Auction 137, Lot 311

"[Lot of 5 - Hawaii]",

Subject: Hawaii

Period: 1800 (circa)



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Lot of 5 engravings featuring Hawaiian canoes and various tools used in warfare and worship: A. An Accurate Representation of a Canoe of the Sandwich Islands, the Rowers being Masked, by A. Hogg, hand color, (14 x 9"). (B)
B. Divers Ouvrages des Habitans de l'Isle Sandwich, by Benard, black & white, (11.4 x 9"). (B+)
C. Various Articles of Nootka Sound [and] Sandwich Islands, by Alex Hogg, from A New Authentic and Complete Collection of Voyages Round the World, 1794, hand color, (14.3 x 9.3"). (B)
D. Tereoboo, King of Owyhee, Bringing Presents to Captn. Cook, by A. Hogg, hand color, (12.6 x 8"). (B)
E. A Canoe of the Sandwich Islands, in the North Pacific Ocean, with the Rowers Masked., by J. Webber & Page. hand color, (7 x 5.3"). (B+)



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Estimate: $150 - $200

Sold for: $100

Closed on 9/14/2011