Auction 119, Lot 60

"[Lot of 4 - World and Europe]",

Subject: World Miscellany

Period: 1758 (dated)

Publication: Gentleman's Magazine,

Color: Black & White

5 x 8.2 inches
12.7 x 20.8 cm

Complete issue of Gentleman's Magazine dated December 1758 with four maps included to illustrate the various articles including.

1) A Map of the New Continent according to its greatest diametrical Length from the River la Plata to beyond the Lake of the Assiniboils. Very interesting, somewhat twisted projection with a long Northwest Passage reaching across from the Great Lakes. Beautifully engraved by John Gibson. (7 x 8.3")
2) Old Map of the Continent according to the greatest diametrical Length from the Point of East Tartary to the Cape of Good Hope. Binder's instructions note the embarrassing error in the title, which should be "A Map of the Old Continent." The map shows Europe, Asia and Africa. Engraved by John Gibson and adorned with a lovely cartouche. (7 x 8.3")
3) A Complete Chart of the Coast of France, from Ostend, to Cape Finisterra, including the opposite Coast, of the British Channel. Handsome map of the ports, cities and rivers surrounding the Bay of Biscay and The English Channel through the Dover Straits, north to the German Ocean and south to include just a bit of the Mediterranean Sea. Simple compass rose and lovely cartouche. (10 x 7.5")
4) A Map of the Country Round Dresden, with the Towns and Fortresses which the several Armies have occupied during the Campaign. This map details the towns and fortresses of Dresden, Freyberg, Pautzen (or Budissen), Zittau, Gorlitz, Meissen and Stadtleim. Nicely detailed with scores of towns, mountains and rivers, adorned with a simple compass rose. (9 x 7.5")

References: Jolly GENT-121, 122, 123, 124.

Condition: B

All maps good with some light toning, offsetting and some minor fold separations. The magazine has some loose sheets, but all are present.

Estimate: $300 - $400


Closed on 5/9/2007