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"[Lot of 3] Africa",

Subject: Africa

Period: 1792-1865



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This lot of interesting maps provide a great picture of the continent at a time when the mysteries of the interior were just beginning to be revealed.

1) Africa, by Jedidiah Morse, circa 1792 (7.8x 5.6"). This uncolored copper engraved map is filled with the spurious topography typical of the late 18th century. The source of the Nile is located in Abyssinia, but its course is still far from correct. There are a number of lakes shown in the Sahara Desert region and most rivers are very roughly sketched. A large Lake Zambie is in the approximate location of Lake Malawi, and is noted as the territory of Men eaters.

2) Africa, engraved by John Russell and published by Nuttall, Fisher & Dixon, 1814 (9 x 7"). This hand colored, copper engraved map depicts a large mountain range, labeled Mountains of the Moon, nearly bisecting the continent. The interior of the southern part of the continent is marked Unknown Parts.

3) Africa from Mitchell's School Atlas circa 1865 (11 x 8.5"). This hand colored lithographed map shows a major advance in the knowledge of the interior with several explorer's discoveries noted. It includes insets of Egypt and Liberia. The Republic of Liberia was founded in 1847 by freed American slaves and many of the place names reflect that American heritage including the capital city of Monrovia, which was named after James Monroe, and the regions of Ohio and Maryland. A note explains that the population consists of about 6,000 immigrants and 140,000 natives of various tribes.


Condition: A

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Closed on 6/2/2010