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"[Petits Voyages Part II] Ander Their der Orientalischen Indien...", Bry, Theodore de

Subject: Exploration & Surveys, Africa, India & East Indies

Period: 1598 (published)


Color: Black & White

7.8 x 11.8 inches
19.8 x 30 cm

This copper engraving is from a remarkable series of publications, illustrating voyages of discovery and travels of exploration to various parts of the world. The project was begun by Theodore de Bry of Frankfurt, in 1590 and was to continue for another 54 years. They became known collectively as the Grands Voyages (to America and the West Indies) and the Petits Voyages (to the Orient and the East Indies). De Bry died after the first six parts of the Grands Voyages were completed. The project was completed initially by his widow and two sons, Johann Theodore de Bry and Johann Israel de Bry, then by his son-in-law, Matthaus Merian in 1644.

This disbound chapter is the first edition of Part II of de Bry's Petits Voyages, chronicling Jan Huygen van Linschoten's voyages to Africa, India, and the East Indies from 1583-92. Included are 35 plates, a portrait of Linschoten, title page, preface, 134 pp. of text, and an index. The three original maps from this chapter are missing, and 12 of the plates are also missing, with 8 plates of the East Indies from Part V added to this chapter (as noted in the list below). The following is a full list of the plates sorted by the region depicted and listing the plate number of each engraving:

12. King Hidalram's envoy in Goa
13. A portrait of an Indian actress
14. The kinds of boats used for fishing
15. The people of Malabar
17. Merchant ships in India
18. The king of Cochin riding an elephant
19. A portrait of the Penekays from St. Thomas
21. The Indian idol pagodas and Moslem temples
22. Procession with the idol pagodas in the Indian kingdom of Narsinga
33. The aristocratic Portuguese in India
34. The Portuguese in India are carried in sedan chairs
35. How the Portuguese wives and daughters are transported
36. The pilgrimage of the Portuguese in India
38. How the Portuguese common-folk walk out

23. The appearance of the Chinese folk
24. Transport for the aristocratic Chinese
25. Transport for the women of China
26. A typical Chinese ship
27. How certain Chinese become aristocrats
28. A strange ceremony of the Chinese
29. How the high ranking judges ride through the streets
30. A Chinese prison and place for execution
31. How the Chinese serve their guests and comfort the dying
32. How the Chinese bury their dead

East Indies
5. The island of Ambon and its surroundings (Part V)
4. What happened on the island of Madura (Part V)
6. A picture of the island of Banda (Part V)
7. How the people of Nera received the Dutch (Part V)
8. How the people of Banda hold important meetings (Part V)
9. A shop in Banda where the Dutch sold their wares (Part V)
10. A description of the people of Banda (Part V)
11. The ball games played in Banda (Part V)
20. People from Molucca and Java

1. The arrival of the Dutch at Gabam (Gold Coast)
2. What the Dutch experienced in a village called Cermentyn (Gabon)


Condition: B+

The vast majority of the plates are in very good condition with light toning and minor soiling. A few are in lesser condition (B) with more noticeable soiling. Plate II is in poor condition with a tear in the image and heavy soiling. Several plates have old paper repairs on verso or marginal tears. The text is also lightly toned with some foxing and soiling. The title page has two tears at bottom and an old paper repair on verso.

Estimate: $700 - $900

Sold for: $750

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