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One of the Earliest Globes to Depict the Southwest as a U.S. Possession

"[12-Inch Globe] Loring's Terrestrial Globe Containing All the Late Discoveries and Geographical Improvements…", Joslin, Gilman

Subject: Globes

Period: 1846 (dated)


Color: Hand Color

16 x 19 inches
40.6 x 48.3 cm

This attractive twelve-inch terrestrial globe is constructed of 12 copper-engraved gores in shades of olive and cream. They are supported with a full bronze meridian with hour pointer and raised on a four leg maple stand with central supports. The horizon band features a colored paper ring showing degrees of amplitude and azimuth, compass directions, days and months of the year, and the names of the signs of the zodiac.

The globe shows excellent detail of the voyages of famous navigators including Cook, Vancouver and La Perouse. Geographically, while dated 1846, Texas and the southwest is shown as a U.S. possession while the border with Mexico reflects a pre-Gadsden Purchase configuration, suggesting circa 1848. The border with Canada is shown correctly at the 49th parallel. Outside of Oregon Territory, only Indian tribes, rivers, and a few place names are called out west of the Mississippi River. The Great Basin area is labeled Plains of Nuestra Sonora and De La Paz Desert. In Africa, the "Jibbel el Kumir or Mts. Of the Moon" are depicted. Floating in the Pacific are the circular title cartouche and a large analemma. The cartography was derived from Smith's New English Globe, with additions and improvements by Annin & Smith, and revised by Roswell Park. Manufactured in Boston by Gilman Joslin.

Gilman Joslin was one of America’s most prolific globe makers. He began his career as a wood turner and maker of looking glass mirrors. He later produced globes under the direction of Josiah Loring and acquired the business in 1839, first under Loring’s name and then under his own name.


Condition: B

This attractive globe has benefited from professional restoration. There are a few cracks and chips at top and bottom near the bearing pins that have been expertly repaired with a small amount of image in facsimile, as well as a small area just to the left of the analemma that has been infilled. There is scattered foxing and staining as is normal for globes of this age. The stand and meridian are in very good condition while the horizon band is good with a few professional repairs.

Estimate: $7,500 - $9,000


Closed on 9/17/2014