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9 [Lot of 2] Carte de l'Amerique Nouvellement Dressee Suivant les Nouvelles Descouvertes... [and] Carte Nouvelle de l'Europe Asie & Afrique... World
Melchior Tavernier (the younger)
1661 $2,100.00

"Fine, matched pair of hemisphere maps. The Western Hemisphere shows California as an island, a single Great Lake, and an expansive northwest coastline in North America. A notation describes Thomas Button's search for a Northwest Passage. In South America, there is a small Lake Parime in Gu..."

Reserve Reduced by $100
11 Nova Totius Terrarum Orbis Tabula World
Justus Danckerts
1680 $2,750.00

"This is Danckerts' version of De Wit's splendid maritime world map. The cartographic features include the island of California and open-ended Great Lakes on the Sanson model in North America. A remnant of Lake Parime is still shown in South America. In Africa, the Nile still rises from twi..."

Reserve Reduced by $250! Danckerts' Decorative Double-Hemisphere Map
12 Nova Totius Terrarum Orbis Geographica ac Hydrographica Tabula World
Moses Pitt
1680 $5,500.00

"This beautiful map is one of the most intriguing examples of the internal workings of the map publishing business in the seventeenth century. The copperplate from which the map was printed was originally engraved by Pieter van den Keere (Petrus Kaerius) in 1608. It then passed into the hands of Ja..."

Reserve Reduced by $1500! Pitt's Rare Carte-a-Figures Map in Full Original Color
13 [Lot of 4] [Western Hemisphere] [and] [Eastern Hemisphere] [and] The Sacred Theory of the Earth [and] [Title Page] The Theory of the Earth: Containing an Account of the Original of the Earth... World
Thomas Burnet
1684 $350.00

"This lot includes a pair of early thematic maps depicting the hemispheres, a title page, and a plate from Burnet's The Theory of the Earth. The western hemisphere depicts California as an island, and there is a single large lake in the vicinity of the Great Lakes. The continents are ..."

Reserve Reduced by $50
15 A New Map of the Terraqueous Globe According to the Latest Discoveries and Most General Divisions of It into Continents and Oceans World
Edward Wells
1700 $1,000.00

"This is one of a pair of world maps Wells included in his A New Sett of Maps... and depicts California as an Island. The northwest coast of North America is left blank and marked "Parts as yet Undiscovered" and the southern coastline of Australia is not yet formed. A note in the sout..."
20 A New & Correct Map of the Whole World Shewing ye Situation of its Principal Parts…with the Most Remarkable Tracks of the Bold Attempts Which Have Been Made to Find out the North East & Northwest Passages… World
Herman Moll
1719 $3,000.00

"This spectacular map on Mercator's projection is one of the largest world maps ever produced for an atlas. The cartographic details include the prominent insular California and recent discoveries in the South Pacific and northern Japan. There is a large inset of the North Pole depicting the..."

Reserve Reduced by $1000! Moll's Large-Scale Map of the World
21 Le Globe Terrestre Represente en Deux Plans-Hemispheres Dressee sur les Observations de Mrs. de l'Academie Royale des Sciences World
Jacques Chiquet
1719 $200.00

"This delicately engraved double hemisphere world map features the island of California and a Northwest Passage. There is little interior detail with only major nations named. Ter. de Jesso appears off the east coast of Asia, Australia is incomplete and still attached to New Gu..."
27 L'Ancien Monde et le Nouveau en Deux Hemispheres World
Rigobert Bonne
1785 $100.00

"Attractive double hemisphere world map. In North America, the United States is named and confined along the eastern seaboard. The entire western region is blank with the only place name being Cape Mendocino. There is a large group of islands in the North Pacific including Alaschka in the v..."

Reserve Reduced 33%
30 [Lot of 2] Monde Entier [with related sheet of text] World
J. Henry
1835 $200.00

"This uncommon, decorative double hemispheric world map features ten panels of engraved scenes at the sides and bottom. The map shows limited detail with only major features noted. The map is surrounded by vignettes of the bounty of the countryside including rabbits, fruit and nuts, an eagle, and s..."
32 The World on Mercator's Projection World
John Tallis
1850 $120.00

"Very handsome steel-engraved world map that was produced from the same plate used to celebrate the explorations by Captain James Cook. This issue has seven vignettes rather than only one of Cook's ship Endeavour. The beautifully rendered vignettes on this issue show important places and cit..."
33 Outline of the Geology of the Globe World
Edward Hitchcock
1853 $200.00

"Drawn on Mercator's Projection, this thematic map depicts the entire world with a separate hemisphere of the "Supposed Antarctic Continent" that locates Wilke's Land, South Victoria, Enderby Land and Cook's sighting of 1774. This map uses six different colors to identify various geologic types. Al..."
34 Macrobii Ambrosii Aurelii Theodosij, Viri Consularis, & Illustris... Ancient World
Ambrosius Aurelius T Macrobius
1565 $1,100.00

"This work, written by Ambrosius Macrobius, is a commentary on Cicero's Dream of Scipio. It includes a rare woodcut map of the world (3.1 x 3.1") illustrating Cicero's interesting theories. This diagrammatic map shows two distinct regions of the earth. The inhabited Afro-Eurasian continent ..."

Macrobius' Miniature Ancient World Map
38 Eastern Hemisphere Eastern Hemisphere
John Tallis
1850 $110.00

"One of the most decorative 19th century maps surrounded with fine steel engraved vignettes of the people and animals of the hemisphere and an exotic decorative border. The map is colored by continent and the Steam Route for the British Empire is shown in blue. Illustrations are by H. Warren..."
40 Regioni Polari Paragonate Secondo gli Ultimi Viaggi Polar
Carlo Antonio Barbiellini
1807 $150.00

"This uncommon Italian map depicts the north and south poles in two hemispheres on one sheet. Only the continental outlines are delineated, shown with basic topography and a few place names. The routes of MacKenzie and Hearn are identified in North America, while Captain Cook’s tracks are prominent..."
44 Southern Hemisphere Projected on the Plane of the Horizon of London South Pole
John Thomson
1816 $120.00

"This interesting hemispheric map centers on the Friendly Islands. It includes New Holland, New Zealand, the East Indies, and much of Oceania. A comment beneath the distance scale notes that the map's "scale only measures with sufficient accuracy distances in the direction of the Meridians." Ano..."
55 Phaenomena Motuum Irregularium quos Planetae Inferiores Venus et Mercurius ad Annum Salutis MDCCX... Solar System
1742 $250.00

"Interesting celestial chart showing the irregular motions of Earth, Mercury and Venus per the Copernican model during the year 1710. Along the left and right edges of the sheet are linear charts depicting the transit of Mercury across the Sun on November 5, 1710 and the (predicted) transit of Venus..."

Reserve Reduced by $50
57 Systema Ideale Quo Exprimitur, Aquarum per Canales Hydragogos Subterraneos ex Mari et in Montium Hydrophylacia Protrusio, Aquarumq. Subterrestrium per Pyragogos Canales Concoctus Cartographic Miscellany, Earth
A. Kircher
1682 $750.00

"The Jesuit scholar Athanasius Kircher was one of the first compilers of semi-scientific knowledge about the physical features of the world. This unusual copper engraving shows a cross-section of the earth's interior with its magma core and underground water sources. The surface of the earth is sho..."

Fascinating Cross-Section of the Earth
60 National Intelligencer, and Washington Advertiser Vol. VII. No. 1061 Cartographic Miscellany, Newspapers
1807 $100.00

"This is a wonderful piece of map-related ephemera taken from the August 3rd, 1807 issue of the National Intelligencer. It includes a full column advertisement (2.2 x 17.8") on the back cover announcing "Proposals by Conrad, Lucas & Co...for Publishing Lewis and Clark's Tour to the Pacific Ocean, Th..."

Reserve Reduced by 33%! Advertisement for a Large-Scale Lewis & Clark Map
62 America Western Hemisphere - America
Jodocus Hondius
1609 $3,000.00

"Jodocus Hondius' map of the Americas is one of the most elaborate examples of fine Dutch cartography. The decorations, including sea monsters, indigenous birds, native canoes and sailing vessels, are taken from De Bry's Grand Voyages. Particularly notable is the scene of natives preparing a..."

Hondius' Important Map of the Americas
63 America with Those Known Parts in That Unknowne Worlde Both People and Manner of Buildings Described and Inlarged Western Hemisphere - America
John Speed
1626 $3,750.00

"This English map of the Americas is the earliest folio atlas map to depict California as an island, thus propagating one of the most enduring cartographic myths. It is also significant for its accurate depiction of the coast between Chesapeake and Cape Cod, and early portrayal of the English..."

Reserve Reduced by $750! Speed's Popular Carte-a-Figures Map of the Americas
64 America Noviter Delineata Western Hemisphere - America
1632 $4,500.00

"This rare, magnificent map of the Americas is derived from Jodocus Hondius' map of 1618. Joannes Jansson was married to Elisabeth Hondius, sister of Jodocus, and was a prominent publisher in Amsterdam. In 1623 he produced a set of continental maps derived from those of his brother-in-law, which in..."

Reserve Reduced by $500! Jansson's Rare Carte-a-Figures Map of the Americas
65 Americae Nova Tabula Western Hemisphere - America
Willem Blaeu
1640 $3,000.00

"This stunning carte-a-figures map is a superb example of the fine art of decorative cartography and a seventeenth-century European view of the New World. The coastal outlines generally follow Ortelius and Wytfliet with nomenclature from a variety of explorers and colonists. Panels at sides,..."

Reserve Reduced by $500! Blaeu's Stunning Carte-a-Figures Map of the Americas
69 America Aurea pars Altera Mundi Western Hemisphere - America
1708 $1,100.00

"This ornamental map of the Americas depicts California as an island with a northern coastline indented by two bays on the second Sanson model. California is separated from the mainland by the island-dotted Mare Rubrum. A faint coastline of Terra Esonis stretches northwestward ..."
71 Totius Americae Septentrionalis et Meridionalis Novissima Repraesentatio quam ex Singulis Recentium Geographorum Tabulis Collecta Luci Publicae Accommodavit Western Hemisphere - America
Johann Baptist Homann
1730 $500.00

"This attractive map is a revision of the elder Homann's 1710 map of the Americas. After his death in 1724, his son (Johann Christoph Homann) re-engraved the plate to correct the western coastline of North America, shown here extending very far west and north, with very little detail. California is..."
79 Descripcion de las Yndias del Norte 2 North America
Antonio de Herrera y Tordesillas
1730 $600.00

"An uncommon Spanish version of de Herrera's 1601 map with its cartography based on the manuscript charts of Juan Lopez de Velasco (c. 1575-80). The striking lack of internal detail reflects the official Spanish policy protecting geographical knowledge of their presence in the New World. The only n..."

Reserve Reduced by $200
80 A New Map of North America According to the Newest Observations North America
Herman Moll
1745 $400.00

"Attractive small map of North America that extends to include the West Indies and northern South America. The island of California dominates the west coast with the Straits of Anian, Mozeemlek Country, and Parts Unknown shown above the island. The British Colonies are confined..."
82 Amerique Septentrionale North America
1790 $60.00

"This small map of North America depicts the United States with its western boundary on the Mississippi River while Louisiana and New Mexico occupy the region to its west. The Great Lakes are still shown somewhat misshapen, and the entire northwest is left blank with Alaska excluded from the map. D..."

Reserve Reduced by 33%
83 A New Map of North America, Agreeable to the Latest Discoveries North America
Robert Wilkinson
1794 $140.00

"This small map of North America shows the young United States confined to east of the Mississippi River. Florida is divided into East and West Florida, and a prominent River of the West flows into the Pacific at the Entrance of Juan de Fuca. The west coast is labeled New Albion

Reserve Reduced by 20%
84 [Lot of 2] Amerique Septentrionale [and] Amerique Septentrionale North America
1820 $80.00

"A. Amerique Septentrionale, by Pierre Tardieu, (9.8 x 7.0"). This small map of the continent extends to include the Kamchatka Peninsula and the northern part of South America. It identifies cities, states, rivers, and Indian tribes and includes nice topographical detail. In the center of t..."

Reserve Reduced 20%
86 Amerique Septentrionale North America
H. Selves
1836 $60.00

"An interesting copper engraved map that shows the Independent Republic of Texas even though the coloring suggests it is under the control of Mexico. This French map portrays the United States extending well into British Columbia, cartographically taking the side of the United States in what ..."

Reserve Reduced by 40%
87 [Lot of 2] Carte des Etats-Unis et du Canada avec la Division Actuelle en Dioceses [and] North America North America
1836-40 $55.00

"A. Carte des Etats-Unis et du Canada avec la Division Actuelle en Dioceses, by Berthe, from Annales de la Propagation de la Foi, dated 1836 (9.6 x 7.6"). This small map depicts the eastern United States and Canada to just west of the 110th meridian. Texas is named but is still under..."

Reserve Reduced by 50%
88 North America North America
SDUK Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge
1843 $75.00

"Detailed and finely engraved map that portrays an Independent Texas, with Mexico controlling Nueva California. In the Pacific Northwest, despite the U.S./Canadian border being drawn along the Columbia River, the colorist has shown the final boundary agreement. Filled with well-develo..."
92 North America North America, Texas
Thomas Gamaliel Bradford
1845 $100.00

"Attractive copper-engraved map showing an independent Republic of Texas with Austin shown as the capital (despite the coloring suggesting that Texas is part of the United States, the engraved border along the Red River indicates an independent Texas). Mexico is in control of the Southwest an..."

Reserve Reduced by 23%
99 [Lot of 3] British North America [and] Carte Geographique, Statistique et Historique des Possessions Anglaises [and] British North America Canada
1825-34 $50.00

"A. British North America, by Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (SDUK), dated 1834, hand color (16.3 x 12.4"). Steel engraved map that covers all of present-day Canada and the northern portion of the United States. In the Pacific Northwest, the border extends well into the United..."

Reserve Reduced by 38%
100 British America Canada, Alaska
John Tallis
1850 $150.00

"This decorative map is surrounded in a delicately engraved border and further embellished with six vignettes. The area mapped extends to show all of today's Canada and Alaska, here called Russian America. In Canada, at least 23 districts are outlined. Dots indicate the numerous forts and principa..."
101 The Discoveries of the Expedition Under the Command of Captain Franklin R.N. Near the Mouth of the Mackenzie River... Northern Canada, Arctic Regions
Rear Admiral Sir John Franklin
1828 $500.00

"This scarce polar chart shows the explorations of British Captain John Franklin on his third Arctic expedition. In 1825, Franklin and his crew departed Great Bear Lake and traveled 1000 miles down the Mackenzie River. On August 16, Franklin reached the mouth of the Mackenzie, being only the second..."
105 Carte Reduite des Cotes de l'Acadie, de l'Isle Royale, et de la Partie Meridionale de l'Isle de Terre-Neuve... Eastern Canada
Joseph Bernard Marquis de Chabert de Coglin
1784 $225.00

"Fine large-scale sea chart from this important French voyage of discovery. The main map covers the Canadian Maritimes and the important fishing banks. At bottom are five large inset charts providing details in the region:

1) Carte Particuliere du Detroit de Fronsac is a chart of ..."

Reserve Reduced 25%
107 [Lot of 2] Sketch of the Contemplated Railroads in British North American Colonies [and] Map (for Mercator's Projection) Shewing the Several Proposed Lines of Railroad, in the North American Provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Part of Canada Eastern Canada, Railroads
John Arrowsmith
1847-49 $90.00

"This attractive pair of early railroad maps depicts existing and proposed railroads in Eastern Canada. While the first railroad in Canada was completed in 1836, railroad construction didn't accelerate until the late 1840s and 1850s.

A. Sketch of the Contemplated Railroads in British ..."

Reserve Reduced by 25%
108 [Lot of 2] Chart of the Inshore & Deep-Sea Fishing Grounds on the Atlantic Coasts of Canada and Within the Gulf of St. Lawrence [and] Newfoundland Eastern Canada
1878 $70.00

"These two attractive maps show very good detail on types of fish, location, and seasonal variation along the eastern coast of Canada and the Great Banks. The map of Newfoundland is also color-coded along the coast to identify areas under "American right of Fishery under Treaty of 1818" and "Concede..."

Reserve Reduced by 30%
109 A Plan of the City & Harbour of Louisburg; Shewing that Part of Gabarus Bay in which the English Landed, also Their Encampment During the Siege in 1745 Nova Scotia, Canada
1758 $50.00

"This historical pre-French and Indian War map covers the vicinity of Louisburg with batteries, light house, military quarters, etc. It shows the fortified city of Louisburg, the French Settlement, Black Cape, White Cape, the location were the New England Forces landed and of several regimen..."

Reserve Reduced by 44%
111 Quebek, de Hoofdstad van Kanada; aan de Rivier van St. Laurens... Quebec City, Canada
Isaac Tirion
1759 $110.00

"This handsome map vividly illustrates the English siege and attack on Quebec that resulted in the city's capture and ultimately the end of the French and Indian War. Tirion closely copied these details from a similar plan by Thomas Jefferys. The naval and army positions are graphically depi..."

Reserve Reduced by 50%
112 Map of the City of Quebec Quebec City, Canada
Walker & Miles
1875 $100.00

"This is an uncommon plan of Quebec that features an extensive lettered key identifying dozens of buildings throughout. There is excellent detail of the street layout and the protective fortifications and walls. The numbers within the plan identify the fire alarm boxes within the city. The distanc..."
114 A New Chart of the River St. Lawrence from the Island of Anticosti to Lake Ontario St. Lawrence River, Canada
Thomas Kitchin
1759 $80.00

"This two-part map elaborates on navigational hazards in the St. Lawrence River. The main map, the smaller continuation from Quebec to Lake Ontario, and inset of The Traverse or Passage from Cape Torment into the South Channel of Orleans Isle are each adorned with fine, decorative cartouches. ..."

Reserve Reduced 20%
116 North America West Coast Vancouver Island Esquimalt Harbour Surveyed by Captn. G.H. Richards & the Officers of H.M.S. Plumper... Vancouver Island, Canada
British Admiralty
1897 $400.00

"This finely detailed, large-scale chart depicts Esquimalt Harbor at the southern tip of Vancouver Island. The harbor is filled with soundings, anchorages, shoals, kelp, and navigational information. Excellent topographical details are shown inland, with relief depicted with hachures. The western ..."
118 Carte Nouvelle de l'Amerique Angloise Contenant la Virginie, Mary-Land, Caroline, Pensylvania Nouvelle Iorck, N: Iarsey N: France, et les Terres Nouvellement Decouerte... Colonial Eastern United States & Canada
Pierre Mortier
1700 $1,800.00

"This large, interesting map is filled with various geographic misconceptions of the late seventeenth century. The map is based on Robert Morden 's important map of 1698, New Map of the English Empire in America, even though the cartouche credits le Sieur S. (Nicolas Sanson). It does ..."

A Map Showing Fascinating Geographic Misconceptions
119 Map of the United States in North America: with the British, French and Spanish Dominions Adjoining, According to the Treaty of 1783 Eastern United States & Canada
Thomas Kitchin
1783 $750.00

"This is one of the earliest English-produced maps to officially acknowledge the United States. It depicts the new nation with its western border on the Mississippi River. The states of Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia stretch from the Atlantic to the Mississippi. The m..."

Reserve Reduced by $250! One of the Earliest English-Produced Maps to Acknowledge the United States
127 A Map of the District of Maine with New Brunswick & Nova Scotia Northeastern United States & Canada
Rev. Jedidiah Morse
1796 $120.00

"Copper engraved map of the region when it was a district of Massachusetts. Early county borders for York, Cumberland, Lincoln, Hancock, and Washington. The Eastern Boundary of the United States with New Brunswick is a straight line from the Saint Lawrence south to the Bay of Fundy. Chaleur ..."

Reserve Reduced 20%
130 West Coast of North America from San Francisco to Queen Charlotte Ids. Western United States & Canada
James Imray
1884 $500.00

"Uncommon working blue-back chart showing the coastal Pacific Northwest from Forrester Island and Dixon Entrance south to San Francisco Bay, showing the Queen Charlotte archipelago in British Columbia, Vancouver Island with excellent coastal detail across Washington, Oregon and northern California. ..."
135 Stati-Uniti dell' America Settentrionale Coi Territorii Recentemente Annessi United States
Benedetto Marzolla
1854 $150.00

"This attractive map of the United States was published in Marzolla's scarce atlas, Atlante Geografico. It features all 31 of the states established by the time of publication, including the newest additions to the Union, California (1850) and Wisconsin (1848). Also depicted are six massive ..."

Reserve Reduced 20%
138 Distribution de l'Or et de l'Argent aux Etats Unis United States
Jules Marcou
1867 $90.00

"This small map of the United States depicts gold and silver deposits in red and blue hand coloring. While most of the deposits are concentrated in the west, the map identifies pockets of gold in the Appalachian Mountains. In addition to the mineral information, the map is delineated by state and t..."

Reserve Reduced by 40%

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