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1 Gerardus Mercator … Iudocus Hondius … Title Pages - Portraits
1623 $1,200.00

"Coletta Hondius engraved this exquisite portrait in tribute to her late husband, Jodocus Hondius, who is shown seated opposite his predecessor, Gerard Mercator. The two great Dutch mapmakers are depicted surrounded by the implements of their trade. The fine portrait is set within an elaborate stra..."

Famous Portraits of Mercator and Jodocus Hondius
2 [Lot of 3] Christofel Colonus [and] Ferdinand Magellanus [and] Athabalipa Ultimus Rex Peruanorum Portraits
Arnoldus Montanus
1671 $300.00

"Size varies slightly.

A. Christofel Colonus. Crisply engraved portrait of Christopher Columbus, shown using navigational tools. The decorative framework is made up of two flanking sea monsters, while one of his ships sails in the background. Condition: Watermarked paper with v..."
6 [Lot of 4] Amerique [and] Afrique [and] Asie [and] Europe Continents
Louis Charles Desnos
1770 $500.00

"Each map from this matching set of continents is flanked by panels of French text describing the continent. The maps and text are surrounded in beautifully engraved rococo borders, printed from a separate plate. Overall dimensions given; maps each measure approximately 9.5 x 11". Louis Charles De..."
11 Orbis Terrarum Nova et Accuratissima Tabula World
Nicolas Visscher
1658 $3,750.00

"Visscher's magnificent large map is regarded as the foundation for highly decorative Dutch world maps produced throughout the remainder of the 17th century. The twin hemispheres are surrounded by dramatic scenes drawn by Nicolas Berchem. These superb engravings represent the abduction of Persephon..."

Visscher's Superb Double-Hemisphere World Map
13 Le Monde en Planisphere World
Pierre DuVal
1682 $275.00

"This is the first world map created by Duval, first published in 1658. This miniature double-hemisphere map depicts the island of California with Iesso extending between Asia and North America. There are a few place names noted on each continent, including Virginie and Cana..."
14 Orbis Vetus, et Orbis Veteris Utraque Continens, Terrarumque Tractus Arcticus, et Antarcticus... World
Nicolas Sanson
1694 $650.00

"This handsome double-hemisphere world map depicts the ancient world, with classical place names in the eastern hemisphere, and just a few mythical place names in the western hemisphere. California is shown as an island, and a large, unnamed landmass appears in the north Pacific Ocean. The G..."
15 [Eastern and Western Hemisphere Pair in] Telluris Theoria Sacra, Originem & Mutationes Generales Orbis Nostri… World
Thomas Burnet
1699 $600.00

"This is an uncommon work by theologin Thomas Burnet, who was the first Englishman to attempt a scientific account of the origin of the earth. His popular and controversial treatise focused upon the breaking up of "the fountains of the great deep" as the cause of the flood, as described in Genesis 7..."
19 Nouveaux Mappemonde ou Globe Terrestre avec des Tables et des Remarques pour Conduire a la Connoissance de la Geographie et de l'Histoire World
Henry Abraham Chatelain
1705 $750.00

"This bold world map from Chatelain’s monumental, seven-volume atlas combines a wealth of information and geographical observations. The two hemispheres are divided into a grid with a corresponding key to the tables surrounding the map, which identifies the locations of principal cities, mountains, r..."
20 Mappe-Monde Dressee sur les Observations de Mrs. de l'Academie Royale des Sciences... World
1708 $500.00

"This handsome double hemisphere map is a corrected version of Delisle’s first world map, issued in 1700. The address notation in the lower cartouche removes Delisle's address in favor of Schenk's imprint. In this edition new information corrects the representation of the Great Lakes, South Americ..."
22 Typus Orbis Terrarum World
Philipp Cluver
1729 $300.00

"Charming small double-hemisphere map with the peninsular form for California and a huge Terra Australis Incognita. The corners are decorated with the female representations of the four continents. Tucked between the cusp at bottom is the figure of Atlas holding the world on his shoul..."
23 Mappe-Monde ou Carte Generale de la Terre, Dressee sur les Observations de Mrs. de l'Academie Royale des Sciences World
Nicholas de Fer
1740 $300.00

"Fine double hemispheric map that features California as an island. Surrounding the hemispheres are nine medallion portraits of explorers, including La Salle, Tachard, Dampier, Magellan, Drake, Columbus, Vespucci, Marco Polo, and Schouten. The map shows early mapping of North America with th..."
24 Essay d'une Carte Reduite, Contenant les Parties Connuees du Globe Terrestre... World
Jacques Nicolas Bellin
1748 $500.00

"This very large and attractive world chart is drawn on Mercator's projection. North America is shown with a prominent River of the West connecting through a series of rivers and lakes from Lake Superior to the Pacific - representing the elusive search for a Northwest Passage. The Russian di..."
25 A Map of the World Corrected by ye Latest Observations World
1794 $170.00

"This uncommon and fascinating double-hemisphere world map was engraved by James Gwin. It was likely based on Herman Moll's A Map of the World on Wch. is Delineated the Voyages of Robinson Curso and published either in an edition of Daniel Defoe's groundbreaking novel or in the second edition..."
26 Hydrographical Chart of the World on Wright or Mercators Projection with Tracts of the Last Circumnavigators World
John Thomson
1816 $200.00

"Handsome chart of the world showing the tracks of eighteenth century explorers, including Cook, Vancouver, Gore, La Perouse, Clerke, and others. The northwest coast of North America is still largely inaccurate but Alaska is beginning to take shape. Engraved by Robert Scott...."
29 Universalis Tabula Iuxta Ptolemaeum Ancient World
1730 $1,800.00

"This decorative map of the ancient world is the revised second state of Mercator's 1578 Ptolemaic world map. The border was re-engraved, surrounded by allegorical figures representing the four elements of Fire (Zeus), Air (Hera), Water (Neptune), and Earth (Gaia), rather than the strapwork and wind..."

Ancient Map of the World with Depictions of the Four Elements
31 Eastern Hemisphere Eastern Hemisphere
John Tallis
1850 $140.00

"One of the most decorative 19th century maps surrounded with fine steel engraved vignettes of the people and animals of the hemisphere and an exotic decorative border. The map is colored by continent and the Steam Route for the British Empire is shown in blue. Illustrations are by H. Warren..."
37 Globi Coelestis in Tabulas Planas Redacti Pars IV... Celestial
1730 $600.00

"Fine celestial chart centered on the autumnal equinox in a gnomic projection detailing the celestial sky between 45° North and 45° South declination. The paths of several comets are shown, including those observed by Johannes Kepler, Johannes Hevelius, Francesco Bianchini, Giovanni Domenico Cassini..."
38 Globi Coelestis in Tabulas Planas Redacti Pars V... Celestial
1730 $600.00

"Fine celestial chart centered on the equator above the winter solstice in a gnomic projection detailing the celestial sky between 45° North and 45° South declination. The paths of several comets are shown, as observed by Tycho Brahe, Johannes Hevelius, John Flamsteed, and Johannes Kepler, the latte..."
39 Globi Coelestis in Tabulas Planas Redacti Pars VI... Celestial
1730 $600.00

"Fine celestial chart centered on the south equatorial pole in a gnomic projection detailing the celestial sky to 45° South declination. This highly decorative star chart beautifully depicts the constellations of Centaurus, Phoenix, Argo Navis and many more. Panels of Latin text at sides identify ..."
40 Cosmographie Generale Celestial
E. Andriveau-Goujon
1873 $250.00

"A model of the solar system is the central figure in this chart describing various astronomical phenomena. Diagrams describing the theory of the tides, the phases of the moon, the diurnal motion of the planet, the theory of the seasons, eclipses, and more surround the model of the solar system. Fr..."
42 Mouvements Apparents du Soleil, Theorie des Saisons Solar System
E. Andriveau-Goujon
1877 $200.00

"This striking and informative chart illustrates how the position of Earth in relation to the sun causes the change of the seasons. It is surrounded by four smaller figures showing the diurnal motion of Earth, the planet's annual movement, a parallel sphere, and a right sphere. Descriptive French t..."
43 Revolution Annuelle de la Terre Autour du Soleil Solar System
E. Andriveau-Goujon
1877 $200.00

"This handsome chart illustrates the movement of the earth around the sun during each month of the year. The decorative title is flanked by two more diagrams: one explains Kepler's theory of elliptical orbits, the other shows the movement of the sun throughout the day. The illustrations are surroun..."
47 [Lot of 2] Fig. ii [and] Fig. 3 Armillary Spheres
Allain Manesson Mallet
1683 $100.00

"This pair of engravings focuses on armillary spheres. The first engraving comes from a German edition of Description de l'Univers and features three armillary spheres: Sphere Droite, with the north pole oriented to the left; Sphere Parallele, with the north pole at the top; and..."
48 [Lot of 2] The Artificial Sphere [and] The Armillary Sphere Armillary Spheres
1772-1817 $90.00

"A. The Artificial Sphere, by Thomas Salmon, from A New Geographical and Historical Grammar..., circa 1772 (3.9 x 7.1"). This is a very decorative example of an elaborate armillary sphere enclosed in a decorative rococo-style frame. A young man sits to the left of the sphere, and a sm..."
49 Discus Cronologicus Omnium S.R.I. Electorum... [on sheet with] Discus Chronologicus Regum Utriusque Siciliae et Ducum Principumque Italiae Praecipuorum... Cartographic Miscellany
Christoph Weigel
1730 $450.00

"This sheet contains two ingenious charts in the form of dials with moving pointers. The left-hand chart provides a chronology of rulers within the German Empire from 1200 to 1800 - with the chart remaining blank after 1716. There are 10 concentric rings, each representing a different kingdom or sp..."
50 [Lot of 6] Etudes Geographiques Cartographic Miscellany - Puzzle Maps
Wilhelm Issleib
1875 $500.00

"This extraordinary and complete puzzle consists of six maps which are on the face of 30 wooden cubes. The cubes neatly fit into the original wooden box with decorative paper label on top. Included with the puzzle are the six sample maps to assist in putting the puzzle together. These guides lay i..."

A Rubik's Cube of the Continents
52 America Western Hemisphere - America
1618 $350.00

"An uncommon miniature map of the Americas based on the 1606 map of America by Jodocus Hondius senior, but with the addition of the recent discovery of Hudson Bay. This small map marks the first appearance of Hudson Bay on a continental map, named here as Fretum Hudsonium. North America is s..."
54 America Noviter Delineata Western Hemisphere - America
1655 $1,800.00

"This beautiful and popular map of the Americas was emulated by numerous cartographers and went through various editions. Originally issued by Jodocus Hondius II in 1618 with carte-a-figures borders, it was derived from two earlier maps by Blaeu. North America retains the peninsular California and th..."

Jansson's Decorative Map of the Americas in Full Original Color
55 Mappa Fluxus et Reflxus Rationes in Isthmo Americano, in Freto Magellanico, Caeterisque Americae Litoribus Exhibens Western Hemisphere - America
A. Kircher
1665 $500.00

"Very unusual map depicting all of South America and most of North America. The map is totally devoid of political detail with the exception of the floating city of Mexico, shown a bit too far north, and California is named. Instead the map features the principal rivers, lakes, mountains and volca..."
57 Atlantis Insula a Nicolao Sanson Antiquitati Restituta; nunc Demum Majori Forma Delineata... Western Hemisphere - America
Guillaume Sanson
1694 $600.00

"This is Sanson's unusual composition showing ancient geography within a contemporary outline of the Americas, which is noted in the cartouche as the mythical island of Atlantis. This is a purely topographical map and the only cities shown are Mexico City and Cuzco, the capitals of the New World. T..."
58 Recentissima Novi Orbis sive Americae Septentrionalis et Meridionalis Tabula Western Hemisphere - America
Justus Danckerts
1697 $1,200.00

"Second state of this beautiful map of the Americas and an interesting version in this series of maps inspired by Nicolas Visscher in 1658. Danckerts' map follows Sanson's geography for the interior of North America with open-ended Great Lakes, the island of California, and the R. del Nort..."
62 Nouvelle Carte des Parties Occidentales du Monde Servant a Indiquer les Navigations Decouvertes et Etablissements Des Hollandois en Amerique Suivant les Dernieres Observations Western Hemisphere - America
Etienne Andre Philippe De Pretot
1787 $220.00

"A beautiful French edition of Tirion's 1754 map of the Americas. The maps are identical except that a highly decorated scrollwork and floral cartouche has replaced Tirion’s plain cartouche. A Northwest Passage is shown through North America, beginning at the Great Lakes and ending in a larg..."
63 Carte d'Amerique, Dressee pour l'Instruction, par Guil. Delisle et Phil. Buache... Western Hemisphere - America
1790 $350.00

"This is a later, updated edition of one of the most popular maps of the 18th century. It was first issued by Delisle in 1722 and went through 19 different versions according to Tooley. This edition was issued by Dezauche, the successor to the Delisle cartographic firm, and has been extensively upd..."
64 L'Amerique Western Hemisphere - America
Robert de Vaugondy/Delamarche
1795 $110.00

"This handsome small map of the Americas is based on Robert de Vaugondy's map of the same title (1762). The western coast of North America is truncated with a partial coastline and a notation indicating a possible Northwest Passage per the supposed discoveries of Admiral de Fonte. In an update fro..."
65 Amerika mit den Neuesten Entdeckungen und Cooks Reisen Western Hemisphere - America
Tranquillo Mollo
1800 $300.00

"This very uncommon, if not rare, map of the Western Hemisphere appears to be separately issued. It was published in Vienna by Tranquillo Motta. The publication date is uncertain but "Ft. Miamis" (Ft. Miami) is noted in the Ohio area which was built by the British in 1794 and abandoned by the Ameri..."
66 America Western Hemisphere - America
John Thomson
1813 $140.00

"In Thomson's style, this well engraved map shows the latest discoveries including those of Mackenzie, Hearne, and Lewis & Clark. The map extends to include the coasts of Europe and West Africa, and it presents good detail of islands in the eastern portion of the South Pacific. The United States is ..."
67 Western Hemisphere Western Hemisphere - America
Henry Teesdale
1842 $110.00

"This finely engraved British hemispheric map shows the continents with a surprising amount of detail including rivers, place names, Indian Tribes, and coastal detail; locates Buenos Ayres, Mexico [City], Santa Fe, Santa Barbara, etc. The map extends to show the South Pacific Islands and New Zealand..."
68 Map of America Western Hemisphere - America
James Wyld
1850 $170.00

"This handsome map features nice detail of the hemisphere. In this edition of the map, Texas is part of the United States, and the nation's boundaries are firmly established. Oregon is named and stretches north of the U.S.-Canada border, and Freemont Pass appears in present-day Colorado. A remnant..."
73 Nouvelle Carte de l'Amerique Septentrionale Dressee sur les Plus Nouvelles Observations de Messieurs d l'Academie des Sciences et des Meilleurs Geographes... North America
Henry Abraham Chatelain
1720 $400.00

"This is Chatelain's re-engraved version of Delisle's foundation map of North America. The cartography is nearly identical to the Delisle map, with California returned to its peninsular position rather than as an island. Mendocin is the farthest northern point on California, and the northwes..."
79 North America North America
John Thomson
1814 $220.00

"Handsome map of the continent showing the latest discoveries in the western parts of Canada and the United States including those of Mackenzie, Hearne, and Lewis & Clark. The map extends to include the northern part of Mexico. The Rocky Mountains are shown with an incorrect westward bulge and ther..."
84 Amerique Septentrionale North America, Texas
N. Lorrain
1839 $130.00

"This uncommon copper-engraved map features the Independent Republic of Texas nestled between the United States and a large Mexico. Texas is in an odd configuration with the western border displaced too far to the east from the Rio Grande River, putting San Antonio and Santa Fe in Mexico. Th..."
87 [Lot of 3] Map of the United States [and] The Republic of Texas [and] North America North America, Texas
Samuel Griswold Goodrich
1846 $50.00

"These attractive maps embedded in text come from Goodrich’s A National Geography, for Schools. Each sheet depicts an independent Republic of Texas and includes several small engravings to accompany the maps.

A. Map of the United States, hand color (6.8 x 6.4"). Inc..."
89 Amerique du Nord North America
E. Andriveau-Goujon
1876 $100.00

"This finely engraved map of the continent features excellent detail. Within the United States, states are delineated, Oklahoma is Territoire Indien, and the territory Dacotah seems to be an extension of the state of Nebraska. No boundary line is indicated between California and Arizo..."
92 Carte de la Californie et des Pays Nord-Ouest Separes de l'Asie par le Detroit d'Anian... Western North America
Didier Robert de Vaugondy
1772 $150.00

"This handsome sheet has two contrasting historical maps, one inset into the other. The inset map is based on a world map by Plancius issued in 1641, while the larger map is based on Visscher's map of 1612. Other than a recognizable Baja California, the maps depict a distorted Pacific coastline and..."
95 Geographical, Statistical, and Historical Map of Upper and Lower Canada, and the Other British Possessions in North America Canada
Carey & Lea
1822 $120.00

"This map, alternately titled British Possessions in North America, appears on a full folio sheet (20.7 x 16.4") and is surrounded by English text describing the topography, climate, population, and major towns in Lower Canada, Upper Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick. The map includes th..."
97 Carte qui Represente les Differentes Connoissances que l'on a Eues des Terres Arctiques Depuis 1650 Jusqu'en 1747 Ausquelles il Faut Comparer la Carte Suivante Eastern Canada
Didier Robert de Vaugondy
1773 $50.00

"This is the second state of a fascinating group of four maps on one sheet illustrate the cartography of Sanson in 1750, Delisle in 1700 and 1703 and that of the famous Arctic explorer Henry Ellis in his quest for a Northwest Passage via Hudson Bay in 1746-47. All of the maps depict the Hudson and B..."
98 Partie de l'Amerique Septentrionale, qui Comprend le Canada... Eastern Canada, Greenland
1783 $100.00

"Third state of this lovely map that covers eastern Canada and Greenland from the bottom of Hudson Bay, northward beyond the Arctic Circle to about 70° N. latitude. It includes an interesting depiction of a passage between Lake Winnipeg and Hudson Bay alluding to a possible navigable passage to the ..."
102 Americae Septentrionalis Pars I Colonial United States & Canada
Leonhard Euler
1753 $250.00

"This scarce map is one sheet of von Euler's four-part map of North America. This sheet covers the region from the Mississippi River valley through the American Southwest. It stands alone with a decorative cartouche and border. It presents a detailed view of French Louisania and the Spanish..."
104 Partie de la Carte du Capitaine Cluny Auteur d'un Ouvrage Anglois Intitule American Traveller Publie a ' Londres en 1769 Colonial United States & Canada, Arctic
Didier Robert de Vaugondy
1772 $150.00

"While this fascinating map covers the Arctic from Asia through Europe, the focus of the map is on the North American Arctic region. The most important feature of the map is the early depiction of what is present-day Alaska, patterned after Muller's epic map of 1750 that was the first to show the Ru..."
108 Carte Nouvelle de l'Amerique Angloise Contenant la Virginie, Mary-Land, Caroline, Pensylvania Nouvelle Iorck, N: Iarsey N: France, et les Terres Nouvellement Decouerte... Colonial Eastern United States & Canada
Pierre Mortier
1700 $1,800.00

"This large, interesting map is filled with various geographic misconceptions of the late seventeenth century. The map is based on Robert Morden 's important map of 1698, New Map of the English Empire in America, even though the cartouche credits le Sieur S. (Nicolas Sanson). It does ..."

A Map Showing Fascinating Geographic Misconceptions

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