Auction 139, Lot 299

"[Lot of 4] Nova Hispania Nova Galicia Guatimala [and] Portus Acapulco [and] Vetus Mexico [and] Viztlipuztli Idolum Mexicanorum", Montanus, Arnoldus

Subject: Mexico and Central America

Period: 1671 (circa)

Publication: De Nieuwe en Onbekende Weereld

Color: Black & White

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Montanus' work was perhaps the greatest illustrated book on the New World produced in the seventeenth century. It contained over one hundred beautifully engraved plates, views, and maps of North and South America. The plates vividly depict forts, festivals, occupations, Dutch fleets, battles, religious rites, and customs of the native inhabitants. This important work was translated into German by Olivier Dapper, and into English by John Ogilby. Several of the plates were later acquired by Pierre Vander Aa.

A. Nova Hispania Nova Galicia Guatimala, (14" x 11.4"). This well-engraved map, based on the cartography of Hessel Gerritsz, includes Mexico through Costa Rica with nice detail. It also includes the U.S. Gulf coast, southwest Florida and a bit of Cuba with less detail. The large pictorial cartouche depicts Native Americans loading goods for a European merchant. Condition: Watermarked paper with some faint stains, a professionally repaired short tear that just enters map border at top, and a chip in top right margin that has also been professionally repaired. (B+)

B. Portus Acapulco, (13.9" x 11.4"). This attractive copper engraved view of Acapulco and its bay is a nice rendering of the town, with fortifications, outlying buildings, ships in the harbor plus others at sea as far out as the horizon. Numerous locals and Europeans are in the shadowy foreground. Condition: Watermarked paper with some faint stains and a minor tear along the centerfold at bottom that has been closed on verso with archival tape. (B+)

C. Vetus Mexico, (13.6" x 11.3"). Panoramic view of the city of Mexico at the time of the Spanish conquest. The city is built in the middle of a large lake with bridges connecting it to the surrounding countryside. Important buildings are identified with lettered key. In the foreground numerous native and Spanish activities are depicted along the road. Condition: Watermarked paper. (A)

D. Viztlipuztli Idolum Mexicanorum, (13.3" x 10.9"). A fabulous copper engraving of Huitzilopochtli, the Aztec god of war standing on an altar receiving offerings. This is an imaginative European depiction of an Aztec shrine with the deity depicted as half-man and half-beast with a face in its belly. Pagan gods were of considerable interest to Europeans, and much information was sent to the Old World despite Spanish attempts to eradicate the religions. Condition: Watermarked paper with some faint stains and light crease in upper-right corner. (B+)



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