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Bartlett's Important Mexican/US Boundary Report

"[Lot of 5 - maps with report] Report of Secretary of the Interior…on the subject of the boundary line between the United States and Mexico", U.S. Department of Interior

Subject: United States & Mexico

Period: 1853 (dated)

Publication: Sen. Doc. No. 41, 32nd Cong., 2nd Sess.

Color: Black & White

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This important report, complete with its five maps, discusses the grave errors in Disturnal's Treaty Map of 1847, the incorrect position of El Paso and an error in the course of the Rio Grande River. As the U.S. Commissioner to the boundary survey, John R. Bartlett was authorized to mark the line of the boundary between the U.S. and Mexico. In the execution of his task, these errors were discovered. The report documents the correspondence between Bartlett, A.B. Gray, the Secretary of the Interior, clerk to the County Court in El Paso, Mexican officials including Ramon Ortiz, the U.S. Consul, and Lieut. Whipple. The letters provide detailed background regarding the resolution of these errors. The maps are:

1. No 1. Disturnel's map exhibiting the error in the Rio Grande's position (10.8 x 7.8")
2. No 2. Map Exhibiting the Southern Boundary of New Mexico as respectively claimed by the United States & the Mexican Commissioner (11 x 7.4")
3. No 3. Accompanying Commissioner Bartlett's letter to the Secretary…[four proposed boundaries] (11.8 x 7.2")
4. No 4. Carta Geographica del Estado de Chihuahua / Map of the Northern portion of Chihuahua… (11 x 7.5")
5. No 5. That part of Disturnel's Treaty Map in the Vicinity of the Rio Grande and Southern Boundary of New Mexico… (11 x 8.6")

An exceptional example of this important document related to the finalization of the border dispute with Mexico that led to the Gadsden Purchase. 8vo, 32pp, five maps.

References: Wheat [TMW] #771-774, Koep #665, maps 1-5


The map are clean and bright (A+). The disbound report has occasional foxing (B).

Estimate: $300 - $400

Sold for: $275

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