Auction 135, Lot 447

"[Lot of 7 - England & Wales]", Mercator, Gerard

Subject: England & Wales

Period: 1609 (circa)


Color: Hand Color

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A matched, complete set of maps from an early French edition of the Mercator/Hondius Atlas. They are filled with information on the topography, forests, cities, and towns. Each is beautifully engraved in Mercator's characteristic style featuring stippled or moiré patterned seas and decorated with ships, sea monsters, and bold cartouches.

1) Anglia Regnum, (18.3 x 13.8"). This attractive map of Elizabethan England and Wales is filled with names taken from Saxton's map of 1579. County boundaries and the Latinized names of counties are shown. There is a small internal tear along the centerfold near Bristol that is closed on verso with archival tape. There is a fold separation in the bottom blank margin.

2) Northumbria, Cumberlandia, et Dunelmensis Episcopatus, (18.3 x 13.8"). A lovely early map of the border region between England and Scotland. Hadrian's Wall (Picticus murus) is graphically depicted. There is a minor fold separation in the bottom blank margin, well away from the map.

3) Westmorlandia, Lancastria, Cestria, Caernarvan, Denbigh, Flint, Merionidh, Montgomery, Salopia cum Insulis Mania et Anglesey, (16.3 x 14.2"). This fine map covers northwestern England and northern Wales with the Isle of Man.

4) Cornubia, Devonia, Somersetus, Dorcestria, Wiltonia, Glocestria Monumetha, Glamorgan, Caermarden, Penbrok, Cardigan, Radnor, Breknoke, Herefordia & Wigornia, (18.4 x 14.5"). This handsome map covers southwest England, describing Cornwall and south Wales. There is a tear in the bottom blank margin and a fold separation at top, neither affecting the map.

5) Eboracum, Lincolnia, Derbia, Staffordia, Notinghamia, Lecestria, Rutlandia, et Norfolcia, (16.5 x 14"). This handsome map covers the northeastern part of England. There is a short fold separation in the bottom blank margin.

6) Warwicum, Northhamtonia, Huntingdonia, Cantabrigia, Suffolcia, Oxonium, Buckinghamia, Bedfordia, Hartfordia, Essexia, Berceria, Middelsexia, Southhatonia, Surria, Cantiu & Southsexia, (18.5 x 14.5"). Mercator's great map of the southeast region of England including the British Channel and London. The bottom fold is separated 1 1/4" into map, without loss.

7) Anglesey / Wight Vectis olim / Garnesay / Iarsay, (17 x 12.5"). Very handsome folio sheet with four maps depicting the English islands Jersey, Guernsey (with Castle Cornet noted), Wight and Alderney. Each map with its own decorative title cartouche and distance scale. Some tears, fold separations and edge tears, not affecting map, and some minor mildew stains on verso.

References: 1) Shirley (BI) #181.

Condition: B+

All with original color that is slightly faded. Lightly toned with minor defects noted in descriptions.

Estimate: $1,600 - $2,000


Closed on 2/16/2011