Auction 133, Lot 256

"[Lot of 2] Outline Map of Washoe District Nev. Showing Comstock Lode Etc. [and] City of Reno Nevada",

Subject: Nevada

Period: 1879-1931 (dated)


Color: Black & White

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1) Wheeler, Capt. Geo., 1879, (17.8 x 21.3") This remarkably detailed map shows the gold and silver operations in the vicinity of Virginia City. The map is a product of Capt. G.M. Wheeler's Expeditions of 1876-77 for the "Surveys West of the 100th Meridian." It is difficult to overstate the number of claims shown; perhaps as many as 100 in a patchwork mosaic cover the region so completely it is difficult to see place names. Scores of mills including Sherman, French's, Humphreys, Nevada and many more are identified. The Sutro Tunnel is detailed with the tunnel entrance located. Hundreds of settlements and villages, roads and trails and much, much more are presented. This area first drew the interest of gold prospectors in the 1850s. They struggled with the heavy, gooey mud that clung to picks and shovels. When assayed, this troublesome muck proved to contain silver ore worth over $2,000 a ton - in 1859 dollars - not counting the gold content! This rich lode caught the attention of President Lincoln who realized this mineral wealth could help keep the Union solvent during the Civil War. In 1864 he made Nevada a state, bypassing the sticky problem that it did not contain enough people to be constitutionally eligible for statehood. A remarkable map that attests to the manic mining activities of the day. The map is tender with some fold splits at map's edge and one within map, should be backed. (B)

2) Glynn, J.M., 1931, (20 x 22"). This map gives high detail of the city with all streets named and individual lots and subdivisions located and named. Street index at right locates all streets and boulevards. Locates the race track, the Univ. of Nevada's Experimental Farm, the yards of the Southern Pacific Railway, schools, canals, parks, and unrecorded plats. Produced by the Department of Engineering by J.M. Glynn, City Engineer. This is the revised edition of 1930. A most uncommon map for which we find no reference or pricing information. Issued folding, now flattened. Toned along vertical fold, no other flaws. (B+)



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Estimate: $120 - $150

Sold for: $210

Closed on 9/1/2010