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289. Asia (Asia Divisa in Imperia Regna & Status …), Hubert Jaillot, Paris, ca. 1695. 23 x 18.5". (FC) Fine, decorative map of all of Asia including Japan, the Philippines, the East Indies and the north part of Australia. Striking title and scale of miles cartouches. Beautifully coloring and in fine condition. (A+) $750  [Click here to view image]

290. Asia (L’Asie), Bonne, Raynal’s Atlas de…Globe Terrestre, Paris, ca. 1780. 12.5 x 8.2". (OC) Crisp copper engraved map of the whole continent and including Indonesia and the Philippines. Direction of trade winds depicted in the seas. Later color. (A+) $60

291. Asia (Dealer’s lot), ca. 1850. (FC) Lot of eleven maps, including 4 of the full continent. Various makers including, Mitchell, Fenner, Olney, and Gall & Inglis. Minor defects, overall good to very good. (B) $90

292. Western Asia (Black Sea), J. Tallis, London, ca. 1850. 12.8 x 10". (OC) Centered on the Black and Azov Seas with very fine detail of the cities and seaports at their shore. Five vignettes (B&W): Sebastopol, Varna, Odessa, Silistria and Constantinople. Nice example of Tallis’ work, attractive and desirable. Wider margins than normal. (A) $45

293. Near and Middle East (Perse, Turquie Asiatique et Arabie), Brion de la Tour, Paris, 1766. 10 x 9". (FC) Handsome map of the region with a delicately engraved title cartouche. Panels of French text at sides. Toned on fold with some spotting in margins. (B) $45

294. Near and Middle East (Lot of 4 maps), J. Cary, London, 1816. 11 x 9". (OC) Set of four maps including, Arabia, Syria, Persia, and Turkey in Asia. All very detailed with simple title blocks. Age toned with a little light foxing in margins, one with tape residue in margins. All with light coloring with defects not affecting maps. (A) $80

295. Near and Middle East (Egypte, Syrie Phoenicie et Asie Mineure), C.V. Monin, Atlas Classique de la Geographie, Paris, [1835]. 11 x 15". (OC) Attractive and detailed map of the region from Greece to Arabia and Egypt. Includes Cyprus and Crete. Bold keyboard style border. (A) $30

296. Near and Middle East (The Seat of War, Map of the Ottoman Empire in Europe and Asia), James Wyld, London, 1853. 23.5 x 15.5". (OC) Linen backed, dissected, folding map of the Balkans, Black Sea, the Caucasus and Turkey. Insets of the Dardanelles and the Bosphorus, Port of Odessa, Harbour of Sevastopol and Port of Batoum in the Black Sea. A very interesting and detailed war map showing the possessions of the Russians with dates varying from 1783 to 1829. Folds into cloth covered boards with a paper label. Covers frayed, map very fine. (A) $100-150

297. Near and Middle East (Persia Arabia, &c.), J.H. Colton, A New General Atlas, New York, 1855. 15.7 x 12.7". (FC) Nice map of the Arabian peninsula through to India. Caravan routes depicted. Lovely pastel coloring and decorative border. (A+) $25

298. Holy Land (Napthali), Fuller, Pisgah Sight of Palestine, [1650]. 13.2 x 11". (BW) Striking engraved map covered with interesting detail including battles, forests, cities and a ship in the Sea of Galilea. Two title cartouches. Couple of tiny printer’s creases. (A) $200

299. Holy Land (Monitum), Delisle, Paris, ca. 1776. 19 x 13.2". (OC) Engraved map covering the region of Samaria and Judaea including the Dead Sea. Very detailed. (A+) $125

300. Holy Land (Ancient Palestine), John Tallis, London, ca. 1850. 9.7 x 12.5". (OC) Attractive map with 5 steel engraved vignettes including the Tomb of Absalom, Ancient Cedars of Lebanon, Nazareth, Church of the Holy Sepulchre and Syrian Sheep. A little surface soil, else fine. (A) $100

301. Iran (Tab. V Asiae, Repraesentans Mediam, Hyrcaniam, Assyriam, Susianam, ac Persidem), Mercator/Ptolemy, Amsterdam, ca. 1595. 18 x 13.5". (BW) Fine copper engraved Ptolemaic map of ancient Persia. Stipple engraved seas, small compass rose and a strapwork title cartouche. Marginal split on fold with some staining in lower margin just entering border, else clean and crisp impression. (B) $200

302. Central Asia (Tabula Asiae VII), Sebastian Munster, Basle, ca. 1552. 13.5 x 10.5". (BW) Ptolemaic map of the region east of the Caspian Sea with many ancient place names. Three cartouches decorate the map. Minor toning on fold and damp stain on paper edge, well away from image. (A) $200

303. Northeastern Asia (The Northern Archipelago or New Discover’d Islands in the Seas of Kamtschatka & Anadir), T. Bowen, The London Magazine, 1775. 9.3 x 6.8". (BW) Includes the northern Kuril Islands and eastern Siberia. Extends to include part of Alaska. Decorative cartouche & crisp impression, on thick hand-made paper. Still bound into the May, 1775 London Magazine, complete with related article. Ref: LOND-307. (A) $75

304. Northern Asia (A New Map of Great Tartary, and China with the adjoining Parts of Asia taken from Mr. De Fer’s Map of Asia), Edward Wells, London, [1704]. 19.5 x 14". (BW) Finely engraved map of Asia including Japan. Two interesting insets of areas north and east of China as reported by the Jesuits. Title cartouche with dedication to William Duke of Gloucester, who was a student of Wells in his capacity as a professor of mathematics at Oxford. Small worm tracks in neatline and some soft creasing on centerfold, else clean and crisp. (B) $250  [Click here to view image]

305. Northern Asia (Siberia and Chinese Empire), SDUK, Complete Atlas..., London, [1874]. 15.7 x 12.3". (OC) Detailed and nicely colored map with keyboard borders. Good detail throughout. Includes the region from Tomsk and Khamil east to Saghalian Island and south to show all of "Corea." Sea of Japan noted. (A) $35

306. Russia (Detroit de Waigats), A. Mallet, Description de l’Universe, Paris, [1683]. 4 x 6". (FC) Bird’s-eye view of the river entering the sea between Waigats and Moscovie. Large bear and a village titled "Hutes des Samoyedes" decorate the map. Banner style title cartouche. (A+) $40

307. Russia (Carte Des Pais Habites par Les Samojedes et Ostiacs), Bellin, Prevost’s Histoire Generale…, Paris, [1739-52]. 6.5 x 9.5". (BW) Fine copper engraved map of the Russian arctic with a decorative title cartouche. Folded, as issued on a large sheet. (A+) $45

308. Russia (Russia in Asia), John Tallis, London, ca. 1850. 12.7 x 10". (OC) Steel engraved map surrounded by a decorative border and including vignettes of Skorskarskoi Pagost, Troitsk, Kamtchatkan dogs and a large bear attacking two men and their dogs. An attractive map in fine condition. (A+) $125

309. China, Korea and Japan (Carte de l’Empire de la Chine, de la Tartarie Chinoise, et du Royaume de Coree avec les Isles du Japan), Bonne, Raynal’s Atlas de…Globe Terrestre, Paris, [1780]. 8.2 x 12.5". (BW) Copper engraved map with engraved topographical detail and many place names. Fine crisp impression on good paper. (A+) $60

310. China, Korea and Japan (Chinese Empire and Japan), David Burr/Thomas Illman, New York, 1835. 12.2 x 10.2". (OC) Crisp copper engraving with nice outline coloring and good detail. Couple of small spots, else very good. (B) $45

311. China, Korea & Japan (Eastern China & Central Japan), John Bartholomew, The Citizen’s Atlas, Edinburgh, ca. 1895. 12.5 x 16.5". (PC) Attractive, detailed & colorful map of the eastern provinces of China and Korea. Large inset of Japan. (A+) $15

312. Japan (Empire of Japan, Yedo…), SDUK, Complete Atlas..., London, [1874]. 12.5 x 15.2". (OC) Attractive, steel engraved map of the island with fine hand color & keyboard border. Two insets: Nagasaki Harbour, and Eastern Point of Yeso. Ports "free to British subjects" shown with red underlining. Notations on Yedo and Meaco as home to the Secular and Spiritual Emperor, respectively. Very nice map. (A) $60

313. India (Geographical, Historical and Statistical Map of India), M. Carey & Son, A Complete Genealogical, Historical, Chronological & Geographical Atlas, Phila., 1820. 12.7 x 13.2". (FC) Lovely coloring and a fine impression. Detailed map on a folio sheet with extensive English text surrounding map. Includes Candia and the Andamans. Extends north to Tibet, showing all of Bhutan, Nepal & west to Persia. Centerfold split. (B) $40

314. India (Hindoostan), David Burr/Thomas Illman, New York, 1835. 10.2 x 12". (OC) Crisp copper engraving with nice outline coloring. Depicts and Maldive & Andaman islands. One tiny spot, else fine. (B) $35

315. India (India - Sheets I - XIII), SDUK, Complete Atlas..., London, [1874]. 12.2 x 15.2". (OC) Complete set of 13 maps covering India. The first, being a general map of the area, indexed to the rest which cover the country in much more detail. All are crisp steel engravings with fine hand coloring (wash in seas) and keyboard style border. All fine. (A) $125

316. India, Rand McNally, Indexed Atlas of the World, Chicago, 1898. 19 x 26". (PC) Large, attractive map including Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan and Ceylon. Insets of Southern Provinces of India, Farther India and Extension of Malay Peninsula. (A+) $30

317. Indian Ocean (Islands in the Indian Ocean), John Tallis, London, ca. 1850. 12.7 x 9.7". (OC) Fine steel engraved map of the islands, surrounded by a decorative border and including vignettes of Point de Galle, Ceylon, Port Louis, Mauritius, North Beach, Prince of Wales Island, and Fall of the River Roche, Isle of Bourbon. Large inset of Mauritius. (A+) $90

318. Southern Asia (Oriens), SDUK, Complete Atlas..., London, [1874]. 15.5 x 12.5". (OC) Finely engraved and detailed map of the ancient region around Persia. All place names in Latin. Good coloring and keyboard style border. (A) $25

319. South East Asia (East India Isles), David Burr/Thomas Illman, New York, 1835. 12.5 x 10.2". (OC) Crisp copper engraving with nice outline coloring. Covers Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines. (A+) $65  [Click here to view image]

320. South East Asia (The Indian Archipelago), Blackie, Comprehensive Atlas & Geography of the World, Edinburgh, [1884]. 19.5 x 13.5". (PC) Great, detailed map of the Philippines and Indonesia. Also includes Thailand, the Malay peninsula and Singapore. (A+) $35

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