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Complete Edition of Exquemelin's Rare History of Buccaneers

"The History of the Bucaniers of America; from the First Original Down to this Time; Written in Several Languages; and Now Collected into One Volume...",

Subject: History Books

Period: 1704 (published)


Color: Black & White

4.9 x 7.8 inches
12.4 x 19.8 cm

This is the third English edition of Alexandre Olivier Exquemelin's History of the Bucaniers of America, a fascinating work describing the voyages and adventures of numerous buccaneers who sailed throughout the New World. Exquemelin's work was first published in Dutch in 1678 and was very popular, appearing in nearly every European language within ten years of its publication, and continued to be issued for nearly 100 years. This edition includes 25 copperplate maps and engravings, most of which are folding. The maps are:

A. A Description of the South Sea & Coasts of America Containing Ye Whole Navigation and all those Places at Which Capt: Sharp and His Companions Were in the Years 1680 & 1681. (9.5 x 12.6") This map depicts the route of Captain Bartholomew Sharp, who was the first Englishman to travel eastwards around Cape Horn. In South America, the Amazon River connects directly with the Paraguay and Parana Rivers, with a large island just south of the mouth of the Amazon named Litle Brasil.
B. Map of the Countrey and Citty of Panama. (11 x 7.25")
C. A Description of Laguna of Gulf of Ballona. (5.75 x 7.25")
D. A Description of ye English Gulfe Lying a litle to the Northward of Magallanes Straights. (6 x 7.25")
E. The Bay of Panama. (5.75 x 7.25")
F. Isla de la Gorgona. (4.25 x 7.25")
G. Sr. Fran: Drakes Isle or Isla de la Plata. (2.8 x 1.8")
H. A Decription of Hilo. (4.25 x 7.25")
I. The Citty of Serena. (4.25 x 7.25")
J. The Ciudad de la Serena. (4.25 x 7.25")
K. Isla de Juan Fernandez. (4.25 x 7.25")
L. A Description of Arica. (4.25 x 7.25")
M. A Description of Guasco. (4.25 x 7.25")
N. Gulf of Nicoya Described. (8 x 6")
O. A description of Gulfo Dulce. (7.5 x 6.75")
P. A Description of Paita and Colan. (4.25 x 7.25")
Q. A Description of his Royal Highnesses Isles. (4.25 x 7.25")

The engravings are: The Cruelty of Lolonois, The Town of Puerto del Principe taken, The Spanish Armada Destroyed by Captaine Morgan, The Battel Between the Spaniards and the Pyrats or Buccaniers Before the Citty of Panama. There are also four portraits of buccaneers depicting Henry Morgan, Bartolomeu Portugues, Roche Brasiliano, and Francois l'Olonnais. Octavo, 384 pp. of text divided into four parts plus index. Rebound with modern leather spine, keeping its original paneled calf boards.

References: Sabin #23485.

Condition: B+

The condition grade is for the maps and plates, which are clean and bright with occasional minor toning or offsetting. The map of Central and South America has a professionally repaired binding tear that enters 2.5" into map. The text was printed on different paper and has moderate to heavy toning and foxing. The hinges are starting and the covers show minimal wear with the exception of one crack in the leather on verso, which has been partially repaired.

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