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2 Gerardus Mercator … Iudocus Hondius … Title Pages - Portraits
1635 $1,800.00

"Coletta Hondius engraved this exquisite portrait in tribute to her late husband, Jodocus Hondius, who is shown seated opposite his predecessor, Gerard Mercator. The two great Dutch mapmakers are depicted surrounded by the implements of their trade. The fine portrait is set within an elaborate stra..."

Famous Portraits of Mercator and Jodocus Hondius
3 De Bello Belgico Decas Prima Famiani Stradae Rom. Soc. Iesu Frontispiece - Low Countries
1632 $3,000.00

"The most famous of all cartographic curiosities is the Leo Belgicus, in which the Low Countries were depicted in the form of a lion. This curious form of cartography is one of the highpoints in the Golden Age of mapmaking. This version is based on the original 1583 Aitsinger form with the lion sta..."

The Largest Strada Leo Belgicus
5 Theatrum Orbis Terrarum Title Pages
Abraham Ortelius
1588 $250.00

"Abraham Ortelius is considered the father of the atlas as we know it today because he compiled and published the first set of maps, conforming in size and format, of all parts of the world. The title page to this first atlas of 'modern' maps, Theatrum Orbis Terrarum (Theater of the Whole Wor..."
6 Italiae, Sclavoniae, et Graeciae Tabule Geographice Title Pages
1623 $120.00

"This handsome sheet introduced the section of Mercator's famous Atlas that contained maps of Italy and Greece. The title is enclosed in an architectural framework. At the top of the pediment, an eagle holds a wreath around Janus, the two-faced Roman god who is associated with doorways and b..."
11 Orbis Terrae Compendiosa Descriptio... World
Rumold Mercator
1587 $3,750.00

"An elaborate strapwork border surrounds this beautiful double-hemisphere map, and an armillary sphere and 32-point compass rose are tucked between the hemispheres. Rumold Mercator based this map on his father's great world map of 1569. The North Pole is depicted as a landmass surrounding a sea fro..."

Mercator's Double-Hemisphere World Map
15 Orbis Terrarum Typus de Integro Multis in Locis Emendatus... World
Petrus Plancius
1625 $2,200.00

"This handsome world map, first issued in 1590, was based on Rumold Mercator's map of 1587. It incorporates the improvements made by Ortelius with a re-shaped South America and inclusion of the Solomon Islands. Plancius introduced new information, based on Portuguese reports, on the far-west coast ..."

Plancius' World Map Surrounded by Elegant Strapwork
18 Typus Orbis Terrarum World
Philipp Cluver
1661 $200.00

"Charming small double-hemisphere map with the peninsular form for California and a northwest coastline that extends to include Quivira and Anian. A huge Terra Australis Incognita is only partially delineated and incorporates Hollandia Nova. The western hemisphere featur..."
20 Nova Totius Terrarum Orbis Geographica ac Hydrographica Tabula World
Moses Pitt
1680 $8,000.00

"This beautiful map is one of the most intriguing examples of the internal workings of the map publishing business in the seventeenth century. The copperplate from which the map was printed was originally engraved by Pieter van den Keere (Petrus Kaerius) in 1608. It then passed into the hands of Ja..."

Pitt's Rare Carte-a-Figures Map in Full Original Color
21 Nova Orbis Tabula, ad Usum Serenissimi Burgundiae Ducis / Mappe Monde ou Description du Globe Terrestre & Aquatique Presentee a Monseigneur le Duc de Bourgogne… World
Alexis-Hubert Jaillot
1694 $3,250.00

"This is the first state of this lavishly decorated double-hemisphere map by Hubert Jaillot, which was published in editions of his Atlas Royal from 1694-99. Both the Latin and French titles dedicate the map to the Duc de Bourgogne, also known as the Dauphin of France. Geographically the two..."

Jaillot's Lavishly Decorated World Map in Full Original Color
22 Novus Planiglobii Terrestris per Utrumque Polum Conspectus World
1695 $3,000.00

"This uncommon, beautifully engraved map showing the world on a polar projection was the final world map executed by Johannes Blaeu in circa 1672. A tragic fire destroyed the Blaeu company that same year before the map was published. The plate itself survived and was acquired by Gerald Valck, who r..."

Superb World Map on a Polar Projection
25 Carte Generale du Monde, ou Description du Monde Terrestre & Aquatique / Generale Waereld Kaart, of Beschryving van de Land en Water Waereld World
Pierre Mortier
1700 $750.00

"This is Pierre Mortier's unique world map drawn on Mercator's projection. It depicts California as an island and the Detroit d'Anian connected by dotted lines through the Northwest Passage to Button's Bay located to the west of Hudson Bay. There is an erroneous large lake show..."
27 Mappe-Monde Dressee sur les Observations de Mrs. de l'Academie Royale des Sciences et Quelques Autres et sur les Memoires les Plus Recens… World
1708 $800.00

"This handsome double hemisphere map is a corrected version of Delisle’s first world map, issued in 1700. The address notation in the lower cartouche removes Delisle's address in favor of Schenk's imprint. In this edition new information corrects the representation of the Great Lakes, South Americ..."
31 Planisphaer. Ter. cum Globo Coel et Terr. Sph Armil &c. World
1730 $400.00

"Small and very decorative double hemisphere map. California is depicted as an Island with a flat northern coast. Australia includes the western and northern coasts and the discoveries of Van Diemen. There are numerous Pacific islands including much of the western coastline of New Zealand. ..."
34 L'Ancien Monde et le Nouveau en Deux Hemispheres World
Rigobert Bonne
1785 $150.00

"Attractive double hemisphere world map. In North America, the United States is named and confined along the eastern seaboard. The entire western region is blank with the only place name being Cape Mendocino. There is a large group of islands in the North Pacific including Alaschka in the v..."
36 Planiglob in Mercators Projection, zur Uebersicht der Erdflache und der Seereisen, von Ad. St. Neue Verbesserte Auflage World
Adolph Stieler
1847 $50.00

"This handsome world map features minimal geographical or political information. Recent discoveries in Antarctica are reflected with a portion of the coastline shown. Three time-bars at bottom attempt to explain the difference in the times around the world based on Paris, Greenwich and Cadiz times...."
41 Orbis Terrarum Veteribus Cogniti Typus Geographicus Ancient World
Jan Jansson
1662 $500.00

"A classic map of the ancient world based on Ortelius. Europe, Asia, and Africa as far south as Madagascar are centered in a wide oval frame. The climatic zones are marked, and ships and sea creatures surround the map. The title is enclosed in a strapwork panel at top, and an elaborate cartouche a..."
42 Les Deux Poles Arcticque ou Septentrional, et Antarcticque ou Meridional, ou Description des Terres Arcticques et Antarcticques; et des Pays Circomvoisins Jusques aux 45 Degres de Latitude Polar
N. Sanson/Mariette
1657 $450.00

"The extent of polar explorations is the focus of this unusual map of the north and south poles. In the Northern Hemisphere, Greenland is depicted attached to the American continent, and three large islands comprise the Canadian Arctic. It is hinted that Terre de Yezo, ou Iesso takes up the ..."
43 Septentrionalium Terrarum Descriptio North Pole
1623 $1,400.00

"This influential map was the first separately printed map devoted to the Arctic. The hemisphere is surrounded by a floral design with four roundels in each corner. These contain the title, the Faeroe Isles, the Shetland Isles, and the mythical island of Frisland. The North Pole is shown ac..."

The First Printed Map Devoted to the Arctic
44 Poli Arctici, et Circumiacentium Terrarum Descriptio Novissima North Pole
Henricus Hondius
1636 $700.00

"A very early edition of Hondius' important map of the polar region that replaced Mercator's polar map and incorporated much of the knowledge gained by the English in their search for a Northwest Passage to Asia. The North American cartography is based on Henry Briggs depiction of Hudson Bay. Numer..."

Early Edition - Rare Second Proof State
46 Terre Artiche North Pole
Vicenzo Maria Coronelli
1696 $1,000.00

"This is one of the most visually dramatic and interesting maps of the North Pole. Clouds filled with wind heads surround the title cartouche and a panel of text describing the Northern Lights is enclosed within an illustrative surround accented by a coat of arms. Coronelli forsakes any imaginary g..."
47 Haemisphaerium Stellatum Boreale cum Subiecto Haemisphaerio Terrestri Celestial
Andreas Cellarius
1661 $2,500.00

"This stunning chart presents the ancient Greek constellations of the northern sky superimposed on a terrestrial Eastern Hemisphere. The planisphere is centered on an ecliptic pole rotated about 20 degrees so that Europe appears approximately at center and portions of North America are visible. To ..."

Cellarius' Stunning Chart of the Northern Sky
48 Planisphere ou Representation du Globe Celeste en Deux Plans Hemispheres Coupes par l'Ecliptique Constellations Meridionales ou Australes Celestial
1783 $65.00

"This charming double hemisphere celestial chart graphically depicts the constellations in the northern and southern skies. A table below identifies the northern, southern, and ecliptic poles as well as the 12 signs of the zodiac, the constellations visible from both the northern and southern hemisp..."
52 Tabula Selenographica in qua Lunarium Macularum Exacta Descriptio Secundum Nomenclaturam Praestantissimorum Astronomorum tam Hevelii quam Riccioli... Moon
1740 $750.00

"This is a magnificent double hemisphere map of the surface of the moon. Both spheres depict the same side of the moon and are filled with topography, using place names following the nomenclature of Riccioli (on the right) and Hevelius (on the left). Riccioli named the features of the moon for famo..."
53 Typus Selenographicus Lunae Phases et Aspectus Varios Adumbrans Solar System, Moon
Cellarius/Schenk & Valck
1708 $1,400.00

"This fascinating chart depicts the eight phases of the moon surrounding the earth on a bed of clouds, with a human-faced sun shining from the top of the chart. Both the western and eastern hemispheres are depicted on earth on a north-polar projection. California is shown as an island with a..."

Cellarius' Chart Depicting the Phases of the Moon
55 [12-Inch Globe] Loring's Terrestrial Globe Containing All the Late Discoveries and Geographical Improvements… Globes
Gilman Joslin
1846 $5,500.00

"This attractive twelve-inch terrestrial globe is constructed of 12 copper-engraved gores in shades of olive and cream. They are supported with a full bronze meridian with hour pointer and raised on a four leg maple stand with central supports. The horizon band features a colored paper ring showing..."

One of the Earliest Globes to Depict the Southwest as a U.S. Possession
56 [10.5 Inch] Cram's Universal Terrestrial Globe Globes
George F. Cram & Company
1950 $100.00

"This attractive terrestrial desk globe is constructed with 24 lithograph, coated paper gores over pasteboard. Raised on an offset central axis mounted on a single short, angled metal pillar held by a round metal stand. The oceans are finished in a bluish-green color with the locations of the Prime..."
57 Zodiaque Armillary Sphere
Allain Manesson Mallet
1683 $80.00

"This charming miniature engraving features a putto pointing to an armillary sphere on the table before him. He holds in his other hand a chart showing the signs of the zodiac. A double hemisphere map of the world hangs off the table, held in place by a set of books, the armillary sphere, and a com..."
60 America Western Hemisphere - America
Cornelis Claesz
1600 $300.00

"This is a French edition of this charming miniature map that was based on the 1587 folio map by Abraham Ortelius. A notation in North America notes its discovery by Christopher Columbus in 1492. Mythical locations such as Quivira, Norombega, Granada, and Marata are name..."
63 America Noviter Delineata Western Hemisphere - America
Matthaus Merian
1638 $700.00

"Merian prepared this reduced version of his 1631 map for the German translation of Pierre d'Avity's Les Empires du Monde and it accompanied other works of the period including Theatrum Europaeum. It is one of the many derivatives of Jodocus Hondius' map of 1618. North America is depic..."
65 Novissima et Accuratissima Totius Americae Descriptio Western Hemisphere - America
Jacob van Meurs
1673 $1,400.00

"Uncommon and exceptionally decorative map of the Americas based largely on Visscher's map of 1658. California is shown as a large island after Henry Brigg's map with the Pacific coastline continuing northeast toward the Straet Anian, which separates it from Anian. The interior..."

Meur's Decorative Map of the Americas with California as an Island
66 Amerique Western Hemisphere - America
Pierre DuVal
1682 $300.00

"Charming miniature map of the Americas. California is shown as an island and the D. d'Anien separates California from a huge Terre de Iesso, with a D. de Vriez separating Iesso from an unnamed Asia. The Spanish colony of St. Fe is identified, Quebec is shown as t..."
67 Nouveau Continent ou Amerique Western Hemisphere - America
Allain Manesson Mallet
1683 $120.00

"This is the third of three similar miniature maps of the Americas drawn in a hemispheric projection in Description de l'Univers. California is depicted as an island on the Briggs model, with a flat northern coastline. The northwestern coastline of North America starts to extend west ..."
68 [Untitled - Western Hemisphere] Western Hemisphere - America
Everard Werner Happel
1687 $500.00

"This rare map of the Western Hemisphere was engraved by Heinrich Irsinger, an obscure German engraver from Ulm. California as an island is featured with the coastline of Anian to the northeast of the island. In the South Pacific, New Zealand's western coastline is depicted as well as..."
69 L'Amerique Septentrionale & Meridionale Divisee en ses Principales Parties, ou sont Distingues les uns des Autres les Estats… Western Hemisphere - America
1695 $1,200.00

"This beautiful map of the Americas is derived from Jaillot's map of North America in 1674, which in turn drew on the cartography of Nicolas Sanson. California appears as an island and the Great Lakes are open-ended in the west. The R. del Norte (Rio Grande) rises from a large lake in..."

Valck's Uncommon Map of the Americas in Full Original Color
70 Totius Americae Septentrionalis et Meridionalis Novissima Repraesentatio quam ex Singulis Recentium Geographorum Tabulis Collecta Luci Publicae Accommodavit Western Hemisphere - America
Johann Baptist Homann
1710 $1,100.00

"This lovely early edition of Homann's map of the Americas shows California as an island on the second Sanson model. The Strait of Anian forms an entrance to a potential Northwest Passage between California and the mythical Terra Esonis Incognita, which forms a nearly continuous land b..."
71 Hemisphere Occidental Dresse en 1720 pour l'Usage Particulier du Roy sur les Observations Astronomiques et Geographiques… Western Hemisphere - America
Guillaume Delisle
1724 $350.00

"This fine map of the Western Hemisphere provides a nice view of the geographic knowledge in the New World in the early part of the 18th century. The northwest coast of North America is completely blank reflecting Delisle's scientific approach to cartography. The French territory of Louisiane
74 L'Amerique Meridionale et Septentrionale Dressee sur les Nouvles Decouvtes et Dernieres Relations des Meilleurs Navigateurs Decetemps… Western Hemisphere - America
Louis Charles Desnos
1766 $2,000.00

"This elegant engraving is one of the more distinctive and decorative maps of the 18th century. It is based upon Guillaume Danet’s map of 1731, which in turn was based on Delisle's map of the Americas. What makes this map exceptional is the elaborate and detailed border decorations with portraits o..."

Highly Decorative Map of the Americas
75 A New General Map of America, Divided into North and South, and West Indies, with the British and Spanish Discoveries Down to the Year 1778 Western Hemisphere - America
Robert Sayer
1786 $600.00

"This is a very uncommon map of the Americas by one of the most prominent English cartographers of the late 18th century. The focus of the map is on the political boundaries and colonial possessions in the Western Hemisphere. A colored key at bottom right identifies the possessions of the English, ..."
76 Carte Nouvelle d'Amerique Western Hemisphere - America
Etienne Andre Philippe De Pretot
1787 $350.00

"This charming map of the Americas has very nice detail for a relatively small map, showing cities, rivers, Indian tribes, lakes, anchorages, and more. In North America there is a huge Sea of the West with its northern shore conveniently hidden by the border -- alluding to a possible Northwes..."
77 Charte von America nach Astronomischen Bestimmungen, den Neuesten Nachrichten und Charten Western Hemisphere - America
Gussefeld/Homann Heirs
1796 $220.00

"This uncommon German map of the Americas features unusual mountain ranges throughout both North and South America. The United States is confined to the east of the Mississippi. Florida is a separate territory, as are the vaguely defined Louisiana and Neu Mexico. The boundaries in the west,..."
78 Geographical, Statistical, and Historical Map of America Western Hemisphere - America
Carey & Lea
1822 $120.00

"This full folio sheet (20.8 x 16.4") features two maps, showing North and South America, surrounded by text. Within the United States, Arkansa takes up a portion of the south central region, present-day Wisconsin and Minnesota are the North West Territory, and much of the west is labe..."
80 America Western Hemisphere - America
George Frederick Cruchley
1850 $90.00

"An uncommon map that details the countries, mountains and river systems. In the United States, a pre-Gadsden Purchase border with Mexico is shown and the Great Basin is named. Canada is British America and Alaska is Russian America. The map was first engraved in 1841, here with additions to appro..."
81 Western Hemisphere Western Hemisphere - America
John Tallis
1851 $150.00

"A finely rendered hemispheric map that is among the most decorative maps produced in the 19th century. It is decorated with numerous beautiful vignettes by Warren, featuring whales, natives, and indigenous animals, all surrounded by a fancy vine-style border. The map extends to include New Zealand..."
84 L'Amerique Septentrionale Colonial North America
Le Rouge
1748 $220.00

"This is an uncommon map of North America with some very interesting theoretical cartography concerning a Northwest Passage. The most prominent feature is a River of the West, which connects Lake Superior with the Lake of the Woods and Lake Winnipeg and then flows off the map supposedl..."
85 Amerique Septentrionale Colonial North America
Rigobert Bonne
1780 $75.00

"The entire western part of the continent is left mostly blank on this map of North America. Indian tribes occupy the edges of defined territory -- Apaches, Sioux, Outagamis, and Assenipouels. The British Colonies and a few major cities are named along the eastern seaboard and in the Great Lakes re..."
86 North America from the Best Authorities North America
John Lawson
1800 $120.00

"This small map of North America is nearly identical to Jedidiah Morse’ map of the same region. Florida is divided into East and West Florida. Sir Francis Drake's Harbor is shown on the coast of present-day California which is labeled New Albion. A prominent River of the West flows i..."
87 North America North America
L. Herbert
1811 $100.00

"This handsome map of North America prominently features the mountain ranges with the Stony Mountains in Canada and the Topian Mountains in the southwestern U. S. and Mexico. Several Indian tribes are located, and there are notes concerning the recent discoveries by Mackenzie and Hearn..."
89 Carte de l'Amerique Septentrionale avec les Regions Polaires North America
Louis Vivien de Saint Martin
1825 $110.00

"Excellent French map of North America and the West Indies. Alaska is Amerique Russe and borders Nouveau Cornouailles (New Cornwall). The United States is shown with its claim in present-day British Columbia, here named Columbia. Mexico still encompasses Texas and the Southwes..."
90 Amerique Septentrionale North America
Auguste-Henri Dufour
1828 $60.00

"This is an attractive small map of North America and the West Indies. Mexico is in control of the southwest and the only mention of Texas is the Rio Colorado de Texas. There is good detail of the river systems with only a few cities named along the eastern seaboard including New York, Phila..."
92 Amerique Septentrionale North America
1835 $75.00

"An attractive map that shows all of North America, the Caribbean, and the northern portion of South America. This map was made just before Texas declared its independence in 1836, and shows Texas as a province within Mexico. The border between the United States and Canada extends into present-day ..."

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