
220Touraine Turonensis Ducatus et Confinium Galliae Celticae DescriptioFrance1601-09A+375.00
221Lorraine vers le MidyFrance1630A110.00
222Artesia Descriptio I. Surhonio Monensi AuctoreFrance1630A120.00
223Britannia Ducatus - Duche de BretaigneFrance1642A150.00
224Nova et accurata Descriptio Delphinatus vulgo DauphineFrance1651A+160.00
225Comitatus sive Liberae Burgundiae Nova Tablula Vulgo dicta La Franche Comte…France1680A200.00
226Partie Orientale du Gouvernement General de la Guienne ou se trouvent le Quercy et le RouergueFrance1753A110.00
227A Draught of the Road and Harbour of Brest with the Adjacent CoastFrance1757A+55.00
228The Road of Toulon with the Adjacent CountryFrance1759B35.00
229Plan of Dunkirk, with The Canal of Mardick, as they were in 1757France1763A47.50
230France in ProvincesFrance1814A130.00
231The Environs of ParisFrance1832B32.50
233Colton's FranceFrance1855A+37.50
234Carte administrative et physique de la FranceFrance1865A40.00
235Plan de Paris a l'Echelle de 2 Millim pour 25 MetresFrance1872A220.00
236Valesiae Charta Prior et VI Nova TabulaSwitzerland1545A+180.00
237Von der Statt Zurich…Switzerland1580A85.00
238Von der Statt LucernSwitzerland1580A50.00
240Serenissimo, Celsissimo ac Invictissimo...Pomeraniae Ducatus…Poland and Germany1660A160.00
241Nigra Sylva XI Nova TabulaGermany1545A+210.00
242Secunda Rheni et IX Nova TabulaGermany1545A+200.00
243Frackfordiae ad Oderam imago quam misit eiusdem ciuitatis prudentiss SenatusGermany1550A160.00
244A Map of Bohemia, Moravia, Selesia, Lussatia with great part of Saxony & Brandenburg Shewing the Present Seal of War in GermanyGermany1756B37.50
245A Map of Upper Saxony Comprehending that Part of Germany which is the Present Seat of WarGermany1757A27.50
246Map of that Part of Hannover where the late Battle between the Duke of Cumberland and Marshal D'Etrees was fought July 25-26-27Germany1757B25.00
247A Map of Part of Brandenburg, including Berlin, and the Country Pillaged by the RussiansGermany1760A20.00
248Tabula Russiae… Alias Dicta MoscoviaRussia1640A+500.00
249Nova Zemla Waygats, Gretum Nassovicum, et Terra Samoiedum…Russia1650A+350.00
250A New & Accurate Map of Moscovy, or Russia in EuropeRussia1747A+85.00
251Austriae Ducatus Chorographia, Wolf Gango Lazio AuctoreAustria1570-74Aunsold
252ComorraHungary and Slovakia1595A550.00
253Sclavonia, Croatia, Bosnia cum Dalmatiae ParteBalkans1636A230.00
254Griekenland, Macedonie, Thracie, Illyrikum enz.Balkans1720A120.00
255Peloponesus hodie Moreae Regnum in Omnes suas Provincias Veteres et Hodiernas accurate divisumGreece1730B160.00
257Latium, sev Territorium RomaeItaly1630A90.00
258Italy According to the Newest ObservationsItaly1730A85.00
260Spain and PortugalSpain and Portugal1838B27.50
261Carpetaniae Partis Descr. 1584/Guipuscoae Regionis Typus/Hanc Insulam Perlustrabat…SpainOrtelius, Abraham1584A425.00
262Regnum PortugalliaePortugal1736A250.00
263Tabula Europae VIIMediterranean1630A65.00
264Die Laender Asie Nach Ihrer Gelegenheit Bisz in Indian Werden in Diser Tafeln VerzeichnetAsia1544-72A800.00
265Asia Partiu Orbis MaximaAsia1598A+800.00
266L'Asie Suivant les Nouvelles Decouvertes don’t les Point Principaux Sount Placez sur les Obervations de Mrs. De l'Academie Royale des SciencesAsia1717A350.00
267Carte de l'AsieAsia1832A100.00
268Map of AsiaAsia1844B25.00
270Armeniae Maioris Nova Discriptio de Gelegentheyt van 't Paradys ende t'Lant Canaan mitschaders de eerst…Near and Middle East1646A400.00
271Beschryvinge van den Oorsprong der Volkeren, Uit de drie Sonen van Noah na den Sondvloed, en voorts vande Reysen der eerste Vanderen in CanaanNear and Middle East1702A+300.00
272De Gelegentheyt Van't Paradys en 't Landt CanaanNear and Middle East1718A170.00
274Natolia Nuova TavolaTurkey1561B85.00
275Klein AsieTurkey1720A65.00
276Abrahami Patriarchae Peregrinatio, et vita, Abrahamo Ortelio Antverpiano auctoreHoly Land1601-12A+2750.00
277De Heylige en Wytvermaerde Stadt Ierusalem, eerst Genaemt SalemHoly Land1643A325.00
278Terrae Canaan nova discriptioHoly Land1646A+275.00
279Afbeeldenge van de Veertich-Laarige Reyse der Kinderen IsraelsHoly Land1718A180.00
280Het Beloofde Landt Canaan door wandelt van onsen Salichmaecker Iesu Christo nessens syne ApoltelenHoly Land1729A+160.00
281Typus Aethologicus IIMiddle East and Central Asia1730B120.00
282A New & Accurate Map of the Whole Russian EmpireRussia1750Cunsold
283A Map of the Empire of Russia, with Northern TartaryRussia1775Cunsold
284Russie Europeenne et AsiatiqueRussia1863B25.00
285ChinaChina, Korea and Japan1620A+650.00
286Empire de la Chine, Rme. De Coree et Isles du JaponChina, Korea and Japan1780B120.00
287Les Isles du IaponJapan1652A+500.00
288Empire of JapanJapan1843A+37.50
289NJ53 Kanazawa/NJ54 SendaiJapan1943A+65.00
290Tabula Asiae XIISri Lanka1550A+850.00
291India proper or the Empire of the Great MogulIndia1740A100.00
292Set of twelve mapsIndia1831-35A+120.00
293Het Oosten, Arabie, Persie, Indie enz.South Asia1720A75.00
294Carte de L'Ocean Oriental ou Mer des IndesIndian Ocean1747A+190.00
295A Map of the East India Islands, agreeable to the most approved Maps and ChartsSoutheast Asia1770A+325.00
296Africae Tabula NovaAfrica1570B1500.00
297Nova Descriptio AfricaeAfrica1637B425.00
298Africae Accurata Tabula ex officina Nic. VisscherAfrica1690A1000.00
299Charte von AfricaAfrica1797A550.00
300Map of Africa From the Latest AuthoritiesAfrica1850A50.00
301Sketch of a Route from River Chobe to Loando; Performed by the Rev. Dr. Livingston 1853-4Africa1855A+90.00
302Johnson's AfricaAfrica1864C27.50
303Egipte, Libye, Marmarika en CyrenaikaNorthern Africa1720A+75.00
304A New and Correct Map of the Empire of MoroccoNorthern Africa1770C45.00
305Le Royaume d'Adel: les Cotes d'Ajan et de ZanguebarEastern Africa1787A42.50
306GuineaWestern Africa1623A+180.00
307Guinee, Grand Pays de L'Afrique avec toutes ses Cotes, Havres et Rivieres, suivant les Memoires les plus recens des Voyageurs…Western Africa1720A210.00
308Carte de la Guinee [together with] untitled mapWestern Africa1771A55.00
309Abyssionorum sive Magni Regis Davidis, quem Vulgo Presbyterum Joannem Vocant ImperiumCentral Africa1600Bunsold
310Abissino Rumsiue, Pretiosi Ioannis ImperiumCentral Africa1630-36A220.00
311Maris PacificiPacificOrtelius, Abraham1595A+6500.00
312Map of Oceanica Exhibiting its Various Divisions, Island Groups, &c.Oceanica1867A37.50
313The Islands of New ZealandNew Zealand1844A+160.00
314Lot of 38 printsEastern United States1880A+180.00
315View of Trenton House, BostonMassachusetts1846A0.00
316View of the Ruins of Fort TiconderogaNew York1837C10.00
317Set of 10 engravingsNew York1877-82A80.00
318Lot of 30 printsSouthern United States1880A+220.00
319Das die Udelspersonen und andere in Virginia…Virginia1592A180.00
320Wie der Konig Outina durch Hulsse der Fransosen…Florida1592A180.00
321Lot of 21 printsCentral United States1880A+120.00
322Lot of 42 wood engravingsWestern United States1880A300.00
323Der Yncas verheirathung der Prinzen von gebliiteSouth America1665A80.00
324Lot of ten engravingsBritain1850A30.00
325Een Walvish, Lang 70 voeten, gestrandt op de Hollandtse zee-kust tusschen Schevelingen en Katwyk in Sprokkelmaandt, 1598The Netherlands1650A+475.00
326Vue de petit Voorhout une des promenade de la Haye prise du cote du pont du CoucampThe Netherlands1790B75.00
327UntitledSoutheast Asia1599A+75.00
328Ceremonie Nuptiale du Japon/Ceremonie Funebre du JaponJapan1665A40.00
329JerichoHoly Land1860A+37.50
330Pool of BethesdaHoly Land1860A+25.00
331Lot of 19 engravingsMiddle East1836-40B150.00
332Pl. IIBirds1881A+50.00
333Pl. LVBirds1881A+45.00
334Pl. XXVIIBirds1881A+47.50
336Pl XCVIBirds1881A+40.00
337Pl XIVBirds1881A+40.00
338Pl. XXIIBirds1881A+42.50
339Pl. XXXBirds1881A+45.00
340Pl. XBirds1881A+120.00
341Senchus SeraceusBotanical1780A35.00
343Lot of 10 engravingsBotanicals1857-61A+65.00
344Lot of twelve printsNative Americans1891A+210.00
345Sia Masks, Plate XXXI and XXXIINative Americans1894A+unsold
346Set of five platesNative Americans1894A+50.00
347Plates CLXV and CLXIVNative Americans1898A+50.00
348Plates CXXIV and CXXVINative Americans1898A+40.00
349Plates CXXXVI and CXLVNative Americans1898A+75.00
350Plate LIIINative Americans1903A+50.00
351Plate LVIINative Americans1903A+40.00
352Plate LXNative Americans1903A+40.00
353Plate LXINative Americans1903A40.00
354Plate VNative Americans1903A+60.00
355Plate XLIINative Americans1903A+40.00
356Swiss GuardsMilitary1752A85.00
357Horse GuardsMilitary1752A210.00
358Art MilitaireMilitary1776-7A25.00
359Set of four printsCivil War1890A+110.00
360A Gallant Deed of ArmsCivil War1890A+37.50
361Lot of WWI postersWWI Posters1915A+unsold
362William PennPolitics1840B0.00
363Il Presidente Roosevelt …Politics1903A32.50
364L'Amerique et le Peril JaunePolitics1908B0.00
365Un den guntigen GeferReligion1592A180.00
366Rebecca descendit ad fontem, occurrit ei servus Abraham, et protulit ei inaures aureas et armillasReligion1677A325.00
367Set of five printsReligion1888A+25.00
368De Zeeslagh der Noordt Hollanders tegens den Graef van Bossu, op den 11 en 12 van October in den Jaere, 1575Ships1650A800.00
369Blason ou Art HeraldiqueHeraldry1776-7B55.00
370Lot of six engravingsMiscellaneous1776-77A120.00
371Lot of three etchingsMiscellaneous1861A+30.00
372Set of six printsAmerican Genre1867-77A+unsold
373Lot of three printsAmerican Genre1904A+47.50
374Manuscript Music SheetMusic1350A+110.00
375Manuscript Music SheetMusic1350A+120.00
376Manuscript Music SheetMusic1350A+190.00
377Manuscript Music SheetMusic1350A+240.00
378Manuscript Music SheetMusic1350A+180.00
379Manuscript Music SheetMusic1550A+210.00
380Manuscript Music SheetMusic1550A75.00
381Manuscript Music SheetMusic Sheet1700A110.00
382Illuminated manuscript leaf**Book of Hours header1480A110.00
383Illuminated Manuscript leafBook of Hours 1480A210.00
384CXXVIIPrinted leaf1507A+60.00
385Printed Book of Hours leafBook of Hours1526A275.00
386Printed Book of Hours leafBokk of Hours1526A130.00
387Printed Book of Hours leafBook of Hours1526A+160.00
388Illuminated printed leafIlluminated printed leaf1547A+95.00
389Liber IIIPrinted Leaf1568A+65.00
390Printed LeafPrinted Leaf1582A+47.50
391Manuscript leafManuscript leaf1840B12.00
392Illuminated Koran leafIlluminated leaves1850Aunsold
398Confederate BondStocks and Bonds1861A170.00
399Confederate BondStocks and Bonds1861B110.00
400Pair of Railroad Gold BondsStocks and Bonds1893-97A+140.00
401Pair of Railway BondsStocks and Bonds1915-31B32.50
402Drosera, or Indian Sovereign Remedy for Palpitation of the HeartAdvertisement1870A25.00
403A Complete Historical, Chronological , and Geographical American AtlasAtlas1827A7500.00
404Mitchell's New General AtlasAtlas1865A1600.00
405Johnson's New Illustrated Family Atlas of the WorldAtlas1868C850.00
406Portland, Oregon The Evening Telegram Handy Atlas of the WorldAtlas1908A+50.00
407L'Usage des Globes Celeste et Terrestre, et des Spheres suivant les Differens Systemes du MondeGeography1728B800.00
408A System of Modern Geography, comprising a description of the present state of the World, and its five great divisions, America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceanica, with their several Empires, Kingdoms, States and Territories, etc.Geography1847B25.00
409The Earth and Man: Lectures on Comparative Physical Geography, in its Relation to the History of MankindGeography1853A20.00
410Geography on the Productive System for Schools, Academies, and FamiliesGeography1856B15.00
411North AmericaGeography1883A180.00
412Our World or First Lesson in Geography for ChildrenGeography1887A27.50
413The Elements of Physical Geography for the use of Schools, Academies, and CollegesGeography1891Bunsold
414The Rand-McNally Elementary GeographyGeography1897A25.00
415The Elements of Physical Geography for the use of Schools, Academies, and CollegesGeography1901Aunsold
416De Trotsmoedige Scheeps-Togt van Sebastiaan GabotoExploration1707A230.00
417Famiani Strad Romani E Societate Jesu De Bello Belgico Decas SecundaHistory, Belgium and The Netherlands1648A+600.00
418Smithsonian Report, Part IIHistory, United States1887A180.00
419The Declaration of IndependenceHistory, United States1904A+90.00
420Machines and ModelsMachinery1782A200.00
421Twenty-ninth Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology 1907-1908Ethnology1916Aunsold
422The Official Military Atlas of the Civil WarCartographic Reference1978A+110.00
423Maps and Their MakersCartographic Reference1978A90.00
424The Northpart of AmericaCartographic Reference1979A+350.00
425Early MapsCartographic Reference1981A+130.00
426From Sea Unto Sea - Art & Discovery Maps of CanadaCartographic Reference1982A+55.00
427Journeys to the Promised Land - The Land of Israel Ancient Maps, Prints and Travelogues Throughout the CenturiesCartographic Reference1987A+55.00
428The Cartography of North America 1500-1800Cartographic Reference1987A+130.00
429Blaeu's The Grand Atlas of the 17th Century WorldCartographic Reference1990A+110.00
430The Mapping of North AmericaCartographic Reference1990A+100.00
431The Times Atlas of World ExplorationCartographic Reference1991A+110.00
432From Circle to Sphere: Historic Maps Since ColumbusCartographic Reference1992A+35.00
433Thompson's Maps of ConnecticutCartographic Reference1995A+45.00
434Phillips' Maps and Atlases of WWICartographic Reference1995A+40.00
435Virginia CartographyCartographic Reference1995A+0.00
436The Map Collector - 6 issuesCartographic Reference1991-92A60.00
437The Map Collector - 4 issuesCartographic Reference1995-96A+55.00
438Phillips' Maps & Views of Washington DCCartographic Reference1996A+25.00