Auction 117, Lot 734

"[Lot of 4 - Holy Land]",

Subject: Holy Land

Period: 1700-30 (circa)


Color: Hand Color

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Nice lot of English maps depicting the Holy Land during biblical times.

1) A New Map Shewing the Travels of the Patriarchs, As also the Children of Israel, from Egypt through the Wilderness, to the Land of Canaan (19 x 14.2") by Edward Wells, from "A New Sett of Maps both Antient and Present Geography" c. 1704. Nicely engraved map of the Land of Canaan or present Israel, and stretching through the Land of Cush or Ethiopia Arabia over to include Babylon and the Land of Eden. At the bottom is another map of the Mediterranean and into central Asia with the notation "The Draught shews the several Countries or People lying most remote from the Holy Land and mentioned in the Old Testament." Engraved by Sutton Nicholls.

2) The Travels of the Children of Israel out of Aegypt through the Red Sea and the Wilderness into Canaan or the Holy Land (16.3 x 14") engraved by John Harris, c. 1720. The focus of this map is the route of the passage from Egypt to the Promised Land with each of the encampments noted. The map is decorated with a nice title cartouche and a vignette of Jonah and the whale.

3) & 4) Two untitled maps engraved by Emanual Bowen, c. 1730. First (13.5 x 11.5) covers the whole of the Middle East from Cyprus to Babylon and from the Red Sea to the Persian Gulf. The focus of the map is the Passage of Abraham from Charran to Sichem, which is graphically shown. Page 41 is engraved in upper right corner. Second (13.5 x 9.5) covers the Holy Land on both sides of the Jordan River and shows the division among the twelve tribes of Israel. The map is oriented with east at top by a compass rose. Page 241 is engraved in upper right corner.


Condition: A

All very good with nice impressions and minor soil or stains in blank margins.

Estimate: $500 - $700

Sold for: $375

Closed on 12/6/2006