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Search Tips and Tricks:
•  Searches will find records that match all input. For example, entering world for subject and wells for creator/cartographer will find only those records matching both criteria.

•  Keep the search as simple as possible. Entering the first three or four letters is normally better and will result in fewer unsuccessful searches due to misspelled words.

•  You may search simultaneously in multiple fields. Use multiple words in a field to further limit results.
•  All searches are case-insensitive. CAT and cat are identical.

•  All searches will find words anywhere within the field (except period: see next item). For example, entering penn in the title will find "A New County Map of Pennsylvania", "A Portrait of Wm. Penn.", etc. However, searching for pittsburgh will NOT find "Pittsburg."
•  Do not use punctuation unless it is an integral part of the word.

•  The Period field searches from the first part of the field or for a date range. This provides a simple way to limit your searches by date. For example, 17 will find all items from the 1700s. Likewise, 186 will find all items from the 1860s. Or enter 1855-1860 to limit result to this range.

•  Use the minus (-) sign in front of a word to exclude it from the search in the title, subject, creator or description fields. To find all maps with Calif in the title but exclude those with Nevada simply search for "Calif -Nevada". The full word must be used and a space is not allowed between it and the minus sign.

•  To view all lots in the auction simply leave all fields blank and click the Search button.