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4 Theatri Geographiae Veteris Tomus Prior in quo Cl. Ptol. Alexandrini Geographie Libri VIII Title Pages
1618 $130.00

"This lovely title page to Bertius' edition of Ptolemy's Geographia was copied from Mercator's edition from 1578. The two great Greek geographers stand beneath a classic portico: Claudius Ptolemy, holding an armillary sphere and a pair of dividers; and Marinus, holding a rolled-up map. In the foreg..."
5 Liber Quartus Urbium Praecipvarum Totius Mundi Title Pages
Braun & Hogenberg
1620 $120.00

"Fine title page from volume four of a Latin edition of this monumental work on the great cities of the world. The title is engraved onto an architectural monument around which seven female figures from Roman mythology are gathered. Each of the figures is named: Constantia (Steadfast), Honor (Hono..."

Price Reduced by 20%
7 Atlas Minor... Title Pages
1651 $120.00

"The allegorical form of title pages from this period is beautifully composed on this small sheet. The female representatives of the continents look on while geographers carefully measure a globe held aloft by the Titan, Atlas. Through these images, the publisher promises his readers that the follo..."
11 [Lot of 5] A Fold ot Reszeinek Lerajzolasa [and] Amerika [and] Afrika [and] Asia [and] Europa World & Continents
1804 $1,000.00

"This rare set of Hungarian maps was prepared by Ezsaias Budai, a geography teacher at the Calvinist College in Debrecen, and was published in Oskolai Magyar Uj Atlas (Hungarian New School Atlas). The maps appear to be based on French atlas maps of the period, and were prepared by three stude..."

Rare Matching Set of Hungarian Maps
13 De Globo Terrae World
1600 $450.00

"This miniature double hemisphere map is boldly engraved with a strapwork surround, the name Iehova at top, and a compass rose with Jodocus Hondius' imprint at bottom. Terra Australis Incognita fills the Southern Hemisphere and nearly connects to New Guinea in the region of Australia. ..."
21 Mappe-Monde Geo-Hydrographique, ou Description Generale du Globe Terrestre et Aquatique en Deux-Plans-Hemispheres, ou Sont Exactement Remarquees en General Toutes les Parties de la Terre et de l'Eau, Suivant les Relations les Plus Nouvelles World
1691 $2,000.00

"This beautiful double-hemisphere map by Nicolas Sanson was reworked by his sons Guillaume (1633-1703) and Adrian (1639-1718) and published in 1691 by Alexis-Hubert Jaillot. The map displays some interesting cartographic myths such as California as an island and a large Terre de Iesso...."
27 A New Map of the World in Two Hemispheres with the New Discoveries & Tracts of the Two Circum Navigators... World
Robert Sayer
1760 $2,500.00

"This elaborate, large-scale double hemisphere map of the world was likely issued around 1760 as it lacks many of the later 18th century discoveries on the northwest coast of North America. A partial western coastline of present-day Alaska is depicted with the note "land seen by Capt. Spanberg 1728...."

Gorgeous Double Hemisphere World Map
29 The World, 1795 World
John C. Russell
1795 $70.00

"This small double-hemisphere map shows the known world at the end of the 18th century. The map shows the new discoveries from Cook's expeditions in Australia and the south Pacific, although Tasmania is still attached to Australia as the Bass Strait wasn't discovered until 1798. The new United Stat..."
30 Chart of the World on Mercator's Projection World
Alexander K. Johnston
1843 $95.00

"This detailed map of the world is centered on the Pacific Ocean, and shows the tracts of Captain Cook's voyages in the Southern Hemisphere. A rudimentary outline of Antarctica is shown, with the interior labeled "part of the supposed southern continent." A decorative piano key border embellishes t..."

Price Reduced by 14%
34 Missionary Map of the World Showing the Prevailing Religions of Its Various Nations and the Central Stations of All Protestant Missionary Societies World
1906 $1,000.00

"This very large, double-hemispheric, thematic map of the world was printed on four joined sheets of linen. It was likely used as a presentation piece that had the benefit of being both large and portable. The map locates the cities where there are protestant missions, and it is color-coded to show..."

Price Reduced by $500! Very Rare, Missionary Map of the World on Cloth
42 Globus Coelestis Celestial
1601 $200.00

"This, scarce tiny celestial map presents the northern and southern skies with mythological representations of the constellations based on Ptolemy set in a cloud background. Latin text on verso.

This map was published in Filips Galle's series of Epitome, which first appeared in 1588...."
45 Planisfero Meridionale, Corretto, et Accresciuto di Molte Stelle Celestial
Vicenzo Maria Coronelli
1700 $750.00

"This magnificent chart depicts the southern sky centered on the south ecliptic pole. The stars and constellations are based on the work of Hevelius, Bayer, and Halley. Several of the non-Ptolemaic constellations include Columba, La Croce (Crux), Rhombus (now known as Reticulum), and the twe..."

Price Reduced by $50
46 Typus Corporis Lunaris Panselini, una cum Maculis, Faculis, Montibus... Moon
A. Kircher
1682 $600.00

"This marvelous engraving is an early view of the moon graphically depicting its craters based on the observations of Kircher and Christoph Scheiner in 1636 and 1650. Putti in a cloud background hold aloft the banner-style title cartouche. Kircher's masterpiece, titled Mundus Subterraneus (T..."
48 Phaenomena Motuum Irregularium quos Planetae Inferiores Venus et Mercurius ad Annum Salutis MDCCX... Solar System
1716 $200.00

"Interesting celestial chart showing the irregular motions of Earth, Mercury and Venus per the Copernican model during the year 1710. Along the left and right edges of the sheet are linear charts depicting the transit of Mercury across the Sun on November 5, 1710 and the (predicted) transit of Venus..."
57 America Noviter Delineata Western Hemisphere - America
Henricus Hondius
1631 $1,200.00

"This beautiful and popular map of the Americas was emulated by numerous cartographers and went through various editions. Originally issued by Jodocus Hondius II in 1618 with carte-a-figures borders, it was derived from two earlier maps by Blaeu. North America retains the peninsular California and ..."
60 Novissima et Accuratissima Totius Americae Descriptio Western Hemisphere - America
Nicolas Visscher
1658 $1,000.00

"Visscher's map greatly influenced the cartography of the Americas both geographically and artistically. One of the most distinctive geographic details copied by other cartographers is the large open lake in the Great Lakes region. Visscher actually copied this from Blaeu's wall map of the world [1..."

Price Reduced by $200!
65 Totius Americae Descriptio Nova Western Hemisphere - America
Peter Conrad Monath
1758 $395.00

"This attractive, scarce map showing an insular California was published later than most maps that show this cartographic myth. Nearly all cartographers stop showing it in this fashion after 1740. The map is rife with older terminology, including Nova Albion in California, which is sh..."

Price Reduced by $55!
66 Mappe Monde Hemisphere Occidental Western Hemisphere - America
1762 $75.00

"This miniature hemisphere map includes a good amount of detail for its size. In North America, the region east of the Mississippi is labeled Nle. Angleterre, Louisiane and Floride, while the region to the west is labeled Nouveau Mexique. The only cities noted are New Or..."

Price Reduced by 17%
69 [On 4 Sheets] A New Map of the Whole Continent of America, Divided Into North and South and West Indies. Wherein Are Exactly Described the United States of North America... Western Hemisphere - America
Laurie & Whittle
1794 $700.00

"An impressive, four-sheet map of North and South America, originally drawn by John Gibson in 1763 with a slightly different title. The map went through several revisions; this being the final state. The huge map is filled with incredible detail and is based on D'Anville's cartography, as well as S..."

Price Reduced by $100! Impressive Four-Sheet Map Featuring Two Possible Locations for a River of the West
70 Western Hemisphere Western Hemisphere - America
James Wyld
1829 $95.00

"This handsome map depicts the Americas in fine detail and extends to include many small islands in the Pacific, New Zealand, and a portion of the Russian Far East. In North America, Texas is still part of Mexico and not identified by name. Alaska is noted as a Russian Possession. The mythi..."

Price Reduced by 21%
72 North & South America; for the Elucidation of the Abbe Gaultiers Geographical Games Western Hemisphere - America
Jehoshaphat Aspin
1848 $65.00

"This is a very unusual and interesting map with a large inset of the eastern United States that extends just beyond the Mississippi River. Part of Gaultier's "Geographical Games," the map includes no place names. It would be paired with an identical map with place names, and students would have to..."

Price Reduced by 32%
76 Amerique Septentrionale par N. Sanson... Colonial North America
N. Sanson/Mariette
1669 $1,600.00

"Handsome and important map by Guillaume Sanson, who in partnership with Pierre Mariette, based this map on his father's scarce 1666 wall-map of North America. This depiction replaced Nicolas Sanson's landmark map of 1650 in this atlas. Cartographically it is an amalgam of Sanson's maps of "Le Cana..."

Important Map for Great Lakes Collectors
84 [On 4 Sheets] A New and Correct Map of North America, with the West India Islands. Divided According to the Last Treaty of Peace... Colonial North America
Bowen & Gibson
1777 $3,000.00

"This is the sixth edition of this large, influential map that had a long and varied publishing history. Originally published to illustrate the seat of the French and Indian War, the map went through numerous revisions and editions to document the expanding cartographic knowledge and political lands..."

Bowen & Gibson's Large and Influential Map of North America
94 Nova Mappa Geographica Americae Septentrionalis in Suas Praecipuas Partes Divisa Colonial Eastern North America & West Indies
Johann Michael Probst
1782 $1,000.00

"This is a variant of the key map of Henry Popple's seminal map of North America, first published in 1733. This edition contains a geographical difference from the British original - Lake Champlain has two branches on the south end instead of one. The thirteen British colonies are clearly delineate..."

Price Reduced by $200! Rare Variant of Popple's Key Map
107 Carte de la Partie Septentrionale des Etats Unis, Comprenant le Canada, la Nouvelle Ecosse, New Hampshire, Massachuset's Bay, Rhode-Island, Connecticut, New Yorck, Etat de Vermont avec Partie de Pensilvanie et de New-Jersey Eastern United States & Canada
Pierre Francois Tardieu
1797 $200.00

"Finely detailed map of the Northeast extending from Philadelphia up the coast to Ile d'Anticosti and the mouth of the St. Lawrence, and inland to show part of Lake Ontario. Fine detail particularly along the Hudson River locates scores of towns and villages, shows roads, mountains and waters..."
108 Carte Generale des Etats-Unis, des Haut et Bas-Canada, de la Nouvle. Ecosse, du Nouvau Brunswick, de Terre-Neuve, &a. Seconde Edition Eastern United States & Canada
Adrien Hubert Brue
1840 $110.00

"An uncommon and finely engraved map covering all the eastern United States to about the 100th meridian, with a portion of southern Canada. The northwestern territories include a large Iowa Territory and Ter. Du Nord Ouest that encompasses present-day Wisconsin, the Upper Peninsula of Michiga..."

Price Reduced by 15%
112 Partie de l'Amerique Septent? qui Comprend la Nouvelle France ou le Canada Colonial New England & Canada, Great Lakes
Robert de Vaugondy (family)
1755 $450.00

"This is a handsome map of Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and the entire course of the St. Lawrence River. The most prominent feature of the map is the very large inset of the 1744 Bellin version of the Great Lakes. The wonderful cartouche features the title on a blanket draped over a wooden canoe, whi..."
117 Map of the Chicago Burlington and Quincy Railroad and Its Connections United States, Railroads
Rand McNally& Co.
1878 $50.00

"This is an early folding map and timetable for the Chicago Burlington & Quincy Railroad system, dated in the winter of 1878. The large map shows the route and connecting lines centered on Chicago, extending to Bangor and Quebec and westward to Denver and south to Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Ga..."

Price Reduced by 50%!
120 [Lot of 79 - U.S.D.A. Soil Maps] United States
1903 $250.00

"Housed in a partial brown cloth case, this complete set contains 79 large folding maps (the set calls for 78 but includes a duplicate of #32) from the 5th Report of the Field Operations of the Bureau of Soils, under the direction of Milton Whitney. Each of the maps has a legend identifying t..."

Price Reduced by $50! Features Maps of Los Angeles and New Orleans
122 Carte de la Louisiane et du Cours du Mississipi Dressee sur un Grand Nombre de Memoires Entrautres sur ceux de Mr. le Maire Colonial Eastern United States
Guillaume Delisle
1718 $5,000.00

"This enormously influential map of the French possession of Louisiana drew together the cartographic work of the previous half century and had a tremendous impact on the history of cartography. The map was designed for the political purpose of invalidating the English claims west of the Appalachian..."

Price Reduced by $500! Foundation Map for the Mississippi Valley and the First Appearance of Texas on a Printed Map
123 A New Map of Louisiana and the River Mississipi [within book] The Memoirs and Secret Negotiations of John Ker Colonial Eastern United States
1726 $500.00

"This interesting map focuses on the French empire in the heart of North America, embracing both the Great Lakes and the Mississippi Valley. It illustrates the French threat to the British colonies that are confined along the Atlantic seaboard by the Appalachian Mountains. French trading posts, lea..."
126 Part of the United States of North America Eastern United States
1798 $160.00

"This map of the young United States is filled with great information on early development including roads and settlements. The map covers from the Province of Main through North Carolina with a large inset of South Carolina and Georgia. West of the Appalachians are the Western Territory<..."
142 Map of Hudson's River, with the Adjacent Country Colonial New England United States, Revolutionary War
1778 $150.00

"This strongly engraved Revolutionary War map was designed to familiarize the magazine's readers with the location of the hostilities in the American War. It illustrates the region of the Hudson and Delaware Rivers and the marches of the armies under the Generals Howe, Clinton, and Bur..."
143 Nova Virginiae Tabula Colonial Mid-Atlantic United States
Henricus Hondius
1652 $1,300.00

"This graphic map is Henricus Hondius' version of Capt. John Smith's important map of 1612, drawn from his brother's map of 1618. After the death of Jodocus Hondius in 1629, his widow sold a number of plates to Blaeu. Angry at the sale to a competitor, Henricus and Joannes Jansson engaged engraver..."

One of the Most Important 17th Century Maps of the Chesapeake Bay
152 A Chart of the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays Mid-Atlantic United States, Chesapeake & Delaware Bays
Fielding Lucas Jr.
1852 $4,000.00

"This large-scale sea chart of the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays is one of the most decorative and desirable charts of the area. The chart depicts great detail from the entrances to the bays on the Atlantic Ocean to Washington D.C., Baltimore, and Philadelphia, and extending up the James, York and Ra..."

Price Reduced by $500! Scarce Sea Chart of the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays
156 A New Map of Georgia, with Part of Carolina, Florida and Louisiana. Drawn from Original Draughts, Assisted by the Most Approved Maps and Charts Colonial Southeastern United States
Emanuel Bowen
1748 $2,000.00

"Scarce and important early map of colonial Georgia published shortly after the founding of the colony to accompany a new chapter on the history of Georgia for Harris' Voyages. The map covers from Charles Town to the Mississippi River and extends into Florida to C. Canaveral. T..."

Important Map of the Georgia Colony
158 Florida [on sheet with] Georgia Florida & Georgia
Adam & Charles. Black
1896 $40.00

"This sheet includes county maps of Florida and Georgia, as well as an inset showing the bordering states. In Florida, the railroad lines extend south to Charlotte Harbor...."

Price Reduced by 33%
159 A Map of Part of West Florida, from Pensacola to the Mouth of the Iberville River, with a View to Shew the Proper Spot for a Settlement on the Mississipi Colonial Southern United States
John Lodge
1772 $180.00

"This copper engraved map features Mobile Bay and Fort Conde, New Orleans and locates Plantations along the Mississippi well north of New Orleans. The large inset "Plan for a New Settlement" shows the proposed street layout and wharf and docks along the river. It is reported that this map wa..."
160 [Book with Map] The History of the American Indians; Particularly those Nations Adjoining to the Missisippi, East and West Florida, Georgia, South and North Carolina, and Virginia... Colonial Southern United States
1775 $2,250.00

"James Adair was a frontiersman and fur trader who spent forty years living and interacting with Native American Indians in the Southeast. He was one of the first white settlers to explore the Alleghenies, and spent much of his time with the Cherokee, Catawba and Chickasaw tribes. His work outlines..."

Price Reduced by $750! Important History of Native Americans in the Southeast with Map
161 Carte de la Louisiane, et de la Floride Colonial Southern United States
Rigobert Bonne
1783 $150.00

"This handsome map of the American Southeast and the Mississippi River Valley extends from Charleston, South Carolina west to include New Orleans and north into southern Illinois. In this French-produced map Louisiana extends to the Appalachian Mountains bordering the southern colonies. The Mississ..."
169 [Lot of 3] Survey of the Mouth of the Galien River Michigan [and] Sketch of the Mouth of Elk Creek [and] Map of a Part of the South Shore of Lake Erie in the Vicinity of the Twenty Mile Creek Pennsylvania [in report] Lake Michigan, Lake Erie
U.S. War Department
1838 $75.00

"These three Great Lakes maps are included in Letter from the Secretary of War, Transmitting Copies of the Reports of the Surveys of the Harbors of New Buffalo and Twenty-Mile Creek. The first map, Survey of the Mouth of the Galien River Michigan (dated 1835, 29.6 x 19.6"), covers the ..."

Price Reduced by 25%
171 Asher & Adams' Dakota Dakota Territory
Asher & Adams
1875 $75.00

"Handsome map of the territory with early county configurations confined to the eastern region. In the southwest the region is labeled Bad Lands. The Northern Pacific Railroad extends to Ft. Abraham Lincoln. Numerous Indian villages are located in the western part of the territory...."
173 Cote Nord-Ouest de l'Amerique Reconnue par le Cap.e Vancouver. 2e. Partie West Coast, United States
1799 $200.00

"Beautifully engraved, large-scale, map featuring the coastal topography from Point Arena to just below the mouth of the Columbia River. The track of Vancouver's exploration in 1792 is shown complete with soundings. There is an inset of Trinidad Bay in California. During the summers of 1792-94, Ge..."

Price Reduced by $50
181 Geological Map of Portions of Wyoming, Idaho and Utah Western United States
Ferdinand Vandeveer Hayden
1883 $65.00

"This map was issued in Hayden's 12th Annual Report for 1879 but not published until 1883. It is a handsome and colorful map that largely covers part of Idaho eastward to the Sweetwater Range. Topography and hydrology are nicely developed and an abundance of towns and villages are shown. Bear Lake..."

Price Reduced by 50!%
191 [Lot of 2] Map No. 1. [and] Map No. 2. Rio Colorado of the West... Southwestern United States
Lt. Joseph C. Ives
1858 $180.00

"This pair of maps represents one of the most important exploring efforts of the American Southwest. Ives published his explorations in a series of four maps - these being the first two. In his book Mapping of the Trans-Mississippi West, Carl Wheat devotes several pages to these two maps say..."
194 Alabama Alabama
Fielding Lucas Jr.
1824 $280.00

"A fine, early map of the state of Alabama showing county development and detailing the wagon roads, settlements, and river systems. County configurations are current to 1822, with Walker County not yet appearing in the northern portion of the state (1823), Indian lands are shown, with the area to ..."

Price Reduced by $70
195 Neueste Karte von Alabama mit Seinen Canaelen, Strassen, Eisenbahnen, Entfernungen der Hauptpunkte und Routen sur Dampfschiffe... Alabama
Joseph Meyer
1850 $55.00

"This is the German edition of the Tanner/Mitchell Alabama map from the New Universal Atlas, with a German title but English place names. A table at the left gives steam-boat routes from Mobile to Tuscaloosa, Montgomery and Pensacola. The map has nice, pre-Civil War detail of Mobile Bay, Pas..."

Price Reduced by 15%
196 Arkansas Arkansas
Thomas Gamaliel Bradford
1838 $100.00

"This copper engraved map was made two years after Arkansas became a state. County development is circa 1835 as several 1836 changes are not on the map; Miller is shown in the southwest, and Washington has not yet lost territory to Madison and Benton counties. The map shows good topographical, geo..."
197 A New Map of Arkansas with Its Canals Roads & Distances Arkansas
Thomas, Cowperthwait & Co.
1854 $50.00

"This attractive early map of Arkansas shows county lines current to 1845 with the newly organized Dallas County. The map names many towns, and a number of roads criss-cross the map. Proposed railroads are delineated as well. The number of miles between towns is helpfully noted, and at the top of ..."

Price Reduced by 23%
204 Plat of the Pueblo Lands of San Francisco. Finally Confirmed to the City of San Francisco... San Francisco, California
General Land Office
1884 $325.00

"This map depicts the lands awarded to the city of San Francisco in a long standing dispute between the city and grantees who had been given land by the Mexican government prior to the Mexican-American War. The map is keyed to a legend that identifies the Presidio Military Reservation, Point San Jos..."

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