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2 Italiae, Sclavoniae, et Graeciae Tabule Geographice Title Pages
1619 $100.00

"This handsome sheet introduced the section of Mercator's famous Atlas that contained maps of Italy and Greece. The title is enclosed in an architectural framework. At the top of the pediment, an eagle holds a wreath around Janus, the two-faced Roman god who is associated with doorways and b..."
3 Germaniae Tabule Geographicae Title Pages
1619 $100.00

"Lovely frontispiece in the Dutch Renaissance style with the title surrounded with strapwork designs, garlands, and two women...."

Reserve Reduced by 17%
9 Typus Orbis Terrarum World
1616 $400.00

"Charming miniature world map on an oval projection, based on Ortelius. The large, mythical continent of Terra Australis fills the southern portion of the map, incorporating New Guinea. There are just a few place names noted in the map, including Anian, Tolm, Norumbega, Virginia and Fl..."
10 Nova Totius Terrarum Orbis Geographica ac Hydrographica Tabula World
Willem Blaeu
1640 $7,000.00

"A magnificent map featuring a carte-a-figures border with allegorical representations of the sun, the moon, the five known planets, the four elements and the four seasons. Along the bottom are vignettes showing the seven wonders of the world: the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Colossus straddling ..."

Blaeu's Magnificent Carte-a-Figures World Map
14 Nova Totius Terrarum Orbis Tabula World
Justus Danckerts
1680 $2,100.00

"This is Danckerts' version of De Wit's splendid maritime world map. The cartographic features include the island of California and open-ended Great Lakes on the Sanson model in North America. A remnant of Lake Parime is still shown in South America. In Africa, the Nile still rises from twi..."

Reserve Reduced by $650! Danckerts' Decorative Double-Hemisphere Map
15 [Lot of 4] [Western Hemisphere] [and] [Eastern Hemisphere] [and] The Sacred Theory of the Earth [and] [Title Page] The Theory of the Earth: Containing an Account of the Original of the Earth... World
Thomas Burnet
1684 $300.00

"This lot includes a pair of early thematic maps depicting the hemispheres, a title page, and a plate from Burnet's The Theory of the Earth. The western hemisphere depicts California as an island, and there is a single large lake in the vicinity of the Great Lakes. The continents are ..."

Reserve Reduced by $50
16 Mappe-Monde Geo-Hydrographique, ou Description Generale du Globe Terrestre et Aquatique en Deux-Plans-Hemispheres, ou Sont Exactement Remarquees en General Toutes les Parties de la Terre et de l'Eau, Suivant les Relations les Plus Nouvelles World
1691 $2,200.00

"This beautiful double-hemisphere map by Nicolas Sanson was reworked by his sons Guillaume (1633-1703) and Adrian (1639-1718) and published in 1691 by Alexis-Hubert Jaillot. The map displays some interesting cartographic myths such as California as an island and a large Terre de Iesso...."
19 [Lot of 2] A Map of the New Continent According to Its Greatest Diametrical Length... [and] Old Map of the Continent According to the Greatest Diametrical Length... World
John Gibson
1758 $100.00

"These two maps present a very interesting and unusual projection with north oriented to the top right of the Western Hemisphere and top left of the Eastern Hemisphere. In the Western Hemisphere, a long Northwest Passage, consisting of a system of rivers and lakes, reaches across from the Gre..."

Reserve Reduced by 33%
21 Carte Generale du Globe Terrestre... World
1761 $250.00

"This uncommon map is Remondini's reduction of Isaak Brouckner's map of the world. It features an extravagant collection of Northwest Passage theories, including one based on the infamous expedition by Admiral Bartholomew de Fonte. In 1708, a newly discovered account of the Spanish Admiral's..."

Reserve Reduced by $50
22 Carte de l'Ancien et du Nouveau Monde, Suivant une Projection Nouvelle, pour les Premieres Etudes; Dirigee par Mr. Philippe... World
Etienne Andre Philippe De Pretot
1771 $300.00

"A very uncommon world map designed in a crisp style and presented on Mercator's projection. The map is very detailed, particularly in the oceans with recent discoveries noted in Greenland, Canada, the South Pacific and North Pacific. In North America a huge River of the West (Fl. de l'Ou..."
23 Carte Generale Offrant les Decouvertes Faites par le Capitaine Jacques Cook dans ce Voyage ey dans les Deux Voyages Precedens; Ainsi que la Route des Vaisseaux qu'il Commandoit World
1784 $500.00

"This is the French edition of this large map on Mercator's projection which was compiled by Lieut. Henry Roberts from Cook's surveys after the third expedition. The map is centered on Australasia with the routes of the Endeavour (1768-71) and Resolution (1772-75 and 1776-80) illustrat..."

Reserve Reduced by $200!
24 De Wareld in een Ronde Gedaante van de Noord Pool te Zien [on sheet with] De Wareld verbeeld in de gedaante van een Hard en geleege na de Stelling van de Hr. Guil de L'Isle World
Jocob Keizer & Jan De Lat
1786 $180.00

"This interesting composition contains three world maps on the sheet. At left is a northern projection showing all the landmasses. At right is a cordiform projection (heart-shaped). At top is a map of the world as known to the ancients. Both the polar and cordiform projections show California ..."
25 [Lot of 2] Monde Entier [with related sheet of text] World
J. Henry
1835 $150.00

"This uncommon, decorative double hemispheric world map features ten panels of engraved scenes at the sides and bottom. The map shows limited detail with only major features noted. The map is surrounded by vignettes of the bounty of the countryside including rabbits, fruit and nuts, an eagle, and s..."

Reserve Reduced by 25%
33 La Division de Nostre Ocean Eastern Hemisphere
Philippe Briet
1649 $250.00

"This map of the eastern hemisphere identifies each of the oceans and shows the divisions between them. The Atlantic Ocean is named Mer du Ponant ou Atlantique and the Pacific is Mer du Levant. There are place names of capes and rivers along the coastlines, and interior detail is limi..."
34 A General Chart, on Mercator's Projection, to Shew the Track of the Lion and Hindostan from England to the Gulph of Pekin in China, and of Their Return to England... Eastern Hemisphere
Sir John Barrow
1796 $280.00

"This is a reduced version of Barrow's large map from An Authentic Account of an Embassy from the King of Great Britain..., an account of George Macartney's travels to China. Macartney was Britain's first envoy to China and was tasked with convincing Emperor Qianlong to ease restrictions on t..."

Reserve Reduced by 20%
35 [Lot of 3] Asie [and] Afrique [and] Oceanie Eastern Hemisphere
jean Baptiste Poirson
1830 $45.00

"This attractive group of maps representing the Eastern Hemisphere was published in Malte-Brun's Traite Elementaire de Geographie. Each map shows political boundaries in original outline color with good detail of topography, the river systems, and numerous place names. In Africa, the Moun..."

Reserve Reduced by 50%
36 Poli Arctici Constitutio [on sheet with] Poli Antarctici Constitutio Polar
A. Kircher
1682 $130.00

"Interesting copper engraving showing the two poles. This is from Kircher's masterpiece, an immense and amazing work covering all aspects of anything that dwelled or occurred within the earth's interior - from dragons, to fossils, to mountain springs, earthquakes, and volcanoes. Kircher's work was ..."

Reserve Reduced by 15%
37 Le Globe Terrestre Vu en Convexe par les Deux Poles, l'Equateur Servant d'Horison Polar
Maurille Antoine Moithey
1769 $300.00

"This rare map is depicted on Cassini's projection, with interesting geographical misconceptions. In the Northern Hemisphere there is a large Mer de l'Ouest with five small islands and Lac de Valasco nearly connecting with Hudson Bay. A large island in the vicinity of Alaska is named ..."
38 Carte des Deux Regions Polaires [bound in] Histoire Naturelle, Generale et Particuliere ... Tome Quatrieme Polar
1798-99 $150.00

"This interesting map of the poles shows numerous tracks of explorers, including Tasman, Furneaux, Halley, Marion, and the 1773 expedition of Cook. There is an unusual and utterly spurious Northwest Passage shown from Hudson Bay via Wager Inlet into la Gde. Eau des Sauvages, farther do..."
43 A Map of the Icy Sea in Which the Several Communications with the Land Waters and Other New Discoveries are Exhibited North Pole
John Gibson
1760 $80.00

"This fascinating map, based on the work of Jean Palairet, depicts the Northern Hemisphere and the Icy Great North Sea surrounding the North Pole. It shows the West Sea and other myths in the Northwest part of North America, and notes that a Dutch ship reached 80° north latitude in 167..."

Reserve Reduced by 33%
44 [Lot of 2] Circumjacent the North Pole [and] Polar Regions North Pole
1822-31 $110.00

"A. No. 5 Circumjacent the North Pole, by SDUK Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, dated 1831 (10.9 x 10.6"). This map was produced by Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge to illustrate the latest discoveries in the Arctic. The northern regions are fairly well mapped by t..."

Reserve Reduced by 15%
59 Americae sive Indiae Occidentalis Tabula Generalis Western Hemisphere - America
Hessel Gerritsz & Joannes de Laet
1630 $900.00

"According to Burden this simple map is arguably the finest description of the Americas published in the seventeenth century. It was a collaborative effort between Hessel Gerritsz, the official cartographer to the Dutch East India Company and Johannes de Laet, the director of the newly formed Dutch ..."

Reserve Reduced by $50
60 America Noviter Delineata Western Hemisphere - America
1632 $3,250.00

"This rare, magnificent map of the Americas is derived from Jodocus Hondius' map of 1618. Joannes Jansson was married to Elisabeth Hondius, sister of Jodocus, and was a prominent publisher in Amsterdam. In 1623 he produced a set of continental maps derived from those of his brother-in-law, which in..."

Reserve Reduced by $1250! Jansson's Rare Carte-a-Figures Map of the Americas
62 Americae Nova Tabula Western Hemisphere - America
Willem Blaeu
1640 $3,000.00

"This stunning carte-a-figures map is a superb example of the fine art of decorative cartography and a seventeenth-century European view of the New World. The coastal outlines generally follow Ortelius and Wytfliet with nomenclature from a variety of explorers and colonists. Panels at sides,..."

Blaeu's Stunning Carte-a-Figures Map of the Americas
63 Americae sive Indiae Occidentalis Tabula Generalis Western Hemisphere - America
Philipp Cluver
1659 $60.00

"This tiny map is a reduced version of the important 1630 map by De Laet. It is a simple map of the coastlines of the Americas with many rivers and bays and a few place names. The most notable place named on the east coast of North America is C. Cod. By comparison, the west coast shows many..."

Reserve Reduced by 50%
68 L'Amerique Suivant le R.P. Charlevoix Jte. Mr. de Condamine, et Plusieurs Autres Nouvle. Observations Western Hemisphere - America
Le Rouge
1746 $500.00

"This fascinating map illustrates some of the most interesting mythical cartography juxtaposed with important new discoveries in North America. The routes of Delisle and Tchirikow are shown in 1741 terminating on a vague island in the approximate location of Alaska. A Northwest Passage (show..."
71 Isles, Caps et Ports de Mer de l'Amerique Western Hemisphere - America
Jean Baptiste Louis Clouet
1787 $100.00

"This map of the Americas is presented in a style that gained great popularity in France at the end of the 18th century, where the map is flanked by lengthy text panels. The map itself presents very little inland detail and the western coast of North America is not delineated and noted as Parts Unkn..."
74 North & South America; for the Elucidation of the Abbe Gaultier's Geographical Games Western Hemisphere - America
Jehoshaphat Aspin
1832 $280.00

"This is a very unusual and interesting map of the Western Hemisphere with a large inset of the United States, engraved for the "Geographical Games." It presents an odd border between Mexico and the United States, and it also displays the British perspective for the boundary with Canada. The large..."

Reserve Reduced by 20%! Scarce Map Featuring the Proposed State of Franklinia
75 America Septentrionalis North America
1644 $2,000.00

"Due to its wide distribution by one of the preeminent Dutch mapmakers, this important map of North America had great influence in perpetuating the theory of California as an island. The map is a careful compilation of various sources and represents the state of cartographic knowledge at the ..."

One of the Most Important Maps Perpetuating the Myth of the Island of California
78 [On 2 Sheets] Amerique Septentrionale Publiee sous les Auspices de Monseigneur le Duc d'Orleans Premier Prince du Sang North America
Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d'Anville
1746 $600.00

"This striking map of North America and the West Indies was one of the best French maps of North America prior to the French & Indian War. D'Anville was the Royal Geographer and Cartographer to the King of France. He followed Delisle as the chief proponent of scientific cartography, and his influen..."

Reserve Reduced by $300!
81 A New & Accurate Map of North America; Drawn from the Most Authentic Modern Maps and Charts North America
Thomas Bowen
1780 $150.00

"This map of North America is particularly interesting for its depiction of the Pacific Northwest, which is labeled Parts Unknown. Alaska is shown as the small island of Alaschka in the Northern Archipelago. The discoveries of Bering and Tschirikow (1741), Juan de Fuca (1592), ..."

Reserve Reduced by 17%
85 Amerique Septentrionale North America
Alexandre Blondeau
1800 $70.00

"This small map of North America is an interesting document of a continent still in the process of being explored. The Mississippi River serves as the western boundary of the United States, with the western frontier under Spanish rule. Several states, cities, rivers, and Indian tribes are named. O..."

Reserve Reduced by 30%
86 [Lot of 3] Spanish Dominions in North America [and] West Indie's [and] Pacific Ocean North America
Aaron Arrowsmith & Samuel Lewis
1804 $90.00

"Shortly after the turn of the century, Samuel Lewis joined with Aaron Arrowsmith (an English map publisher) to produce A New and Elegant General Atlas. The title page states the maps are "intended to accompany the new improved edition of Morse's Geography…" Several editions were published f..."

Reserve Reduced by 40%
88 [Lot of 2] Historisch-Geographische Carte der Nordamerikanischen Freistaaten [and] Die Vereinigten Staaten von Nordamerica nebst Canada North America
1829-59 $180.00

"A. Historisch-Geographische Carte der Nordamerikanischen Freistaaten, by Emmanuel Las Cases, from Historisch Genealogisch Geographischer Atlas von le Sage Graf Las Cases…, dated 1829 (16.9 x 9.8"). This map shows the extent of the United States with states colored in yellow and territ..."
89 Amerique Septentrionale North America
H. Selves
1836 $50.00

"An interesting copper engraved map that shows the Independent Republic of Texas even though the coloring suggests it is under the control of Mexico. This French map portrays the United States extending well into British Columbia, cartographically taking the side of the United States in what ..."

Reserve Reduced by 17%
95 Carte Generale des Colonies Angloises, dans l'Amerique Septentrionale. Par M. Phelippeaux… Eastern North America & West Indies
Phelipeaux/Brion de la Tour
1778 $2,000.00

"This is the second edition of a rare map issued when the Treaty of Alliance between France and the United States brought heightened awareness of the American Revolution to the French public. The map was first issued in 1777 with the title, Carte Detaillee des Possessions Angloises dans l'..."

Reserve Reduced by $750! Rare Separately-Issued Map of the Theater of the American Revolution
96 Various Plans and Draughts of Cities, Towns, Harbours &c. Drawn from the Latest Authorities Eastern North America & West Indies
Thomas Conder
1780 $90.00

"This very attractive sheet has five maps: Plan of the Harbour of New-York and Parts Adjacent, The Town & Harbour of Boston &c., Draught of the River Delaware from Chester to Philadelphia, Plan of the Harbour of Charles Town, South Carolina, and Plan of the City & Harbo..."

Reserve Reduced by 25%
99 Carte Geographique, Statistique et Historique des Possessions Anglaises Canada
Jean Alexandre Buchon
1825 $120.00

"This is the French edition of Carey & Lea's atlas. The map covers the eastern portion of present-day Canada depicting Upper and Lower Canada with Rupert's Land to the north. Surrounded by panels of text describing the region. On a full sheet with French text measuring 27.4 x 21.4"...."
101 Partie Orientale de l Amerique Angloise Eastern Canada
Pierre Mortier
1700 $450.00

"This is the eastern half of Mortier's two-sheet map of the eastern United States and Canada: "Carte Nouvelle de l'Amerique Angloise Contenant la Virginie, Mary-Land, Caroline, Pensylvania, Nouvelle Iorck, N: Iarsey N: France, et les Terres Nouvellement Decouerte..." This sheet features the great fi..."

Reserve Reduced by $50
103 Carte Reduite des Cotes de l'Acadie, de l'Isle Royale, et de la Partie Meridionale de l'Isle de Terre-Neuve... Eastern Canada
Joseph Bernard Marquis de Chabert de Coglin
1784 $200.00

"Fine large-scale sea chart from this important French voyage of discovery. The main map covers the Canadian Maritimes and the important fishing banks. At bottom are five large inset charts providing details in the region:

1) Carte Particuliere du Detroit de Fronsac is a chart of ..."

Reserve Reduced by $50
104 [Lot of 2] Chart of the Inshore & Deep-Sea Fishing Grounds on the Atlantic Coasts of Canada and Within the Gulf of St. Lawrence [and] Newfoundland Eastern Canada
1878 $40.00

"These two attractive maps show very good detail on types of fish, location, and seasonal variation along the eastern coast of Canada and the Great Banks. The map of Newfoundland is also color-coded along the coast to identify areas under "American right of Fishery under Treaty of 1818" and "Concede..."

Reserve Reduced by 43%
105 Nuova, e Corretta Carta dell' Isola di Terra Nuova Newfoundland, Canada
Veremondo Rossi
1763 $150.00

"This small and uncommon map of Newfoundland gives good detail of the coastline with little detail in the interior. The map was based on the work of Nicolas Bellin, with improvements to the shape of the coastlines. The map extends to show the tip of Cape Breton Island and Quebec and Labrador on the..."
106 McMillan's Map of New Brunswick New Brunswick, Canada
George Philip
1867 $250.00

"This large folding map of New Brunswick divides the province into 14 counties, prior to the formation of Madawaska County in 1873. There is excellent detail o f roads, railways (including those proposed and under construction), towns, and post offices. The map extends to include portions of Maine,..."

Reserve Reduced by 17%
107 North America West Coast Vancouver Island Esquimalt Harbour Surveyed by Captn. G.H. Richards & the Officers of H.M.S. Plumper... Vancouver Island, Canada
British Admiralty
1897 $300.00

"This finely detailed, large-scale chart depicts Esquimalt Harbor at the southern tip of Vancouver Island. The harbor is filled with soundings, anchorages, shoals, kelp, and navigational information. Excellent topographical details are shown inland, with relief depicted with hachures. The western ..."
108 Nouveaux Voyages de Mr. le Baron de Lahontan, dans l'Amerique Septentrionale, qui Contiennent une Relation des Differens Peuples...[together with] Memoires de l'Amerique Septentrionale... Colonial United States & Canada, Exploration, River Longue
Baron Louis Armand de Lahontan
1703 $850.00

"According to Howes, this is the first edition of this influential work, published in the Hague in 1703. It contains two (of three) important maps including the large folding Carte que les Gnacsitares ont Dessine sur ... Carte de la Riviere Longue et de Quelques Autres qui se Dechargent dans le G..."

Reserve Reduced by $150! Includes the First Edition of Lahontan's Influential Map Depicting Riviere Longue
109 Carte de l'Amerique Septentrionale Depuis le 28 Degre de Latitude Jusqu'au 72 Colonial United States & Canada
Jacques Nicolas Bellin
1755 $600.00

"First edition of this large chart that covers nearly all of North America. The West is mostly blank, coastlines are only partially delineated, the Sea of the West (La Mer de l'Ouest) is named but not delineated. There is also a River of the West flowing westward from Lake Winn..."

Reserve Reduced by $150! Bellin's Important, Large Format Map of North America
111 [Lot of 2] United States [and] British Possessions in America United States & Canada
Aaron Arrowsmith & Samuel Lewis
1804 $120.00

"Shortly after the turn of the century, Samuel Lewis joined with Aaron Arrowsmith (an English map publisher) to produce A New and Elegant General Atlas. The title page states the maps are "intended to accompany the new improved edition of Morse's Geography…" Several editions were published f..."

Reserve Reduced by 33%
112 [Lot of 3] The Northwestern Territories of the United States [and] The Middle States and Western Territories of the United States Including the Seat of the Western War [and] The Eastern States with Part of Canada United States & Canada
Richard Brookes
1812 $250.00

"These three small, uncommon maps were published in Brookes's General Gazetteer Improved and highlight the region where the campaigns of the War of 1812 took place.

A. The Northwestern Territories of the United States. This map covers the region from Michigan through..."

Reserve Reduced by $50
114 An Accurate Map of the British Empire in Nth. America as Settled by the Preliminaries in 1762 Colonial Eastern United States & Canada
John Gibson
1762 $90.00

"Covering from Labrador to Florida and west to the Mississippi, this important, historical map details the land settlement that ended the French & Indian War. The map graphically depicts "The Countries shaded with lines are those formerly claimed or possessed by France and Spain and are now a..."

Reserve Reduced by 35%
116 A Map of North America from the Latest Surveys and Maps Colonial Eastern United States & Canada
Rev. John Blair
1768 $500.00

"Superb map of the continent published during the transitional period leading up to the American Revolution. The map shows much of the region controlled by the British after the French and Indian War. Several of the colonial charters extend to an indeterminate western boundary. The charter and dat..."

Reserve Reduced by $100!

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