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"[2 Maps Bound Together] Map of the Country Between the Frontiers of Arkansas and New Mexico... [and] Map of the Country Upon Upper Red-River Explored in 1852", Marcy, Capt. R.B.

Subject: Southwestern United States

Period: 1853 (circa)


Color: Black & White

5.9 x 9.1 inches
15 x 23.1 cm

A. Map of the Country Between the Frontiers of Arkansas and New Mexico Embracing the Section Explored in 1849. 50. 51. & 52 (59.8 x 27.6"). This is a most informative map of the region illustrating the explorations of Capt. Marcy, with inputs from Col. Emery's Boundary Survey, Capt. Sitgreaves' map, as well as those of A.B. Gray and J. de Cordavas. It details the area from the Mississippi River to the Colorado, and from about 30° N. latitude to the Arkansas River. North of the Gila River the region is noted as Unexplored, with a legend reading, "In the vicinity of this place a tract of country is found which is said by several trappers to be exceedingly fertile, and abundantly timbered and well watered." This erroneous note (in the Sonora Desert) shows up a decade later on A.J. Johnson's early maps of the Southwest. Filled with a copious amount of important information and detail on Oklahoma, North Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, the map locates exploration routes, Indian tribes, disputed territories, and much, much more. Wheat says this map is "one of the best of the period." Reference: Wheat (TMW) #791. Condition: Pleasant light toning with several short splits at fold intersections. A binding tear at left extends 1" into the image.

B. Map of the Country Upon Upper Red-River Explored in 1852 (34.0 x 16.3"). This map covers an area in Texas wholly unexplored previously, including southwest Oklahoma (here Choctaw and Chickasaw Territory). At the time, the only information on the region was from Indians and Indian traders. The map details Captain Randolph Barnes Marcy's route of exploration through this part of Texas with camp dates, the route of the train from Preston to Warren's T.H. at Cold Spring, Indian villages and settlements, topography and hydrology. Filled with fascinating notations about the land and resources including a large profile of the entire region. Earlier attempts at exploration had been thwarted by the Spanish; Capt. Sparks in 1806, Lt. Pike again in 1806 and Col. Long in 1819-20. Marcy's instructions from Major Gen. Scott were to make an examination of the Red River and the country bordering it. Accordingly, Marcy started his adventure on May 16, 1852 from the vicinity of Ft. Arbuckle and reached the source of the upper branch of the Red River on June 16th. He then took a side trip of about 25 miles north to the Canadian River, reversed course and journeyed south, arriving at the main branch of the Red River on June 27th. After exploring the main branch to its source, he returned to Fort Arbuckle on June 28th. The explorers were greeted with great surprise as a report had spread about their massacre at the hands of the Comanche. Reference: Wagner-Camp #226. Condition: Light toning mainly along the fold lines and a short binding tear at left.

The two maps fold separately into stiff brown boards with gilt title on front cover.


Condition: B+

See description above.

Estimate: $500 - $650


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