Auction 137, Lot 119

"[Lot of 4 - North America]",

Subject: North America

Period: 1836-86 (circa)



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A. Nord-Amerika, by Schropp Simon & Co., 1836, hand color, (12.8 x 10.2"). This attractive map of North America and the West Indies focuses mainly on topography, with outline color delineating nations, states and colonial possessions. The northern border with Canada extends the claims of the United States beyond the 50° latitude. Texas and the entire Southwest are still a part of Mexico. A key at right enumerates the states and territories in the United States and Mexico. In the U.S. are 25 states, the two territories of Arkansas and Florida, and six Indian districts; Ozark, Osage, Sioux, Huron, Mandan and Oregon. Condition - A few stains in the lower right section of the image. (B+)

B. Carte Physique et Politique de L'Amerique du Nord, by Drioux & Leroy, 1868, hand color, (16.8 x 11.3"). This map shows 18 states in the United States. The Gulf Stream and trade winds are depicted in the Atlantic and there is an interesting inset showing the four voyages of Christopher Columbus. A condition.

C. Nord-America, by Stulpnagel, from Stieler's Hand Atlas, 1848, hand color, (15.2 x 12"). This German map of the continent is filled with interesting features and early western territorial development in the United States just after the Mexica-American War. Missouri Territory and a very large Indian Territory take in most of the Plains region. Texas is shown in its largest configuration and New California takes in the entire southwestern region. Condition - minor foxing primarily in the blank margins. (B+)

D. Nord-Amerika, by H. Berghaus, from Physikalisher Atlas, 1887, printed color, (15.8 x 13"). This map is from Berghaus important Physical Atlas, the first truly comprehensive thematic atlas. This map focuses on the geology of North America with several fascinating insets including major mining regions, Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and Panama. A+ condition.



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Estimate: $300 - $400

Sold for: $275

Closed on 9/14/2011