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"[Lot of 2] Report of the Superintendent of the U. S. Coast Survey for 1853 [and] The Gulf Stream Methods of Investigation and Results of the Research",

Subject: Exploration and Surveys, United States

Period: 1854-91


Color: Black & White

9.3 x 11.7 inches
23.6 x 29.7 cm

The first book (Washington, 1854. From 33rd Congress, 1st Session, Exec. No. 14.) is an in-depth account of the progress of surveying of the entire United States seacoast. The report examines a wide variety of coastal characteristics such as the varying temperatures in the Gulf Stream and the disparity in tidal activity between the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf of Mexico. Also presented is an interesting explanation for the great difficulties in surveying the areas near Nantucket Island, where three hydrographers, and seven years were needed to complete the task. This highly regarded report contains an extensive list of maps. The titles and conditions are as follows:

1) A. Sketch of Progress, Section I Significant loss from large tears-not opened for further inspection.
2) A, No.2. Alden's Rock Some loss along fold. Toned.
3) A, No. 3. Minot's Ledge Some loss along fold. Binding split with thumb-sized section of loss.
4) A, No. 4. Davis' South Shoal Toned.
5) A, No. 5 Sow and Pigs Reef Binding split. Some loss along fold.
6) B. Sketch of Progress, Section II. Fold splits with some loss.
7) B. No. 2 Romer and Flynn's Shoals Binding split.
8) B, No. 3. Sandy Hook changes. 4" fold split.
9) C. Sketch of Progress, Section III. Large fold split with some loss.
10) C, No. 2 Seacoast of Virginia, no. 2. Small splits in folds.
11) C, No. 3. Wachapreague, Machipongo and Metomkin Inlets Damp stained and toned.
12) C, No. 4. Preliminary Sketch of Cape Charles and vicinity. Small splits with some loss.
13) C, No. 5. Cherrystone Inlet. Toned.
14) C, No. 6. Preliminary Sketch of the Pungoteague Creek. A couple small spots.
15) Gulf Stream, No. 1. Gulf Stream Explorations. Several fold splits. Toned and miss-folded.
16) Gulf Stream, No. 2. Diagrams of Gulf Stream off Charleston, &c. Toned.
17) D, Sketch of Progress, Section IV. 2" binding split. Toned.
18) D, No. 2. Progress of survey of Cape Fear and Vicinity. Small bit of loss in lower margin.
19) D, No. 3. Cape Fear River and New Inlet. Loss along one fold.
20) E, Sketch of Progress, Section V. Loss along fold.
21) E, No. 2. Cape Roman Shoals. Some loss in folds.
22) E, No. 3. Preliminary Chart of North Edisto River. Worm holes in fold intersection.
23) E, No. 4 Sketch of Progress, Savannah River. Worm holes in fold intersection.
24) F, Sketch of Progress, Section VI. Short binding split.
25) F, No. 2. Cape Roman Shoals. Loss along folds.
26) F, No. 3. Sketch of Progress, Cedar Keys, Bahia Honda, &c. Good.
27) F, No. 4. Tidal Diagrams, Key West. Miss-folded, foxed.
28) F, No. 5. Tidal Diagrams, Key West. Worming in lower margin. Miss-folded.
29) G. Sketch of Progress, Section VII. Soiled, foxed.
30) G, No. 2. Middle or Main and West entrances to St. George's sound. Some worm holes.
31) H, Sketch of Progress, Section VIII. Short binding split.
32) H, No. 2. Horn Island Pass. A couple wormholes.
33) H, No. 3. Entrance to Pascagoula River. Miss-folded, toned and some worm holes.
34) H, No. 4. Preliminary Reconnaissance of the Entrance to Barataria Bay. Miss-folded, toned and some worm holes.
35) H, No. 5. Preliminary Reconnaissance of the Entrance to Timballier Bay. Some worm holes and some loss along folds.
36) H, No. 6. Preliminary Chart of Ship Island Shoal. Good.
37) I, Sketch of Progress, Section IX. Long fold split with some loss.
38) I, No. 2 Reconnaissance of Sabine Pass. Foxed.
39) I, No. 3. Galveston Entrance. Short binding split.
40) I, No. 4. Preliminary Chart of San Luis Pass. Split in two pieces along centerfold.
41) I, No. 5. Reconnaissance of Arkansas Pass. Toned.
42) J. Sketch of Progress, Sections X and XI. Foxed and toned.
43) J, No. 2. Reconnaissance of the Western Coast from San Francisco to San Diego. Fold split with some loss.
44) J, No. 3. Cortez Bank. Fold splits with some loss.
45) J, No. 4. San Diego Entrance and Approaches. Only the bound half remains.
46) J, No. 5. Preliminary Sketch of Santa Barbara. Some loss along folds.
47) J, No. 6. Progress of Survey of San Francisco Bay and Vicinity. Miss-folded and foxed.
48) J, No. 7. Tidal Diagrams, Rincon Point. Good.
49) K. Sketch of Progress, Columbia River. Toned.
50) K, No. 2. Preliminary Survey of Shoalwater Bay. Foxed.
51) K, No. 3. Reconnaissance of the Western Coast from Gray's Harbor to Admiralty Inlet. Toned.
52) K, No. 4. Cape Flattery and Nee-ah Harbor. Fold split with some loss.
53) K, No. 5. Reconnaissance of False Dungeness Harbor. Foxed and soiled.
54) Self-registering tide-gauge. Foxed.
Quarto (9 x 12"). Condition grade C. Original hardbound in embossed brown cloth with gilt titles on cover and spine. Covers are worn and soiled, spine has several splits, some with loss. Corners are bumped with some loss. Contents are damp stained and foxed. There are several pencil notations inside front cover, including the signature of Bradley Sillick Osbon, a naval officer and author of the Hand book of the United States Navy: being a compilation of all the principal events in the history of every vessel of the United States navy. From April, 1861, to May, 1864.

The second book, (U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, Washington, 1891.) is appendix no. 10-1890 with its pages ranging from 461to 620. This is a terrific account of the author's attempt to "ascertain the direction and velocity of the currents at any depth" using an instrument he had invented in 1876. Contains 37 charts and figures. Quarto (9.5 x 12"). Complete. Original hardbound in green cloth with gilt titles on front and spine. Contents of book generally good with some occasional damp staining in lower portion of some pages. A pink stain is on the title page. Covers are worn with some loss due to scuffing. Spine is soft and binding is starting to separate from front board. Overall a grade B.



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