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1 Americae Retectio Title Page, America, Italy
Theodore de Bry
1600 $375.00

"This fascinating allegorical engraving commemorates the discovery of the New World. Flora (Florence) and Janus (Genoa) reveal a globe, that rests on the reclined body of Neptune (Oceanus), above a map of the coast of Italy. The title is suspended between portraits of Amerigo V..."
6 Isolario dell' Atlante Veneto Title Pages
Vicenzo Maria Coronelli
1696 $150.00

"This elegant architectural frontispiece appeared in Coronelli's two-volume Isolario as part of his Atlante Veneto. The title appears on a billowing piece of parchment, held aloft by Mercury, the Roman mythological figure representing travel and trade. The argonautic emblem below - a ..."
7 Atlas Nouveau Contenant Toutes les Parties du Monde, ou sont Exactement Remarques les Empires, Monarchies... Title Pages
1696 $250.00

"This fine, architectural-style title page is embellished with statues of Mars, Pallas, King Louis XIV, Monseigneur le Dauphin and Atlas holding the world on his shoulders. At bottom are small vignettes of the battles of Cassel in 1677 and Seneffe in 1674, two French victories during the Franco-Dutc..."
8 Table des Cartes etc. Title Pages
Nicolas Sanson
1700 $300.00

"This striking sheet features a large area for the list of maps, which is blank in this example, with no pastedown sheet as normally found. Embellished with mythological scenes and figures, including Atlas supporting a globe, Zeus, the angel of Fame, and Neptune. At bottom is a view of a large libr..."
9 Atlas Homannianus Mathematico-Historice Delineatus Title Pages
Homann Heirs
1762 $150.00

"An evocative title page with a large globe and three female figures. The two angelic figures represent History and Geography, while the third classical muse is Urania, goddess of Astronomy or Navigation, standing by with a telescope, a compass, and an armillary sphere. The top of the map is balanc..."
10 Grosser Deutscher Atlas Title Pages
Franz Johann Joseph von Reilly
1794 $600.00

"This is the title page to the first complete world atlas produced in Austria. This resplendent allegorical scene was drawn by Vinzenz Georg Kininger and engraved by Karl Schutz. The engraving is filled with figures and animals representing the four continents, as well as symbols of astronomy, reli..."
11 Spectandum Dedit Ortelius Mortalib. Orbem, Orbi Spectandum Galleus Ortelium Frontispiece, Portrait
1579 $250.00

"This famous portrait of Ortelius, at the age of about 50, was engraved by Philippe Galle and appeared in the Theatrum from 1579 onwards. Few other portraits of the great cartographer have survived. The Latin title translation is, "By looking, Ortelius gave to mortal beings the world, by loo..."
12 The Late David Livingstone, Esqre. LL.D. Portrait
D. Pound
1875 $80.00

"David Livingstone (1813-73) was an explorer in Africa who sought to discover the sources of the Nile River. He is credited with numerous important discoveries concerning watershed in central and southern Africa, including the Zambezi River, Victoria Falls, Lake Ngami, and Lake Malawi. Born in Scot..."
14 Typus Universalis Terrae, Iuxta Modernorum Distinctionem et Extensionem per Regna et Provincias World
Peter Apianus
1583 $2,750.00

"This early map is based on the now lost world map of Gemma Frisius [1540], which is significant in the history of the mapping of America. The continents are broadly based on Mercator's globe gores of 1541, but North America is shown as a long slender landmass labeled Baccalearium in referenc..."

Reserve Reduced by $250! Apianus' Popular Cordiform World Map from the First Woodblock
20 [Lot of 2 - Western Hemisphere and Eastern Hemisphere] World
Everard Werner Happel
1687 $2,000.00

"This is a rare and unusual pair of hemisphere maps engraved by Heinrich Irsinger, an obscure German engraver from Ulm. The Western Hemisphere features California as an island with the coastline of Anian to the northeast of the island. In the South Pacific, New Zealand's western coast..."

Striking Pair of Hemispheres with Native Figures
22 Mappe-Monde Geo-Hydrographique, ou Description Generale du Globe Terrestre et Aquatique en Deux-Plans-Hemispheres, ou Sont Exactement Remarquees en General Toutes les Parties de la Terre et de l'Eau, Suivant les Relations les Plus Nouvelles World
1691 $2,200.00

"This beautiful double-hemisphere map by Nicolas Sanson was reworked by his sons Guillaume (1633-1703) and Adrian (1639-1718) and published in 1691 by Alexis-Hubert Jaillot. The map displays some interesting cartographic myths such as California as an island and a large Terre de Iesso...."

Gorgeous Double-Hemisphere World Map
27 Planiglobii Terrestris Mappa Universalis Utrumq Hemisphaerium Orient et Occidentale... / Mappe-Monde qui Represente les Deux Hemispheres Savoir Celui de l'Orient et Celui de l'Occident... World
Haas/Homann Heirs
1746 $900.00

"This handsome double-hemisphere world map was drawn by Georg Moritz Lowitz, based on the work of Johann Mathias Haas. It includes four polar spheres, each in a different projection, and two interesting diagrams depicting the earth, as it would be seen from space. North America is still blank above..."
28 [Lot of 2] Die Versinsterte Erdkugel Geographische Vorstellung der Sonnen od Erd Finsternis... / Le Monde Eclipse ou Representation Geographique... [and] Europa Eclipsata... World, Eclipse
1747 $600.00

"This matching pair shows the predicted path of a solar eclipse on July 25, 1748 based on calculations by Leonhard Euler, a renowned mathematician and astronomer. The first sheet includes three hemisphere projections depicting the locations of the penumbra, or shadows caused by the eclipse, during t..."
30 Mappe Monde Suivant la Projection des Cartes Reduites World
Didier Robert de Vaugondy
1778 $220.00

"This is the second state of the boldly engraved world map drawn on Mercator's projection. Most of the northwest in North America is blank except for a notation and hint of the possible Northwest Passage and apocryphal discoveries of Admiral de Fonte. The island of Tasmania is connected to A..."

Thematic Map Showing Religions Around the World
31 Mappe-Monde Dressee Suivant les Nouvelles Relations et Assujettie aux Observations Astronomiques World
Robert de Vaugondy/Delamarche
1778 $900.00

"This is the interesting fourth state of this attractive double hemisphere world map that was first issued in 1749. The map has been updated with information, particularly in the South Pacific, to the year 1774 as noted in the supplementary cartouche. Australia and New Zealand show the discoveries ..."
33 Oestliche und Westliche Halbkugel der Erde nach den Neuesten Entdeckungen World
Carl Ferdinand Weiland
1819 $400.00

"This double-hemisphere world map includes a good amount of detail within the continents. Rivers and cities are named throughout, and mountains are depicted by parallel lines of hachures, giving them an interesting caterpillar-like look. There are several spurious mountains running east-west in Nor..."
34 Mappe-Monde en Deux Hemispheres World
1842 $150.00

"Handsome double hemisphere map shows the Western and Eastern Hemispheres in fine detail naming countries, rivers, harbors, seas and oceans. Many islands and island groups appear in the oceans and offshore regions around the world. The map also includes indications of the latest discoveries, brough..."
36 The World on Mercators Projection World
James Wyld
1851 $350.00

"Beautifully and finely engraved with two polar hemispheres filling blank areas of the Southern Ocean and detailing the known geography of the polar regions. Antarctica is barely taking shape with most detail in the New South Shetland area. The map is centered on the Pacific Ocean and there is a re..."
37 [Manuscript Map] Mappemonde World
1879 $375.00

"This elegant double-hemisphere world map was delicately drawn in ink and watercolor by Marie Demeule. The cartography is typical for the late 19th century, with a partial outline of Antarctica and Parry's archipelago identified in the Canadian Arctic. Detail is limited to major rivers, mountains, ..."

Manuscript Map
38 Terram Secundum Strabonis Hypothesim Habitatam, et ad Ejus Rationes... [on sheet with] Terram Secundum Strabonis Hypothesim Habitatam, sed ad Genuinam Hodiernae Geographiae Delinationem... Ancient World
Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d'Anville
1776 $220.00

"This sheet presents a comparison of the known Ancient World according to Strabo with the eastern hemisphere in the late 18th century. The map of the ancient world depicts the equator at bottom, with a notation that the parallel divides the inhabitable portion of the earth from that which is too hot..."
39 Migrations des Peuples Ancient World
J. Andriveau-Goujon
1854 $180.00

"This interesting and unusual map of the Ancient World includes Europe and most of both Africa and Asia. Drawing on the work of contemporary racial pseudoscientists Blumenbach, Linneaus (here misspelled as Lynek, and Cuvier as well as ancient historian Friedrich Chritoph Schlosser, it divides..."
41 La Terre du Nord North Pole
Pieter Van der Aa
1714 $220.00

"This is the second state of this small map of the North Pole, with a new title cartouche with the title changed from Septentrionalium Terrarum Descript, the North Atlantic renamed Mer du Nord, and the additional of a compass rose. The map was originally created by Jansson for Mercator..."
43 Hemisphere Boreal [on sheet with] Hemisphere Austral Celestial
Robert Benard
1760 $150.00

"This magnificent pair of celestial charts illustrates the northern and southern skies centered on the equatorial poles. The constellations are shown as figures from classical mythology per the catalogue of Johannes Hevelius and include Leo, Orion, Ursa Major, Aries, Taurus, Hercules, Pisces, Sagitt..."
44 Phaenomena Motuum Irregularium quos Planetae Inferiores Venus et Mercurius ad Annum Salutis MDCCX... Solar System
1730 $300.00

"Interesting celestial chart showing the irregular motions of Earth, Mercury and Venus per the Copernican model during the year 1710. Along the left and right edges of the sheet are linear charts depicting the transit of Mercury across the Sun on November 5, 1710 and the (predicted) transit of Venus..."
46 Tabula Selenographica in qua Lunarium Macularum Exacta Descriptio Secundum Nomenclaturam Praestantissimorum Astronomorum tam Hevelii quam Riccioli... Moon
1740 $1,000.00

"This is a magnificent double hemisphere map of the surface of the moon. Both spheres depict the same side of the moon and are filled with topography, using place names following the nomenclature of Riccioli (on the right) and Hevelius (on the left). Riccioli named the features of the moon for famo..."
48 Genealogischer StammBaum Aller Marggraf. u. Chur Fursten zu Brandenburg auch des Herzoglichen und Nunmehro Konigl.Huass. Preussen... Cartographic Miscellany
Matthias Seutter
1730 $375.00

"This details sheet depicts the genealogy of the Margraves and Electors of Brandenburg in a traditional "family tree" style. Also included are the rulers of the Duchy of Prussia, which was ruled in personal union with Brandenburg beginning in 1618. At left are columns of text listing each of the ru..."
55 America Noviter Delineata Western Hemisphere - America
Henricus Hondius
1631 $1,400.00

"This beautiful and popular map of the Americas was emulated by numerous cartographers and went through various editions. Originally issued by Jodocus Hondius II in 1618 with carte-a-figures borders, it was derived from two earlier maps by Blaeu. North America retains the peninsular California and ..."

Henricus Hondius' Map of the Americas
57 Carte de l'Amerique Corrigee et Augmentee; Dessus Toutes les Aultres cy Devant Faictes par P. Bertius Western Hemisphere - America
1661 $1,100.00

"This rare derivative of Hondius' influential map of 1618 is a reduced version of a map of the same title by Petrus Bertius & Melchior Tavernier (1627). The map improves on Hondius by completing the coastline of Tierra del Fuego. California is still shown as a peninsula, although the Baja Peninsula..."

Rare Derivative of Hondius' Influential Map
58 Mappa Fluxus et Reflxus Rationes in Isthmo Americano, in Freto Magellanico, Caeterisque Americae Litoribus Exhibens Western Hemisphere - America
A. Kircher
1665 $400.00

"Very unusual map depicting all of South America and most of North America. The map is totally devoid of political detail with the exception of the floating city of Mexico, shown a bit too far north, and California is named. Instead the map features the principal rivers, lakes, mountains and volca..."
61 L'Amerique Septentrionale et Meridionale Divisee Suivant ses Differens Pays Western Hemisphere - America
Robert de Vaugondy/Delamarche
1790 $1,500.00

"This impressive four-sheet map of North and South America was originally published by Didier Robert de Vaugondy in 1760 and is filled with remarkable detail. In North America, a large "Quivara et Teguaio" occupies the west along with an unnamed river with the note "Entree de Martin d'Aguilar en 160..."

Impressive Four-Sheet Map of the Americas
64 Amerique Septentrionale Divisee en ses Principales Parties, ou sont Distingues les uns des Autres les Estats... Colonial North America
1696 $1,600.00

"This beautiful map of the Americas shows California as an island in the style of the second Sanson model (1656) with the indented northern coastline. A small peninsula Agubela de Gato is the only part of the Pacific coastline shown north of California. A strip of Terre de Jesso

Unrecorded State Showing the Island of California
66 L'Amerique Septentrionale Dressee sur les Observations de Mrs. de l'Academie Royale des Sciences ... Par G. de l'Isle Colonial North America
Delisle/Covens & Mortier
1730 $700.00

"This is Pierre Mortier's re-engraved version of Delisle's foundation map of North America. It is nearly identical to the Delisle map, with California returned to its peninsular position rather than as an island. Cape Mendocino is the farthest northern point in California, and the north portion of ..."
67 Carta Geografica dell' America Settentrionale Colonial North America
Giambatista Albrizzi
1740 $350.00

"This is Albrizzi's version of Delisle's landmark map of North America. It is nearly identical to the Delisle map with California returned to its peninsular position rather than as an island. C. Mendocin is the farthest northern point on California, and the north portion of the continent is ..."
68 [On 4 Sheets] A New and Correct Map of North America, with the West India Islands. Divided According to the Last Treaty of Peace... Colonial North America
Bowen & Gibson
1777 $3,500.00

"This is the sixth edition of this large, influential map that had a long and varied publishing history. Originally published to illustrate the seat of the French and Indian War, the map went through numerous revisions and editions to document the expanding cartographic knowledge and political lands..."

Bowen & Gibson's Large and Influential Map of North America
69 Carte du Continent de l'Amerique Nord pour Servir a l'Intelligence du Systeme des Vents et des Courans... North America
C. F. Volney
1803 $150.00

"The currents and prevailing winds across North America and the Caribbean are featured on this early thematic map. The Gulf Stream is shown flowing through the Canal de Bahamas and then north to Nova Scotia, with both the old and new course identified. The trade winds are shown blowing west ..."
71 A Map of the British Empire in America with the French, Spanish and the Dutch Settlements Adjacent Thereto Colonial Eastern North America & West Indies
Popple/Covens & Mortier
1741 $2,000.00

"This is the index sheet of the Dutch version of Henry Popple's important map of the British Empire in North America, published by Covens and Mortier. Popple's map is the finest and most detailed map of America of its time and covers the eastern part of North America between the Mississippi River an..."

Index Sheet of Popple's Map
73 The Discoveries of the Expedition Under the Command of Captain Franklin R.N. Near the Mouth of the Mackenzie River... Northern Canada, Arctic Regions
Rear Admiral Sir John Franklin
1828 $450.00

"This scarce polar chart shows the explorations of British Captain John Franklin on his third Arctic expedition. In 1825, Franklin and his crew departed Great Bear Lake and traveled 1000 miles down the Mackenzie River. On August 16, Franklin reached the mouth of the Mackenzie, being only the second..."
74 Carte Nouvelle de l'Amerique Angloise Contenant la Virginie, Mary-Land, Caroline, Pensylvania Nouvelle Iorck, N: Iarsey N: France, et les Terres Nouvellement Decouerte... Colonial Eastern United States & Canada
Pierre Mortier
1700 $1,600.00

"This large, interesting map is filled with various geographic misconceptions of the late seventeenth century. The map is based on Robert Morden 's important map of 1698, New Map of the English Empire in America, even though the cartouche credits le Sieur S. (Nicolas Sanson). It does ..."

A Map Showing Fascinating Geographic Misconceptions
78 America Septentrionalis a Domino d'Anville in Galliis Edita nunc in Anglia Coloniis in Interiorem Virginiam Deductis nec non Fluvii Ohio Cursu... Colonial Eastern United States & Canada
Homann Heirs
1756 $450.00

"This informative and interesting map of colonial North America from the French and Indian War period shows the area from James Bay and Newfoundland in the north to northern Florida and the Gulf Coast in the south. The map is based on D'Anville's cartography with Jefferys' map of 1755 for the..."
84 Map of the Country Between the Atlantic & Pacific Oceans... United States
Robert Mills
1852 $150.00

"This sheet composed of three maps puts forth the concepts of Mills and Asa Whitney for a transcontinental railroad system. The first map by Mills shows the proposed route from Little Rock to San Diego and north to San Francisco, as well as how the proposed route would connect with the existing rail..."
85 A New Map of Louisiana and the River Mississipi [within book] The Memoirs and Secret Negotiations of John Ker Colonial Eastern United States
1726 $600.00

"This interesting map focuses on the French empire in the heart of North America, embracing both the Great Lakes and the Mississippi Valley. It illustrates the French threat to the British colonies that are confined along the Atlantic seaboard by the Appalachian Mountains. French trading posts, lea..."
86 Carte de la Louisiane et du Cours du Mississipi Dressee sur un Grand Nombre de Memoires Entr' Autres sur Ceux de Mr. le Maire... Colonial Eastern United States, Louisiana Territory
Delisle/Covens & Mortier
1730 $2,000.00

"This is a later edition of Delisle's influential map of the French possession of Louisiana that drew together the cartographic work of the previous half century and had a tremendous impact on the history of cartography. When originally published in 1718, it was the first detailed map of the Gulf re..."

Delisle's Influential Map of the Louisiana Territory
87 Karte von dem Vereinten Freistaaten Nordamericas Eastern United States
John Melish
1821 $500.00

"This German edition of Melish's important map of the eastern United States was published in Des Schotten Malish Reisen Durch die Vereinten Staaten von Nordamerika... The map shows the extent of the United States past the Mississippi River to the large Missouri Territory. It is filled with e..."
88 Nova Belgica et Anglia Nova Colonial New England & Mid-Atlantic
Willem Blaeu
1640 $2,000.00

"This important map, first issued in 1635, is one of the first to focus on the Dutch colony in North America and to name Nieu Amsterdam (New York). It is based on the manuscript of Andriaen Block (1614), a Dutch fur trader, who explored the area between Cape Cod and Manhattan and was the firs..."

Important Map of Colonial New England and the Mid-Atlantic
89 Novi Belgii, quod nunc Novi Jorck Vocatur, Novae qz. Angliae & Partis Virginiae Accuratissima et Novissima Delineatio Colonial New England & Mid-Atlantic
1671 $700.00

"This finely engraved map is based on the influential Jansson-Visscher series. Geographically the map follows Jansson, including the placement of nearly every European settlement along the coastline and rivers. It covers the Eastern seaboard from just below the Chesapeake Bay to Pennobscot Bay. Mo..."
90 Partie de l'Amerique Septentrionale, qui Comprend le Cours de l'Ohio, la Nlle. Angleterre, la Nlle York, le New Jersey, la Pensylvanie, le Maryland la Virginie, la Caroline Colonial New England & Mid-Atlantic
Didier Robert de Vaugondy
1755 $500.00

"Beautifully engraved large map of the colonies between the Ohio and Mississippi rivers and the Atlantic with an inset at upper left that continues the main map from Cape Fear south through the Carolinas and Georgia to F. St. Georges. It is based on the seminal map by John Mitchell that was p..."
91 Map of the Northern Part of New England Compiled for Prest. Dwights Travels New England - United States
George Gillet
1821 $110.00

"This uncommon map covers the region from the northern boundary of Massachusetts to Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire with good detail of roads, settlements and topography. A small inset at bottom shows the "Head Waters of Connecticut River." The map is remarkable for its the use of Yale College as ..."
92 Report of the Board of Directors of Internal Improvements of the State of Massachusetts on the Practicability and Expediency of a Rail-Road from Boston to the Hudson River... New England, Railroads
1829 $500.00

"This uncommon report discusses the feasibility of building a railroad from Boston to Albany and from Boston to Providence. Of primary interest are the three large folding railroad maps and three profiles of the proposed railroads. According to Modelski, these are the earliest published American ra..."
94 Nova Virginiae Tabula Colonial Mid-Atlantic United States
Henricus Hondius
1636 $1,500.00

"This graphic map is Henricus Hondius' version of Capt. John Smith's important map of 1612, drawn from his brother's map of 1618. After the death of Jodocus Hondius in 1629, his widow sold a number of plates to Blaeu. Angry at the sale to a competitor, Henricus and Joannes Jansson engaged engravers..."

One of the Most Important 17th Century Maps of the Chesapeake Bay
95 A Map of Virginia and Maryland Colonial Mid-Atlantic United States
John Speed/Francis Lamb
1676 $3,500.00

"The English text verso gives an up-to-date description of the colonies, adding to the appeal of this sought-after and decorative map engraved by Francis Lamb. Oriented with north to the right, the map shows both the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays and Part of New Iarsy. Following John Smith's g..."

The First Printed Map to Draw Upon the Legendary Herrman Map of the Chesapeake Bay

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