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"[Lot of 16 - Views and Maps from Anson's Voyage Round the World]", Anson, George

Subject: Prints Exploration

Period: 1748 (circa)

Publication: A Voyage Round the World...

Color: Black & White

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This lot features 2 maps and 14 views from the chronicle of Commodore George Anson's circumnavigation of the globe from 1740 to 1744. A majority of the views cover areas in South America, but there are also views from Mexico, Central America, and the Mariana Islands.

In 1740 Anson set sail in command of a squadron sent to attack Spanish possessions and interests in South America. The expedition was ill-equipped and failed to carry out its original ambitious mission. By June 1741 when Anson reached Juan Fernandes, his force had been reduced to only three of the original six ships, while the strength of his crews had fallen from 961 to 335. After launching several attacks on the west coast of South America and recuperating on the island he collected the remaining survivors on his flagship, the Centurion, and set sail in search of one of the richly laden galleons that conducted the trade between Mexico and the Philippines. The indomitable perseverance he had shown during one of the most arduous voyages in the history of sea adventure gained the reward of the capture of an immensely rich prize, the Nuestra Señora de Covadonga, which he encountered off Cape Espiritu Santo on June 20, 1743. From here he sailed back to Canton before traveling through Southeast Asia and around the southern tip of Africa. He made his way back to England, arriving in Spithead in June 1744.

A. Cape Virgin Mary at the North Entrance of Magellans Streights, (15.1 x 7.6").
B A View of the N.E. End of the Island of St. Catherines on the Coast of Brasil, (18.1 x 7.0").
C. Cape Blanco Bearing SW Distant 5 Leagues [on sheet with] Cape Blanco on the Coast of Patagonia: Bearing S b W 1/2 W Distant 4 Leagues, (18.8 x 7.8").
D. A View of the Land of Patagonia a Little to the Northward of Port St. Iulian, (16.7 x 7.6").
E. A View of the Bay of St. Julian When Mount Wood Bears W.S.W. 1/2 S. and the Port or Rivers Mouth S.W. Distant Ten Miles, (19.2 x 7.4").
F. A Prospect of St. Julian's River, as It Appears Looking Up the River at Low Water, (17.3 x 7.7").
G. A Prospect of Port St. Iulian, as It Appears at Low Water, Looking Down the River, and Extending from the Island of True Iustice to the Rivers Mouth, (17.5 x 7.4").
H. The West Prospect of Staten Island, (17.7 x 7.4").
I. The Form of Cruising Off Acapulca on the Coast of Mexico in the South Seas, in the Year 1742. by His Majesty's Ships..., (17.2 x 9.7").
J. A View of the Hill of Petaplan and the Rocks Called the White Friars: Bearing SE b E Distant 5 Miles [on sheet with] A View of the Islands of Quibo and Quicara, (19.4 x 7.4").
K. A View of the Entrance of Chequetan or Seguataneo Bearing N.E. Distant 5 Miles, (20.1 x 7.8").
L. A View of the S.W. Side of Tenian, (19.8 x 7.8").
M. A View of the NW Side of Saypan One of the Ladrones or Marian Islands, (19.9 x 7.6").
N. The Islands of Lema, (20.0 x 7.0").
O. Plan of St. Julian's Harbour on the Coast of Patagonia..., (7.6 x 8.8").
P. Vue de l'Entree de Chequetan ou Seguataneo, Restant au N.E. a la Distance de 5 Milles [on sheet with] Vue de l'Entree du Port d'Acapulco, (14.2 x 8.0").

References: Shirley (BL Atlases) G.ANS-1a.

Condition: A

All of the maps and views are in very good to near fine condition, with occasional minor spots on some of the sheets. A few views have short fold separations, most of which have been closed with archival tape.

Estimate: $240 - $300

Sold for: $120

Closed on 11/18/2015