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Lot #69

RightArrow.gif (1235 bytes)LeftArrow.gif (1231 bytes)Antique Maps of the United States
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83-046.jpg (50890 bytes)46. United States (Map of the United States Exhibiting the Military Depts. & Posts), U.S., 1860. 19.5 x 13". (FC) Great military map showing seven districts, and numerous forts and camps. Folding, as issued. (A+)  Click thumbnail for full sized image.   $75

47. United States (The United States of North America), Blackie & Son, The Comprehensive Atlas & Geography of the World, Edinburgh, [1884]. 19.5 x 13.5". (PC) Nice general map with the only territorial borders yet to be fixed being one Dakota and Indian Territory with Public Lands. Depicts the major railroads. (A+) $ 50

48. United States (Dealer Lot), Harpers School Atlas, [1885]. 8.5 x 10.5". (PC) Lot of eight maps cover most of the U.S. Includes two nice western states maps, TX and Indian Terr., and Nebraska. All very good, except one with a chip in border. (A) $ 55

49. United States John Bartholomew, The Citizen’s Atlas, Edinburgh, ca. 1895. 16 x 12". (PC) Attractive, colorful map with great detail of the railway system. Oklahoma is still divided into Public Land, Oklahoma and Indian Terr. Couple short marginal tears. (A) $ 30

The following lots are finely detailed and brightly colored soil maps published in 1903 by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Departments of Soils. They are early color lithographs by Julius Bien & Co. Legends at side give detail on soil type, etc. They also include interesting details of the cities, roads, railroads, rivers, canals, etc. All are on the scale of 1" = 1 mile. Each with a nearly invisible embossed stamp: the American Museum of Natural History.

50. Indiana (Madison County). 15.5 x 30". (A) $ 15

51. Arizona (Solomonsville). 24 x 17". (A) $ 15

52. Kansas (Parsons). 15.5 x 27.2". (A) $ 15

53. Kentucky (Scott County). 17 x 23". (A+) $ 15

54. Michigan (Pontiac). 18.7 x 19". Couple of minor fold separations. (B) $ 15

55. Nebraska (Grand Island County). 26 x 18.2". (A+) $ 15

56. Ohio (Ashtabula). 26 x 19.5". Couple of separations on fold intersections. (B) $ 15

57. Tennessee (Pikeville). 19 x 23.5". (A+) $ 15

58. Texas (Woodville). 10.5 x 11". (A+) $ 15

59. Texas (Lufkin). 10.5 x 11". (A) $ 15

60. Wisconsin (Viroqua). 12.5 x 43". (A) $ 15

83-061.JPG (63539 bytes)61. United States, eastern (A MAP of the BRITISH AMERICAN PLANTATIONS, extending from Boston in New England to Georgia; including all the back Settlements in the respective Provinces, as far as the Mississippi), E. Bowen, Gentleman’s Magazine, London, 1754. 8.8 x 10.8". (BW) Fantastic detail includes Indian tribes, mines, forts (current and ‘ancient’), rivers and roads of the day. Engraved on fine paper with fleur-de-lys watermark. GENT-89. A most desirable sheet. Together with the complete July 1754 Gentleman’s Magazine, as issued, with related article. Much war news. (A) Click thumbnail for full-size image. $ 275-300

83-062.jpg (58107 bytes)62. United States, eastern (A Map of The Provinces of New-York and New-Jersey with a part of Pennsylvania and the Province of Quebec), Sauthier/Lotter, Augsburg, 1777. 22.2 x 29.5". (FC) Important American Revolutionary War map details areas crucial to the war's early years, particularly the Hudson Valley and Lake Champlain. This issue by Lotter was directed at a German audience, probably because of the high number of German mercenaries fighting with the British army. Full original color. (A+)  $2,000 reserve. Click thumbnail for full sized image. $2,400-2,800

83-063.jpg (95469 bytes)63. United States, eastern (Charte uber die XIII vereinigte Staaten von Nord -America), Gussefeld/Homann Heirs, Nuremberg, 1784. 22.5 x 17.5". (FC) Fine copper engraving of the thirteen original states. The states are all shown confined east of the Appalachian Mountains although the land between there and the Mississippi River is noted as belonging to the United States by a 1783 treaty. Covered with detail, Indian names, and settlements. Small (uncolored) title cartouche. Faint damp stain in margin & couple of marginal tears, professionally repaired. (A) $750 reserve. Click thumbnail at right for full sized image. $900-950

64. United States, eastern (United States), S. Arrowsmith, London, [1832]. 7 x 5.75". (OC) Nice map with North Western Territory, Missouri Territory and early Arkansaw (sic)Territory. Texas still a part of Mexico. Inset of the Florida peninsula. Lightly toned on centerfold with a couple of small spots in margins. (A) $ 85

83-065.jpg (76442 bytes)65. United States, eastern (United States), Tallis, London, ca. 1851. 12.7 x 9.5". (FC) Great map of the eastern states and some very interestingly shaped western territories up to about the Rocky Mountains. Surrounded by colored, decorative border and vignettes including a buffalo hunt, Penn’s treaty with the Indians, Washington’s Monument (which includes a statue at the top which was never actually installed), portraits of Franklin and Washington, and two U.S. seals. (A+)   Click thumbnail for full sized image. $300-350

66. United States, eastern (United States of North America (Eastern States) [ and] (Western States), K. Johnston, Edinburgh, c.1876. 12.7 x 16.5". (PC) Pair of detailed maps. Eastern sheet shows the extensive railroad network so important to nineteenth century America. Good topographical detail on both. Keyboard borders. Marginal splits, else fine. (A) $ 65

67. United States, eastern (Der Ostliche Theil Von Nord America Zur Ubersicht Der Eisenbahnen & Wasserstrassen Von A. Petermann.), Von A. Peterman, Petermann’s Geographicshe Mittheihungen, Gotha, 1877. 20.75 x 26.25". (PC) This map is probably the most detailed map we have ever scene from this period. Covered with roads, railways, cities and towns (even those with populations less than 3,000). Covers from the Mississippi valley eastward with insets of Boston, New York, northern Maine, southern Florida and the vicinity of Berlin (don’t know the purpose of this one). Folded as issued with a couple of marginal fold splits, else fine and bright (A) $ 125

68. United States, eastern (New England States, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.), William Collins, Glasgow, ca. 1880. 9 x 11.75". (PC) A fine little map. (A+) $ 12

83-069.JPG (100060 bytes)69. United States, central (Cours du Mississipi et La Louisiane), de Vaugondy, Paris, 1749. 6.5 x 8.5". (OC) Attractive small map of the Louisiana Territory with numerous place and Indian village names. Texas is names Cenis. Light damp stain in margins just entering title block. (B) Click on thumbnail for full sized image. $ 300

83-070.jpg (72620 bytes)70. United States, north central (Map of the Route passed over by an Expedition into the Indian Country in 1832 to the Source of the Mississippi), Lt. Allen, Military Affairs, Vol. V., ca. 1861. 18.7 x 15". (BW) Scarce, early reprint of this important map by the prestigious lithography firm, Bowen & Co. It was originally issued as a House Document to accompany the report by Schoolcraft and Allen. The map covers the region of present -day Minnesota from the western tip of Lake Superior to the Red River. It depicts Ft. Snelling, scores of Sioux villages, Trading Houses of the American Fur Company, and many other fascinating details. It locates the source of the Mississippi River at 47 10' N and 95 54' W. Professionally backed with Japanese tissue and in superb condition. (A+)  Click thumbnail for full sized image.    $200

71. United States, southern (Gulf Coast from Pennsacola to the Passes of the Mississippi), U.S. Coast Survey, 1870. 22.75 x 24.5". (BW) A nice chart. Folding, as issued, with minor toning on folds & separations repaired with archival tape. (B) $ 75

83-072.JPG (48041 bytes)72. United States, western (Map of the United States Territory of Oregon West of the Rocky Mountains Exhibiting the Various Trading Depots or Forts Occupied by the British Hudson Bay Company, connected with the Western and Northwestern Fur Trade), Hood/Stansbury, ca. 1838. 20.5 x 17.5". (BW) Lithographed map based on Arrowsmith’s map of 1834. Oregon Terr. includes all the west coast north of California (here Mexico) and to the Rocky Mountains where it bounds the Mandan District. The Great Salt Lake is also named Youta or Lake Bonneville and has an American Fur Co. Depot. The line between the U.S. and British Territory is labeled the Northern Boundary 1818 and follows the 49th parallel all the way through Vancouver Island (called the Wakish Nation here). The border with Mexico, is named the Southern Boundary 1819 and follows the 41st parallel to approximately the headwaters of the Arkansas River. There are numerous U.S. and British (Hudson Bay Co.) forts located within the present borders of the U.S. An important map in the cartographic history of the US. Ref: Wheat (TM) 434. Couple areas of foxing, but paper very sound, with no fold separations and good margins all around. (B)  Click on thumbnail for full-sized image.   $ 300-350

73. Western US (Map of the Emigrant Road from Independence Mo. To St. Francisco California), T.H. Jefferson, 1849/1945. 20 x 14". (BW) This is the 1945 reprint by the California Historical Society of this most famous map originally published in 1849. Part I and II only, each 20" x 14". Together with a 1961 letter from The Arthur H. Clark Company, signed "Art", regarding the sale of the map to Mr. Kopietz, a senior animation artist for Disney. (A+) $ 50-75

74. United States, western (Progress Map of the Geographical Surveys West of the 100th Meridian), Geo. Wheeler, 1875. 22 x 16". (PC) Fascinating view of the various surveys. Also depicts the progress of telegraph lines in the west. (A) $ 75

75. United States, western (The Principal Transportation Lines West of Chicago, St. Louis & New Orleans), U.S., 1880. 20.5 x 24.5". (PC) Issued to accompany the report on the Internal Commerce of the United States. The map depicts all major railroads in red, including several extending into Canada and Mexico. Lines that are proposed are shown as dotted lines. Folded, as issued. One split on fold intersection, else fine. (A) $ 65

76. United States, western (California, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Arizona and Washington), S. A. Mitchell, School Atlas, Phil., 1886. 8.5 x 11". (FC) WA, ID, AZ, and UT are named as territories. Good detail throughout including railroads, roads and counties. Las Vegas is not named, Prescott is capitol of AZ. (A) $ 35

77. United States, western (Lot of three maps), Rand McNally, Atlas of the World, Chicago, 1898. 12.2 x 9". (PC) Three nice, detailed maps: Oklahoma & Indian Territory (Texas on verso), California (San Francisco on verso) and Colorado (New Mexico on verso). All very good detail. (A+) $ 60

83-078.jpg (222004 bytes)78. United States, northwest (Map of Oregon Showing the Locations of Indian Tribes), H. Schoolcraft, Information Respecting the History Condition and Prospects of the Indian Tribes of the United States, 1852. 10 x 8". (OC) Scarce map of the region of present-day Oregon, Washington, Idaho and western Montana. Each of the various Indian Tribes are located. The Emigrant Road (Oregon Trail) and the California Trail (along the Klamath River) are shown, as are many forts, Indian Agencies and missions. Fine original coloring. (A+)  Cl;ick on thumbnail for full size image. $125

79. United States, northwest (North West Coast of America, [in three sheets]), U.S. Coast Survey, 1868. 34 x 25.5". (BW) Nice set of charts. No 1, Cape Flattery to Dixon Entrance; No. 2, Dixon Entrance to Cape St. Elias; No. 3, Icy Bay to Seven Islands. Each measures approximately 25 x 30". Folding, as issued, with minor toning on folds & separations repaired with archival tape. (B) $ 175

80. Alabama & Florida (No.1. A Map of Part of Alabama & Florida. Shewing the route of the proposed Columbus & Pensacola Rail Road.), General Land Office, Washington DC, 1836. 20.75 x 22". (BW) Fine early railroad map of southern Alabama and western Florida issued to accompany to the report of Maj. James Duncan Graham. Bit of light foxing, overall clean with no browning or separations on folds. (A) $ 200

81. Alaska (General Chart of Alaska), U.S. Gov., Bureau of the American Republics, 1898. 23 x 14". (PC) Very detailed folding chart with particular emphasis on the coast and Aleutian Islands. Hundreds of soundings. Numerous gold mines in the interior. (A+) $ 30

82. Arizona (Map Showing the location of the Southern Pacific Rail Road Across the Fort Yuma Reserve and also The Crossing of the Colorado River At Yuma), Southern Pacific Rail Road Co., San Francisco, ca. 1870. 22 x 17". (BW) Scarce railroad map showing the rail lines entering Yuma. Also several stage roads and city streets with military reservations and forts. Issued folded, now nicely pressed and professional backed with Japanese tissue. Minor damp stain in margin, image clean and bright. (A) $ 100

83. Arizona (Territory of Arizona), Government Land Office, 1876. 28.5 x 23". (BW) Large early map of the territory. Lots of good detail of areas recently surveyed. Tucson is the capital. Very early depiction of Phoenix and there is no Flagstaff. Depicts railroads, including their 40 mile limits, Military Reservations and Indian Reservations. Some separations on folds, otherwise very clean and crisp. (B) $ 175

84. Arizona, Cram, Chicago, ca. 1883. 9.7 x 12.2". (PC) Nicely detailed, attractive map of the territory with 9 counties. Indian Reservations & many mining districts. (A+) $ 35

85. Arizona (Prescott and Tributary Mining Districts, Yavapai County, Arizona.), Jules Baumann, 1895. 35.5 x 27". (PC) Fabulous large mining map locating hundreds of mines, ranches, school houses, towns, railroads, roads, and post offices. Includes, Jerome, Prescott, and Congress. Large script title. Folded, as issued. (A+) $ 125

86. California and Arizona (Topographical Sketch …Diversion of the Colorado River for Purposes of Irrigation), Eric Bergland, U.S. Geo. Survey, 1875. 18.7 x 15.5". (BW) Depicts the region from the Grand Canyon to Los Angeles with great topographical detail. Folds, as issued, in superb condition. (A+) $ 65

87. California (Preliminary Chart of San Pablo Bay California), U.S. Coast Survey, 1856. 29.5 x 21". (BW) Nice chart of this important bay with a Navy Yard and small town at Vallejo and a U.S. Military Station at Benicia, else no settlement shown. Folded as issued, minor separations on some fold intersections, very clean. (B) $ 100

88. California, Geo. Cram, Chicago, [1884]. 12.25 x 18.5". (PC) Attractive nineteenth century map of the state with good detail throughout including railroads. Nice border on a double page with Nevada on back. (A+) $ 35

89. California (Yosemite National Park Showing Changes in Boundaries…), U.S., 1904. 27 x 25". (PC) Large colorful map of the park depicting the boundary changes between 1890 and 1904. Good detail of trails and patrol stations. Folded, as issued. (A+) $ 75

90. Colorado (Preliminary Map of Central Colorado), J.T. Gardner, U.S. Geo. Survey, 1873. 17 x 22.7". (BW) Very detailed map of the region including Denver, Estes Park, Colorado Springs and over to Grand Junction (although it does not exist on this map). Lots of interesting detail. Lightly toned on folds. Has been professionally backed with Japanese tissue to repair short binder’s tears, now very good. (A) $ 75

83-091.JPG (52689 bytes)91. District of Columbia (Johnson’s Georgetown and the City of Washington, the Capital of the United States of America), Johnson, New York, ca. 1863. 15.75 x 12.75". (FC) Fine city plan with vignettes of the Smithsonian Institution, The Capitol, and Washington Monument. Toned with a marginal tear. (A)  Click thumbnail for full sized image. $50

92. District of Columbia (Plan of the City of Washington, The Capital of the United States of America), S.A. Mitchell, New General Atlas, Philadelphia, 1867. 13.5 x 11". (FC) Attractive map of the city with major buildings and sites noted. Engraved by W. H. Gamble. Surrounded by a grapevine border with nice coloring. A couple of tiny spots, else fine. (B) $ 50

83-093.JPG (10687 bytes)93. Delaware (Geographical, Historical and Statistical Map of Delaware), Carey & Lea, American Atlas, Phil., [1822]. 9.7 x 11.7". (FC) Early state map surrounded by text on a folio sheet. Expert repair along centerfold, light damp stain in margins. (B)  Illustrated at left.  $ 200

94. Florida (Atlantic Coast of the United States, Sheet No. IV, Mosquito Inlet to Key West), U.S. Coast Survey, 1863. 27.25 x 23.5". (BW) A nice chart including the tip of Florida, and the Bahamas. Folding, as issued, with minor toning on folds & separations repaired with archival tape. (B) $ 175

95. GeoSeergia and Alabama, Johnson & Ward, Illustrated Family Atlas of the World, New York, [1862]. 23.7 x 17". (FC) Large, colorful map with good detail of roads and railways. Strapwork border and two nice vignettes; Rice-Mill on Savannah River, and Tuscaloosa Observatory. One tiny spot on fold, else very good. (B) $ 50

96. Georgia (Map Illustrating Genl. Sherman’s March Through Georgia From Atlanta to Savannah Nov. & Dec. 1864), John Dower, Illustrated London News, London, 1865. 9.5 x 10". (BW) Woodblock map depicting Sherman’s campaign on a full sheet of text including related article. Portrait of Gen. Sherman and another related article on verso. (A+) $ 125

97. Idaho, Geo. Cram, Unrivaled Family Atlas, Chicago, [1883]. 9.7 x 12". (PC) Decorative border. Only 13 counties and two reservations. Idaho Falls is Eagle Rock. RR’s extend to Galena and Weiser Bridge. (A) $ 20

98. Indiana (J.T. Barker’s Rail Road and Township Map of Indiana), H.R. Page, Chicago, 1887. 16 x 26". (FC) Large map with particular emphasis on railroads. Counties are numbered (92). Attractive title and coloring with a decorative border. A scarce map, as H.R. Page & Co. was a little known firm with only a few publications in the 1880’s. (A) $ 75

99. Indiana, Rand McNally, Indexed Atlas of the World, Chicago, 1898. 19 x 26". (PC) Large, attractive map with good detail, particularly of railroads and hundreds of little towns not often shown on atlas maps of this period. Large chip in margin, else fine. (A) $30

83-100.JPG (14617 bytes)

100. Kentucky (Neueste Karte von Kentucky), Meyer, Hand-Atlas, 1845. 14.5 x 11.7". (OC) Fine steel engraved map with insets of the vicinity of Lexington and Frankfort, Falle des Ohio, and the Ohio River between Charlestown and Clarksburg. Good detail. An unusual and attractive map. Light toning in margins. (A) Illustrated above.  $175

101. Kentucky and Tennessee, Johnson & Ward, Illustrated Family Atlas, New York, [1862]. 16.7 x 23.2". (FC) Large, colorful map, strapwork border. Good detail of roads and railways. Fine vignettes: State House Nashville, Navy Yard Memphis & Entrance to the Mammoth Cave. (A) $50

102. Maine (Geographical, Historical and Statistical Map of Maine), Carey & Lea, American Atlas, Phil., [1822]. 9.5 x 11.7". (FC) Early map of the state surrounded by interesting text on full folio sheet. Minor browning at centerfold, light damp stain in margins. (B) $ 175

103. Maine, Johnson & Ward, New Illustrated Family Atlas of the World, New York, [1862]. 12.5 x 15". (FC) Attractive map with very nice coloring and strapwork border. Two tiny tears in margin, else very fine. (A) $ 35

104. Maine (Fox Islands Thoroughfare, Maine), U.S. Coast Survey, 1868. 32 x 20.25". (BW) A nice chart. Folding, as issued with minor toning on folds and a couple of fold intersections repaired with archival tape. (B) $ 65

105. Maryland (Geographical, Statistical and Historical Map of Maryland), Carey & Lea, American Atlas, Philadelphia, [1822]. 19.2 x 11.2". (FC) Detailed map of the state surrounded by text on a full folio sheet. Garrett, Carroll, Howard, and Wicomico counties are not yet formed. Several battle fields of the War of 1812 are noted. Lovely engraved compass rose. Includes an additional sheet of text. Minor browning and a tear entering map about 2", centerfold split, both professionally repaired. (B) $ 250

106. Maryland (Potapsco River), U.S. Coast Survey, 1870. 27.5 x 27.25". (BW) Nice chart. Minor toning on folds & separations repaired with archival tape. (B) $ 65

107. Maryland and Virginia (Potomac River (in four sheets)), U.S. Coast Survey, 1868. (BW) No. 1, Point Lookout to Piney Point; No. 2, Piney Point to Lower Cedar Point; No.3, Lower Cedar Point to Indian Head; No. 4, Indian Head to Georgetown. A fine set of charts, each measuring approximately 23 x 30". Minor toning on folds, with some separations repaired with archival tape. (B) $ 250

108. Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island, Johnson & Ward, Illustrated Family Atlas of the World, New York, [1862]. 23.5 x 17". (FC) Large, colorful map of the three states colored to depict both counties and political districts. Good detail of roads and railways. Strapwork border. (A+) $ 50

109. Massachusetts (Worcester County), Walling & Gray, Official Topographical Atlas of Massachusetts, Boston, [1871]. 16 x 22.7". (FC) Very detailed county map with attractive coloring. A little light foxing and a couple of tears in margins, map image fine. (A) $ 30

110. Massachusetts (Franklin County), Walling & Gray, Official Topographical Atlas of Massachusetts, Boston, [1871]. 16 x 11". (FC) Very detailed county map with attractive coloring on a scale of 2 1/2 miles to the inch. (A) $ 30

111. Mississippi (Neuste Karte von Mississippi), Meyer, Hand-Atlas, 1852. 11.5 x 14.7". (OC) Fine steel engraved map with good detail of roads and railways. Also includes some detail in the bordering region of Louisiana. Minor toning in margins. (A) $ 175

83-112.JPG (46526 bytes)112. Missouri (Map Showing the System of Rebel Fortifications on the Mississippi River at Island No. 10 and New Madrid, Also The Operations of the U.S. Forces under General John Pope Against These Positions), Capt. Wm. Hoelcke, Report of MGEN. John Pope to the Committee on the Conduct of the War, Philadelphia, [1866]. 17.25 x 20". (BW) Scarce CIVIL WAR map with great detail including the location (with names) of individual farms and, fortifications. Large script title. A couple of separations on folds, repaired with archival tape. Overall very clean and fine condition. (A) Click on thumbnail for full-sized image.   $350

113. Montana (State of Montana), Harry King, General Land Office, 1897. 24 x 16". (PC) Fine colorful map of the state depicting Military and Indian Reservations and recently completed surveys. Particular interest is placed on those townships containing, or probably containing coal. Folded as issued. (A+) $ 65

114. Montana (Administrative Map of Glacier National Park Montana), U.S. Geo. Survey, 1911. 31.5 x 28". (PC) Large map of the park on a scale of 1 mile = 1" with exacting detail. Folded, as issued. (A+) $ 45

115. New Hampshire (Geographical, Historical and Statistical Map of New Hampshire), Carey & Lea, American Atlas, Philadelphia, [1822]. 8.7 x 11.7". (FC) First edition of this fine map. Large irregular shaped townships, and Ungranted Land. Surrounded by text on a full folio sheet. A little light foxing and professionally repaired split on centerfold. (B) $ 175

116. New Hampshire and Vermont, Johnson & Ward, Illustrated Family Atlas, New York, [1862]. 17 x 23.5". (FC) Large colorful map of the two states depicting both counties & political districts. Also good detail of roads and railways. Strapwork border. (A+) $ 45

117. New Mexico and Colorado (Map Showing the lines of Communication between Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico), Lt. E.H. Ruffner, U.S. War Dept., 1876. 18 x 14". (BW) Depicts the region from Pueblo to Albuquerque and Fort Defiance to just east of Trinidad. Great topographical details as well as roads, towns, watering holes, pueblos and much more. The map was issued at the conclusion of Ruffner’s 1873 expedition into Ute Country, to quell the unrest between the Ute Indians and the prospectors in the newly discovered San Juan Mining Region. It is a very scarce map full of information not found elsewhere. Very light toning on folds, professionally backed with Japanese tissue. (A) $ 200

118. New Mexico (Territory of New Mexico), Frank Bond, General Land Office, 1903. 18 x 21.5". (PC) Colorful map depicting forest, Indian and Military reserves, land grants, and coal regions. Includes Leonard Wood County. Folded as issued. (A+) $ 85

119. New Mexico (State of New Mexico), General Land Office, Washington DC, 1912. 17 x 20". (PC) Attractive, detailed map of the state in the first year of Statehood. The map appears to have been issued to detail the locations of National Forests and hydro fuel plants but is packed with other interesting information. Folded as issued. (A+) $ 75

120. New York (Geographical, Statistical and Historical Map of New York), Carey & Lea, American Atlas, Phil., [1822]. 18.2 x 11.7". (FC) Detailed map of the state with an inset of the Profile of Levels of the Grand Canal. Surrounded by text on a full folio sheet and including the additional text sheet. Minor foxing & professionally repaired centerfold. (B) $ 200

121. North Dakota (Reconnaissance Maps No. IV and V), United States Northern Boundary Commission, [1878]. 20.5 x 15". (BW) Pair of interesting, detailed maps of the boundary region of present day North Dakota and a bit of Montana. Depicts many roads and trails with fascinating notations such as Hill of the Murdered Scout. Folding as issued. (A) $ 90

122. Ohio and Indiana, Johnson & Ward, Illustrated Family Atlas of the World, New York, [1862]. 23.7 x 17". (FC) Large, colorful map with good detail of roads and railways. Strapwork border with a fine vignette of the State Capitol at Columbus. Smudge in margin, just touching border & short split on fold, repaired with archival tape. (B) $ 50

83-123.JPG (96801 bytes)123. Oklahoma (Indian Territory), General Land Office, 1879. 21.5 x 16". (PC) Early map of the territory depicting the Indian Reservations and dates of various treaties. Light toning on folds but no separations. (A) Please click on the thumbnail for full sized image. $140

83-124.jpg (71955 bytes)124. Oklahoma (Map of Indian Territory and Oklahoma), Indians Taxed and Indians not Taxed, New York, 1890. 29.5 x 22.25". (PC) Beautiful map filled with much of interest including the postal routes (with frequency of deliveries) Indian Nations and their capitals, and Indian Agencies. The map is divided into separate tribes with each colored individually, but the eastern section is Indian Territory and the western part is Oklahoma. There is a key to the railroads and other transportation routes, table of railroads and text detailing the land holdings of the Five Civilized Tribes and the Quapaw Agency from the Eleventh U.S. Census. Greer County in the southeast section is noted as being claimed by Texas. A scarce map in fine condition. (A+)   Click thumbnail for full sized image. $300

125. Oregon (A Diagram of Oregon), W.W. Chapman, U.S. State Surveys, 1860. 22 x 17.5". (BW) Great early map depicting the recent surveys. Depicts many emigrant and wagon roads. Trimmed to neatline of left, else clean and bright. (B) $ 90

126. Oregon (Koos Bay Oregon), U.S. Coast Survey, 1865. 25.5 x 19". (BW) Nice chart with many soundings. Locates the lighthouse at Cape Gregory and Empire City. Folded as issued. (A+) $ 40

127. Oregon (Columbia River, Sheet No. 1), U.S. Coast Survey, 1870. 27.5 x 24.25". (BW) A nice chart of the mouth of the river. Folding, as issued, with minor toning on folds, a tiny bit of foxing & separations repaired with archival tape. (B) $ 60

128. Oregon (State of Oregon), Frank Bond, General Land Office, 1906. 18 x 14". (PC) Fine colorful map of the state depicting recently completed surveys, Indian Reservations, Military Reservations, forests, National Parks and the counties. Small inset city plan of Portland. Folded, as issued. (A+) $ 75

129. Pennsylvania (Geographical, Statistical and Historical Map of Pennsylvania), Carey & Lea, American Atlas, Phila., [1822]. 17.5 x 11.7". (FC) Desirable, first edition, map of the state surrounded by text on folio sheet. Includes an additional sheet of text related to PA. Minor browning, couple of marginal tears and split on centerfold, all professionally repaired. (B) $ 225

83-130.jpg (64408 bytes)130. Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), J.H. Colton, New York, 1855. 12.5 x 16". (FC) Fine plan of the city with many major buildings noted. Smith’s and Windmill Islands shown in the Delaware River. Surrounded by Colton’s distinctive border. (A+)  Click thumbnail for full sized image. $ 75

131. Rhode Island (Wickford Harbor, Rhode Island), U.S. Coast Survey, 1868. 14.5 x 17.5". (BW) A nice chart. Folding, as issued, with minor toning on folds & separations repaired with archival tape. (B) $ 45

83-132.JPG (85949 bytes)132. Tennessee (Neueste Karte von Tennessee), Meyer, Hand-Atlas, 1851. 14.7 x 11.7". (OC) Fine steel engraved map of the state with insets of Nashville and Knoxville. Good detail of roads and railways with tables of distances from Nashville to New Orleans, Nashville to Pittsburgh and Florence to New Orleans. Also includes the immediate regions of the bordering states. Light toning in margins. (A) Click thumbnail for full size image.   $175

133. Texas (Coast Chart No. 105, Galveston Bay to Oyster Bay), U.S. Coast Survey, 1870. 39.25 x 32.5". (BW) A nice large chart. Folding, as issued, with minor toning on folds & separations repaired with archival tape. (B) $ 150

134. Vermont (Geographical, Statistical and Historical Map of Vermont), Carey & Lea, American Atlas, Phil., [1822]. 9.5 x 12.2". (FC) First edition of this fine map. Several Revolutionary War battle sites are located. On a folio sheet with fascinating text concerning the state’s history. Minor foxing in text and professionally repaired centerfold. (A) $ 200

83-135.JPG (72404 bytes)135. Virginia (Map of the Field Operations of the Army of Virginia During the Months of July and August 1862.), Report of Maj. Gen. John Pope to the Committee on the Conduct of the War, Phila., [1866]. 16.75 x 15". (BW) Fine CIVIL WAR map of the region from Strassburg to Washington DC and Charlottesvile to Tappahannock. Very light toning on folds, overall fine. (A) Click thumbnail for full size image. $150

136. Washington (Reconnaissance of Olympia Harbor), U.S. Coast Survey, 1856. 10.2 x 12.5". (BW) Nice chart including a town plan of Olympia. Bit of light foxing. (B) $ 65

137. Washington (Puget Sound, Washington Territory), U.S. Coast Survey, Washington D.C., 1867. 17 x 28". (BW) Very detailed chart based on several surveys. Olympia is depicted as a town and Seattle is just located as a tiny point. Filled with soundings, anchorages, etc. Includes all of the sound and Hood Canal. Professionally de-acidified and backed with Japanese tissue. (A) $ 250

138. Washington (Port Madison Washington Territory), U.S. Coast Survey, 1868. 18 x 19.75". (BW) A nice chart. Folding, as issued, with minor toning on folds & separations repaired with archival tape. (B) $ 60

139. Washington (Washington TY.), Geo Cram, Unrivaled Family Atlas, Chicago, [1883]. 12 x 9.5". (PC) Good impression with decorative border. Only 30 counties and several Indian reservations. Oregon on back. (A+) $ 30

140. Wyoming (Yellowstone National Park and Part of Abutting Forest Reserve), U.S. Geo. Survey, ca. 1898. 19.2 x 19.2". (PC) Detailed map of the park depicting roads, trails, old wagon trails, cabins, and stations. Folded, as issued. (A+) $ 60

141. United States and Mexico (Carte de la Partie de l’Amerique Septentrionale, comprenant les Possessions Espagnoles), R. Bonne, Paris, ca. 1780. 10.5 x 8.7". (FC) Attractive, copper engraved map of the southern part of the continent depicting the southern and western United States, Mexico and Central America. Lots of place and Indian names. Finely engraved, with lovely coloring. (A+) $ 300

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