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"[Lot of 8 - Tribes of Israel]", Adrichom, Christian van

Subject: Holy Land

Period: 1590 (circa)

Publication: Theatrum Terrae Sanctae

Color: Black & White

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The Theatrum Terrae Sanctae, an atlas and history of the Holy Land, was Adrichom's most important and famous work. Born in Delft, Christian Kruik van Adrichem, or Christianus Crucius Adrichomius, was a Catholic priest and theologian. Adrichom worked for thirty years on his three-part history of the Holy Land, and only succeeded in publishing the first part, Urbis Hierosolyma Depicta, during his lifetime. The remaining two parts were published posthumously by Georg Braun in 1590, with subsequent editions in 1593, 1600, 1613, 1628, and 1682. The Theatrum Terrae Sanctae contained 12 maps and plans: one of the Holy Land, nine of territories of the Tribes of Israel, one of the Exodus, and a town plan of Jerusalem. This lot includes a map of the Exodus and 8 maps of the Tribes of Israel:

A. Pharan Desertum, et Confinia eius cum Parte Aegypti, ea Videlicet Terrae Regio, in qua Filij Israel Post Exitum de Aegypto... (19.4 x 13.6"). Condition: Two chips and a binding trim at left have been professionally replaced with the leafcasting method, with loss of a small portion of neatline and minor amount of image. Narrow margins as issued. (B)
B. Tribus Ephraim, Beniamin, et, Dan, is te Videlicet Terrae Sanctae Tractus, qui in Regionis Partitione Istis Tribus Tribubis Datus est (18.4 x 15.0"). Condition: One stain along neatline at bottom and two long tears that have been expertly and seamlessly repaired. Narrow margins as issued. (B+)
C. Tribus Gad Nempe, ea Terrae Sancte Pars, quae Obtigit in Partitione Regionis Tribui Gad (16.6 x 9.3"). Condition: Several small stains. (B)
D. Tribus Zabulon, Isachar, et, Dimidia Manasse Altera, hoc est, Illae Terrae Sanctae Regiones, quas is te Tribus in Distribuendo Possidendas Acceperunt (15.8 x 14.3"). Condition: A slightly uneven impression at left with a printer's crease at top left. (B+)
E. Tribus Iuda id est, Illa Terrae Sanctae, quam in Ingressu Tribus Iuda Consecuta Fuit (16.5 x 13.0"). Condition: A long fold separation has been professionally repaired. (B+)
F. Dimidia Tribus Manasse hoc est, ea Terrae Sanctae Pars, quam Manassae Dimidia Tribus in Regionis Divisione Obtinuit (17.8 x 8.8"). Condition: Wide margins. (A)
G. Tribus Neptalim Videlicet, ea Terrae Sanctae Pars, quam in Divisione Regionis Tribus Neptalim Accepit (14.1 x 8.2"). Condition: One light spot. (A)
H. Tribus Ruben hoc est, ea Terrae Sanctae Regio, que in Dividendo Tribui Rube Assignata est (18.6 x 8.9"). Condition: Wide margins with printer's at far right. (A)

References: Laor #10-17.


Issued folding, now pressed, on watermarked paper. See above for additional details.

Estimate: $400 - $500

Sold for: $180

Closed on 2/17/2016