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"[Petits Voyages Part IV] Vierder Theil der Orientalischen Indien...", Bry, Theodore de

Subject: Southern Asia & Southeast Asia

Period: 1600 (published)


Color: Black & White

7.9 x 11.7 inches
20.1 x 29.7 cm

This copper engraving is from a remarkable series of publications, illustrating voyages of discovery and travels of exploration to various parts of the world. The project was begun by Theodore de Bry of Frankfurt, in 1590 and was to continue for another 54 years. They became known collectively as the Grands Voyages (to America and the West Indies) and the Petits Voyages (to the Orient and the East Indies). De Bry died after the first six parts of the Grands Voyages were completed. The project was completed initially by his widow and two sons, Johann Theodore de Bry and Johann Israel de Bry, then by his son-in-law, Matthaus Merian in 1644.

This disbound chapter is the first edition of Part IV of de Bry's Petits Voyages, chronicling two key voyages to the East Indies: Jan Juygen van Linschoten and Cornelis de Houtman in 1595-97; and Jacob van Neck and Wybrandt van Warwijck in 1598-99. This chapter is complete, with 21 plates, two title pages, a preface, errata, and 121 pp. of text. The plates focus primarily on natives, animals, plants, fruit, trees, and other natural resources found in India, Madagascar, and the East Indies. The plates are:

1. Cochin: A horrifying encounter with a large fish at Cochin
2. Seychelles: The Dutch are attached by giant crabs
3. Mauritius: What the Dutch found on the island of Mauritius (giant tortoises & parrots)
4. Madagascar: How the inhabitants catch whales off the Island of Santa Marta (near Madagascar)
5. Java: How the Javanese bet on cock-fighting
6. India: The extraordinary "Abore Triste" tree of India
7. India: Some of the animals found in India (elephants, rhinoceros, and crocodiles)
8. Jaca: The bird called "Eeme" and other creatures
9. India: Birds and fish seen during the voyage to India
10. South Africa: Seaweed and more birds seen approaching the Cape of Good Hope during the voyage to India
11. India: The Indian coconut and fig-tree and the tree on which the Arecca grows
12. India: The Indian egg or cane bamboo, the tree roots and the Durian fruit
13. India: A picture of the trees that bear Cayus and Jambos and of other plants
14. India: The pineapple, Bettel, palma dactylifera, Samaca and Mango
15. Java: The plants Lantor, Assa, Pimenta del Rabo, talasse Mangostan and Pepper
16. Bali: A picture of various Indian trees, including the palm-tree
17. Sumatra: The carcapuli, canella de mato and cassia solutiva
18. Sumatra: An illustration of Lancuas, Fagaras, Lacca and Cuci fructa
19. India: A picture of the Aloe, Maguey mexicanum and the Sycomorg
20. Sumatra: Other plants, including the canior, dringuo, pucho and chiabe
21. Madagascar: Plants found on the island of S. Laurenti (Madagascar)


Condition: B+

The condition of the plates ranges from good to very good with light toning, light to moderate soiling, and occasional edge tears or chips. A couple of the engravings have old paper repairs on verso. The text is very good with light toning and soiling,

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Sold for: $700

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