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"[Lot of 19 - China]", Prevost, Anton Francois

Subject: China

Period: 1749 (published)

Publication: Histoire Generale des Voyages…

Color: Black & White

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Fascinating group of maps and views of China and its people from Prevost's massive history of exploration. Most of the map are by Jacques Nicolas Bellin.

1) Carte de la Baye d'Hocsieu et des Entrees de la Riviere de Chang Situees, dans la Province de Fokyen Tirees de Manuscrits Hollandois describes the mouth of the Chang River in the vicinity of Foochow in the Fokien Province. (10.8 x 8")
2) Carte de l'Isle de Chei-Chan ou Isle de Chusan de la Province de Che-kiang avec les Costes et Isles Voisines Tire de Thornton Hydrog. Anglois et Autres Navigateurs is a map of the area east of Ningbo in the Chinese province of Chekiang, located across the bay from Shanghai. A compass rose orients the chart with north to the right. ( 12.4 x 8.2")
3) Villes de la Province de Chensi. Si-ngan-fu Capitale / Tchouang Lan ou Chwang lan shows two plans on one sheet of Singanfu and Tchang-Lan in the province of Shanxi. (10.9 x 8")
4) Lan-Tcheou ou Lan-Chew dans la Province de Chensi…/ Can Tcheou ou Kanchew…/ Tchin-Ywen-Fou ou Chin-Ywen-Fu… shows three plans of towns in the province of Shanxi and Quey-chew. (10.9 x 8" )
5) Plan de la Ville de Hang-Tcheou-Fou ou Hang-chew-Fu, Capitale de la Province de Che-Kiang. Tire du P. Du Halde describes the town of Hangzhou in the province of Zhejiang (6.2 x 8.2")
6) Plan de Long-men-hein… / Plan d'une Partie de la Gran de Muraille du Coste de Yung-ping-fu… is an interesting view of the fortified areas near the Great Wall of China. (6.4 x 8.4")
7) Fortresse de Tyen Tsing Wey tiree de Nieuhof shows a view of the fort at Tiensing with many ships in the bay. (7 x 4.7")
8) Jo Si Wo Entre Tyen Tsing Wey et Peking, tire de Nieuhof describes a waterway that leads to Peking and Tiensing. (7 x 4.6")
9) Temple de Paulinchi, tire de Nieuhof is a charming view of a temple in China. (5.4 x 4.8")
10) Salle Imperiale de l Audience tiree de Nieuhof is a dramatic view of the Imperial Palace, also known as the Forbidden City. (5.4 x 4.8")
11) Observatoire de Peking tire du Pere le Comte is a view of an observatory topped with astronomical instruments; an Equinoctial Sphere, a Celestial Globe, a Zodiacal Sphere, Azimuthal Horizon, Quadrant, and a Sextant. (5.5 x 4.8")
12) Village de Kya Kya, tire de Nieuhof is a picturesque view of a mountainous little coastal town. (2.8 x 4.6")
13) Montagne des Cinq Tetes de Cheval Pres de Chau Cheu Fu tiree de Nieuhof is a view of a dramatic range of mountains, one with steps leading up the steep side. (7 x 4.7")
14) Sepulchres Chinois shows a burial procession heading into a mountain that is used for burials. (5.5 x 4.8")
15) Vue de Peking tiree de Nieuhof is a pretty view of Peking and the surrounding countryside. (5.5 x 4.8")
16) Hu Kcu Hyen, tire de Nieuhof shows a pastoral coastal town in China. (5.5 x 4.8")
17) Pellerinage pour Obtenir une Annee Fertile describes a parade to celebrate the New Year and promote fertility. (5.5 x 4.8")
18) Dames Chinoises, tirees de du Halde is a depiction of Chinese women in traditional garb. (2.8 x 4.6")
19) Figures Chinoises shows various Chinese men attired according to their station in life including the Emperor, a peasant and a Buddhist priest. (2.8 x 4.6")


Condition: B

Nice impressions with some occasional light offsetting and close margins. A couple maps have small repaired tears on the binding side. All with folds as issued.

Estimate: $350 - $550

Sold for: $375

Closed on 5/9/2007