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1 De Bello Belgico [with book] Famiani Stradae Romani E Societate Jesu De Bello Belgico Decas Secunda... Frontispiece - Low Countries
1648 $400.00

"This frontispiece is the famous Leo Belgicus, or Lion of Belgium, depicting a map of Belgium and Holland in the form of a lion. This version of the Leo Belgicus is based on the original Aitsinger form with the lion standing facing right with the right paw raised and holding a shield. This i..."

Reserve Reduced by $100!
2 Gerardus Mercator ... Iudocus Hondius... Title Pages - Portraits
1613 $1,000.00

"Coletta Hondius engraved this exquisite portrait in tribute to her late husband, Jodocus Hondius, who is shown seated opposite his predecessor, Gerard Mercator. The two great Dutch mapmakers are depicted surrounded by the implements of their trade. The fine portrait is set within an elaborate stra..."

Reserve Reduced by $100!
3 Table des Cartes Etc. Title Pages
Nicolas Sanson
1700 $150.00

"This striking sheet features a large area for the list of maps, which is blank in this example, with no pastedown sheet as normally found. Embellished with mythological scenes and figures, including Atlas supporting a globe, Zeus, the angel of Fame, and Neptune. At bottom is a view of a large libr..."

Reserve Reduced by 25%
6 Das Erst General Inhaltend die Beschreibung und den Circkel des Gantzen Erdtrichs und Mores World
Sebastian Munster
1556 $1,500.00

"This famous woodblock map is presented on an oval projection surrounded by clouds and wind heads with the title above the map. The continents are shown in rough outline only. North America is shown with the large cleft nearly separating the east coast from the continent, often referred to as the S..."
7 Typus Orbis Terrarum World
Abraham Ortelius
1587 $4,500.00

"Ortelius' beautiful oval world map is a simplified version of Mercator's influential map of 1569. From surviving correspondence, it is known that Mercator encouraged Ortelius and provided him with information, particularly with co-ordinates of places in the Americas. This is the first state of Ort..."

Reserve Reduced by $500! Ortelius' Third World Map in an Oval Projection
14 Carte Generale du Monde, ou Description du Monde Terrestre & Aquatique / Generale Waereld Kaart, of Beschryving van de Land en Water Waereld World
Pierre Mortier
1700 $650.00

"This is Pierre Mortier's unique world map drawn on Mercator's projection. It depicts California as an island and the Detroit d'Anian connected by dotted lines through a Northwest Passage to Button's Bay located to the west of Hudson Bay. There is an erroneous large lake shown ..."

Reserve Reduced by $50
15 Nova Delineatio Totius Orbis Terrarum Per Petrum Vander Aa World
Pieter van der Aa
1703 $900.00

"Originally published by Jacob van Meurs in 1660, and reissued here by Van der Aa, this map is based on Arnold Colom's wonderfully graphic map from the first world maritime atlas. California is an island, separated from Nova Albion, which stretches towards Asia and off the map. The we..."

Reserve Reduced by $100!
17 Totius Orbis Terrarum Tabula, Ejusque Post Diluvium Divisio Inter Filios Noachi World
Joseph Moxon
1709 $180.00

"Interesting and unusual world map from an English Bible designed to illustrate how the world was divided among the sons of Noah. The map is presented on Mercator's projection, with Europe, Africa and Asia at the center and South America with a part of North America at left. The island of Calif..."

Reserve Reduced by $20
20 Introduction a la Geographie de la Corespondance du Globe Terrestre ou Mappe-Monde avec la Sphere Celeste par les Cercles... World
Nicholas de Fer
1722 $400.00

"This large and boldly engraved double-hemispheric map shows California as an Island. The continents are devoid of information as the focus of this map are the geographical terms associated with a terrestrial globe, such as latitude and longitude, circles of latitudes, temperate zones, antipo..."

Reserve Reduced by $50
23 Mappe-Monde ou Carte Generale du Globe Terrestre, Representee en Deux Plan-Hemispheres World
Jacques Benigne Bossuet
1755 $120.00

"This handsome small world map depicts California as an island, with the Iesso als Ieco landmass stretching nearly to Japan. At the South Pole there are still remnants of Terre Magellanique Australe et Incogneue which nearly connects with a partial coastline of New Zealand. New..."
27 Carte des Variations de la Boussole et des Vents Generaux que l'on Trouve dans les Mers les Plus Frequentees... World
Jacques Nicolas Bellin
1765 $550.00

"This handsome, large-scale map on Mercator's projection stretches from California to Japan and focuses on the French spheres of influence in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. The emphasis of the map is on magnetic variations and wind directions, which are depicted with tiny windheads scattered throug..."

Reserve Reduced by $250!
30 Globo Terrestre Delineatio nel 1786 dall' Abate Lirelii Geografo de Re di Sardegna e della Reale Accademia delle Scienze di Torino... World
1793 $550.00

"This uncommon map is a slightly-reduced version of Salvador Lirelli's map, which was published in 1786 for the Royal Academy of Science in Torino. The sheet includes two polar projections and a world map on Mercator's projection, centered on the Pacific. The focus of the maps is Captain Cook's voy..."

Reserve Reduced by $50
31 Planisphere ou Carte Generale du Globe World
jean Baptiste Poirson
1810 $100.00

"This finely engraved map on Mercator's Projection is centered on the Pacific Ocean. The map depicts the physical characteristics of the earth and shows only basic political detail. Australia is Nouvelle Hollande and is completely blank in the interior with just a few place names on the coas..."
32 Mappe-Monde Dressee Suivant les Nouvelles Relations et Assujettie aux Observations Astronomiques World
Robert de Vaugondy/Delamarche
1812 $275.00

"Fifth state of this attractive double hemisphere world first issued in 1749. The map has been updated with information, particularly the additional discoveries of Cook, La Perouse, Vancouver, and Mackenzie to the year 1802 as noted in the supplementary cartouche. With these discoveries now reflect..."

Reserve Reduced by $125!
33 [Lot of 2] Chart Shewing the Track of H.M.S. Blossom, and the Situation of Her Discoveries, in 1825-26-27 & 28 [and] Chart of Part of the North West Coast of America, from Point Rodney to Point Barrow... World
Admiral Frederick William Beechey
1831 $275.00

"This lot contains the two larger maps (of three) that were issued in Narrative of a Voyage to the Pacific and Beering's Strait... and depict Beechey's three year expedition to the Bering Strait and northwestern Alaska.

A. Chart Shewing the Track of H.M.S. Blossom, and the Situa..."

Reserve Reduced by $100!
38 [Daniel's Dream Map] Ancient World
1564 $450.00

"This unusual little map is also known as the Wittenberg world map. It represents Daniel's interpretation of King Nebuchadnezzar's dream. This prophecy from Chapter 7 of the book of Daniel speaks of "the four winds of the heaven … and four great beasts [which] came up from the sea." The bar..."

Reserve Reduced by $50
40 Christianographie Ancient World
1635 $950.00

"This map of the ancient world was published in Ephraim Pagit's Christianographie, or the Description of the Multitude and Sundry Sorts of Christians in the World not Subiect to the Pope ..., with various editions published in London between 1635-1674. According to Shirley, this map is based ..."

Fascinating Map of Christian Sects
41 Tabula Itineraria ex Illustri Peutingerorum Bibliotheca… [in book] Histoire des Grands Chemins de l'Empire Romain, Contenant l'Origine, Progres & Etendue Quasi Incroyable des Chemins Militaires… Ancient World
Jan Jansson
1736 $2,000.00

"This impressive long map is the famous Peutinger Table, or a Roman road map of the world. The original parchment document was found in a library in Augsburg by Konrad Celtes, who bequeathed it to Konrad Peutinger in 1508. The map later went to Peutinger's relative, Mark Welser, who was the ..."

Reserve Reduced by $200!
42 Hemisphere Septentrional pour voir Plus Distinctoment les Terres Arctiques / Hemisphere Meridional pour voir Plus Distinctement les Terres Australes Polar
Reiner and Joshua Ottens
1739-40 $750.00

"An attractive pair of maps on two joined sheets that was originally issued by Delisle in 1714 and updated by the Ottens brothers.

The important map of the Northern Hemisphere was drawn with Delisle’s characteristic scientific approach. It was the first map to correctly place the west coas..."
44 Septentrionalium Terrarum Descript. North Pole
Jan Jansson
1628 $180.00

"This is the first state of this small map of the North Pole that was first issued in 1628. Jansson's map for the Mercator Atlas Minor does not follow Mercator, but used the knowledge of the many recent exploratory voyages that attempted to locate a northern route to Asia. Several fictitious..."
46 Nova et Accurata Poli Arctici et Terrarum Circum Iacentium Descriptio North Pole
Jan Jansson
1684 $500.00

"This beautiful map, originally published in 1637, eventually replaced Hondius' map of the North Pole and became the prototype for many later maps including those of Blaeu. This map incorporates the discoveries made by Captain Thomas James along the southern and western shores of Hudson Bay in 1631-..."
48 Nuova Carta del Polo Artico Secondo l'Ultime Osservazioni North Pole
1740 $140.00

"This is the Italian edition of this attractive copper engraved map presented on a north polar projection. The map shows California as an island with the region north of the island left blank. There is good detail in Europe and Asia; the Great Wall of China is graphically illustrated. The ..."

Reserve Reduced by $20
50 Chica sive Patagonica et Australis Terra South Pole, Southern South America
Natalius Sequanus Metellus
1598 $1,200.00

"This is the rare and slightly smaller version of the Wytfliet map of the same title. It features Terra Australis, the great southern landmass thought to cover the South Pole and incorporate what would later be discovered to be Australia. The map is divided into two parts. The upper section..."

Metellus's Rare Reduced Version of Wytfliet's Map of Terra Australis
62 Walker's New Geographical Game Exhibiting a Tour Through Europe Cartographic Game, Europe
William Darton
1810 $400.00

"This simple map of Europe is the game board for a geographical game. A numbered route throughout Europe is shown, beginning in London with "1" and ending in Athens with "133." The game extends as far east as Astrakhan, Russia, just west of the Caspian Sea. Although the game is titled "A Tour Thro..."
65 Globe Terrestre Cartographic Miscellany
Brion de la Tour/Martinet
1761 $80.00

"In the 18th century cartographers liked to include engravings of spheres and globes in their general atlases, as astronomy and the knowledge of the planets had become fashionable and a major part of the new-found discoveries in the "Age of Enlightenment." This fine engraving shows a terrestrial glo..."

Reserve Reduced by 47%!
66 Journal de la Belgique. Pieces Officielles. Nouvelles Diverses Cartographic Miscellany, Low Countries
1815 $80.00

"This is a four-page publication of the Journal De La Belgique from June 15, 1815, in French, giving news from around Europe. The journal used a miniature version of the Leo Belgicus map as their logo. The Leo Belgicus, in which the Low Countries were depicted in the form of a lion, was one ..."

Reserve Reduced by 20%
71 America Western Hemisphere - America
Jodocus Hondius
1619 $3,000.00

"Jodocus Hondius' map of the Americas is one of the most elaborate examples of fine Dutch cartography. The decorations, including sea monsters, indigenous birds, native canoes and sailing vessels, are taken from De Bry's Grand Voyages. Particularly notable is the scene of natives preparing a..."

Hondius' Important Map of the Americas in Full Original Color
74 L'Amerique Autrement le Nouveau Monde et Indes Occidentales Western Hemisphere - America
Pierre DuVal
1684 $800.00

"An uncommon map of the Americas based largely on the cartography of Nicolas Sanson, Duval's uncle. In North America the Great Lakes are shown open-ended in the west and California is depicted as an Island. Above California is the Destroit d' Anien and the large Terre de Iesso,..."
75 L'Amerique, Meridionale, et Septentrionale Dressee Selon les Dernieres Relations et Suivant les Nouvelles Decouvertes... Western Hemisphere - America
Nicholas de Fer
1705 $800.00

"This is de Fer's reduced version of his wall map of America. It features the Island of California covering the entire west coast north of the Tropic of Cancer. One of the prominent features in northern Mexico is Les Mine de S. Iean et de Ste. Barbe, the legendary Santa Barbara mines ..."

Reserve Reduced by $200!
83 A New Map of the Whole Continent of America, Divided Into North and South and West Indies ... Wherein Are Exactly Described the United States of North America... Western Hemisphere - America
Robert Sayer
1786 $1,500.00

"This impressive, large-scale map of North and South America was originally drawn by John Gibson in 1763 with a slightly different title. The map went through several revisions; this is the fifth state, with the title amended to indicate the newly formed "United States of America." The new country ..."

Impressive Four-Sheet Map Featuring the New United States and Two Possible Locations for a River of the West
85 [On 2 Sheets] L'Amerique Selon l'Etendue de ses Principales Parties et dont les Points Principaux sont Placez sur les Dernieres Observations des Geographes... Western Hemisphere - America
Johannes Walch
1790 $500.00

"A very uncommon map of the Americas on two separate sheets, made in Germany for the French market and sold by Martin Will. In North America, the young United States, labeled Republique des XIII Provinces Unies, incorporates the upper Midwest with its boundary along the Mississippi River. S..."

Reserve Reduced by $100!
86 A New Map of America, from the Latest Authorities Western Hemisphere - America
John Cary
1806 $225.00

"This large map of the Americas features Aliaska in a rudimentary form. The United States is confined to the east of the Mississippi River. A huge mountain range labeled the Stony Mountains bisects the western part of North America, which is depicted as completely unexplored with a fe..."
95 [On 2 Sheets] Amerique Septentrionale Publiee sous les Auspices de Monseigneur le Duc d'Orleans Premier Prince du Sang Colonial North America
Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d'Anville
1746 $750.00

"This striking map of North America and the West Indies was one of the best French maps of North America prior to the French & Indian War. D'Anville was the Royal Geographer and Cartographer to the King of France. He followed Delisle as the chief proponent of scientific cartography, and his influen..."

Reserve Reduced by $150!
101 Carte de l'Amerique Septentrionale, ou Colombie North America
A. R. Fremin
1821 $65.00

"This small, intricately engraved map of North America features nice topographical detail. St. Antoine is identified in Texas. Missouri is the name given to all the United States territory north of Louisiana. The present-day western United States, still part of Mexico here, is labeled Na..."

Reserve Reduced by 28%
108 Carte du Mexique et de la Floride des Terres Angloises et des Isles Antilles. Du Cours et des Environs de la Riviere de Mississipi... Colonial North America & West Indies
Delisle/Covens & Mortier
1722 $600.00

"Covens & Mortier's issue of Delisle's important map that is credited with accurately showing the course of the Mississippi River and its mouth for the first time. The map influenced later delineations of the Mississippi River by Seutter, Homann, Lotter and others for many years. It is an attractiv..."

Reserve Reduced by $300!
125 [On 4 Sheets] Canada Louisiane et Terres Angloises Colonial Eastern United States & Canada
Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d'Anville
1755 $1,250.00

"This large-scale map covers the region from Labrador to the north of Florida, and from the Mississippi River to the Atlantic Ocean. It also extends to include the southern end of James Bay, and shows all of Great Lakes and the course of the St. Lawrence. The map provides early detail along the low..."

Reserve reduced by $250! D'Anville's Spectacular Map of Eastern Seaboard
130 United States of America [on sheet with] The Course of the River St. Laurence, from Lake Ontario, to Manicouagan Point Eastern United States & Canada
John Thomson
1817 $120.00

"Two maps on one sheet. The left side is a chart of the St. Lawrence River in two parts. The entire course is shown from Lake Ontario to Montreal, Quebec and on to the mouth. Also shows a portion of Lake Champlain and the Richelieu River. The main map at right is a fully colored map of the United..."

Reserve Reduced by 20%
137 Canada and Nova Scotia Northeastern United States & Canada
John Thomson
1817 $110.00

"This map covers the region from Lake Winnipeg east to the Gulf of St. Laurence and south to Baltimore. It features good detail throughout Upper and Lower Canada, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia with many notations including "immense forests", "swampy ground", and "Here about is a Settlement of the N...."
147 Vereinigte Staaten von Nordamerika United States
Carl Flemming
1857 $135.00

"This large, detailed map of the United States extends to include part of Canada and Mexico, although information is focused on the United States. The map provided an excellent view of the developing American West, showing a plethora of Indian names and several large territories, including Kansas, I..."
163 United States Eastern United States
William Cobbett
1822 $140.00

"This map is from the second edition of Cobbett's A Year's Residence in the United States. It covers the the eastern United States to past the 96th meridian, close to the present-day Missouri/Kansas line. The map shows a hand-colored path from Philadelphia to Illinois Territory, in reference..."

Reserve Reduced by 30%
168 Colton's United States Shewing the Military Stations Forts &c. Eastern United States, Civil War
Joseph Hutchins Colton
1862 $110.00

"This unusual, Civil War period map covers the United States east of the 105th meridian, including Dakota Territory, Nebraska, eastern Colorado, and most of Texas. The map exhibits interesting details; the Pony Express Route, railroads, U.S. Mail routes and other important roads togeth..."

Reserve Reduced by 27%
170 Nova Anglia, Novum Belgium et Virginia Colonial New England & Mid-Atlantic
Hessel Gerritsz & Joannes de Laet
1630 $4,000.00

"This scarce map places the Dutch settlements in their geographic context just five years after the founding of New Amsterdam; being the first printed map to use the names Manbattes (Manhattan), N. Amsterdam (New York), and Massachusets (Massachusetts). It is also the earliest a..."

A Map of Extreme Importance in the Cartographic Evolution of North America
171 Nova Anglia Novum Belgium et Virginia Colonial New England & Mid-Atlantic
Jan Jansson
1639 $1,300.00

"This is the first state of Jansson's important map of the eastern coast of North America covering from just south of the outer banks in present-day North Carolina to Nova Scotia. The map is based on the less well-known map of Johannes de Laet of 1630, but covers a slightly larger area. Because of ..."

Jansson's Influential Map of the East Coast
172 Novi Belgii Novaeque Angliae nec non Partis Virginiae Tabula Multis in Locis Emendata Colonial New England & Mid-Atlantic
Nicolas Visscher
1684 $6,000.00

"This landmark map, one of the most important in the Jansson-Visscher series, formed the basis for the mapping of New England for nearly one hundred years. It is based on Jansson's map of 1651 with Visscher's significant addition of a view of New Amsterdam, the Dutch settlement on Manhattan I..."

Visscher's Influential Map with Early View of New York City
173 Carta della Nuova Inghilterra Nuova Iork, e Pensilvania Colonial New England & Mid-Atlantic
Jacques Nicolas Bellin
1781 $180.00

"This French & Indian War period map details the English colonies from Pennsylvania through Penobscot Bay in Maine, with their early boundaries. It is fully engraved with topographical features and includes many early place names. The colonies are shown confined east of the Allegheny Mountai..."
181 Virginia Marylandia et Carolina in America Septentrionali Britannorum Industria Excultae Colonial Mid-Atlantic United States
Johann Baptist Homann
1714 $1,400.00

"This handsome map of the mid-Atlantic colonies is balanced with an exquisite pictorial cartouche filling the lower right. It locates the large hypothetical lake (Apalache Lacus) west of Craven County, Carolina. Some counties and many rivers of eastern Virginia are shown, but western Virginia is va..."

Map Created to Promote German Immigration to the New World
184 A Map of Virginia and Maryland Colonial Mid-Atlantic United States
Thomas Salmon
1767 $375.00

"Of the dozens of editions of A New Geographical and Historical Grammar that were published, this map appeared only in the 1767 edition. The map focuses on the topography and towns in the region, and extends to show Delaware and parts of South Carolina, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The dotte..."
187 Kaart van het Land van Rariton Rivier in Oost Jerseij, tot Elk Head in Marijland... Mid-Atlantic United States
1805 $180.00

"This is the Dutch version of this detailed Revolutionary War map. It centers on Philadelphia and covers the field of operations in 1776 and 1777, with the positions of English and American forces. The map includes Princeton, Wilmington, and Burlington. It depicts from the Rariton River (N..."
197 Carte General de la Caroline. Dresse sur les Memoires le Plus Nouveaux par le Sieua S... Colonial Southeastern United States
Pierre Mortier
1700 $1,500.00

"This map depicts present-day North and South Carolina, and was the first map of the Carolinas published outside of England. Despite the title giving credit to Nicolas Sanson, it was derived from Thornton, Morden and Lea's map of 1685 with very few changes. The subtle modifications include place na..."

The First Map of the Carolinas Published Outside of England
203 Partie de la Coste de la Louisiane et de la Floride depuis le Missisippi jusqua St. Marc d'Apalache Colonial Southern United States
Jacques Nicolas Bellin
1744 $400.00

"This important early chart of the Gulf Coast covers from New Orleans and the Mississippi delta to St. Marks River & Apalachicola Bay. The shoreline is still somewhat speculative but many harbors, inlets, bays & rivers are indicated along the coast. The Mississippi delta is well represented includi..."

Reserve Reduced by $100!

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