Auction 160, Lot 782


"[Lot of 2] [I. Wenooa Ette/ I. Wateeoo/ Isle Mangeea/ Isle Toobouai] [and] Un Homme de Mangea", Cook/Benard

Subject: Cook Islands, French Polynesia

Period: 1785 (circa)

Publication: Troisieme Voyage De Cook, ou Voyage a l'Ocean Pacifique...

Color: Black & White

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The copper engravings from A New, Authentic and Complete Collection of Voyages Round the World…Complete Historical Account of Captain Cook's First, Second, Third and Last Voyages… Edited by George William Anderson and published by Alexander Hogg in London, 1784-86. Cook's discoveries in the Pacific formulate the final chapter in 18th Century exploration. These engravings provide a delightful view of the discoveries, people and customs of the Pacific region.

This interesting lot focuses primarily on the Cook Islands, named in honor of Captain Cook, who traveled through the islands on his second and third voyages. The first sheet includes three small charts, featuring three Cook Islands-- Takutea (I. Wenooa Ette, Atiu ( I. Wateeoo), and Mangaia (Isle Mangeea)-- and Tubuai (Isle Toobouai) from the Austral Islands in French Polynesia. Each chart feature nice topographical detail and some navigational information. The second sheet is a striking engraving of a native man from Mangaia, his hair in a bun and a knife piercing through his ear. Both sheets are engraved by Benard.

A. [I. Wenooa Ette/ I. Wateeoo/ Isle Mangeea/ Isle Toobouai], (6.8 x 8.8"). Condition: A sharp impression with a few negligible spots.
B. Un Homme de Mangea, (6.9 x 9.0"). Condition: A nice impression with two small damp stains and a couple small worm holes, all confined to the blank margins.


Condition: A

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Estimate: $110 - $140

Sold for: $21

Closed on 11/16/2016