Auction 149, Lot 152

"[Lot of 2] The Civil War in America: Scene of Operations in Eastern Virginia, Showing McClellan's Present Position [and] Map Illustrating General Lee's Advance into Pennsylvania [on sheet with] Plan of Pittsburg [and] The Defences of Washington",

Subject: Mid-Atlantic United States

Period: 1862-63 (dated)

Publication: The Illustrated London News

Color: Black & White

10.8 x 16 inches
27.4 x 40.6 cm

This lot contains Civil War related maps and a view, each on a full sheet measuring roughly 10.8 x 16.0".The first item (13.6 x 9.4") is an aerial view from the August 2, 1862 issue. This wide bird's-eye view is from a very high perspective with Richmond at left, Norfolk and Hampton Roads on the right and the Chesapeake Bay occupying most of the upper portion. The position of General George B. McClellan's troops is located just north of the gun boats on the James River at City Point. Most of Washington, D.C. is visible at upper left. Locates Williamsburg, Yorktown, Bowling Green, Fredericksburg and Alexandria.

The second sheet includes three maps taking up most of page 156 in the August 8, 1863 issue, which together measure 9.5 x 11.4". The largest of the maps focuses on General Robert E. Lee's June 1863 push into the north, an attempt to demoralize the Union by crushing their Army of the Potomac on its own soil as well as a way to take the heat off a battered Virginia. This campaign culminated in the Battle of Gettysburg, which occurred in the month prior to the map's publication. The map centers on the Mason-Dixon line and shows towns and cities, rivers, railways, canals, and roads (including the National Road) throughout northern Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Drawn and engraved by John Dower. Below are a plan of Pittsburgh and a detailed map locating the forts and defenses that surrounded Washington, D.C. at the time. Also included on the page is an article summarizing the Confederate campaign in Pennsylvania, including details of the Battle of Gettysburg, that appears on both sides of the sheet.


Condition: B+

Both sheets are on watermarked paper with faint show-through of text on verso and minor soiling. There is a tiny worm hole between the maps on the second sheet.

Estimate: $160 - $200


Closed on 5/21/2014