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"[Lot of 4] Pascaert van de Zeecust van Bysuyen Callao de Lima [and] Plan de la Ville de Lima Capitale du Perou [and] Plan de la Ville de Callao avec ses Environs [and] Callao", Perelle, Adam

Subject: Lima and Callao, Peru

Period: 1645-1725 (circa)


Color: Black & White

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A. Pascaert van de Zeecust van Bysuyen Callao de Lima, tot Bynoorden de Bay Achter de Piscadores, by Jacques L'Hermite, from Journael van de Nassausche vloot, ofte beschrijvingh van de voyagie..., circa 1645 (8.2 x 6.2"). This map comes from the account of Admiral Jacques l'Hermite's voyage around the world and covers the Peruvian coast from the area around the port of Lima north to above the Pescadores Islands. The detail is concentrated along the coast with Lima Cidade de los Reyes, Callao, a river, and topographical detail shown. Within the water there are soundings, rocks, and a line tracing the route of the Dutch fleet. A compass rose capped with a fleur-de-lis orients the north to the upper left corner. An inset features a view of ships gathered in the bay near the Pescadores Islands. L'Hermite's mission, undertaken in 1623, was to seek a better passage to the Spice Islands than Magellan, plunder Spanish silver ships, and establish a Dutch colony in the vicinity of Peru. He died in 1624 in Callao from dysentery and scurvy. Published by Jan Jansson. Condition: On a slightly toned watermarked sheet with a light damp stain that enters the neatline at left. A couple short edge tears in the blank left margin have been closed on verso with archival tape. (B+)

B, C, & D. Plan de la Ville de Lima Capitale du Perou [and] Plan de la Ville de Callao avec ses Environs [and] Callao, by Louis Feuillee, from Journal des observations physiques, mathematiques, et botaniques ... Tome premier, circa 1725 (each approximately 12.2 x 8.7"). Two plans and a view from Father [Pere] Louis Feuillee focused on Lima and Callao. The first shows the fortified city of Lima and features a banner title as well as a key that identifies 30 places of interest. The second is a plan of Callao. Within the decorative title cartouche is a key pointing to 12 notable locations, many of them churches. A simple compass rose topped with a fleur-de-lis orients north to the left. The third is a view Callao from the vantage of the water. Four vessels glide through the foreground while behind them several buildings (most with a cross on top) are depicted. Feuillee was a French botanist and member of the Academie Royal des Sciences, who served as scientist and botanist on several French expeditions. All were engraved by Pierre Giffart. Condition: All three sheets issued folding on watermarked paper with moderate toning, especially around the sheets' edges, light scattered foxing, and several chips and edge tears, some of which have been closed on verso with archival tape. Parts of the neatline are missing on the first sheet due to chips along the top edge, and the upper right corner of the third sheet has been reattached with archival tape. (B)



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