Auction 155, Lot 701

"[Lot of 4] Carte des Isles des Amis [and] Plan du Havre de Tongataboo [and] [Isle des Cocos... / Isle des Traitres] [and] Danse de Nuit Executee par les Hommes de Hapaee", Cook/Benard

Subject: Tonga Islands

Period: 1785 (circa)

Publication: Troisieme Voyage De Cook, ou Voyage a l'Ocean Pacifique...

Color: Black & White

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The copper engravings from A New, Authentic and Complete Collection of Voyages Round the World…Complete Historical Account of Captain Cook's First, Second, Third and Last Voyages… Edited by George William Anderson and published by Alexander Hogg in London, 1784-86. Cook's discoveries in the Pacific formulate the final chapter in 18th Century exploration. These engravings provide a delightful view of the discoveries, people and customs of the Pacific region.

This interesting lot features three maps and a view from the Kingdom of Tonga. Cook named this group the Friendly Islands due to the generous reception he and his crew received when they first arrived there during their second journey. The first chart shows the Tongatapu and Ha'apai groups with the track of Cook's ship, the Resolution. The second zooms in on a segment of Tongapatu's northern coast. Tafahi (Isle des Cocos or Boscawen) and Niuatoputapu (Keppel) are depicted on the third sheet. Based on the work of John Webber, one of the official artists along for Cook's journey, the view shows the men of one of the Ha'apai islands performing a dance at night. All of the sheets were engraved by Benard.

A. Carte des Isles des Amis, (13.6 x 9.5").
B. Plan du Havre de Tongataboo, 1777, (15.7 x 8.9").
C. [Isle des Cocos... / Isle des Traitres], (7.6 x 7.8").
D. Danse de Nuit Executee par les Hommes de Hapaee, (15.1 x 8.8").


Condition: A

All of the sheets feature nice impressions and the maps are on watermarked paper. There are minor, unobtrusive spots.

Estimate: $160 - $190

Sold for: $80

Closed on 11/18/2015