Auction 144, Lot 25

"The Constellations [ April, May, June]", Burritt, Elijah H.

Subject: Celestial

Period: 1856 (dated)

Publication: Atlas to Illustrate the Geography of the Heavens

Color: Hand Color

13 x 13.5 inches
33 x 34.3 cm

This celestial chart shows the constellations and heavenly bodies seen in the night sky during April, May and June. Depicts Argo Navis (the Ship), Corvus (the Crow), Leo (the Lion), Ursa Major (the Greater Bear), Bootes, Asterion, the Centaur, Sextans & the Virgin. The Hydra snakes across the chart, which includes the earth's orbit or Ecliptic and the Equinoctial Colure. Engraved by W. G. Evans under the direction of E. H. Burritt, this wonderful chart was published by F. J. Huntington for the "Atlas to Illustrate the Geography of the Heavens." This popular star atlas was intended for the general public, rather than for professional astronomers. Only the brighter stars and nebulae, and their allegorical forms, are depicted on the charts.


Condition: B

Lightly toned with several damp stains on the sides of the sheet. Two chips in the blank margins have been repaired, and a number of short tears (three of which enter 1/2" into chart) have been closed on verso with archival tape.

Estimate: $70 - $90

Sold for: $50

Closed on 4/3/2013