Auction 137, Lot 17

"[Atlas Historique vol. V]", Chatelain, Henry Abraham

Subject: Frontispiece

Period: 1719 (dated)

Publication: Atlas Historique volume V

Color: Black & White

9.3 x 15.8 inches
23.6 x 40.1 cm

This pictorial frontispiece to volume V of Atlas Historique, drawn and engraved by Bernard Picart, illustrates the themes of exploration, commerce and communications. The continents are depicted as female figures. Asia, with a turban, sits holding a fuming censer with a camel standing behind her. Africa sits next to Asia with a lion sleeping at her feet. Standing before both of them is a female representing both North and South America, complete with armlets, leg bands, a feathered headdress, and a bow and arrows. Her left foot sits atop a severed head that has been punctured by a spear. The figure standing in the center is Navigation, who holds a steering rudder and cloth. In the skies above flies Mercury, with his traditional winged helmet, winged anklets and caduceus. The French prose below the scene touts the riches of Asia, Africa and the Americas.

References: Shirley (TP), #76A.

Condition: B+

Faint damp stain in lower-right corner, just entering map image, with a minute chip also in lower-right corner.

Estimate: $250 - $325

Sold for: $150

Closed on 9/14/2011