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Auction 135, Lot 271

"[Lot of 12 - Hawaiian Warriors & Chiefs]",

Subject: Hawaii

Period: 1780-1790 (circa)



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This great lot is composed a 12 engraved portraits of men, warriors and chiefs. Also, the first engraving features a comely young women. The lot includes:

1) Bewohner der Sandwich-Inseln, hand color, (10 x 7.5"). Man and woman in traditional costume with head-dresses, cape, and necklace. (A)
2) Ein Mann aus den Sandwich Inseln, by Schlotterbeck, black & white, (6.8 x 9.3"). Very well executed engraving of a young warrior with fancy head-dress and cape. (B+)
3) Tianna, Prince d'Atooi, l'une des Iles Sandwich, by John Meares, from John Meares. Voyages Made in the Years 1788 & 1789…, circa 1794, black & white, (5 x6.5"). With lance, head-dress and elaborate cape. (A)
4) Chef de la Flotte d' Otahiti dans la Mer Pacifique du Sud, Zatta, Raccolta di Stampe, circa 1790, hand color, (7x10.3"). This high priest or chief is ceremoniously dressed in long robes, an elaborate neck cape and a tall, plumed hat. Holding a long shaft with a ceremonial or royal canoe in the background. Engraved by Theodorum Viero and published by Antonio Zatta. (A)
5) Homme Masque de l'Isle Sandwich, by Benard, black & white, (6.8 x 9.2") This great close-up details a man's mask. It has a large eye and nose cutout, small plant planted on top and strips of cloth suspended from the base. (A)
. 6) A Man of the Sandwich Islands Dancing, by T. Bankes, from Banke's New System of Geography, black & white, (7.5 x 12"). The young warrior, in a loin cloth, has a large amount of body tattooing, fancy anklets and holds a shield. Inside a walled compound with large house in background. Engraved by Myers. (A)
7) A Portrait of a Man of the Sandwich Islands in a Mask. / Representation of a Man of the Sandwich Islands Dancing., by A. Hogg, hand color, (13.3 x8.3"). This engraving has two panels showing the same as the previous two images. Engraved by Royce. (B+)
. 8 & 9) 2 of A Savage of the Sandwich Islands Dancing., drawn by J. Webber and engraved E. Deeves, hand color, (5 x 7.4"). Another image of #6 above, but this image is reversed. A pair, one is (A) the other (B+)
10 & 11) 2 of Portrait of Kaneena, a Chief of the Sandwich Islands in the North Pacific Ocean., by J. Webber & A.W. Warren, hand color, (4.8 x 6.8"). Well rendered portrait of the handsome chief with very decorative hat and cape. The first is (A+), the second is (B+)
12) Ein Tanzer aus den Sandwich-Inseln, by I. Nussbiegel, black & white, (6.8 x 8.5"). This is a Dutch-language version of #10 & 11 above "A Savage of the Sandwich Islands Dancing." (B+)



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Estimate: $550 - $750

Sold for: $400

Closed on 2/16/2011