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"[Lot of 11 - Mexican American War Maps]", U.S. Army

Subject: United States & Mexico

Period: 1847 (circa)

Publication: Senate Doc. 1, 30th Congress 1st Session

Color: Black & White

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This group of eleven campaign maps depict the principle engagements in the War with Mexico -- General Taylor's triumph at Buena Vista, General Scott's victories at Vera Cruz, Cerro Gordo, Churubusco, Molina del Ray and Mexico City. The terrain and troop maneuvers are nicely illustrated and provide a basis for following the descriptions of these U.S. victories. Most accompanied the after action reports of Gen. Z. Taylor and W. Scott to the U.S. Congress.

1) Battles of Mexico Line of Operations of the U.S. Army under the Command of Major General Winfield Scott on the 19th and 20th of August 1847. (28.5 x 23.5") This large folding map was surveyed by Maj. Turnbull (with his signature in the plate), Capt. McClellan and Lt. Hardcastle, Corps of Topographical Engineers. It is centered on the "Pedregal or Field of Lava." It locates the Mexican Reserve under General Santa Ana as well as several American Brigades; the legend locates the brigades of Riley, Cadwalader, Smith, Shield, and Pierce, plus the Magruder and Calender's batteries, and much more. The very detailed plan names Cuyuacau, San Antonio, San Juan cte Dios, San Augustin, Magdalena, Anseldo, Contreras and San Angel.
2) Plan of the Battle of Buena-Vista Fought February 22nd and 23rd 1847. (20.3 x 16") The map was drawn by Linnard and surveyed by Lieutenants Pope and Franklin. It is a very detailed battle plan showing a crucial battle in the war with Mexico. Outnumbered nearly 5 to 1, General Taylor's forces held, and finally defeated the advancing Mexican forces under General Santa Ana. A legend notes troop locations during the battle.
3) Survey of the Mexican Lines of Defense at Cerro Gordo, and the Lines of Attack of the American Army under Major General Scott, on the 17th and 18th of April 1847. (19 x 12.4") This map, surveyed by Major Turnbull and Capt. McLellan, illustrates one of the major battles of the Mexican American War. It shows mountains, roads, Mexican and American camps, gun batteries and the route of Shield's Brigade. Santa Ana had taken up a position at the pass of Cerro Gordo, thinking to halt Gen. Scott's advance on Mexico City. After fierce fighting, the Mexican forces were completely defeated, surrendering 3,000 prisoners (including 5 generals), more than 4,000 stands of arms and 43 pieces of artillery. American losses were 64 killed and 353 wounded.
4) Map of the Valley of Mexico. (16.8 x 12") This is a plan of the vicinity around Mexico City that includes the lakes and extends to include Toluca in the west, S. Antonio, Cholula and Cuatlacingo in the east. Inset profile of the "Route between Mexico and Vera Cruz.
5) La Paz (Lower California) and its Environs Showing the Positions Occupied by the U.S. Troops and the Mexicans, during the Attacks in November & December 1847. (20.5 x 16.5") This lithographed plan depicts the positions occupied by the U.S. Troops and the Mexicans during the attacks. An early chart of what is now a major Baja resort destination.
6) Sketch of the Battle of Sacramento Feb. 18th 1847. (9.5 x 12.5") Very detailed plan of the area shows the small Rancho Sacramento, Torreon, the rivers and the road to Chihuahua. There is excellent detail of troop positions and movements. Stats at bottom note one American and 300 Mexicans killed.
7) Plan Accompanying Gen. Quitman's Report. Hand colored. (17.8 x 13") This map shows the headquarters and positions of the American forces, south of Chepultepec, batteries, weaponry etc. But most interestingly it depicts, by hand coloring, the positions of Mexican troops and the route of the American forces during the assault on Mexico City.
8) Sketch of the Route of General Worth's Column from Chapultepec to the Alameda in the Attack upon the City of Mexico 13th & 14th September 1847. (10.5 x 14.3") Scattered light foxing, stains at top, bottom. This detailed map shows the position of batteries, headquarters, troops, and buildings on the outskirts of Mexico City; also includes the roads and aqueducts to Garita San Cosme and Belin Garita. Legend names and locates 18 features.
9) Battles of Mexico, Line of Operations of the U.S. Army under the Command of Major General Winfield Scott, on the 8th, 12th and 13th of September, 1847. (21.5 x 28") Scattered foxing, mostly at upper left quadrant, and a closed tear approaching title. This large folding map was surveyed by Maj. Turnbull (with his signature in the plate), Capt. McClellan and Lt. Hardcastle, Corps of Topographical Engineers. It shows the position of American forces outside of Molino De Rey and Chapultepec with the Mexican forces between Molino Del Rey and Mexico City. Very detailed showing the roads, churches, haciendas, etc.
10 & 11) Battle of El Molino del Rey. Sketch of the Operations of the 1st Division United States Army under the Command of General Worth on the 8th Sept. 1847. Two copies. (19.5 x 12.7") A temporary armistice between Mexican President Santa Anna and commanding General Scott that arranged for a treaty of surrender had broken down and Gen. Scott decided to make a final effort to capture Mexico City. This map shows details of the first operation against El Molino del Rey and began early on September 8th. The map and indexed legend locates the positions of 11 different groups during the battle. A simultaneous attack was made against Casa de Mata. The Mexicans were soundly defeated, but only after a hard fought action with severe casualties on both sides. According to General Winfield Scott's official report to William Marcy, Secretary of War, Molinos del Rey was a mill that contained a cannon foundry. It had a large deposit of powder nearby and many church bells had recently been delivered to be cast into guns, which hastened his resolve "to seize the powder, and to destroy the foundry." Two copies of this map with one showing a panel of light staining.

This collection represents a fine group of maps not seen offered together as a set.


Condition: B+

The majority or very good or good with some occasional foxing. All folding with the attendant misfolds and other insignificant flaws. A nice collection.

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