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402 Guiana sive Amazonum Regio Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana
Willem Blaeu
1642 $260.00

"Blaeu's beautiful map of Guiana covers the coastline from the Isla Margarita in the northwest to the coast of northern Brazil near Sao Luis east of the Amazon delta. At center lies a large inland sea, Parime Lacus; on its northwestern shore is the fabled city Manoa del Dorado, or the ..."
408 Accuratissima Brasiliae Tabula Brazil
1652 $510.00

"Magnificent depiction of Brazil with north oriented to the right by a handsome compass rose. The map is inset with two regions of Dutch interest in the area; Baja de Todos los Sanctos and Pernambuco. The interior is bereft of geographical information except for largely imaginary rivers and forests..."
788 Blat CLXXIII Incunabula
1493 $170.00

"The recto of this sheet with German text shows an illustration of the monastery of Cluny in addition to the portraits of Arnulf (Arnulphus), the seventh emperor of the Guals, Berno, the abbot of the Cluny monastery, and King Rudolph. The verso depicts portraits of Michael (Michaelis), the archangel..."
794 [Book of Hours Leaf] Early Printing
Thielman Kerver
1505 $70.00

"Superb vellum leaf from this important transitional period when books began to be printed from movable type, decorated with metal-cut illustrations and combined with hand-painted illuminated initials. It is printed on vellum in black and red with many initials hand painted in red, blue and gold. T..."
795 [Illuminated Leaf] Early Printing
Gilles Hardouin
1518 $70.00

"This leaf is from a Book of Hours printed on vellum by Gilles Hardouin for Germain Hardouin librayre demourant entre les deux portes du Palays en l’enseigne Saincte Marguerite (bookseller living between the two gates of the Palace at the sign of Saint Marguerite) of Paris. This leaf is from ..."