Auction 126, Lot 673

"[Lot of 4 Archibald Murray's Dispatches]", British Government

Subject: Middle East, Egypt

Period: 1920 (dated)


Color: Printed Color

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This great set of WWI maps are folding and backed with original cloth. Each contains remarkable detail of the area locating villages, watershed, railways, roads (including those passable only by fully laden camels), tramways, and telegraphy offices. Icons locate palm trees, stone buildings, lighthouses, and ruins. Detailed topography by hachure. Some show military operations via color overprinting. Each has the title duplicated at the upper right margin which is folded so the title is visible while the maps are still folded. The original board and cloth slip case (7" x 10.3") has a folding cover to protect the maps.

General Sir Archibald James Murray commanded the Egyptian Expeditionary Force from 1916 to 1917. Murray’s reorganized his troops and led a counterattack against the Turks to prevent another attack against the Suez Canal. He captured most of the Sinai Peninsula, but progress ground to a halt in Palestine. Murray was unsuccessful in his attempts to seize Gaza in the First and Second Battles of Gaza. He permitted T. E. Lawrence's expedition to join the Arab Revolt against the Turks in Arabia.

1) Syria Jerusalem and Rafa, (26 x 27") Large inset of the vicinity of Gaza.
2) Sinai Peninsula Suez - Port Said, (24.8 x 33")
3) Map of Egypt, (25 x 23.3") This great amp includes many oases, desert trails and more. With large insets: Cairo; and Alexandria.
4) Outline Map of the Turkish Empire, (15.3 x 18.3") 1917, black and white. With two corner tips toned.

A great set that appears complete as the four completely fill the case.


Condition: A

The cloth slip case has some staining and is missing original tie cloth.

Estimate: $200 - $250

Sold for: $150

Closed on 12/3/2008