Auction 119, Lot 533

"[Lot of 3 Battle Plans] ] Defaitede l'Armee des Alliez dans Leurs Camp de Neerwinde [together with] Le Combat de Steenkerke [ together with] Le Combat de Leuze ou de la Catoire", Fer, Nicolas de

Subject: Belgium

Period: 1691 (circa)


Color: Hand Color

10.8 x 7 inches
27.4 x 17.8 cm

Interesting group of battle plans made at the time of the War of the Grand Alliance. In the aftermath of the Thirty Years' War, which had devastated large parts of Southern Germany, the League of Augsburg was formed in 1686 between Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor, and various German princes to oppose Louis XIV's aggression in Germany. The alliance was joined by Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and the United Provinces. Later, England also declared war on France in May of 1689, and the League of Augsburg became known as the "Grand Alliance", with England, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, the United Provinces, and most of the German states opposing France. The war came to an inconclusive end in 1696.

1) Defaitede L'Armee des Alliez dans Leurs Camp de Neerwinde shows the scene of the French defeat of the Allied army at Neerwinden in 1693. The map shows the troop movement and placement as well as the surrounding coutryside. The plan is adorned with a title cartouche in the shape of a battlefield tent.
2) Le Combat de Steenkerke is a plan of the battlefield of Steenkerke where the French again defeated the Allied forces. The plan shows cannon firing, and the arrangement of the troops of both sides.
3) Le Combat de Leuze ou de la Catoire shows the scene of the battle at Leuze on September 18, 1691. The Allied forces were retiring for the winter, assuming the battle there was at an end. After most of the forces had left, Marshal Luxembourg attacked the remaining forces in a battle that lasted only two hours, securing that region for Louis XIV.


Condition: A

Estimate: $200 - $250

Sold for: $210

Closed on 5/9/2007