Auction 126, Lot 41

"Nouvelle Carte du Monde (Planisphere) Physique, Politique et Commerciale…",

Subject: World

Period: 1921 (dated)

Publication: Societe Editrice Geographique

Color: Printed Color

53.5 x 37 inches
135.9 x 94 cm

This large and highly detailed chart is segmented into fifty parts and laid on original linen. The map, by Prof. Bartholomeo Barrecchia, presents a staggering amount of information on its more than thirteen square feet. The legend locates Capital cities, towns, telegraph lines, trans-ocean cables, sailing distances in red overprinting, railroads, ocean currents, watershed, canals, limits of floating icebergs, and much more. The topography is well shown in hachure with elevations noted. The huge number of ocean routes overlap into a dizzying web, each naming the route and listing the total mileage. The map is drawn on Mercator's Projection with a Euro-centric positioning. There are four large hemispheres along the bottom: Hemisphere Occidental; Hemisphere Oriental; Hemisphere Nord; and Hemisphere Sud. The two insets detail the Canal de Panama and the Canal de Suez. The map self-folds but is missing the outer label. This rare issue was published in Paris by the Societe Editrice Geographique. Beside the title is a logo with an eagle on the globe and the words "Novissima Verba" in a banner which may represent an organization involved in the publishing or distribution of this map. We find no information on the publisher and nothing substantive on Professor Barrecchia.


Condition: A+

On fine, bright linen. The map is equally fine with just a couple small spots or stains.

Estimate: $1,000 - $1,400


Closed on 12/3/2008