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Newsletter Archive:

January 2018
Mapping Our Ancestors - Part II
Updated State of Franklin Carto-Bibliography

December 2017
The Year in Review
The Plans and Views of Braun & Hogenberg

October 2017
Mapping Our Ancestors - Part I

August 2017
Our Top Ten Picks for Reference Books

July 2017
Map Manipulations: A Brief Perspective on Gerrymandering

May 2017
The Evolution of a Nation: The David J. Morgan Collection

March 2017
Knowledge is Power to the People - SDUK

January 2017
The Mysterious Island of Korea

December 2016
Carto-bibliography of Bellin's Map of the Mid-Atlantic United States

October 2016
The Early United States Land System

August 2016
State of Franklin Carto-bibliography

July 2016
The Island of California

May 2016
Good Things Come in Threes: The Story Behind Luke Vavra, Jonathan Potter, and Steve Luck

April 2016
A Cartographic Paradise: The MacLean Collection

March 2016
Truth and Lies: Tips to Identify Forgeries and Reproductions

January 2016
Persuasive Cartography

December 2015
Year in Review
A Gift from OWA
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   Mercator's World Magazine Index

October 2015
A Brief History of Surveying Tools in North America

August 2015
A Brief History of Dissected Maps, the Earliest Jigsaw Puzzles

July 2015
American Atlas Publishers in the 19th Century

June 2015
The State of Franklin

April 2015
The Man Who Knew Too Much: Athanasius Kircher
How to Properly Package Antique Maps and Books:
   Tube Packaging Instructions
   Book Packaging Instructions
   Flat Packaging Instructions

March 2015
The Sea of Verrazano
History of Papermaking for Map Collectors

January 2015
2014 Auction Trends
The Life and Work of Kit Kapp
A Collector with a Worldly Perspective

December 2014
Editorial Review: Cataloging Software for Map Collectors
Advice and Anecdotes from Our Favorite Map Dealers

October 2014
Lake Parime and the Golden City
Symbolism and Allegory for Map Collectors

August 2014
Collector's Corner: The Mountains of the Moon
Sanson & Mariette - A Complicated Relationship

July 2014
Collector's Corner: The Art and Science of the Compass Rose

June 2014
Collector's Corner: The Truth About Color

April 2014
Leveling the Auction Playing Field

March 2014
Using the "New" to Research the "Old"
Collector's Corner: Condition Demystified

January 2014
Collector's Corner: Untold Story of a World Map Collector
Collector's Corner: Untold Story of a Texas Map Collector

December 2013
Collector's Corner: Conserving Antique Maps

October 2013
History of OWA
Collector's Corner: Establishing Auction Estimates

August 2013
Auction Trends