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Auction 114, Lot 723

"Gerardi Mercatoris Atlas sive Cosmographicae Meditationes de Fabrica Mundi et Fabricati Figura", Hondius, Jodocus

Subject: Atlases

Period: 1619 (dated)


Color: Black & White

12.3 x 17.5 inches
31.2 x 44.5 cm
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A nearly complete example of Hondius' edition of Gerard Mercator's famous folio atlas. French edition. Title page, text pages, and approximately 90 maps. This is being sold as a collection of maps that are still bound together in original signatures but lack the binding. All maps are uncolored double-page (unless otherwise noted) copper engravings. Most of the maps bear the Gerardum Mercatorem imprint. The atlas does not have a list of maps so we will endeavor to list them all here, using abbreviated titles, in the order they lay in the atlas. Minor flaws are not expanded upon. Maps that are present but in poor condition are not listed.

1) Ireland regnum; 2) [Untitled Northern Ireland]; 3) Irlandiae Regnum; 4) Ultoniae Orientalis Pars, Udrone Irlandiae in Catherlagh Baronia; 5) [Untitled Southern Scotland] long split at top fold; 6) Suecia et Norvegia cum consinys; 7) Iutia Septentrionalis; 8) Holsatia ducatus; 9) Fionia; 10) Prussia; 11) Transylvania; 12) Hispaniae Nova Describtio; 13) Cataloniae Principatus Descriptio Nova; 14) Galliae tabule geographicae (title page); 15) Aquitania australis Regnu Arelatense; 16) Provinciae Pegionis Galiae…Bompario (with long fold split); 17) France Picardie Campaigne; 18) L'Isle de France; 19) Picardia (ink stain in map with cracked paper beneath); 20) Champagne Comitatus Campania (two ink spots); 21) Beauvaisis Comitatus Belovacium; 22) Bolonia & Guines Comitatus (single page - ink spot); 23) Aniou (ink spots); 24) Berry ducatus; Bourbonois; 25) Poictou sive Pictauiae descriptio; Quercy Cardumcium; 26) Lotharingia Ducatus; 27) [Untitled France & Luxembourg]; 28) Burgundia Ducatus; 29) [Untitled Switzerland]; 30) Helvetica; 31) [Unitited Switzerland]; 32) Das Wiflispur Gergov; Chorographica Tabula Lacus Lemanni; 33) [Untitled Switzerland]; 34) Belgii in Ferioris Geographicae tabulae (title page); 35) Artesia Comit; Hannonia Namurcum Comitatus; 36) Trier Lutzenburg (single page); 37) Germaniae tabulae geographicae (title page); 38) Berghe Ducatus Marck Comitatus; 39) Leoniensis Dioecesis Typus (damage along centerfold); 40) Waldeck Comitatus; 41) Palatinatus Rheni; 42) Wirtenberg Ducatus (long tear or separation along centerfold); 43) Alsatia inferior (two stains and water stain at top); 44) Alsatia superior; 45) Hassia landtgrauiatus (extensive staining); 46) Bavaria Ducatus; 47) Palatinatus Bavariae; 48) Saxoniae superioris (long tear along centerfold); 49) Marca Brandenburgensis & Pomerania (long split along centerfold); 50) Nova Famigerabilis Insulae ac Ducatus Rugiae Descriptio (long split along centerfold); 51) Bohemia; Moravia (crack next to centerfold at bottom); 52) Austria archiducatus (single page); 53) Saltzburg…Carinthiae (centerfold split); 54) Polonia et Silesia (centerfold split); 55) Hungaria (centerfold split); 56) Italiae, 57) Sclovoniae, et Graeciae (title page); 58) Italia; 59) Lombardiae Alpestris pars occidentalis cum Valesia; 60) Tarvisina Marchia et Tirolis Comitatus (splits at centerfold); 61) Pedemontana regio cum Genvensium…; 62) Romandiola cum Parmensi Ducatu; 63) Brescia Episcopatus Mediolanu Ducatus; 64) Veronae Vicentiae et Patauii Ditiones; 65) Forum Iulium, Karstia, Carniola, Histria et Windorum Marchia; 66) Tuscia; 67) Marchia Anconitana cum Spoletano Ducatu; 68) Litium nunc Campagna di Roma (some splitting along cernterfold); 69) Abruzzo et Terra di Lavoro; 70) Puglia Piana, Terra de Barri; 71) Corsica (single page); 72) Sardinia (single page); 73) Stiria; Sclovonia, Croatia, Bosnia cum Dalmatiae parte; 74) Walachia Servia, Bulgaria, Romania (centerfold split); 75) Greacia (split along centerfold); 76) Macedonia Epirus et Achaia; 77) Morea olim Peloponnesus; 78) Candiacum Insulis aliquot circa Graeciam; 79) Barbaria (three maps on one sheet); 80) Fessae et Marocchi Regna (very good); 81) Turcici Imperii Imago (fully split on centerfold); 82) Terra Sancta quae in Sacris…Palestina; 83) Natoliae sive Asia Minor (very good); 84) Cyprus Ins (very good); 85) Persici vel Sopho rum Regni Typus (very good); 86) Iaponia (a few light spots, else very good); 87) Ins. Ceilan quae incolis Tenarisin dictur (some light spots, else very good); 88) Hispaniae Novae Nova Descriptio (very good); 89) Hispaniola Insula [and] Cuba Insula (and three insets on one sheet); and 90) Exquisita & magnoaliquot…Freti Magellanici Facies.

Sold as a collection of maps not subject to return. First few pages including the title page with extensive damage at top. The majority of maps will require cleaning and/or repair.


Condition: C

The majority of maps are fair condition due to toning, occasional foxing, soft paper or centerfold splits. Some with water stain in upper margin that enters map. Missing covers and spine. Text pages with foxing and some water stains.

Estimate: $4,000 - $5,000

Sold for: $14,500

Closed on 3/1/2006