Auction 137, Lot 22

"[Lot of 6 - Portraits] Christofel Colonus [and] Americus Vesputius [and] Ferdinand Magellanus [and] Francisco Pisarro [and] Athabaliba Ultimus Rex Peruanorum [and] Muteczuma Rex Ultimus Mexicanorum", Montanus, Arnoldus

Subject: Portraits

Period: 1673 (circa)


Color: Black & White

7 x 11.5 inches
17.8 x 29.2 cm

Size varies slightly.

A. Christofel Colonus. Crisply engraved portrait of Christopher Columbus, shown using navigational tools. The decorative framework is made up of two flanking sea monsters, while one of his ships sails in the background. Condition: Faint stain in title cartouche that does not distract. (A)

B. Americus Vesputius. A handsome portrait of Amerigo Vespucci, the Italian navigator in whose honor America was named. He is shown using navigational instruments with ships in the background. The oval portrait is surrounded in a richly engraved, cartouche-like border with sea monsters and a celestial globe. Condition: Minute tear at bottom closed on verso with tissue, far from map image. (A)

C. Ferdinand Magellanus. A strongly engraved portrait of the first circumnavigator, enclosed in an elaborately engraved cartouche-like frame. Condition: Faint stains in blank margins. (A)

D. Francisco Pisarro. Striking, copper engraved portrait of the Spanish explorer who conquered the Inca Empire. The portrait is enclosed in an elaborately engraved frame with a battle scene in the background. Condition: Light stains in bottom corners, just entering image. Right side expertly remargined to neatline. (B+)

E. Athabaliba Ultimus Rex Peruanorum. A detailed portrait of the Inca ruler Atahualpa, who was captured and killed by Francisco Pizarro during the Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire. Atahualpa is shown in full war dress with a depiction of Cusco behind him, surrounded by a panther headdress, spears and arrows, and the chains that shackled him during his capture. Condition: Faint stains in blank margins. (A)

F. Muteczuma Rex Ultimus Mexicanorum. This portrait of the Aztec emperor Montezuma shows him at the time of the Spanish conquest, with Tenochtitlan (later Mexico City) depicted in the background. Montezuma wears a ceremonial headdress and bears a shield and spear. Condition: Light stains, with left side expertly remargined close to neatline. (B)



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Estimate: $550 - $750

Sold for: $600

Closed on 9/14/2011