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Mapping Cook headline image

Mapping Cook

This August 2023 article offers a brief overview of Captain James Cook’s vast explorations and the maps that resulted. Captain Cook was an explorer, surveyor, and chartmaker who commanded three voyages. On these voyages he was able to make significant contributions to the mapping of New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii, and the South Pacific.
Mapping Cortés headline image

Mapping Cortés

This July 2023 article gives an overview of the explorations and conquests of Hernán Cortés through Mexico, with an emphasis on the maps and related engravings that documented and mythologized his exploits.
Lewis & Clark: Mapping the West headline image

Lewis & Clark: Mapping the West

This May 2023 article gives an overview of the Lewis & Clark expedition through the western United States, with particular attention to the maps and cartographic tools they used on their journey.
Mapping Drake headline image

Mapping Drake

This March 2023 article tells the tale of Sir Francis Drake’s journey around the world, with an emphasis on how his circumnavigation voyage was reflected on maps over the centuries.
Mapping Magellan headline image

Mapping Magellan

This January 2023 article retraces the route of Ferdinand Magellan’s extraordinary circumnavigation of the world, identifying maps that showcase the places that were discovered along the way.
5 articles